24 August 2010

Whiskey - Tango - Foxtrot - ???
Oh, yeah, it's one of THOSE mornings...
I didn't plan for it to be that way...the world did that ALL by itself.
Usually, I'm the kind of guy that likes to rise
S L O W L Y...
Don't jolt me into another day...had my share of those times when I was a lot younger and a lot more "spry".
Let me E A S E into the new morning, and we'll get along just fine, kapeesh?
But NO, it wasn't gonna happen today, and here's some of the "why"...
You have to understand straight away, that the morning paper was responsible. I wasn't even tuned into the local news (which is usually a rehash of last night's news - unless some of the locals get "anxious" and decide to shoot one another).
*** We're hearing a lot about ELECTRIC cars these days, and I did two posts a LONG time ago about them.
(refer to posts of 10 Sept. 2007, and 9 Jan. 2007 - trust me, they still exist)
Now, we have this TESLA ROADSTER...I like the name.
Tesla was one of those marvelously eccentric "heroes" of mine.
Read Tesla: A Man Out of Time by Margaret Cheney...fascinating book.
But this new ALL-ELECTRIC car is "supposed" to be a savior of sorts.
The cost for the 2-seater is in the neighborhood of $100K (and a lot of change), so that OBVIOUSLY puts it WELL within reach of the "average citizen", right?
It gets 245 MPC (miles per charge), and can go from 0 to 60 in about FOUR seconds with a top speed of 125 MPH.
Oh, but going THAT fast WILL deplete the batteries at a considerably QUICKER rate, so the mileage might be (at least) HALVED.
And, did I mention that it WILL charge on a standard 120 volt outlet. A 240 volt outlet will charge it in a LOT less time (but you will need a SPECIAL PLUG in your house to accommodate it, as well as it's OWN circuit breaker...sorry).
Still, it DOES have NO emissions, because it DOESN'T run on ANY petroleum product...
Or DOES it?
Nah, you just plug it in, charge it up and off you GO, right?
Well....where DOES that electricity IN that outlet of yours COME from, anyway? (from the power plant, Bob)
Very good, and HOW does that power plant generate electricity?
(uh, by burning FOSSIL FUELS, Bob)
EXCELLENT...go to the head of the class. So, the TESLA Roadster DOES run on fossil fuels...mystery solved!
Not to mention that the over 7000 lithium batteries WILL need replacing after SEVEN years, and they ain't cheap in THAT kind of quantity.
Yeah...I feel SO much "greener" already, don't YOU?
But wait...there's more...
*** Indiana Education "Capo de Capo" wants to grade teachers on performance.
Here's the news story:
Tony Bennett (yeah, not the singer who left his heart in San Francisco) says:
"Our most enthusiastic and effective teachers find themselves wondering at the end of each year if they are secure in their jobs – regardless of how effective they are in the classroom – just because they have taught fewer years," Bennett said.
I'd tell Tony that if you're FORCING teachers to WORRY about their employment status (that THEY went to college and into debt for...JUST so they could educate the youth of America) that does not bode well in the long run for teachers who are always having to "look over their shoulders"...is it?
I mean, I'd sure as hell HATE to spend tens of THOUSANDS of dollars to get a degree in teaching, and do the best I know how, ONLY to be on the "chopping block" every single school year...talk about a clusterf*ck for our teachers. Don't see the ADMINS facing the SAME "alternatives", do we?
And THEY get paid a helluva lot MORE to do a helluva lot LESS, when it comes to hands-on teaching.
"As we confront an uncertain and rapidly changing American economy, we must accept the fact that money is not the answer to the problems challenging our schools," Bennett said.
Well, in THAT I agree 100%!
But I ALSO maintain that having the TEACHERS all but jump through flaming hoops and balance beachballs on their noses, completely for the sake of "performance-based" initiatives does a disservice to the students, and certainly to the educators.
Sure, there will always be a FEW teachers that are "empty suits" and are just passing time, but they are NOT the norm, but the exception. It's like the one bad apple gig...the whole bunch is never spoiled.
Bluffton High principal, Steve Baker sees a much CLEARER picture than the one painted by Bennett:
"There are issues outside the school building that teachers can’t control and they don’t believe it’s fair to hold them accountable for those," Baker said.
Now Steve "gets it"...he truly does.
I just wish the state education head honcho could see it too.
This last story is the "icing on the cake", though...
*** The DEA needs help with, of all things...EBONICS!
(you heard me right...can you BELIEVE it?)
Here's the link to the article:
Now, after I almost spit my coffee on the screen while stifling the laughter that accompanied my "shock" over this, you are probably also wondering what this is all about. You're not alone.
This all smacks back to OAKLAND, CA (back in 1996), when the "legitimacy" of this "language" (actually a lazy-english sub-tongue) was brought into question...and promptly dismissed.
But, we're to take another ride on the "merry-go-round", it would appear.
Hell, any of you want to know all the TRUTH behind ebonics?
Just grab yourself a copy of either of these John McWhorter books:
-- Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America
-- Doing Our Own Thing (The Degradation of Language and Music)...and Why We Should, Like, Care
Both are fantastic tomes regarding WHY we (as a nation) are wasting valuable resources on nonsense such as this.
To quote from the story:
(( "Hiring translators for languages that are of questionable merit to begin with is just going in the wrong direction," said Aloysius Hogan, the government relations director of English First, a national lobbying group that promotes the use of English. "I’m not aware of ebonics training schools or tests. I don’t know how they’d establish that someone speaks ebonics," he said. "I support the concept of pursuing drug dealers if they’re using code words, but this is definitely going in the wrong direction." ))
Kinda sums it all up REAL well, doesn't it?
Guess Indiana Education Director, Tony Bennett hadn't figured this into his teacher "evals"...did he?
Yeah, this whole trip will be another colossal waste of money, time, and sundry other resources.
In fact, the road ITSELF will be nothing short of miles and miles of unpaved gravel, replete with ruts, puddles, and assorted "detours".
Can't get too much more FUBAR than THAT...can we?
And to think...it's ONLY Tuesday.
Let's hope for something a bit better as the week progresses, shall we?
Stayed tuned tomorrow for another milestone here at the "Erudition".
In the meantime...
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

I am a quick starter in the morning--thanks (or no thanks) to Dad when I was a kid. Mom had to go out of town for a month when I was 9 or so and Dad got us up for school with his drill sergeant routine "Good morning. Rise and shine. Light coming on. Move out."

I still cringe when I think about that shock at 0645.

I read that DEA story last night and had a laugh as well.

Bob G. said...

Oh, I USED to be a REAL early riser (had to get up at 0430 to start at 0600...that was a long time ago...in a city far, far away).

And my Dad also used to roust my butt outta bed on the weekends with the "sgt" routine, too.
(they must have served together...lol)

Nowadays, I can't wake up the WHOLE body at once.
Every morning, the BRAIN is the first to get up...followed by the upper body and eventually...the LEGS!
(they tend to take turns to see which leg wants to become fully-functional FIRST).
Growing old "gracefully" is HIGHLY overrated, trust me.

Glad you liked the DEA story. It was a gem of a discovery, good for a smile (if it didn't cost the taxpayers whatever we'll wind up paying).

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today.
Much appreciated.

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
I LOVE the Ebonics poster: "Making sure certain people never get the good jobs."

We are all known for shooting ourselves in the foot, but I hate to see it institutionalized. Ick!

Teachers need more support. For sure. They take a huge physical risk these days. Personally I think physical risk takes a lot of attention that should be used for teaching/learning. We've got some fixing to do, for sure!

Thanks for a great post! Sorry I'm a day late. But as you see, never a word short!


Ann T.

Bob G. said...


When it comes to your wisdom, I'd rather have it "owed" to me (a day later) than be cheated out of it (completely).


Thanks so much for stopping by today.

indy said...

some little jerk called my house for my daughter. tried to talk to me in his ghetto slang. i told him i didnt understand the mumbo jumbo coming from his mouth. and until he took a english class not to bother calling this house again. he called back within minutes and tried to cuss me out. i cussed him right back and hung up the phone in a "classy" manner. then he called back about an hour later apoligized and asked in correct english to speak to my daughter. i told him that he needed to call again tomorrow becosue she wasnt feeling well. ever since that day he has been one of the kindest persons on the phone with me. he just had to learn how to speak. i'm sure i helped him in my own nasty way on how to speak to a future boss.

Bob G. said...


Guess he learned what it was like to be cussed out by someone in the MILITARY...(and believe me, you CAN learn how to cinch up a slew of them in a sentence nicely...just screw up in front of your DRILL SGT.)

The only people who can cuss as well, are some of the old longshoremen back in Philly (or any port town)...trust me on that one.

Those dockworkers have it down to a SCIENCE.

D.I.'s have it down to an ART FORM.

Keep the heat turned up with that boy...he's got a LONG way to go, and your daughter is too precious to you to allow this kid to take advantage of her.

Carry on!