27 February 2009

Friday Follies...
We can't let the weekend get here without delving into the "departmental files" one more time for a roundup of some of the ridiculous, inane, and otherwise unbelievable. So strap yourselves in, observe all safety regulations, and please return your stewardess to her upright position.
** First off, let me say THANK YOU to all of you that have made 15,000 page views of THIS BLOG possible!
It's humbling (for me) to know there are those of you that still hold to the values that made this nation great and permit me to bring truth to you five times a week.
It's just a minuscule piece of a MUCH larger universe, but it IS a place where things that NEED to be said...WILL BE.
Again, thank you.
Now on to the REAL good stuff...
**From the "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" Department:
What would ANY good citizen do when he sees three elderly women trying to cross a street?
If you answered HELP THEM ACROSS, give yourself a pat on the back.
But, if you happen to live in a "sanctuary city" (for illegal immigrants) like say...DENVER, CO, it could turn out a bit differently.
As the man (shown here, Jim Moffett) was helping the women across the street, a pickup was bearing down on the foursome.
The man shoved the women out of the path of the oncoming truck, only to be STRUCK HIMSELF by the truck.
The women were not harmed, but the man spent a WEEK in the hospital.
But the story doesn't end there...
Denver police issued the man a TRAFFIC TICKET for JAYWALKING.
The driver of the pickup was also issued a ticket (probably for not having a pedestrian hunting license)
Here's a link to the story:
Now there's "change" we can believe in, people.
** From the "Spend It EVEN IF You Don't Have It" Department:
President Obama's MASSIVE (even that's an understatement) budget plan could be America's worst nightmare, if someone's not very careful.
With literally TRILLIONS of dollars at stake (and that's a HELLUVA lot of ZEROS after those numbers), the PLAN is to REDUCE the national deficit by HALF for the year 2010 (The Year We Make Contact...with apologies to Arthur C Clarke).
Now, HOW on God's green earth does that make any sense?
Granted, I''ve always believed that one has to sometimes SPEND money to MAKE money (like when you spend money to print resumes and drive to interviews to get a better paying job), but there are those times when you simply CANNOT make that claim.
This would be one of them.
Prudence would dictate that our nation has to start SAVING some money (real soon)...even HOARD some, not spend our way into insolvency. I sure as hell wouldn't be on board with blowing about $20K (nicely going into debt along the way) on "something" just so the missus and I can SAVE $60K a few years down the road. That makes NO sense to me.
And any "stimuli" that comes down the pike won't ALL be dumped BACK into our economy, for two, very good reasons:
1) People are going to SAVE that money or pay off THEIR debt (governments take note).
2) Even with prices dropping, people will hold out for still LOWER prices.
It's like placing a mustard plaster on a severed limb...
But hey, don't say "we" didn't warn somebody, right?
** From the "It's a Nice Place To Visit, But I Wouldn't Want To Get Beheaded There" Department:
Officials with U.S. State Department are warning college kids wanting to take their Spring Break south of the border, that they might be targeted for violence. With the recent upswing in drug cartel activity, which has left numerous police officials dead, Mexico is making it known that coming down there to party might be hazardous to your health. (But I'll bet the drugs are CHEAP)
One would think the nation would be pretty much DESERTED by now, with all the illegals coming across OUR border.
Guess not.
** From the "Some Day People Will Wise The Hell Up" Department:
An Evansville girl is in critical condition after she tried to cure her head lice with GASOLINE.
The 18 year old was soaking her hair in the flammable fluid when a pilot light for the heater kicked on, igniting the FUMES, and setting the girl ablaze. She was placed in a medically-induced coma, as she suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to over 50% of her body.
With ALL the medications available over the counter to cure head lice, one would THINK she could have tried that, and saved a mess of hurt to herself, her family and her friends.
Her fiance, who suffered burns to his arms while trying to extinguish the fire, attempted to talk her out of soaking her long hair in gasoline.
The couple had planned to wed in May.
I think that might have to wait a while now.
** From the "Will Someone Tell The WHOLE Story" Department:
A local news station had a story that covered the 54% increase of "hate groups" in NE Indiana. The Southern Poverty Law Center has an interesting article in their publication here:
But, as usual, there are a few holes in the tale that need to be told.
The SPLC states that people blame minorities for sub prime lending rates.
And although the SPLC leans to the left, they're not totally right...OR wrong.
Cities that allowed REDLINING in certain areas DID contribute to the mortgage meltdown. Just last year, our Ft. Wayne papers had articles that told stories about people forced from their homes because of this very thing.
It's not a right-wing conspiracy...it's FACT, people.
But that's the tip of this large iceberg.
Dig a little deeper, and you see that almost ALL of these new hate groups springing up are WHITE.
Funny thing about that, no mention of ANY OTHER RACE, like LATINO...or BLACK.
I guess THOSE people don't have "hate groups", right?
Oh, wait...they DO!
We call them GANGS!
Wonder why THAT doesn't seem to figure into the "hate equation", hmm?
Guess THOSE people simply just do not HATE ANYONE...
Quite the reverse (but you'll never hear it being told by the MSM).
I am privy to such behavior against ME (and my wife) because of our "whiteness". People that have moved into the area, who are predominantly black, do not like us one damn bit...and it's demonstrated every day by THEIR behavior, not ours.
THEY are the ones that want US to move.
THEY are the ones tossing trash on OUR property.
THEY are the ones playing loud music, shooting off guns, urinating in public, allowing their kids to run the streets well after dark, dealing (and using) drugs, abusing alcohol, driving erratically (as well as illegally in many cases, ) and being otherwise disrespectful to US, as well as themselves (although they don't know it), NOT US.
If there is ANY hate in OUR area, it's coming from THEM first. Any disdain (or bias) I may have has been developed BY THEM (for me) over the years due to the aspects I mentioned above.
As a result of this, there are several DISTINCT and DIFFERENT parts of humanity that have become rather BLURRED of late.
All of these RELATE to similar things, but are unique to themselves, and should be understood as such.
Now I won't go into the DEFINITIONS of them...that's YOUR assignment (Mr. Phelps, if you decide to accept it), but suffice it to say that there are differing LEVELS (or degrees) of intensity attributable to each of those words.
Today's society tends to mash them all into one homogeneous catch-all term or word. If you're ONE of those words, you MUST be ALL of those words. If you're BIASED, then you're a RACIST. I admit to being BIASED...against STUPID people, and I have a prejudice against such persons. Many call that "being a racist".
I guess if you want to consider the dipshits of the world a "race", then so be it.
Still, that mindset of the uninitiated kind of lumps about 85% of ALL Americans into that category, and I don't believe that's true to the degree hoped for by the MSM. But they feed the masses this pablum...and too many just slurp it all down, without another thought.
Nope...that's wrong, and anyone with HALF a brain can see that.
If they WANT to see it, that is.
But you folks are intelligent enough to figure it all out, that's why you read this blog, right?
So, from your "biased" host, to ALL of you thinkers both near and far...
Have a great weekend, and...
Stay Safe out there, America!


indy said...

see i think what they are saying is white people assimulate and promote their hate group. while black people arent having a pink hat klan type rally. its all how you promote your hate. i have lived on both sides of the fence. and i'll tell ya i'd rather live next to the black person that is ill informed about white people then a white person that really hates black people. becouse the black person more then likely will change his/her ideas after living next to me. where as i would live in fear of a cross burning in my yard or simlar acts of violance towards my family. i've had that one white family on our street that had the mccain signs in their yard try to run down my black daughter in their suv. whereas i get waves from the black familys on my street. i've had a black family try to help me with my car stuck in snow a few weeks ago, whereas the white man sit in his truck and just watched us struggle for a long while. its all a matter of perpestive and mine will be different then yours becouse my family is not all white. we do get treated like crap still in many different areas of town to this day. becouse they look at the skin color and forget that we are human. and of course i dont care if i am 80 years old i will always be considered white trash becouse i had a black child. oh and by the way last year i tried to connect with a couple of girlfriends that i had back in high school that live near you. these were totally different people then the 3 i still talk to to this day. well i did get to talk to them and all they could say was omg you have a black kid and these white women havent had custody of some of their kids for years. but, i was the weirdo with the black kid. then another one of them wanted to beleive the rumors out there about me and said are you sure you havent been married like 3 or 4 times and have a bunch of black kids. for the record. i have been married once he was mixed himself. after my divorce i had a child by a black man. i never remarried becouse i have serious trust issues that developed from the first marriage. and i have been divorced for almost 20 years.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, the white "stupremacists" love to promote their message of hate. ANd I hate that.
(uh, oh, now I'm a racist against my OWN race...)
I have lived next to damn near every race creed, and religion, grew UP with every race, had dinner at houses owned by every race, and befriended people of damn near every race, and it's all about the VALUE SYSTEM of that PERSON, NOT the color of their skin that makes them GOOD or BAD.

Trouble is, we've generations that bought back into segregation (look at today's urban neighborhoods), and they LIKE it.
They're raised kids without the need to question, to challenge themselves, or to be held accountable for their actions.
And they like THAT, too.

I'm not goiong to comment on mixed race families or people (hell I went to Aruba with a black woman and had a great time) except to say that the families and the children DO have their work cut out for them.
They have to overcome several types of stimgas, the greatest of which IS race.
And that won't be easy.
They become caught between TWO worlds..TWO cultures...two belief systems.

I will maintain that the MEDIA is responsible for their own perverted promotion of white-only hate grops while being in denial of other ethnic hate groups.

If you're going to call the bad people "on the carpet", let's get them ALL there, instead of just ONE group.
When we ALL are unified, we can understand the truth a lot better.

Thanks for the comments and take care.


Jana said...

I read about the men being issued a ticket for jaywalking while he was in the hospital.

No good deed goes unpunished...

...as usual.