10 March 2009

April Showers...In March?
Now I don't mind hurrying Spring up, but aren't we getting a bit ahead of ourselves?
We've already had more than one tornado touch down in nearby towns, and are enjoying thunderstorms as I speak, so all that prognosticating by all those groundhogs seems to have been a tad "off", don'cha think?
Hey, maybe it's "global warming"?
Quick, call our favorite environmangelist Al Gore!
Or, maybe it's just Mother Nature's way of washing all the scum off the streets (with apologies to Travis Bickle)?
Nah...we can't be THAT fortunate.
But it IS a nice diversion from the constant assault from all the politics that's been going on.
And we all remember what POLITICS really IS, don't we?
-POLI - from the Greek meaning MANY.
-And TICS meaning one of TWO things:
1) Repetitive movements indicative of Tourettes Syndrome, or
2) small, blood-sucking insects that get under your skin.
So when you stop to think about it, POLITICS REALLY ARE ANNOYING in some manner!
I saw on the news where our President was handed yet ANOTHER PEN, and he signed something else that should have gone a little farther down the national priority list. Someone PLEASE keep writing implements AWAY from him, so we can get this nation back on it's collective feet!
An executive order was signed basically REVERSING the former administration's restrictions on embryonic stem cell research by the taxpayers.
Nice to know WHERE your money is going, isn't it?
OK, so I have to admit that I'm against taxpayer-funding in this case, but rather would allow the PRIVATE SECTOR to fund stem cell research.
This is like (as Glenn Beck put it yesterday) "PLACING SCIENCE BEFORE ETHICS".
If this were a TRUE Democratic Republic, maybe this issue would (or could) have been put on a special ballot or referendum...'ya think?
Let the PEOPLE decide...instead of the "gub'ment".
Well, that would be FAIR...wouldn't it?
And we ALL know how "fair" fares THESE days, right?
It really pisses me off when the Feds think I'm a dumb as a bag of hammers, and have to "help me" along my way in life.
That might work well for my (useless) "neighbors", but NOT for me OR YOU, correct?
When I was a toddler, I needed someone to hold my hand...until I was OLD ENOUGH (and learned enough) to go it without constant assistance.
But that's not good enough today.
The government wants to "watch over me", and "protect me"...from WHAT (or from who), I have NO frigging idea!
If the big-ass government REALLY wanted to "protect me", they could start by posting a few troopers around MY HOUSE 24/7/365, and provide escort whenever I mow my lawn, rake my leaves, plant my posies, or leave the area to shop for something. And they can also have permission to shoot anyone NOT authorised to be ON my property.
Yeah, that would be a damn good start.
Now THAT would be "looking out for ME" (and the missus)...! Hell, yes, you bet your ass I'd pay taxes for something like THAT.
But that's NOT the kind of "protection" the government wants to provide.
Well, maybe the government could protect me from THEMSELVES aka BIG GOVERNMENT...!
Oh, yeah...that's a biggest pipe dream we could ever imagine.
And besides, that's what our CONSTITUTION is for.
Well, we ARE talking about the FEDERAL level anyway.
As to my LOCAL government?
It's all I can do to keep from ROFLMAO...seriously.
I could go about how certain city departments ignore certain peoples' pleas for a better quality of life in THEIR neighborhood, but you read this blog, so you know the gig there.
I could also speak to the fact that our city LEOs are not utilized in a more efficient way and that morale in the PD sucks because of "politics" overruling good and effective police work....but those men and women "doing the job" know the score.
I could go on about how the Prosecutor's office will rarely pursue a case unless it is blatantly "airtight", and they can't get out of summarily dismissing it, but I won't.
I could mention that fact that in spite of more LEOs on the street, somehow, drugs trafficking is on the RISE from out-of-state commerce and mail from Mexico (and even overseas)...but the USPS must be aware of that, as well as our city's Postmaster.
I could talk about gangs coming to this city, because of it's LOCATION as a hub to both the Midwest and the East coast, but those 30 different gangs we have in Indiana, can't ALL be interested in "our" city, right?
I could speak to the clusterf$ck called the FWHA, and how they don't give a flying DAMN about WHO they stick into cheap-ass cribs, and are trying their damnedest to turn good neighborhoods into ones that resemble MINE...or (worse)...Phil Marx's.
Yeah, it's ALL of the above...and a lot more that proves to me that this city doesn't have ALL of it's citizen's best interest at heart, no matter WHAT they say.
That's a damn shame, too.
I basically like this city. It's better than Philly in some respects.
You people have LOWER taxes (for the time being), more effective traffic patterns citywide, good shopping (everywhere BUT the SOUTH side, but we all know WHY THAT IS), and a pretty decent heritage.
So, don't take what you already have, and piss it against a damn wall.
That WOULD be a loss.
Remember one thing about this city, if nothing else:
Fort Wayne is ONLY AS GOOD as it's WORST area, and it's people are ONLY AS GOOD as it's WORST citizen.
(Speaking of which, we now have homicide # 6)
Be nice if the CITY thought like that...wouldn't it?
Then maybe some GOOD things would be done, instead of erecting some lame ballpark, when the one we had sufficed just fine.
A REAL RAIN...that's what this city needs.
One that WILL wash all the scum off the streets.
(as well as other areas that NEED it)
Stay safe out there, America.


indy said...

well between the harp project up in alaska where the government has a humoungous radio tower burning holes in the atmosphere. to the lack of caring of people. why would i be amazed about anything. and yes, the post office has found drugs in packages. but, the workers from what i understand are trained just to look at the zips and move on. its worse then the military up in there. heck some workers only get one break a night. it all depends on your career status and osha wont back you up becouse indiana laws dont even really provide a break at all.

all i can say about fort wayne is i'm glad I pulled out in 1986. it isnt the town i grew up in. sometimes i think i grew up in mayberry or something. i loved it when i was there, but i am not going back. i feel safer in indy.

Bob G. said...

Personally, I'd feel safer in Jim Thorpe, PA, where they still carry rifles on the racks in the pickups, and people still say "howdy"...lol!
I've got plenty of tales to tell about OSHA (and the lack of safety protocols they display).

Yep, it IS getting kinda "weird" out there.