11 March 2009

Hump Day Happenings...
When I was a mere child (quite a few lifetimes ago, it seems), there was ONE thing my Dad used to impress upon me.
And it was this:
"Always let your word be your bond".
Now, being the youth that I was, I of course wanted dad to "splain" that to me, and that was far better than asking Dad "WHY?" about twenty times, and it helped in no small way to considerably lower his blood pressure in the process...LOL.
Dad was one of those men that SAID what he MEANT, and MEANT what he SAID.
And when he laid this whole "word/bond" thing on me, I started to get a part of the clarity in all that.
Too often today, people who SHOULD be making their word their bond, are taking the EASY way out, and by that, I mean they tell us whatever the hell they WANT to, usually false in nature or concept, attempt to dress it some justified package, and then try and sell us this piece of useless verbiage as canon.
Sorry, folks...that crap don't fly in MY book.
Take the current administration "leading" this nation (into HOCK...sorry, just thinking out loud).
Our President made well over 450 campaign "promises", just so people would vote him into office. Well, P.T. Barnum would have LOVED this crowd, because, apparently, you CAN believe that a "Sucker is born every minute".
Out of those 450+ "promises", he has kept less than 20, and the meager few he HAS kept are pushing this nation close to the precipice of financial ruin. But people bought into this, lock, stock and barrel.
They must WANT America to be owned by foreign investors, because nothing short of that will get us OUT of this predicament, save our OWN ingenuity and fortitude as a NATION.
We have the knowledge that such action HAS worked well for us in the past.
But let's get back to this "word/bond" thing...
Most politicians (not all) LIE their asses off. That's just the nature of the beast. They want to endure themselves to you by making you feel like they're part of the family. They want to enchant you with their charisma, then bullshit you with their rhetoric.
They want to get elected...period.
Now forgive me if I don't get all "warm n fuzzy" when I hear our current President speak to "my best interest". He has NO idea what MY "best interest" is, or even gives a flying crap.
Can I consider his word a "bond" in this instance?
Well, if I had my hand out for the next entitlement program to keep me on my lazy ass and as non-productive as a bag of rocks...YES.
I can pretty much take that to the bank, because that is exactly what this President hopes to do.
He wants to make everyone "equal" (financially) by taking from the capitalists that, through their purchasing, keep this nation solvent, and giving to the "do-nothings", thereby allowing THEM the SAME buying power.
Sorry, but I like the system our founding fathers established quite well, thankyouverymuch!
Hey, you Bozos in Washington...either start saying what you MEAN and mean what you SAY by having your WORDS be your BOND, or GET THE F$CK OUT OF THAT SENATE / CONGRESSIONAL SEAT NOW, because you SURE AS HELL do NOT represent ME in ANY way, shape or form!
'Nuff said there.
--We currently have a person (or persons) at large that likes to rob people returning from the GROCERY STORE.
Now, I heard a chunk of this yesterday on the scanner, and one person who was confronted chased the bad guy away by brandishing his OWN gun and shooting AT the robbers (nice move - send a message).
What the hell kind of city do we live in where you can't EVEN go to the frigging GROCERY and NOT get robbed when you arrive back at YOUR house, huh?
Gee, I'd wager this robber is NOT working, or has ever worked a meaningful job (blame the economy), has a nice rap sheet, was a problem youth who most likely dropped out of high school, and is somehow involved in drugs (definitely USING, if not selling).
I'd also bet good money that he "probably" lives on the SOUTHEAST side of the city, and is cribbed up with a "significant other", that is most likely the mother of several children (possibly pregnant again), who "might" work at some menial job, is getting housing (taxpayer) money for her rental hovel (that is complete with a mattress on the floor for the kids AND a 60" big screen TV with the BBQ grill out front as a lawn ornament), WIC, food stamps, and drives a rather new vehicle,
Sound familiar?
Does to me.
With very few adaptations, they sound just like the "locals" in my area.
I know my wife was followed home TWICE (in years past), and both times, they were greeted by ME coming out the door with gun in hand. They took off like they stole something...and never came back (lucky for THEM).
Police have seen SIX cases of this M.O. in one week.
The robber(s) are targeting the elderly in their garages in BROAD DAYLIGHT.
Chief York feels they are desperate for (drug) money.
Could be, but I would NOT rule out "gang initiations", or "just having fun" either.
That's the way these thugs operate.
They need no reason (per se) to do what it is they do.
I see smaller versions of such "behavior" every week around here.
The aforementioned attempt occurred at 46th Drive near St. Joe Center Road. Less than an hour later, the robbers struck again in another sector of the city at the 5300 block of Indiana Avenue near Fairfield Avenue.
The first attempt Tuesday happened at the retirement home near Getz Road and South Bend Drive.
Three similar robberies were reported to the FWPD last week, and in least TWO of them, the robber had a handgun.
Last Thursday, on Arlington Avenue near Fairfield & Lexington Avenues, a RETIRED FIREFIGHTER in his 70s was struck in the back of his head with a blunt object as he was returning from the store with groceries.
Two other "possible" robberies occurred Saturday in the 1900 block of Dodge Avenue near East State & North Anthony Blvd,
A man also robbed an elderly woman as she returned from work in the 400 block of Edgeknoll Lane near South Calhoun & Tillman Road.
Descriptions vary, but the general consensus is that one robber is 5'8" - 5'10" in height, BLACK (that explains a lot), in his 20s, clean-shaven (thin build as per scanner traffic), wearing a black hooded sweatshirt.
Well, that describes damn near EVERYONE ELSE in MY AREA!
The getaway vehicles (according to the paper) is a dark-colored SUV.
The REALITY here, is that police were looking for a FORD, possibly an EXPLORER, late 1990s-early 2000 model, either dark BLUE, BROWN or BLACK.
LEOs on the street wanted to get pictures of the FORDS, along with GMC vehicles to show to the victims, in order to ascertain which SPECIFIC vehicle they would be doing the BOLO on.
And the vehicle is believed to have rear end damage. (bullet holes?)
Here's some pictures of the 2000 models, in case you officers can't get any pictures elsewhere:





How's that?
Yeah, I know they do look a LOT alike in some respects. Blame it on the car makers getting those bailouts.
York says: "The public must be VIGILANT".
Residents should be on the lookout, even in familiar areas like their driveways and garages.
I can do "VIGILANT"...REAL well.
And, I can do "natural justice", too.
"We're recommending people understand it's possible they could be followed home, starting at either a shopping center or a market", York said.
Got'cha, Rusty...shoot on sight.
Roger that!

For everyone else, I would recommend a few "modifications" to your individual "shopping experiences":

1) Practice "Situational Awareness" - KNOW your surroundings!
2) Use that rearview mirror - notice WHO is behind you.
3) Scope out your neighborhood - check the street for "unfamiliar vehicles", and never hesitate to drive past YOUR house, pull around the corner and notify police. That's what they're there for.
4) If you ARE being followed, drive to a FIRE STATION or the POLICE station. Bet you loose that "tail" REAL fast!
5) Use the cellphone if you are being followed, especially from the store or mall.
You hate to have to change your lifestyle, but realize that it IS for YOUR OWN BENEFIT, (and your wallet).
I liken these thugs to "domestic terrorists", because ANY form of terrorism is "anything that causes normal citizens to change their everyday behavior in order to become safer".
And THAT you CAN take to the bank!
My word is still my bond.
(Thanks, Dad)
In the meantime...
Stay safe out there, America!


Daniel Short said...

Excellent, way to put it all out there. I get that same feeling in my gut and think can this world get any worse? Hang on to your hat Bobby, it is going to be a bumpy ride. Great post...hey did you mention something about a lock, stock and barrel? Thought so, that will help with several of the problems close to home. Mine is like American Express, I never leave home without it.

Bob G. said...

The ONLY way to get the word out is by one person at a time....could be you, or could be me. We might very well be the future of fairness when it comes to reporting the "rest of the story", as the late Paul Harvey would put it..

It was nice of the TV stations to chime in with THEIR story of these robberies.

Still, can't beat getting the news FIRST-HAND...like from the scanner.

Thanks for your comment.