07 October 2009

Humpday Happenings...
"Happy" Anniversary...?!?
Well, okay...maybe it's not "your" anniversary in particular, but it IS the 8th anniversary of our war in the Middle East after 9/11.
I know to many, it seems like FOREVER, but we have made progress in those 8 years.
So, maybe it's not that "happy" of an anniversary...more like the "Oh, ANOTHER year of that?"...kind of like the birthdays you have as you get older. Sure, the "thrill" might be gone, and the bloom might be off the rose, but you grudgingly acknowledge it nonetheless...how's that?
I'd like to briefly continue with the "win/lose" gig I've been speaking about for the last 2 days.
For you STAR TREK fans, there was an old KLINGON proverb that goes: "Only a fool fights in a burning house".
And for you STAR WARS fans, Obi-Wan Kenobi once said that: "Who's more foolish..the fool, or the fool that follows him?"
Now, you could use BOTH of those sayings to sum up the war in Afghanistan, right?
Well, I personally don't believe that the "house" is on fire...yet.
And as for following fools...haven't we ALL done that at least ONCE in our lives?
(be honest now)
Can we wind up winning every single engagement in Iraq, or Afghanistan and STILL lose the war?
To quote a noted Swede: "Yasureyoubetcha!"
Been done already...
Read your history books....we called it VIETNAM.
Our military decisively won every single battle or engagement. We pummeled the hell out of parts of 'Nam, turning it into a moonscape. We defoliated thousands of acres of jungle, bombed Hanoi, and beat back those insurgents during the TET OFFENSIVE.
And in many ways...we still "lost".
Well, that's the "official" ending, and we have only the politicians to thank for it.
Our current war in the Middle East will have much more far-reaching effects should we "cut and run".
American is already on the brink of a financial precipice.
We're hearing mutterings that crude oil might not be traded in DOLLARS (as it currently is), but rather by something called an SDR.
Here's the WIKI on this:
That will cause OUR currency to plummet in value (much further than inflation would).
Now, I'm no economist, but when I see writing on a wall, I can damn sure read it!
(or get someone to translate it so I can get the meaning)
After 9/11, America had an enormous amount of "street cred" in the global arena.
Today...not so much.
And other nations are noticing...and "hedging their bets", as it were.
CHINA is the ONLY nation (so far) that is doing well during the global recession...gee, wonder why THAT is?
Oh, wait...they only make EVERY SINGLE DAMN THING the rest of us have or use!
And the Chinese people manage to STILL save 28% of their "disposable income". Are YOU saving AS MUCH?
Well, I know I'm doing MY damnedest to help them...I eat Chinese food at least several times a year, and I buy stuff...doesn't matter what I need, I just look for the country of origin when it comes to manufacturing. Invariably, it will have the word CHINA on it, even if I'm not BUYING any dishware (read china)...lol!
I'd LIKE to see more of the MADE IN THE U.S.A., but I'm not...why is that?
I mean, it's not like we gave up and sent all our jobs overseas, right?
Okay...we DID...bad example.
We're losing big time...and as an American, I don't LIKE to lose.
We're slipping in the world market, were slipping on the credibility chart, and we're slipping right here in our own country when it comes to defeating the foes we're facing right here in EVERYTOWN, USA.
Still, I think we CAN turn it back around, and one of the last places we should look to for "help" would be our government.
They can't even whoa themselves up and control THEIR behavior, ESPECIALLY when it comes to wasting (our) money...and I would have to believe that THIS is the reason the rest of the world is giving us the "fish-eye".
Current government "standards" are like a frigging bull (Wall St?) in the proverbial china (the nation that OWNS our debt) shop (wow, what an analogy...really creeps a person out).
We, as a nation DO have the ability to LOSE...and lose BIG.
And it would seem that some factions are doing their best to prove that.
I want to think otherwise...for the sake of our economy...the sake of our nation...and the sake of our future.
It ALL hangs in the balance.
We, as a nation, if we want to remain viable, HAVE to start prioritizing.
We HAVE to start separating the WHEAT from the CHAFF.
We NEED to start NOW.
If we delay, we are inviting the Sword of Damocles to fall squarely upon our collective necks.
America was destined for much better.
America was destined to be a shining beacon, a jewel in the global community...a nation people looked UP to, and NOT down upon.
We, the people have within each of us, the ability to effect change.
We need to arm ourselves with knowledge...and wisdom...and facts.
Whenever people say "It's not about you", tell them to go directly to hell...do not pass GO...do not collect $200.
It's about ALL of US, and the future of this nation.
Be nice to celebrate the anniversary of the DEFEAT of the Taliban and Al-Queda, instead of noting it's another year in the Middle East, wouldn't it?
I think it can be done, and I think America also has the resilience in her to bounce back from financial ruin, but it takes the WILL of the PEOPLE to do so. And when it comes to sheer WILL...AMERICANS have always led the way.
What say we give it another go, eh?
Stay safe out here, America.

06 October 2009

Win, Lose, Or Draw...
I want to sort of pick up where I left off yesterday regarding the ability to win...or the ability to lose (and in some cases, you have to work at THAT as well).
Life is one of those things that tends to come at you at it's OWN pace...usually somewhere approaching the speed of light.
Think of how nice it would be if a lot more "stuff" in our lives came at us all a bit more S L O W L Y ...
We could see it from afar...take our time to get a plan together, and still have time to implement it, then decide if that plan is going to work or not, and still be able to yank "Plan-B" our of our hip pockets.
Would be nice.
But too many times, we have to "think on the fly", as a mentor of mine used to say.
Kind of like Indiana Jones "making it up as I go along".
Sometimes, we come out a winner...other times, not so much.
What we have to learn first off, is that life is full of struggles, and with good reason.
If we never have anything to CHALLENGE us, we never "grow" as individuals.
We stagnate...like that nasty-ass pond water with the scum floating on top.
And the struggles we face (sometimes daily) might not always be something we planned for.
We face personal crises such as death, divorce, health issues, traffic jams, and the like.
We also face professional crises such as layoffs, strikes, job losses, and even the "what the hell do I want to DO with all that intelligence and life experiences I picked up over the years?" syndrome.
We face financial problems connected usually with one or more of the aforementioned crises.
Sometimes these are unpredictable and sudden.
Hell, sometimes, it becomes a "chore" when we're thinking of what the hell to have for breakfast.
I know I detest such "executive decision-making" so damn early in the morning.
Now, with all this crap flying at us and about us damn near every day, how we decide to handle it will determine not only the obvious OUTCOME of the issues, but will also set certain STANDARDS for the manner in which WE act...or do not act.
Many of us become frozen when too much comes at us too quickly...and that's not always such a bad thing.
Some of us need that time to PLAN...to DECIDE how best to address the problem.
The trouble comes with a prolonged inability to not do a damn thing.
However long we take, the problem will (usually) STILL be there, and we WILL have to tackle it head on.
Many others of us plow right the hell into a situation, and that can bring it's own difficulties.
We might not have given ANY thought to the outcome when we jump the hell in.
And that can be as disastrous as not doing anything.
So, how do we determine that "balance" of though and action?
Well, the best way is like most anything else...with PRACTICE.
Sounds a bit simplistic, right?
You start out small and work your way UP...you learn to ASSESS a problem.
You learn what options are available to you.
You choose from those options, or create a new and better one.
And then...you have at it.
Works in warfare...works in life, too.
You TRAIN yourself...you EDUCATE yourself.
You rely on YOURSELF, having been self taught and self trained in how best to respond to life's issues.
Other people are there in life to ASSIST you, be they family, friends, mentors, teachers...whoever.
They are not there to take you through life by the hand.
I'll be the first to tell you that going through life, relying solely on OTHERS is NOT the way to go.
I see the result of such "lives" every day on my streets.
And it's pretty damn sad, but I don't feel the pity.
They made their decision, and only THEY can enact a change for the better.
They "think" they're doing OK, but they not only missed the damn boat...hell, they didn't even bother to show up at the dock!
Now...what if you make a "wrong" decision?
(good question)
If you are doing what you BELIEVE to be correct (and we're saying that it's NOT illegal or breaking any laws), then you should also be man or woman enough to take a stand, whatever the outcome. There are no REAL "wrong" decisions in that case. Just ones that are "less right" than others.
THAT is how you LEARN.
THAT is how you develop INTEGRITY.
THAT is how you become a person of ETHICAL standards.
Like I say, you might win some, and lose some, and even break even on a few, but you have become a better person for the experience.
Life is meant to be a journey of EXPERIENCES...not a journey of SORROWS!
(although sorrow is as much a part of the human condition as is joy)
You have to remember....life moves in it's own time, and makes NO accommodations for YOU, or anyone else.
What YOU have to do is adapt yourself through knowledge, wisdom, and experience, in order to best navigate the eddys and currents of life itself. And it's like most anything in life...the more you do it, the better you get at it.
Do nothing, and expect to go nowhere.
Do something, and there is no limit to who you can become as a person.
Even if it seems you've lost (at times), you can STILL be a winner...it all depends on how YOU define victory and what YOUR terms for such a win have been. We're not in this life to win every "battle"...we're in it to win the "war".
We fight when we have to and rest when we need to.
But we never let up...it's OUR fight...OUR life to win...or to lose.
Just a little something to think about, folks.
Stay safe out there, America.

05 October 2009

Monday Musings...
Off we go, into another week...
Fire up the engine, test the control surfaces, and release the chocks...
Hopefully, we can all catch our collective breath from the "frivolity" we encountered last week.
Good news, bad news time, people...
The GOOD news is that Oprah didn't wind up eating her way through the fjords after we lost the bid to host the 2016 Olympics...
The BAD news is that she DID binge her way through several danish cities.
Come to think of it, I could use a Danish with my coffee...(no, not THOSE kind of Danish...the BAKERY ones...sheesh).
Well, there appeared to be NO news over the weekend, so all MUST be right with the world, right?
Not so fast, now...
We did have some action in Afghanistan, (at a U.N. FOOD CENTER, no less) which killed several people.
Seems the Taliban is getting a might touchy these days.
Now, could that mean that (maybe) General Petraeus is going to be making a 2012 presidential bid?
Whoa, wouldn't THAT be a kick in the pants?
(just tossing that out there...nothing in stone, yet)
Which makes me wonder WHO could possibly be his running mate. (wonder what Ollie North is doing these days?)
Just something to keep on the back burner...
Americans still hold a majority when it comes to ending the war in the Middle East.
Less than 50% think we should stay.
Everyone else says we should get out.
I tend to be in that "less than 50%" number, and with (imho) good reason.
IF you are going to wage war with somebody, it would be in YOUR best interest to be fighting to WIN.
I mean, how many people play ANY game to just TIE?
(Even in sports, there is "sudden-death" overtime)
We (as Americans) like a definitive WINNER.
We don't take LOSING too well...look at all the sullen faces on Monday morning at work when "their" team lost.
(and they tear up that ticket from the "pool"...LOL)
They ALL would have liked to win, but it doesn't work that way.
Half will win...half will lose, given the nature of most American team sports.
In racing, there is only ONE winner...everyone else is second (or lower)...simple, huh?
In warfare, there NEEDS to be a victor.
And in victory, it's not ALL "win or lose".
There are LEVELS of victory that need to be known.
1) We have TOTAL victory...no capitulation, no terms...unconditional surrender by the opposition.
2) We have a PYRRHIC victory...you "win", but at a devastating cost to YOUR side, so that any "win" you achieve is superseded by the sheer loss to your forces.
3) We have a TACTICAL victory, which refers to winning a specific ENGAGEMENT in a military campaign.
4) We have a STRATEGIC victory, referring to the success OF a military CAMPAIGN.
So you can see, that victory has many depths and manners with which we can attain success.
Personally, I think we should fight to WIN.
Total victory.
I worked just fine for us in WW2.
Sure, civilians will suffer, but Gen. Sherman once said that: "All war is hell".
And Gen. Patton said that: "No man ever won a war by dying for his country...he won it by making the other poor bastard die for HIS country".
The nature of war itself is to make people realize that the COST of war should force people to NOT want to wage it.
Some folks just can't get it.
They believe they're on some "holy mission" to wipe the "infidels" from the planet.
Now, I don't know WHAT "god" would want his followers to practice and advocate bellicose behavior, and especially on such a regular basis.
I always thought you could catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar.
But in today's world, that doesn't seem to apply.
Now, I said most all THAT...to say THIS:
Sun Tzu said that: "ALL WAR IS DECEPTION".
That means that whoever is the best BS'er is usually the winner, in terms of fooling the opposition.
Make your enemy think and therefore believe ONE thing, while you do quite the OTHER.
Sounds like a plan to me.
Every one of us is almost ALWAYS "at war".
Might not be with another COUNTRY (which would be quite a feat for ANY ONE PERSON), but it might be that we're at odds with our very own government.
Or, we might be tangling butts with our kids, or other family members, or even neighbors.
The Bible says (Eph 6:12) that "we wage war not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places".
Now, if one were to argue the point, YES...we DO wind up killing PEOPLE.
To that, I would say that we are in a struggle against EVIL first, and that people are the instruments or vessels by which that evil might be conveyed. And people will get killed along the way. It's an inevitability in life...and war.
It's not the BEST way to wage any war...but until something BETTER comes along, we're pretty much stuck with it.
Lastly, I got me a copy of Glenn Beck's new book, ARGUING WITH IDIOTS, and this is a really neat tome. And it's got PICTURES...!!!
It debuted at #1 on the best-seller list...gee, wonder why? I recommend this to anyone that has an idiot or two in their lives.
The book reads like a dialogue between common sense and idiocy, and guess who comes out "on top"?
It's even got "guest idiots" included, and the layout of the book is nothing short of brilliant.
And at the end of the book is a rather comprehensive "bibliography" so you can check out where the FACTS that Beck uses throughout the book actually COME FROM. I mean, we can't call someone a LIAR, when they are providing facts, figures, and statistics from OTHER sources (that are true), can we?
Truth is weird like that, don'cha think?
But who would have thought ANY book on politics would be "fun" to read?
(Certainly not I)
So, go visit the "book czar" and take a peek into this book (I think Borders or Amazon has a preview available online).
Of course, if you're not a Beck fan, then never mind, you might not like it.
Or maybe you WILL!
As for the rest of you...what are you waiting for?
We've got a brand new week staring us all in the face, right?
Make it a great one, and remember...
Stay safe out there, America.

02 October 2009

Friday Follies...
End of the week, and with any luck, Chicago will get the bid for the 2016 Olympics and that will spell the financial end of that city as well.
Before we proceed, let's be honest with this whole "Olympic" thing...
Show me ANY city in recent history that has hosted the Olympics (winter OR summer), and come out WAY in the black on this.
You can't.
In fact, most cities that have been hosts have seen some pretty substantial LOSSES.
Now, in this day of "spending one's way OUT of debt", one has to wonder HOW spending HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of bucks for Olympic games with a bottom line of perhaps TENS of millions in "profit" is a GOOD thing, right?
Sorry, folks...just not seeing it, so let's not dwell.
(** Editor's note: As of 1130 hrs EST, it's been said that CHICAGO was eliminated early on in the bid for the 2016 Olympics (whew, dodged that bullet)...so much for that TEN MILLION DOLLAR TRIP to COPENHAGEN at YOUR expense, eh? And the winner is....RIO! ))
Now...How's THIS for "urban renewal"?
Yesterday, I saw a young black boy, fresh out of school, run behind a vacant house 2 doors down, and proceed to piss behind a tree, as if that would shield him from public eyes.
Oops, sorry little Jamarkus...not good enough.
I shined a laser beam on the wall NEXT to him, and I hope he pissed down his leg when he turned. He did leave after voiding his bladder, but showed absolutely NO hurry in the process.
Now here is a kid not EVEN in his teens, being brought up to disrespect something that does not belong to him. Got a helluva role model there in YOUR house, don'cha, son?
This kid has friends that live one house down, and he lives one block over, but could he perhaps go to one of THOSE houses? Hell, no. Better to piss any damn place he needs to.
Well, that might work all well and good over in Nigeria...or Botswana (where they have mud huts, and no facilities to serve the public at all), but I hate to break it to ya, kid...you're in the USofA, and NORMAL, CIVILIZED people just don't DO sh*t like that!
Oh, wait...I DID say "normal and civilized", didn't I?
Ahhh...well, that brings us to the crux of the problem.
People being "rewarded" for bad behavior.
We give 'em all the "free pass" due to CULTURE...or "poverty"...yeah, right.
How about we call it awarding dumbass behavior instead?
Or...having people fall over ALL their entitlements, when they SHOULD be doing something productive to deserve them.
Give everything to someone, never hold them responsible OR accountable, and scenes like "little Jamarkus" are the result damn near EVERY time. Who knew?
THESE are the type of people you can't reason with...can't talk to in a civilized manner, or shame into normalcy.
It's just not programmed into their being.
Fortunately, it's not representative of the ENTIRE race...just the minority OF the minority, but it will only take ONE to bring down an entire neighborhood...ask anyone who's been chased from their house because of such people.
And that's only part of the problems in neighborhoods such as mine.
Here's another wonderful example...
For the past TWO DAYS, I've heard gunshots in the area...CLOSE BY, as in within a BLOCK.
On 30 September, around 1705 hrs, I heard two shots (double tap) coming from what I believe to be WEST of our location.
I saw no one in the area, and no one was outside. The ONLY thing I saw was a dark red early 90s Buick LeSabre driving through the area, in no hurry at all. I made a mental note of the vehicle, and put it "on the back burner".
Yesterday, at around 2130 hrs, my wife and I heard FOUR gunshots (rapid succession), and again, it sounded WEST of our house, and again, a "car" drove past, and I could swear the tail lights were that of a Buick LeSabre. I couldn't make the car or color because of darkness, but at least I have a jumping off point.
On both days, I did NOT call it in, as I wanted to "perform an experiment" of sorts. I monitored the police scanner to see if ANYONE ELSE heard the shots (as most everyone is home all damn day, thanks to welfare and "pharmaceutical" sales).
I heard NO chatter AT ALL, which surprised me. Usually we have someone who calls something like that in.
After a brief "reccy" of our house, and finding no damage (so far), I noted the specifics of last night's shots, and fully expect further such instances, and I will explain why.
If *I* were wanting to shoot off a gun, or send a message to "someone" in an area, I'd first want to do a "test" to see if I can get away with it. These mooks have become that emboldened. They rarely fear the police around here.
And since I did not hear ANY calls go out on the radio about gunshots, and saw NOT ONE SINGLE police cruiser in the area, I can only deduce that OUR neighborhood is THE place to pull off more of this type of behavior.
What I would advise the police to do, is canvass the streets for brass (shell casings). Now the perp could have used a wheelgun, in which case there would be no brass around, but still, checking for shells would be a good start.
I know if we hear more of this, I will get AS MUCH intel as I can, and then call it into the FWPD, and get an officer out here to nose around the area, and give him/her the "backstory" on this..
The "locals" here love to test the waters, when it comes to doing things they should NOT be doing...must be a "cultural thang".
Personally, I can say that several houses DO have drug activity, and I've passed what I've seen along to the police in the hope of closing more of these places the hell down. Damn shame we can't snatch the houses from these deadbeat landlords who keep renting to the SAME TYPE of people. You KNOW their hands are dirty too, but they stay far enough away to not be "actively" involved.
This happens regardless of the state of the "economy"...so don't ever use that as an excuse.
Crime happens, and it only happens when "it" knows it can get away with it. And that covers everything from assault...to rape...to robbery...to burglary...to homicide...whatever the case.
Anything that will get someone something...for (practically) nothing, even f it's nothing more than a "good feeling".
That's the way these people operate...there, I've said it yet again.
And while we're on the subject of repetitive behavioral "disorder"...
You recall the robber I mentioned in yesterday's post, right?
Well, here's an update:
http://www.journalgazette.net/article/20091002/LOCAL07/310029956/1002/LOCAL# Seems Mr. TYRONE PHINEZY hit this same bank 2 years ago (which explains why he was in jail for 15 months and was recently released). He must like that establishment.
Now, Tyrone is a prime example of the dysfunctional behavior rampant in "his" community.
And apparently, the PENAL SYSTEM didn't do him a damn bit of good.
Granted, on the first heist, he bullsh*tted his way into getting money when he "said" he had a gun (and did not), and yet there he was again, with the SAME M.O., doing the SAME thing...and once again getting away with it.
Now I believe he WILL get caught again...(if his brother's smart, and a reward is offered), and Tyrone will go BACK in the slammer, only to get out and repeat this at a still later date.
The judicial system is FLAWED...period.
The penal system is FLAWED.
The Black community is FLAWED.
The sheer lack of MORALITY is the issue here.
There is NO integrity any longer in such communities. The only thing is a skewed sense of "priorities", which demands nothing less that getting ALL you can, ANY WAY you can, AS OFTEN as you can, and to hell with anyone in your way, including law-enforcement.
Helluva way to go through life, isn't it?
Well, I see the evidence DAILY.
Not a pretty picture.
Makes me wanna keep on asking the burning question:
"How's all that HOPE AND CHANGE working out for you people, hmm?"
I'm just not seeing it myself.
Nor am I seeing ANY evidence of the C.O.P. program this city embraced being all that effective.
ANY "community-oriented" policing program is ONLY AS GOOD as the COMMUNITY itself. When you HAVE no "community" to speak of, the entire venue is a waste of resources. You need to enact a PROBLEM-oriented stance instead.
Sure, the C.O.P. programs work in areas where people still DO give a rat's ass, but in areas like mine...not so much (if at all).
Be nice to NOT have to go anywhere else to see people that care...the way they USED to.
Don't know about you...but I really MISS those days.
Have yourselves a great weekend, and...
Stay safe out there, America.

01 October 2009

Here, There, and Everywhere...
Okay...NO, this is not a segue into some BEATLES tunes, but feel free to put some of their songs on, if you wish.
Got a bunch of snippets here that are just crying out to be expounded upon.
-- First off, WTF is going on in Indonesia anyway?
With all the earthquakes and tsunamis rolling about, you'd just have to believe that Mother Nature is pissed off at SOMEONE, wouldn't you? Hey, maybe if we "appease the gods" by sacrificing AL GORE (our favorite "environmangelist" - from Bob's lexicon), all will be calm again. I know a few VOLCANOES that aren't being used at the moment. It's just a thought, people...LOL.
-- Got a question for you....When is an American icon NOT an icon?
Well, the short answer is when it's lit up in the national colors of CHINA...(red and yellow).
The Empire State Building was lit up last evening in RED and YELLOW to "commemorate" the 60th anniversary of COMMUNISM in that nation. Since when did we "recognize" BAD things by using an NYC landmark?
In the "creep-o-meter" scale, this one's off the chart!
-- And today is ALSO the 60th anniversary of my parents' marriage (1949)...damn shame neither of them are around to celebrate it, but given the current state of affairs in the world today, maybe it's better this way.
I'd post a picture of the happy couple, but sadly, I don't have one of their wedding day.
They might have eloped or went to a justice of the peace. That's my guess.
When I see them again (next life), I've made a note to ASK them about that.
-- Another drug bust on the SOUTH side of Fort Wayne (5421 Fairfield Ave)...this time a METH haul at a house within 5 minutes from OUR house (big surprise there, huh?).
Here's the link to the story:
http://www.journalgazette.net/article/20091001/LOCAL07/310019932/1002/LOCAL -- And while we're on the SOUTH side of our fair city, here's a story about some dear, sweet African-American students at my wife's old Alma Mater who just HAD to cause a ruckus during school hours:
http://www.journalgazette.net/article/20091001/LOCAL07/310019932/1002/LOCAL (yeah, it's the SAME link - the SAME page...just scroll down a bit further.)
-- Now, about this COPENHAGEN trip...
Bet'cha didn't know that this soiree' to Denmark will be setting back the TAXPAYERS to the tune of around $10 MILLION BUCKS...for the "whole gang".
($1.5 mil JUST to gas the 2 birds up - Maybe Oprah's picking up some of the tab since SHE went too?)
I mean Mrs. Obama is already THERE...and Mr. Prez is going there TODAY for a small (less than an HOUR) presentation to get the 2016 Olympics to come to CHICAGO...(ROFLMAO...yeah, with kids beaten to death in the streets, that'll go over like a pregnant pole-vaulter)
Send the 2016 Olympic games to Madrid...or Rio...or even Tokyo, but NOT Chi-Town...not with them leading the pack of major U.S. city's homicide rate (345...and growing). We don't need "Blogo" as a friggin' mascot anyway, right?
Considering ALL the logistical issues (read nightmares) involved with extra personnel for security, cargo planes for bullet-resistant vehicles, support staff for the aircraft, etc., not to mention the HUGE "carbon footprint" these planes will leave (where IS Al Gore when you NEED Him?), it makes one wonder and ask that age-old question: "Is this trip REALLY necessary?"
Yep, that's a cool logo of the possible games...seems a bit "familiar", though...still, don'cha feel BETTER already?
-- And I got ahead of myself yesterday with the Twilight Zone thing...the first BROADCAST was 2 OCTOBER, 1959, so TOMORROW will be the "official" day to celebrate...with 15 episodes of the show on the SCI-FI channel (or SyFy if you like that wussy acronym better).
So, if you're thinking of a GOOD reason to call in sick to work...here 'ya go!
-- Now during this CASH FOR CLUNKERS gig, the car that they sold the MOST of was TOYOTA...OK, fine.
Curiously enough, TOYOTA just issued a RECALL for about 3.8 MILLION of their vehicles (regarding the floor mats and the gas pedal...a problem that could cause accidental acceleration)...WTF???
Who's doing the QC work for them ANYWAY?
Doesn't anyone CHECK sh*t like that anymore?
I mean, this type of "problem" SHOULD be a no-brainer, in my book.
How freaking hard is it to make the carpeting on the floor of the passenger compartment NOT impede the gas pedal OR the brake pedal anyway? Does the term "CUT TO FIT" mean anything to these morons?
One driver who plowed into a building is citing JUST this issue (probably was on the cellphone and just using this as an excuse).
-- Lastly, Chesley "Sulley" Sullenberger takes to the air once again TODAY.
Tell you one thing...a man like THAT would make even ME think about flying once again. Just knowing HE is holding that yoke up front, I'm sure is making those passengers feel a LOT better. Hope he doesn't mind applause from time to time from the cabin.
Yes friends...it's an extraordinary world we're living in, and even more extraordinary times.
And I suppose we need to take a few minutes and check to see if we're up to the tasks that await every one of us.
If we're lacking, we need to ask why, and then set about resolving the issue.
If we feel confident enough, then we need to inspire others less adept in order that they might carry on.
Every day is a NEW beginning, and yesterday, good or bad, was a lesson learned for all of us.
The challenge comes with facing tomorrow...with boldness, holding our head UP, instead of hanging our head down (unless you're looking for loose change in the gutter), because we can see our path a lot more easily when we KNOW where we're going.
SO, wherever YOU go today...
Stay safe out there, America.