19 December 2008

Friday Follies...
And brother, do we have them in ABUNDANCE today!
Here in the Summit City, we're stuck between a rock & a hard place regarding the weather. We've got an ice storm, which is trying it's BEST to bring down as many branches from the trees as possible, as well as browning out power across the city.
And if that's not bad enough, the rain we're currently getting is freezing on top of everything. But never fear, later today we're getting a little SNOW to add insult to injury. Hopefully, all of you here will AVOID the injury part.
And to all the firefighters and LEOs out there...I know you're all busier than a juggler in a flea circus today.
Stay safe out there...ALL of you.
Now, without any further ado...let's have at it.
--From the "Put A Sock In IT" Department:
On today's editorial page of the Journal-Gazette, there were two OTHER people that feel as I do about this city council-born nonsense.
Here are the letters (courtesy of the J/G):
1) Yard light law is ridiculous
On Dec. 10, did anyone notice how brilliant the full moon was? It was blinding, and I had a hard time getting to sleep. Where in the world was the City Council when they were needed? Could the council write something to the effect that only a quarter moon is allowed?
I’ve bumped around this old world almost 80 years, and I’ve seen some strange and unusual things, but the vote to curb yard lights is not only bizarre but leans a little to the ridiculous side.If two neighbors were in dispute over a light and police were called, rather than writing a city ordinance banning yard lights, the two should have been escorted to a good anger management class.
If two neighbors cannot settle their own squabble, why must the entire city be punished? If every City Council member passed an ordinance because he or she had neighbors with a complaint, how many more micromanaged ordinances would Fort Wayne have to deal with?

2) Noise can cause health problems
Regarding Frank Gray’s column "Pet peeves don’t make good laws" (Dec. 14): I founded a group called NoiseOFF, a coalition working to reduce urban noise pollution. It started four years ago and has grown to 750 members from across the country. Our members raise public awareness and speak to public officials for better legislation and enforcement of noise ordinances. Our Web site is www.noiseoff.org.
I started the group because my family could not sleep at night from vehicular noise outside our apartment. For residents, especially those who live near thoroughfares and intersections, noise is not merely a nuisance – it is affecting their health.
The noise from boom cars that Gray describes as lasting only 10 seconds is 10 seconds several times an hour, day and night. It is a noise that can be heard and felt. In cases where people deal with neighbors with boom cars, the problem is much worse.
The adverse health effects of urban noise pollution are recognized by most governments and NGOs, including World Health Organization, National Institutes of Health and the United Nations.
Noise pollution, including noise caused by boom cars, is not a pet peeve.

There 'ya go, people...proof POSITIVE about NOISE and LIGHTS.
(Welcome to my part of town)
--From the "Where No Man Has Gone Before" Department:
Majel Barrett-Roddenberry passes away.
The matriarch of the Star Trek universe died from leukemia at the age of 76 in her home in Bel-Air, California yesterday. She was preceded in death by her husband, Gene Roddenberry, who passed away in 1991,
Her last performance was as the computer voice in the upcoming Star Trek movie, slated for release next year. This movie will explore the younger days of the original crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise from the first series.
The universe just got a bit smaller for some reason...
--From the 'Last Thing You Need" Department...
Yet ANOTHER "halfway" house has been given a green light by the zoning board for operation on (where else?)...the SOUTHEAST SIDE of Fort Wayne. The house, located at 2943 Weisser Park Avenue (deep in the heart of the badlands) is slated to house a maximum of four men at a time, and will only permit NON-VIOLENT ex-offenders into the program the house currently runs.
Participants are screened and those who do NOT obey the program's rules are not allowed to stay.
The neighborhood associations president expressed concerns (and rightly so) about having ANOTHER social services program in an area that ALREADY has several.
Oxford Association President Mary Morris said that having former inmates nearby could scare residents and LOWER property values (can't get MUCH lower, Mary). "No one wants to live near ex-offenders" she said.
The home's residents SHOULD be monitored 24/7, but the program director said that the non-profit council does NOT have the budget to staff the house around the clock (so we're to "trust" these ex-offenders to their OWN "devices, then?), but he stated that he does live next door, and that other board members live nearby (well, that should make everyone feel MUCH more at ease).
The Zoning Board will review the program's status in one year.
The program director, Michael Musson says that the home will supply a much needed service to the re-entry program in Allen County. When they have a place to sleep, and food to eat, the residents can focus on finding jobs, or earning their degrees.
(Ahem)...Now it's MY turn...
I can't count on one hand how many of "these men" want to earn a damn degree. Hell, an amputee could count it.
And it WILL bring property values DOWN. Seen it happen already. I have former felons STILL living on MY block, and there's not even a halfway house. The courts just turn 'em all back into our neighborhoods to do what they do best, namely be a damn nuisance.
But, like I've said time and time again, this city doesn't give a rat's ass about the S/E side...and now it's spilling over onto the S/W side, with THEIR rising crime rates. Just do the math and read the stats. They speak for me.
The judicial system in this city is broke...and damn well, too.
There is such a high rate of transiency both within this part of town and into this part of town from other cities that no one can effectively keep up with the flow. People can "get lost" down here real easy. And women that are members of the "boyfriend of the month" club help to no small degree to perpetuate the problem. Seen that happen too many times also. It's no wonder that crime is up, especially violent crime. But these offenders are NON-violent, you say. Yes, but they tend to gravitate to "bigger things" when surrounded by the WRONG element. And face it, crime is ALL AROUND the area near this halfway house,. How easy will it be for these former criminals to be swept back into the "fold"?
We're going to be watching this place...REAL closely.
--From the "Gee That Looks Pretty, But I Can't Walk A Single Step" Department:
Finally, with all the weight of that ice on your trees, expect some downed branches. Take time to police the area and get them out of the way. But temper your branch gathering with common sense. There might be a downed POWER LINE nearby, so exercise extreme caution, even when pruning back the broken branches.
Keep a sharp eye out on the streets as well. People in MY area (except for me and a few others) will tend to let these branches lie for-EVER. Doesn't matter if they're on the sidewalk (which is never cleared), or the street. People around here can't be bothered with "manual labor", except when they break into a house for some "easy Christmas gifts".
The roads are passable, but side streets are pitiful. If you HAVE to go out, be VERY careful and allow a LOT of distance to stop. better yet, drive in a LOWER gear to limit your speed. I always liked FIRST GEAR myself. Can't get the car going OVER 15 at THAT speed.
And safety will be "Job-One" for the next few days, until the city gets things back to some kind of "normal".
Yes, it's the weekend...finally. But we're far from being "out of the woods", if you get my meaning.
Take care, stay safe, and keep warm.
And DO have a good weekend.
((Editor's Note: Coming up...It's not an olive branch of peace...just a LOT of branches that fell - WITH PICTURES, TOO - Stay Tuned))


indy said...

good post. you stole my saying about not giving a rats ass.....lol i just thought only my mom and i said stuff like that when she was alive.

Bob G. said...

Funny thing...that expression seems to have been passed down generationally-speaking. I remember my DAD saying it.
And he ONLY used it under the most dire situation.

Must be from the military...LOL.

Stay Warm out there.


Jana said...

I've seen my share of ice storms too. Contrary to what other people may think, ust because I've lived a majority of my life in the South don't mean I haven't weathered a snow storm before. I remember when my father was stationed at Moody AFB (Valdosta, GA...which is just a hop, skip, and a jump from the FL state line) an ice storm came through (I think it was '92 or '93) and everything was out for a week, couldn't even walk to the mailbox without falling, had tree limbs go through a neighbor's roof, etc.

But, of course, that was child's play compared to the ones I experienced in KY and NM.

And yes, I'm insane. I like the winter. I'm cold natured to the bone. I get sick if I get even a little too warm, and I'll turn on the a/c (on low mind you) if the temp in the house gets around 75 or above.

This pisses off the hubby because he's hot natured, but he can put on clothes to get warm. I'm not gonna hug the toilet bowl just because his feet get cold.


I hope you two are doing OK. D sent me pictures of the storm that went through y'all's area. Stay safe.