28 April 2011

Tales From The SOUTH Side...
I've always been a person who liked a bit of "intrigue" when it comes to life.
I like music that intrigues me, reading a book with intriguing characters and plot line, and revel in a TV show that displays a level of intrigue that keeps me captivated.
Much of our life is filled with such things.
Life should NEVER become boring or banal.
Our journey through life is like those hikes through a wooded area...lots of sights and sounds, and always something interesting just around the next bend in the trail.
And sometimes, you slip, tumble and trip your way through some dense underbrush when that trail seems to all but disappear, right?
Case in point...our pending roof repair.
*** Now it's always been said that when you plan something, there will usually be "something else" that will want to get in the way...and THAT is why you always try and have a "plan B" handy.
Other times, there IS no plan B, so you turn your collar up against the wind and rain and soldier forward.
We've been waiting better than one week for the men to come out and repair the damage to our roof, but there has been ONE obnoxious obstacle in our way...all this damn RAIN.
Well, the rain is what's leaking into the house, and is why we're TRYING to get the damn roof repaired.
But, in order to make THAT happen, you need a little bit of FAIR WEATHER, so the guys can get the job done.
That's not been happening.
We've had off and on rain for the last seven days...not enough of a break in this inclemency to get the repair done.
And the roof ain't fixing itself, that's for sure.
That's the one downside to shingled roofs versus rubber and hot tar (like we had in those row homes in Philly).
The hot tar gig takes a couple hours and basically seals the seams on the rubber rooftop...simple enough.
Shingles, on the other hand are a bit more "complex", especially if there's a tear off involved.
And on a single house, there are the dormers, the flashing, and various roof pitches to deal with.
So here we are...STILL waiting to get the repair done...
Sooner or later, it WILL happen...that's inevitable.
A couple stumbles, and a decent trip, and we're hopefully back ON the trail of life.
Then, we address the side fence and/or the front steps...and then the front door...and so on and so forth.
Naturally ALL of this stuff will go just SO FAR to improve the "value" of the house...ROFLMAO!
Nah, it won't...not one damn bit, thanks to everyone ELSE who has helped to bring our value the hell DOWN over the years.
That would be the local "zombies".
And the deteriorating conditions down HERE bring me to my next little gem in this morning's paper.
*** It's about the democrats running for the 6th district city council seat.
(finding a opposing candidate down here is harder than finding shopping or a decent neighbor)
Anyway, here's the lowdown (with my pungent commentary included):
(( 2 challengers take on Hines - Benjamin Lanka The Journal Gazette
Two Democrats are trying to unseat one of their own from the City Council.
The Rev. Michael Latham and Leon Williams both filed to challenge Councilman Glynn Hines, the Democrat who has been the representative for the 6th District since April 1999. The four-year term pays $21,414 this year.
The district encompasses southeast Fort Wayne, extending generally south from downtown and the Maumee River and east from Calhoun Street.
Williams, a telecommunications technician for the Indiana Air National Guard, said he decided to make his first foray into politics after becoming concerned that problems in the southeast weren’t being addressed.
"I was not comfortable with our district falling farther and farther behind," he said.
(now THIS gentleman has got my attention and for the RIGHT reason - he's CORRECT)
He said he isn’t a politician and would only want one term in office to help the city.
Williams said his focus would be on bringing new investors and businesses to the district. To do this, he said, the city needs to look outside its borders to attract something new for residents.
He also said the area needs to address its vacant properties, and he would propose razing them and converting them into city gardens to be shared by neighbors.
(Gee, that's JUST what I said...years ago and right here on this blog)
Latham has been an unpaid volunteer pastor for years locally, but he is probably best known for his time leading the local NAACP.
Latham earned praise for his work with youths, but membership dropped toward the end of his tenure, and some members publicly deemed him a divisive and ineffective leader.

(Gee, and to think he USED to be a REPUBLICAN back in 2006 - who knew?)
He lost his job as the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration’s chaplain when the agency eliminated his position in 2007. He filed for personal bankruptcy later that year and stepped down from the NAACP in 2008.
(and Latham attempted to stage a boycott at the Wal-mart at the Southtown site -my blog archives from 14 SEP and 18-20 SEP 2006-, but that fell apart like a cheap sweater because he was WRONG in his diatribe against the store and it's practices - major FAIL there, too.)
This history prompted Hines to label Latham as someone who has failed in everything he’s done.
Latham, however, said his experiences in working with the community would make him an excellent council representative.
(You ain't working hard ENOUGH, Rev...and you HAVE failed - This part of town SUCKS big time, largely because of YOUR people)
"I think I probably get more calls than Glynn Hines does," Latham said, noting many residents don’t know their council representative.
(consider yourself fortunate that I never called you)
He said he believes not enough residents are becoming involved in their community. To help rectify this, Latham said he would make himself available to residents regularly. For example, he said, he plans to have office hours every Wednesday morning so people can discuss the previous night’s council meeting.
(Gee, I'm MORE involved that I ever wanted to be over the last DOZEN YEARS, considering all the crime and other crap that goes on...like all that damn NOISE, and I don't get any awards or compensation for it...just a lot of static from everyone around us. Nice way to disrespect white folks with that reverse racism, isn't it?)
Hines said he is not surprised to hear critics attacking his record, but he said he has been able to achieve some important successes while his opponents offer only rhetoric.
(and not one frigging ONE of them did MY area any damn good, Glynn...you're just another political hack.)
For example, Hines said, his district has benefited from the renewal at the site of the former Southtown Mall and the new Urban League complex. The new Renaissance YMCA has also been a win for his district, even though he’s heard concerns that two YMCA branches were closed to accommodate the new center.
"I feel really good about what we’ve done," he said.
(and everything for BLACK PEOPLE...hey, you STILL have a about 40% of the OTHER races down here...what about THEM? Oh wait, we all get the SH*T end of that stick...I forgot)
Hines said he is running for another term to accomplish three objectives.

First, the Renaissance Pointe area near Hanna Street and Creighton Avenue needs more development, and he is pleased that the most recent rent-to-own project will better meet the needs of the neighborhood.
Second, the community needs to decide how it wants to use the McMillen Ice Arena, which he said could be converted into a community center.
Finally, he said the city needs to find a good development to replace the McMillen Park Apartments.
(Glynn, it's not "rent-to-own"...it's RENT-TO-TRASH. Get it right. And nothing about removing ALL those vacant houses...nothing about reducing CRIME, and nothing about reducing NOISE or LITTER...now THAT is REALLY "helping " down here, Glynn...you're just a typical political BS artist!)
Light lease
More than $40 million is expected to become available for city use this summer, and an additional $35 million will be paid over the next 15 years. Deciding how to use the money provided by the lease and sale of the former city electric utility will be one of the key near-term decisions of the city.
Hines said the city needs to use the money as a foundation would use a large endowment. It needs to be invested wisely to generate as much revenue as possible.
(At least THAT makes sense...for once, as long as EVERYONE benefits, and not a select few)
He said the money should be divided between council districts to ensure that all residents feel they are benefiting from the settlement. He said many people simply want sidewalks in their neighborhoods.
Latham said the money needs to be used to help bring the southeast up to speed with the other quadrants.
"The southeast has not been taken care of," he said.
(Finally got SOMETHING right, Rev...BUT let's help EVERYONE and not just certain races down here, OK?)
But the money should be used for more than just making the area look nicer, Latham said; it should be used to help provide jobs for residents.
(Rev, you show these people down here a JOB APP, and you'd think someone SPLASHED some HOLY WATER on a damn VAMPIRE...they can't run fast enough in the other direction from it...

THAT is the damn TRUTH...they don't WANT TO WORK because the government GIVES them damn near everything, and they up and steal the rest from anyone they happen across...again, THAT is the damn TRUTH. I thought preacher always DEALT with truth...)
Williams said the city should save half the money and use the rest to encourage economic growth in the district.

(Not a bad start)
For example, he said, the city could convert Franke Park into an amusement park with roller coasters. The city could also use the money to create a soap box derby and ski hill at Reservoir Park, he said.
(Those are BOTH very noble concepts...BUT, we all know that such venues will get trashed in less than a damn year, the way these creatures behave)
These attractions would bring people into the area, helping spur its development, he said.
(Get rid of the CRIME - and those committing it FIRST - and you WILL see redevelopment...but not before. I firmly believe that!)
Still, I don't think I can roll my eyes ENOUGH after hearing SUCH nonsense from TWO of the candidates.
At least Mr. Williams does have his heart AND mind in the RIGHT place, doesn't appear to have any race card up his sleeve, and would most likely do a helluva lot MORE for this blighted part of town than the other two put together.
Love to see HIM get the win on this, but we have another "good old boys club" down here...just a different "hue" than the one up north.
*** Now, let's take a look at how just ONE person is back making a difference.
(( Published: April 28, 2011 3:00 a.m.
On job, with guts of highest proof
Liquor store clerk’s alleged shooter surrenders to police - Dominic Adams / Journal Gazette
David Kissinger now carries his .45-caliber Ruger handgun in a holster in front of his left hip.
He can rest a little easier knowing the man accused of shooting him twice during a liquor store robbery is behind bars.
Kissinger, 50, of Fort Wayne, was shot in the back of the head and in his back Jan. 7 while working the night shift at Wildwood Liquors, 3019 Broadway.
Quinton D. Jones, 22, was charged in February with attempted murder, robbery and battery in the shooting. Jones, of the 4900 block of Tyler Street, turned himself in to police Tuesday. He was being held in lieu of $85,000 bail.
Kissinger stood behind the store’s counter Wednesday night retelling the events of the most recent night he was shot: He was also shot during a 1998 robbery while working at Wildwood.
If he had been carrying his gun in plain view, instead of on his back, it might have prevented the shooting, he said.
He said Jones came into the store, talked to him for five minutes and bought a case of Bud Light and a fifth of cognac. When Kissinger asked for identification, Jones left the store saying he forgot his wallet, Kissinger said.
When Jones returned, Kissinger asked him whether he found his ID. Jones pulled a pistol and demanded the money in the cash register, Kissinger said.
"I whipped (the gun) away from my face and tried to grab it," Kissinger said. "When I could see he was going to shoot, I turned my head."
Kissinger fell to the floor and covered his head after being shot. That’s when he said Jones reached over the counter and shot him in the back.
Kissinger said that after he crawled on the floor behind the counter, Jones fired a third shot into the floor where he initially fell.
"I guess I got lucky," said Kissinger, who lost his right index finger after being shot in the 1998 holdup. "I am lucky it was a .22 that he shot me with. If it would have been a bigger gun, I’d have been gone."
Jones began emptying the cash register and when Kissinger moved, it scared Jones and he fled the store, leaving his gun, Kissinger said.
He said he was able to get up and fire two shots at Jones through the store’s front window.
Jones was caught on tape shooting Kissinger, according to Crime Stoppers.
Police also found Jones’ wallet with identification inside after he fled the scene, according to court documents.
After taking a week off of work, Kissinger returned.
He said he was born and raised near the liquor store and never thought about quitting.
"I’m just not a pushover," Kissinger said. "I treat everybody like I’d like to be treated.
When I’m running this place, it’s mine. I don’t own it, but I protect the stuff in it."
Amazing story that I covered here the day after it happened.
Nice to see a somewhat HAPPY ENDING.
Would have been better if the perp was killed outright like what happened down at the Belmont Liquor store near the K-Mart a couple years back.
That clerk pumped a .45 ACP round into an armed robber, who then stumbled outside into Tillman road where he died.
So much for free booze and money, and another citizen SAVED by the 2nd Amendment.
*** My Dad always said to be real careful when dealing with strangers, and I have found that to be a TWO-WAY street. Those strangers need to be real careful who THEY deal with.
That's why I keep to myself, and it would benefit others down here to do likewise when it comes to "me".
I will not bother unless bothered first...that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
You cross MY property line uninvited or unwanted...you just made a huge mistake.
I won't go on your property, so it would be in your best interest to refrain from doing such to MY place...simple as that.
If any of these people are THAT stupid as to test my resolve, well, let's say they're gonna get a crash-course in "education".
And when it comes to "diplomacy", I'm as subtle as a brick through a plate glass window.
I deal in FACTS...TRUTH...REALITY when it comes to these zombies.
If they don't like it...THEY can move elsewhere where the "sheep" are more societally-maleable.
Ain't NO sheep here...just one "lone wolf" that prefers to be left alone.
That's not asking for much...
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


Wrexie said...

Well, life's not boring, that's for sure. Too many zombies still running loose... lol.

I hope the weather gives you a break soon to get that roof fixed. I've been there... hurricane damage and torrential rains. ugh
It's just no fun. But the sun can't hide forever, right?

Bob G. said...

I was in the post office the other day, and I could SWEAR I saw a WANTED POSTER with the sun's picture on it...LOL!

Wind's playing hell with the roof shingles...they're kinda getting to be "self-removing" in in one area.

And I want to repair our TRELLIS off the patio...can't do that while it's raining with blowing winds, either.

Won't NEED a "honey-do" list at THIS rate...it's making ITSELF up as we go along!
But we'll get it all done...eventually.

Hey, thanks a lot for taking time to drop by today and comment.
Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

I know my mind locks onto the stupidest things, but if I get the story right, he leaves the store claiming lost ID- re-enters the store robbing and shooting- and is aprehended in part because he left his wallet with ID somewhere on the premises when he fled?

Perhaps he really should have looked for the ID instead of the gun.

The report on Hines and the Rev? Leadership comes from the top. These people want to know why the south side is so messed up, come to Bob's and get shown the mirror.

Sorry the roof's taking so long. But remember after last night, God still graces you and me with roofs to fix.

Thanks for making me realize I'm not the last angry man...

My verification word is "humpan". Why is it your security uses the ebonics dictionary (Humpan- gittin'busy wit' the old lady.)

Bob G. said...

WHen I first posted this I was like "Bub, you gave everyone a 'path to your door'...why did you even BOTHER to attempt a robber...?"
No one ever said that THIS guy was the brightest crayon in the box, eh?

I take it you concure with my "appraisal" of the local minority "leadership"?

(we actually HAVE some???)
IN name only, mind you.

Your mention of the roof has me VERY thankful...I appreciate you allowing me to "see" this.
Better to have a leaky roof than none at all...any day.

ANd I have NO control over verification words which might entail EITEHR ebonics OR flocabulary...lol!

I know it sounds like ANGER, but we COULD call it "righteous indignation"...hmm?

Thanks so much for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe up there.