26 February 2009

It's The Little Things In Life...
No matter who you are, what you do, or where you go, it will always boil down to those "little things".
And every day, whether we're aware of it or not, we're hip-deep in those things...all the time.
Things that put that smile on your face, or perhaps make you stop for a second and think, or even get your "dander up" are what comprises our existence.
Could be the most innocuous thing which evokes that emotional response, such as a litter of puppies, or watching a baby sleep, that driver that cuts you off on the road, or the person you take a moment to hold the door for.
And every one of us is the net result of such experiences, good OR bad.
The best way to deal with any of these little things is usually one at a time.
Of course, we can't always have it OUR way, like we can at the local BK, can we?
Most of the time, those little things add up and have a tendency to come at us (seemingly) all at once (or at least in groups of 12...lol).
Well, as I stated, these things WILL evoke an emotional response, and TOO MANY of them only multiplies that response.
I had a buddy that once said that "Life is just one damn thing after another, and the ONLY reason we have TIME is to keep ALL the sh*t from happening at ONCE".
Now I said all that to say this...
It becomes increasingly difficult to enjoy any of life's (good) "little things" when others have no interest in what YOU like, or even care IF you exist. They're just concerned about THEIR needs, THEIR wants, and THEIR desires.
(wow...sounds like my "neighbors")
Yes, it truly IS a "me" generation we're faced with.
Trouble with that is, they're raising kids with the SAME (lack of) values.
This isn't about any form of "introspection", either.
That would mean that these people have to look within themselves to understand themselves (much like WE do), as well as others. Sadly, such is NOT the case.
Now when I think about something "small" in life that I derive a "warm and fuzzy" feeling from, I usually think about a piece of classical music, the taste of a certain food, a scene from a particular movie, or even a passage from a book I once read.
That is what every one of us are made up of...and much more.
We are the sum of our experiences, and that ALONE makes every one of us UNIQUE, because NO TWO PEOPLE enjoy the same vicissitudes in life. Whether it's pleasure, or grief, or anything in between, we all share one commonality, and that is the UNcommonality of our lives to each other.
Yet there are those that cannot begin to comprehend what I'm talking about.
And basically, they could give a rat's ass about it. I mention all of this, because it's many of those "little things" that will make up the families we are part of, the communities we live in, and the lives we all live as well as the souls we touch along that journey.
In today's world, we have "less time" to embark on such relationships, but if you whoa up a second and stop to think about it, we STILL have the same time we USED to have, as it's passage remains a universal constant (unless you're travelling at close to the speed of light, then there's this relativity issue), but it's the MANAGEMENT of that time we're having difficulty with.
We're all basically trying to cram ten pounds of sh*t into a five pound sack, and that simply won't do.
We're not taking those moments to "stop and smell the roses", as it were.
Sure, we've got technology that speeds us all on our merry way daily (the fact that this blog exists is proof to that), but to ME, it's only a tool to be used to convey thoughts, opinions, facts, and the like...nothing more.
It's a speedier way to converse with ALL of you.
I find it much easier than hopping in the old Firebird and trying to drive to ALL your houses for a cup of "joe" and a chat...LOL!
But I understand the caveats that go along with this...
Many others use and abuse such technology only for their own hedonistic pursuits.
And we either condone it, or feign ignorance.
I suppose we could just call it another one of life's "little things"?
Not really.
What we enjoy today, thanks to technology, is nothing short of remarkable, but we have to temper it's use with that of actual interpersonal contact, where feasible. We're fast losing the ability in interact, and we can see it with our children. And we adults are not "immune" to this.
We rarely WRITE real letters anymore.
Easier to email someone, right?
Well, I admit to being guilty of that, but with arthritis, writing has become one of "my" lost arts.
We "text" one another (the young'uns do anyway), and in the process, deny themselves the social skills needed to survive in today's world.
Cripes, we're even "sexting" one another with lewd pictures...where does it end in our search for this so-called Utopia?
Well, we could always take a few moments, step back, and enjoy one of life's "little things", couldn't we?
We play in the technological forest daily, and yet many will never see, or even acknowledge the trees than comprise it, right?
Still, life is like that.
It allows those with "vision" to SEE, and those who are otherwise "blind" to stumble about...or be led about.
Seems to be SOME sort of (politically-tuned) analogy in there somewhere...
Yeah, life's funny that way.
But not in a funny-ha ha way, if you get my drift.
Life becomes a strange mix of what YOU make it, as well as what others ALLOW you to make OF it.
There are a million things in life you can have, and a million more you can't.
That's just the nature of the beast, friends.
No person ever was, or ever will be an island, but we can still hold close the values that will serve to make us more than we were the previous day, and if that means we have to apply ourselves, all the better.
We enjoy the challenge.
We welcome the opportunity.
After all, it IS still about life's "little things", isn't it?
Stay safe out there, America.


indy said...

sometimes i swear you are reading my mind. ok, here is my take on the internet. one it is satans tool. but, it can and has been used for good. it brings people together in a different reality. but, it isnt the same as interpersonal connection. and when you play a game such as imvu on it it gives you an entirely different form of reality. it sucks you into it for hours upon end. that game i do beleive is satans playground. its very dangerous for young and old alike. the internet is full of differnt levels of reality. its how you use them. and this brings me to another issue. what if someone really could get close to another person and feel their emotions. feel as one with that person. almost fall in love with that person. becouse really its the spirts connecting. so if you have any level of physic abilitys the computer is not a safe place to "play" in fact it is very dangerous. as i say again its the devils playground. when the computer was first marketed by apple the price had the sign of the devil in it. this is just one of the first steps to being mirco chipped. back in hitlers time ibm help the mass killings of jews. they were only a punch card.

but, then didnt we get what alot of us must have asked for. i still remember back in 1989 with my tandy computer sitting in unterturkheim germany (its an area around stuttgart) in my apartment with my abusive husband sleeping in the next room. playing my video games and wishing and praying that someday i could just turn it on and reach out to another person that had true love in his heart. and would like to have a conversation. and look at this computer today. it only takes a few minites to download software to play games to interact with living souls that might have love in their hearts or evil.

so as long as we hold our basic core values dear to us and keep on praying. then the beast will leave us alone for the most part. this earth is built upon free will. and i choose to pray it out before i act it out.


Bob G. said...


Sorry, not a mind-reader...just a purveyor of common sense and close observation, that's all.

I do share your thoughts on the use AND the abuse of the Internet.
Once again, we've let the Genie out of his bottle.

And like most EVERY device known to man (since "our" model came out), we will, given enough time, figure SOME way to turn it against ourselves.
You can never get the GENIE back in the bottle after he's been loosed, that's for certain.

History has proven that much right all too often.

There was a book that came out a while back, called THE TERMINAL MAN (writen by the author of Jurassic Park - Michael Crichton), that tells how implanting a chip into someone can turn completely around to bite us in the backside.

Movie was made w/ George Segal in the 70s.

We NEED our basic VALUES...and the PRINCIPLES that define us AS human beings.
As long as we hold fast to them, we're on the right track.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments.

Stay Safe