27 April 2011

Humpday Happenings...
We've got a full plate this rainy morning in Fort Wayne.
Some good news, some bad news, and a whole lot of "typical" news, and pungent social commentary from yours truly.
So, without any further ado, let's "Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war", as the bard would say.
*** First up, I was channel surfing last evening, and found out that the Philadelphia Flyers were in the Stanley Cup semi-finals!
(well, spank me rosy)
Now, you have to remember that I'm from those halcyon days when they won back-to-back Stanley Cups in the early mid-70s at the (no longer standing) arena called the Spectrum down on Pattison Avenue.
So, although I no longer have a "dog in the hunt" (living in Fort Wayne's Ghettoland), I still found it intriguing to discover that the team made it THIS far this season.
I had no idea they were playing that well (been a little busy with ghettohood crap to bother with sports these days).
Being curious about the Flyers, I decided to tune the hell in on game 7 of the series against the Buffalo Sabres.
I was NOT disappointed one damn bit.
It was a 5-2 final score, with the FLYERS taking the series, and looking much like the old Broad Street Bullies from the past (not as much fighting, though...I miss that).
Still, there was some EXCELLENT goal tending by Brian Boucher (him I have heard of before), as he stopped 26 shots from Buffalo.
The Flyers offensively outshot the Sabres by almost 3-1.

I mean, Boucher's NO Bernie Parent (as seen above, and only the LORD saved more in THOSE days), but Boucher DOES have talent...that's for sure.
But there was ONE thing that happened before the game started that made be BELIEVE the Flyers would win...
It was seeing the late KATE SMITH on the overhead TV belting out GOD BLESS AMERICA.
She became an iconic figure for the Flyers as they made their way to those two Stanley Cups.
I don't know HOW (or when) it all began, but one night (back in the 70s) instead of playing the National Anthem, someone put on God Bless America...and the Flyers WON that night.

So, they did it a few more times (in games that were "must-wins"), and good old Kate came through damn near EVERY SINGLE TIME.
She wound up with a pretty decent win/loss record. (for her age)
When the Flyers went to the cup FINALS, she actually appeared IN PERSON to sing her "trademark" song, and they Flyers WON THE CUP.
The place went wild when she came onto the ice.
Yeah, THOSE were indeed, the days!
I'm kind of stoked for the next series, and I hope these kids can win another cup from Lord Stanley...God knows Philly can use the GOOD PRESS, given the state of that welfare/sanctuary city that suffers from bad politicians, public safety cuts and an entitlement-driven minority that has JUST become the new MAJORITY, according to the latest demographics...welcome to the "new" DETROIT, folks.
Damn shame that our cradle of liberty has devolved into this...breaks my heart!
But, in any event, I'm cheering on the Flyers...!
*** Another update to a story from Good Friday...
(( Published: April 27, 2011 3:00 a.m.
Sole regret in murder try: Failing
/ Archie Ingersoll - Journal Gazette
A Fort Wayne man accused of shooting his child’s mother has admitted to the crime, telling police that he’s not remorseful and would do it again, court records said.
Patrick O. Long, 23, is charged with attempted murder in the Thursday shooting of Radiance Upshaw, 22, outside his parents’ home in the 5200 block of Yorkshire Drive. Police arrested Long shortly after the shooting.
During an interview with police, Long said he confronted Upshaw about a number of issues, including certain phone calls, infidelity and threats he thought she was involved in, according to documents filed last week in Allen Superior Court.
Long told police he "snapped" and tried to shoot Upshaw in the face through her windshield with his Colt .45-caliber handgun but was unsuccessful. He told police he then chased Upshaw around her car and shot at her, aiming to "empty" the gun into her, court records said.
Long’s father tackled him, causing him to drop the handgun, which had no more bullets. Long told police he retrieved his AK-47 and started shooting at Upshaw again, court records said.
By then, Upshaw had been able to get into her car and was driving in reverse down the street. Long told police he chased the car and fired more shots trying to hit Upshaw, according to the report.
Long estimated he unleashed a total of 47 rounds – seven from the handgun, 30 from one AK-47 magazine and 10 from a second magazine, court records said.
According to the report, Long told police he intended to kill Upshaw. He said he was "not sorry and that if he could turn back time that he would do it again," the report said.
Upshaw was found a short distance away and taken to a hospital. According to the report, she was put in a medically induced coma and was to have surgery. She was shot in the face, arm and chest, suffering at least three gunshot wounds, the report said.
Long was being held without bail. He is set to appear in court Thursday.
Oh, yeah, the Brady gun folks will be licking their chops over THIS incident!
What surprises me, is HOW this guy managed to get BOTH a .45 Colt (obviously a 1911 model) AND an AK-47 (with multiple magazines and the ammo to fill them). Aside from the obvious psychological FAIL this boy's got going for him, that sh*t all costs MONEY!
Ammo isn't cheap, and the pistol ALONE could run anywhere from $700 up to $1000 (a decent one, and not some poor man's knock off).
I guess no one bothered to question WHERE this was purchased, if in fact it was purchased and not stolen outright (or bought elsewhere in the state or even OUT of state). There needs to be some investigation as to how these weapons were acquired, as well as all that 7.65mm ammo.
Hey, maybe he felt "unsafe" living on the SOUTHEAST SIDE of FORT WAYNE?
(Ya think?)
I mean even I could even relate to THAT crap!
And I'll tell you...some days, it's a REAL internal struggle to keep from going all "Frank Castle" on these moolies around here!
But, I've got some help in that regard...call it divine intervention, if you will.
Still, that Latin motto (Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum) rings true for me.
"If you want peace, prepare for war", or to be more precise - "Peace Through Strength".
*** One thing I've been wondering, is WHY, when houses are rented to the lowest form of humanity on the planet (at least from what I can see and hear), do they either begin with NO car or maybe ONE car at most...and then for some unknown reason, those cars MULTIPLY?
It's just like the PEOPLE in those ghetto-cribs!
I suppose that piece of paper called a LEASE-AGREEMENT means nothing these days?
There was a time when you signed a lease with the knowledge between both tenant and landlord that a SPECIFIED NUMBER OF PEOPLE were to dwell in that place for the length of said lease.
If you said that ONLY 3 people were to reside there...fine (mom, dad and child)...there was NO debate and NO gray area to ponder.
Today, whatever passes for a landlord doesn't seem to be bothered with HOW MANY come to crash at these rentals.
What BEGINS as a family of 3 very soon becomes a tribe of about TEN, and given the mere SIZE of some of these hovels, that doesn't leave a lot of square footage PER person.
That becomes a Neighborhood Code violation, but that is (yet) ANOTHER thing that is NEVER ENFORCED, because it's all done on the "down-low"...just sneak 'em all in under cover of night,...no one will know.
Even when you mention to NCE that there "might" be a violation of the lease agreement, they obviously cannot do anything (or won't).
And the landlord doesn't give a damn...as long as that payment comes his way every month (thanks in no small part to ALL the taxpayers of this nation who DO work their asses off...but you all knew that).
So what can you do?
Not a whole helluva lot, apparently.
And when more people decide to "move in", they bring their car with them (naturally). That means a house that only USED to accommodate ONE car now has to "double down" and accommodate TWO (or more...usually MORE), which spells trouble for YOUR property, as they will invariably find some way to have a ton of people over and spread out down the block (like that picture I showed you all on Monday - NINE cars on the damn street...all over the place).
Again, NO sense of boundaries, and to hell with anyone ELSE living on the street (especially if the others are "other-raced").
Nothing is ever done with THIS problem, either...
Time for the city "leaders" to get their collective heads from out their asses and do SOMETHING to change all this.
Upholding the LAWS and ORDINANCES would be a fine start (...It's "alimentary", Watson...lol)!
And for God's sake, start holding everyone to the exact SAME standard...no more of this "one group does one thing, and the other group does whatever the hell they want to"...that's sh*t for the birds!
I suppose that's why I have NO love lost for these cretins in my area...I have NO pity for them either, as well as NO TIME to waste on them.
They say "get to know your neighbors"...are you freaking KIDDING ME?
Why on God's green earth would I EVER want to "get to know" people who work LESS than the recently deceased, deal and/or use drugs, prostitute themselves, are deaf beyond their years (as the loud music and constant yelling displays), have no taste in clothing, friends, or music, spend more time in jail than the guards, and more time in front of a judge than a defense attorney, and seek to devote their meaningless lives to making fools of themselves in public whenever the mood strikes them?
I could pound my genitalia flat with a wooden mallet and have a better time than to get to know THESE "people".
*** Lastly today, there has to come a time in everyone's life when you just KNOW that YOU have to govern YOURSELF.
You come to understand what is meant by SELF-control.
You realize that to live beyond your means is financial suicide, and to live off of others, take from others, or assault others because you can is something that makes you sick.
Real Americans have railed against such prescripts, and that's what made this nation. We rely on OURSELVES first and foremost...and when we know we can indeed take care of ourselves, THEN, we can help others and allow them to help us.
We don't cry "foul", and don't weep crocodile tears because we're too damn lazy to perform the most basic of society's tasks.
We man (or woman) up and get the job DONE...period.
THAT is how society EVOLVES.
THAT is how we become better today then we were the day before.
And we don't do it in leaps and bounds...
We do it by incremental "baby-steps"...one at a damn time.
It's worked pretty well for us in the past, and whatever worked then WILL work now.
All we have to do is take time to participate.
And I hope that gets all of you throwing a fist into the air and yelling "YEAH!"
It's nothing new...just some plain old common sense that you can take to the bank.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


ms nk rey said...

Reading about the shooting makes me sick. Domestic violence is one of the scariest of all crimes. All the victim can do is get a restraining order for protection and then nothing is done, no matter how many threats are issued by the offender. The law can do NOTHING until they do something and most times the something ends like this. I was luckier. That man has no soul. How does this happen? How are these men raised to have no respect for another human?

Bob G. said...

I too, am disgusted by this case.

And you're right about the R/O.
To me, it's just a way to have the authorities pull anohter "CYA" tactic...doesn't do much for the victim.

And I say this, because time and again, the perps pay NO ATTENTION to that R/O, or even a protective order against the victim, and commit the crimes anyway.

I've said (here) often that some people are just born with a crapload of "bad wiring" in their skulls, and have no USEFUL place in a normal society AT ALL.

He might have been abused growing up, but there are SO many ways to get away from that and get the help you need, before you follow in the evolutionary tracks of the generation before you.

No excuse at all, and this boy needs to be put far away in a very deep jail cell (if not put down outright).

Hey, thanks for stopping on by (between rain showers here at "the fence") and commenting.

Stay safe down there.

indy said...

this man is disgusting and disturbing. to have no regrets and say he would do it again. wtf. even his own father tackled him down. before one is proven to be mentally unstable they can obtain guns legally. i am assuming he got his threw a gun show or a neighborhood buddy. but, now that his mental state of mind has came to light he should never be able to legally carry again. in fact i would be happy if they took him to the town square and killed him on the spot using his own weapons. he is a true jackazz and worse then my ex husband. and THAT is saying alot. from my own experiance in life this man is some type of control freak physical path that is not only unsure of himself but everyone else around him. he would rather beleive a lie. or some made up fiction that his little mind created in the first place.

Bob G. said...

And it's people JUST like this that are somehow "permitted" to live among the rest of us.
Granted, his past history didn't have anything THIS heinous on the rap sheet...BUT, that certainly does NOT excuse him from such homicidal behavior, and especially "with no regrets".
Absolutely NO self-control there, eh?

I DO have to commend the FATHER who took him to ground and held him for the police.
IF ONLY this scum WERE more like "Dad", this would never have happened.

And for all we know, the guns could have belonged TO DAD...or maybe he had them "straw-purchased".
These are pretty decent pieces to be relegated to the black market. They ain't that cheap.
Now, an SKS is indeed cheaper (under $200) but an AK??

((Now, I'm feeling a bit outgunned - don't much cotton to feeling THAT way...lol))

Thanks so much for taking time to stop on up and chat a spell.
Always a pleasure.

Stay safe down there.

CWMartin said...

all youse guys said all I could say about the other stuff, so I will comment in mine own element;

Chico Resch!
Denis Potvin!
Bryan Trottier!
Bobby Nystrom!
Clark Gillies!

Sorry... 'nuff said,

Bob G. said...

You forgot Gump Worsley and the Esposito brothers.

Tell 'ya ONE thing, the FLYERS fans are THE BEST that Philly has.
Their loyalty beats ALL the oyher teams there COMBINED.

And oh, the tales I could tell about some of those games...

Thanks for dropping by today and commenting in your unique way.
(made me smile big time)
Stay safe up there.