17 December 2008

Humpday Happenings...
Actually, it's more like a chilly version of Ripley's Believe It Or Not...
Oh, yeah, there's lots of "oddities" and enough "stuff" going around this Wednesday to make you wake up and say "WTF???", so let's get to it.
--First off, John Walsh FINALLY has closure on the death of his son after TWENTY SEVEN YEARS!
The initial suspect, Ottis toole was conclusively linked to the murder and decapitation of young Adam Walsh after his disappearance back on 27 July, 1981. Adam was taken from the toy department at a Sears store. Fishermen found his head 2 weeks later near Vero Beach. His body was never found. Toole's niece told Walsh that her uncle gave a deathbed confession to the crime.
And we can thank John Walsh for getting missing childrens' faces on milk cartons everywhere, as well as being the primary advocate for crimes against children, not to mention catching America's Most Wanted.
Think about that next time you see YOUR children.
ONE man CAN make a difference!
--We've got snow...
And that means the body shops and towing services are LOVING IT.
All you heard on the police channels yesterday was chatter over code "25s" (car accidents). Didn't matter if it was a slide off, a fender-bender, or someone marrying their Toyota to a telephone pole.
It was non-stop.
After a time, police just made sure people exchanged information (and moved on), they were THAT swamped by all these collisions.
And it's like I said yesterday...driving in this crap means you NEED to practice something I like to call PATIENCE.
If everyone did such, then we'd have a LOT less hassle on the roadways when the weather begins to suck. Not to mention, it would make the road crews salting and clearing the roads THAT MUCH MORE capable of doing their jobs without being tied up behind a pileup somewhere.
Food for thought this day.
--Feds cut rate to near nothing.
OK, so it's looking like a new house for US might be forthcoming at this rate...lol!
The Fed rate is going to hover between ZERO and .25%. Now that's something to think about, right?
--D.C. council adds gun regulations.
This bill, designed to thwart the recent overturn of gun laws in the nation's capital, includes such asinine aspects like requiring gun owners to RE-register every THREE years, and to take safety courses by certified instructors. The NRA accused the city of forcing residents to jump through a myriad of hoops, thereby undermining the intent of the Supreme Court's ruling in June that AFFIRMED the right of AMERICANS to keep guns in the HOME for SELF DEFENSE.
--Letter to Santa aids young girl.
In South Texas, police say a 9 year old girl's letter to Santa may have finally stopped a nightmare of sexual abuse for her and her 10 year old sister. Police allege that for close to FOUR YEARS, Andres Enrique Cantu sexually abused both girls. Cantu is a computer lab aide at an alternative high school, but has not been accused of crimes against students there.
The 9-year old's plea to Santa, written as a school assignment, precipitated the investigation, and led to the first charges of continuous sexual abuse last week. On Tuesday, Cantu was accused of abusing the girl's older sister, who was also mentioned in the letter.
See..it PAYS to believe in Santa from time to time.
--Detroit papers cut back to 3-day delivery.
As if this city wasn't screwed up ENOUGH, the newspapers are going to radically change their policies by slashing home deliveries to THREE days a week. They say it's the Internet that is causing people to avoid the printed word, and this is not merely an "experiment".
Wonder if it's because reading a PAPER takes EFFORT to turn the pages and READ printed type?
Well, at least we're not BURNING books (or newspapers)...yet.
--Speedy Justice? Yasureyoubetcha!
The Iraqi reporter that tossed his shoes at President Bush just the other day is ALREADY facing his first court appearance. Talk about efficiency in the judicial system. Some are applauding his efforts to insult the President, but I think he's just a frickin LOON.
Poor guy got some broken ribs, a busted arm and some bruises as he was "escorted" away from the area where Bush spoke...poor guy, must have tripped down the stairs...a few times. That's what happens when you've got NO shoes for traction...heh.
--In the "Don't diss my hat" department...
A SWAC (Southwest Allen County Schools) teenager faces formal charges of battery and strangulation when he attacked another student on the school bus last week.
Lavon Brewer, 18, of the 2200 block of Hunters Cove is being held in lieu of $3,250 bail..
Allen County police said Brewer attacked a peer on the bus after his hat was knocked off "as a joke".
Brewer yelled a profanity at the victim, and then moments later told the boy "May God forgive me for what I am about to do". Brewer than grabbed the victim by the neck and hit him,.
Whatever happened to ignoring JACKASSES?
--Lastly, it's still cold out there, and not much will melt away, so drive carefully, clear off ALL the windows on your vehicle completely (unlike the mooks down here that think they clean themselves as they drive), and use a LOWER gear if things get dicey on the streets. Wherever you're going will most likely STILL be there even IF you take a little while longer to GET there, right?
And for those in the city's CODE ENFORCEMENT department. I hear there is STILL an ordinance that states that residents HAVE to clear their sidewalks off by 0900 hours (that's 9 AM, folks). So if you want to get some EASY citations, feel free to drive down to the SE side of town, where only a handful of us that give a damn STILL clear the walks off, while everyone else snoozes until noon, when they decide to get out and get stupid.
Just a suggestion..."if" the city needs the money.
((Also - tonight at 1930 hours -7:30PM for you civvies , local stations in Ft. Wayne will conduct a 5 minute "test" of the digital broadcast capabilities, so if you've ONLY got an antenna and no "converter" box and suffer 5 minutes of STATIC, don't say I didn't warn 'ya!))
It's what I do.
Stay warm, stay dry, and stay safe out there.


indy said...

i wish more kids would write letters to santa. i am more worried about sex offenders that have never been caught compared to the ones we can look up.

Bob G. said...

Used to be a time when it wasn't "Christmas" without a letter to Santa..even it was a note left w/ the milk & cookies.

Thank God this worked out for the children.

Goes to show SOMEONE was looking out for them.