18 December 2008

Slip-Slidin' Away...
Most of the nation is currently caught in a real nice cold-snap.
Well, what DID you expect when we're closing in on the WINTER months, anyway?
Doesn't matter where you are these days...
Texas? 'Ya got snow.
New Mexico? 'Ya got snow.
Southern California? 'Ya got SNOW?
Midwest? 'Ya got snow, AND sleet.
New England? 'Ya got snow, AND ice, AND freezing rain.
Now I really don't like the snow the way I used to...none of us probably do (unless we own a business that sells shovels, snow blowers, and plowing equipment, or like I said yesterday, own a BODY SHOP or a TOWING business), but we're pretty much stuck with this weather, so we'd better make the BEST of a bad situation.
Every year we hear those on TV and the radio urging us all to exercise some CAUTION when venturing outside in this weather, and it doesn't matter if we're driving, walking, cleaning off the sidewalk (that would be the HANDFUL of us in MY part of the city, btw), or whatever ELSE pulls your sled.
And by the looks of things, we know why AMERICANS are overweight...not enough "exercise", if you get my drift.
Car accidents abound, and I'll be the first one to tell you that SOME accidents simply CANNOT be avoided, There are those times that occur when people will run into YOU (because they're NOT paying attention and haven't a clue how to drive in this stuff), and you've got NOWHERE to go but UP. So forget pulling back on that steering wheel to gain some altitude...that sure as hell ain't no C-130 you're driving, Kids!
There are no "stick-overs" (USAF slang for evasive maneuvering) on our highways or streets.
Been there, done that once...not on my Top Ten list of things to have happen to me, that's for sure.
I've had a much better appreciation for NASCAR drivers since then.
Yes, many times, driving on streets not plowed with packed down snow and ice can become much like "subbing" for Joie Chitwood (and if you have to ask, he's a stunt driver that has his own school & thrill shows).
I know there have been times that when I got home from driving (literally) all over the road (due to poor conditions), I'd have to calm the hell down by watching the CHASE SCENES from BULLITT and THE SEVEN UPS!!!
But it's not all about DRIVING in crappy weather.
How many times do you hear about people having heart attacks while shovelling the sidewalk or driveways?
This is the PRIME season for heart attacks brought on by overexertion. People that had no previous history of heart problems (been flying way under the cholesterol radar for years) up and go have themselves a major coronary event.
Not the best way to bring in the Christmas season.
So you take your time, and realize that eventually, the job will get done. We're not 25 years old FOREVER now, are we?
Now I said that, so I could listen to myself and take heed.
I'm on the higher side of 56 years "young" (I like to be optimistic in SOME aspects of my life), and I admit to trying to act like I'm 30 again when I do things around the house, especially shovelling snow.
For me, it's always been: "Get it done ASAP, get it done RIGHT, and get it done right the FIRST time".
These days...not so much.
I've fully discovered the "joy" of having new places to ache, old joints that need tending to, and the need to take some SERIOUS nap-time when lifting all those shovelfuls of snow off the pavement and driveway.
I will always keep muttering "pace yourself".
And that goes for walking about. So many times we hear about people falling on slippery walks, steps, or streets and busting up a hip...don't want to do that. Appropriate footwear will aid in avoiding that scenario to no small end.
Lastly, when it comes to winter weather, you have to think about being a kid. Let's face it, we ALL started out there at one point, but the way it is today, it scares the hell out of me.
We had parents that made sure we were SO bundled up when we went out to play or to school, that heaven help us IF we fell the hell DOWN...we'd need an assist to get back up! And mom was always "Have fun out there", to which I'd smartly reply, "How can I have fun? I can barely MOVE". But you get the idea.
Today, kids go to school dressed much like they do in spring or fall....not warmly enough. And it shows when they miss those days due to illness.
No, the cold doesn't necessarily KILL germs...as long as they have a place to play...like inside your nice, WARM body, got it?
Wearing athletic shoes in snow isn't the BEST choice when it comes to walking, either. That's what BOOTS were made for (As Nancy Sinatra once proclaimed in song). So get on the stick, and get some decent footwear.
Nothing makes me laugh more than to see kids trying to walk (more like sliding) along a street. Oh, forget the nice CLEAN sidewalk that I took my time to shovel off, so I wouldn't get a bloody heart attack, that YOU could use instead of the snowy, slushy street where all the TRAFFIC is.
But I suppose the parents can be blamed for that...allowing the KIDS to determine what's best for THEM, instead of someone OLDER, a bit WISER, and a lot more SENSIBLE. Makes sense to me...NOT.
Suffering winter weather isn't really that big a deal.
It's just that those that can't be bothered to acclimate themselves to it MAKE it that way.
Patience, preparedness, pre-emptive measures, safety and caution are words we can ALL use on days like this.
Then again, it pretty much works for most ANY day and ANY situation, right?
Take it easy out there.


Murphy said...

Meh, on the drive home from work...

Two jack-knifed semis.

Two bad car accidents.

One fender bender (take that!, rubbernecker!).

Two dumb-asses passing slow traffic on the shoulder of the highway.

This is just from a short drive home from work... and not even snow, fog!

Bob G. said...

Tell 'ya one thing straight away...it pays to get someone to do a serious "reccy" out there these days before YOU turn that key.
Where's the nearest LRRPS R US?

Carry On.

Jana said...

What is this "snow" you speak of?

Here in Georgia, we have gone from just above freezing to the mid-70s every two or three days for the past few weeks.

I want me some winter weather!


It makes me miss KY, and that's saying A LOT!



Bob G. said...

Okay...don't be a wisenheimer!

Mid-70s, huh?

I'll be MORE than happy to send some of MY weather along to you.
How big a truckload of this do you want?



PS: DO we have your GA snailmail addy?
If not, email "D" with it, please.

Anonymous said...

You get NO sympathy from me. Poor baby having to suffer through Christmas in the 70s.
My parents call me from Texas whining about how it's cold and they now have to put socks on. Awwwww, I feel their pain.... NOT!
Come fly up here for Christmas and we'll make snowangels (that looks like Kiddy Grade womens) and have a snowball fight.
Ditto Bob- I need your georgia addy.

-The sexy snow bunny,
Mrs. Bob G.

Jana said...


I'm a winter lover, so sue me!

I'll gladly trade weather with ya! I hate hot, muggy weather. Give me anything below 60 degrees and I am a happy woman!




I'll be leaving my snail mail on the hangar group site.


Bob G. said...

So you LIKE winter weather???

Sister, have *I* got a DEAL for *YOU*...
Be sure to read the upcoming post on our ice storm (here).

You "may" have a change of heart...lol.


PS: thanks for the addy.

Gloria said...

I delivered something the other day to a guy who cleared off his steps while wearing shorts and sandals with no socks. It was bitterly cold and his driveway and sidewalk was coated with ice. I didn’t say anything, but it did make me wonder. Since the bitter cold, I’ve been doing double layers, except for socks, and I’ve been fairly warm. Why people don’t dress for the weather is beyond me.