24 December 2008

'Twas The (Hump) Day Before Christmas...
And all through the city, about 14,000 people were still without power.
Well, the road to recovery in that regard was slow going, but our weather finally broke, with RAIN supplanting ice and snow for the time being.
And in many ways, I would take that as a pretty good Christmas gift for MANY who endured freezing temperatures, being temporarily displaced, and otherwise inconvenienced for the holiday season.
While many were helped by the marvelous efforts of the Red Cross, friends and other neighbors, criminals helped themselves to these empty houses. No one EVER said there was HONOR among THIEVES such as this.
One can only hope that THEIR rewards will be forthcoming (maybe some nice ORANGE jumpsuits for Christmas?)
On the home front, the electrical contractor came by about 1500 hours, and relocated the weatherhead along the back of the house, leaving plenty of slack for the utility company when they RAISE the wire back up on their pole.
Trouble with that is, the relocation point of the weatherhead was MOVED from it's ORIGINAL place (A) at the corner of the house to the corner nearest the back door (B). We lost about a 7 foot angle on the wire, which took it BETWEEN two tree we have, which placed it right AMONG the trees again. Not MY first choice of locations, believe me (and I've run MY share of wire in my time).
I tried to argue the point with the contractors (Korte), but to no avail. They stated it was regulations that the mast and tube be at least THREE FEET away from any windows (which the original location was not, but worked fine for me). I don;t know about this regulation, but if any other Hoosiers out there know of this, feel free to comment on it, OK?
The REALLY GOOD news is that when the insurance guy stopped by before the contractors, he took some pics, and, after a brief chat, he gave in and provided us a check that will cover ALL but the deductible regarding the tree "topping".
Again, my perseverance and logic won out. I had a feeling my argument was compelling enough to make HIS decision swing in MY direction (as I stated yesterday).
So, after wishing each other a Merry Christmas, my wife and I now have a DEPOSIT to the old "Hip-National" Bank" to make today.
And in case you were wondering, we CAN get the cars out of the garage FINALLY (well, the wife's car anyway), and that is a godsend to us. We can make that deposit, do some last-minute shopping, and get some smokes (we WERE down to the last pack...lol).
All in all, this "adventure" was not one I'd like to repeat any time soon.
We only need the tree guys to top and remove all the wood laying about, as well as get the limbs off of the (new) garage roof. Hopefully, there was no damage there (didn't see any internal damage during my inspection at all, and my wife will tell you that when it come to inspections, I'm a real hard-ass...lol).
I guess you could say we're finally ready for Christmas...
Thing is, after all this, I'm wasted.
Been doing the "Spec-Ops sleep-deprivation regimen" (where you go days only with a few hours sleep because you're on the go constantly, avoiding the "enemy"). Used to be a time I could do that no problem.
Today? Not so much.
Still, like I've said...it can ALWAYS be worse, and for many others around the city, it probably was.
I'm not going to pat myself on the back for ANY ingenuity or persistence I've displayed, though.
I'm not like that.
All I will say is that we (my wife and I) did what we NEEDED to do, and in pretty much the order we needed to do it.
Someone once said that: "A joy shared is TWICE a joy; A hardship shared is HALF a hardship".
Yep..sounds about right to ME.
Perhaps that's the lesson here, and for the season as well.
Let us all SHARE the JOY that this season brings...
And let those hardships be diminished in like manner.
To ALL of you out there...may you find the true joy this Christmas has to offer each and every one of you.
May you cherish the moments, and the memories.
May you take a moment to make a difference somewhere.
May you all be safe, well, and in good cheer this Christmas.
And may God bless each and every one of you.
Merry Christmas.
(We'll catch you all on the flip side)
((Editor's Note: The tree guys won't be coming today because of the RAIN.
Saturday is the new time on scene
ALSO: On the drive today, the CHECK ENGINE light was blinking on the wife's car...and pulling into the garage it began to jerk...so we've got an appointment with the mechanic on FRIDAY. I'm thinking transmission issue.
Yeah, when it rains...it certainly POURS. On the upside, BAD things tend to come in THREES, and the car problem is the THIRD one in the group.
Yo, God..in lieu of your BIRTHDAY, how's about easing up on us for a day or so, eh?
We may not be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but at least we KNOW where the hell the TUNNEL IS now))


BobG said...

Best wishes through the holiday season.

Jana said...

Merry Christmas!


*loves and hugs*


Bob G. said...

Thanks, People...
That WILL indeed go a LONG way to rekindle my "spirit" as I bail the water from the basement after a sewer clog...oh, I forgot to mention that, didn't I?

Yeah, well...we're still trucking along, IN SPITE of everything this old world wants to toss at us this holiday season.


And I'll tell you one thing - Clark Griswold ain't got NUTHIN' on US...!

(pass that eggnog)


Tim Zank said...

Hang in there soldier!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Bob G. said...

Roger THAT, Tim...
Hanging in there, sir!