25 May 2011

Humpday Happenings...
And for a lot of people along "Tornado Alley", I'm pretty sure they can't wait for this week to end.
More storms popped up from Oklahoma City through Dallas last evening, leaving even more damage in their wake.
We can add THAT to the devastation in Joplin, Missouri, the 3 million acres of farmland flooded along the Mississippi, those DISPLACED along the same river when the levees were blown up to not allow flooding further DOWN-RIVER (yeah, that really made sense), and those suffering the wildfires in Texas.
Been a REALLY busy week, mother-nature-wise, hmm?
And it has to make one wonder "if" someone's not purposely tampering with our weather All this is more than merely "coincidence". Has to be.
I mean, it CAN be done, and was in the past when they use to "seed" the clouds with silver iodide and dry ice. This started back in 1946 and here's the WIKI on this relatively easy manner to urge clouds to release more water:
Now, I'm not getting into the "chem-trail" gig or harping on theories regarding that HAARP array up in Alaska...that's best left for another day, when we can gather some more pieces to THAT puzzle and get the whole picture, fair enough?
*** While all THIS is going on, our fearless leader has been in jolly old England, pressing the flesh with the Queen and other notable royalty.
(whole lotta POMP goin' on across the pond)
Betcha he's also got ENGLISH roots to go with the IRISH ones.
Isn't that just "ducky", mate?
(meanwhile, back in he USA)
Citizens of Joplin, and all points destroyed, devastated, or ruined...don't fret.

Our PREZ will be there...this SUNDAY (Sunday...Sunday.....)!


Gonna wait until everything's well over and done with, right?
(good idea - sure to endear you to THOSE citizens)
But, there has been things happening ELSEWHERE....such as this literally right around my corner of the ghettohood:
*** Yesterday around 1930 hours, Wifey comes in where I'm watching Top Gear on BBC America with one of our cats firmly resting upon my chest, and tells me there's a whole bunch of cop cars outside.
Her first thought was:
"What the hell did BOB do now?"
After allaying her concerns, and allowing the cat to remove himself from his (obviously comfortable) spot, I went to the window, and sure enough, there were about SIX FWPD cruisers all over the intersection.
I noticed a blue Chevy Cobalt missing it's front end at the YIELD sign, so I figured that car was the one that got tagged by whoever else was involved.
The other vehicle was a gold Malibu that was parked nearby...IN THE FRONT of a house in the next block up.
Yes...not at the house, but IN IT.
The car hopped the curb, rode through the front lawn and came to rest in what used to be the living room.
It couldn't have hit THAT hard (shoddy house construction?), as the car had little damage to IT'S front end...but the rear wheel was definitely at the WRONG angle to allow driving further.
Seems that the GOLD car was SPEEDING northbound on Monroe (big surprise...been telling the FWPD quadrant captain about this for literally YEARS.)
We have better than TEN such speed violations PER DAY...add them all up and do the math (at $125 a shot for basic moving violation).
That is some REALLY SERIOUS MONEY being lost (and a lot of UNSAFE drivers allowed to continue such dangerous practices).
Of course, we had literally TRIBES of lookie-loos outside gawking with kids running about the accident scene (the last thing investigating officers need, right?), but hey, it's ENTERTAINMENT to these people...better than cable.
We got to talking to one black woman who lives behind our place (and has her share of loudass friends over - she's on my "watch-list").
I played it SO cool, Steve McQueen would have loved it.
You never divulge information about you or your habits to anyone that even seems dubious.
That's a given around here....you play all your cards close to the vest, as it were.
So, there I was in my camos (well I consider it to be a "war-zone" to some degree), and she asked me "Are you a vet?"
I answered with a smile, "Oh, I'm a veteran of MANY things."
I told her I'm originally from Philly, and that I used to work for the Treasury Department (all true).
I also told her I try to work with the police as much as possible to keep the area SAFE (also true).
And then when she was asking about the neighborhood, I told here...(you guessed it)...the TRUTH.
I pointed out various facts about the city and how they ignore us down here.
Former renters that were drug dealers...who lived where...that kinda thing.
Basically, I let her know that I know a LOT about this particular area.
And she seemed OK with that.
She did ask if I was "the guy with the laser", and I proudly smiled and said "Yes I am"!
I explained that I ONLY shine it at vehicles that are WAY too loud, and that she will NEVER hear our house doing anything like that...we like to be good neighbors in that regard.
So, if any vehicle is quiet enough where I can't hear it 30 feet away...no problem..
I believe she knows where I stand with that...hopefully.
She seems nice enough, BUT, I've been burned once before with someone who had a "good story" about what they WHAT to do in life (versus what they really wind up doing)...so it's "once bitten, twice shy" for me and mine.
After about a half hour, everyone went their own ways...no one was injured (amazingly), and even the WANE truck came out and shot some video (that I have yet to see appear on TV...or even the local papers).
Cripes, they even ignore things like THIS now...amazing...LOL!
Perhaps this will be the "wake-up" call the FWPD command needs, because Lord knows whatever I've been saying has fallen on deaf (brass) ears.
*** And while we're on the subject of the Ghettohood...there's THIS:
(( Last updated: May 24, 2011 3:39 p.m.
3 welfare workers indicted - Ken Kusmer Associated Press
INDIANAPOLIS – A federal grand jury has indicted two former Indiana welfare workers and a current one on charges they stole $191,000 in food stamps and other benefits with bogus electronic benefit cards.
U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett said Tuesday the three created 126 benefit cards in the names of welfare clients and used them to withdraw money at bank machines, buy retail goods and sell them from 2008 until April 2010.
One of the three, Timberly Snyder, coordinated the electronic benefits program in the central office of the Family and Social Services Administration until leaving her job about a year ago, about the same time that Indianapolis case worker Robert Edwards left his job.
The third person, Adina Lopez, is still an Indianapolis caseworker.
A message seeking comment was left for their attorney.
Welfare fraud...who the hell knew that things like THIS were going on, hmm?
And welfare is one of those "entitlements" that this government provides...just like Medicare and Medicaid.
Mark my words, something like THIS could be the catalyst that causes a lot more discussion regarding federal BUDGET CUTS, even at this time, when no one wants to talk about it.
It (at least) warrants a lot closer SCRUTINY of the way the system operates, and could wind up saving a LOT more than cutting Medicare and Medicaid combined. That needs to be looked into and talked about, especially in the wake of these FEDERAL charges.
And this is only ONE instance...hate to think of ALL the other fraudulent cases that are still out there all over the nation.
*** Lastly today, I listened to Benjamin Netanyahu's address to Congress yesterday, as well as his interview with Sean Hannity later in the evening.
All I can say is: "Can we CLONE this man and let HIM run for President HERE?"
Here's the WIKI on Israeli's Prime Minister:
Now, I gotta love this man if for no other reason than this:
He went to school in PHILLY, and still speaks English with a "Philly accent"...LOL!
But aside from that, I find him to be a remarkably erudite person, and one who can give a speech to Congress WITHOUT the aid of a damn TELEPROMPTER!
He used some 3x5 cards yesterday, and that was it.
His passion of his beliefs and the truth are astounding.
I would have to add him to MY list of people I would love to spend an hour with (and believe me, he's in very good company).
And he's only THREE years my senior, so we share the same value system from the same era...gotta love that! When you read up on this man, you just have to say "wow". He's totally a self-made individual...none of this "elitist" crap.
He "GETS IT"....he's "been there and back"...and he DOES know "jack".
Netanyahu is one of those people that is not content to be the same person we has the day before...
He wants to be a better person today than he was yesterday...not a bad way to go (imho).
I can relate.
And I think there is a moral to that for all of us.
We can celebrate every day we're alive...and never rest on past achievements, but always move FORWARD.
Let's face it, time only moves ONE WAY...so should it be with us.
We can recall the past with fondness or as a cautionary tale to be remembered.
Either way, we must always strive to LEARN from such things, so that we may indeed become that better person TODAY.
We are not the person we were yesterday...not if we're moving forward.
We are more...more than the sum of our experiences.
And as Americans, that puts us all in a unique place wherever we find ourselves.
I kinda like being unique as an American....what about you?
Take a moment to pray on those still suffering in all the states hit by nature...move as you feel the need to and allow yourselves to do whatever needs to be done, no matter how small it might be.
Add up all those little things, and we CAN make miracles happen.
That's a fact.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
Oh, wow, you were able to explain your position to a neighbor! Hopefully that means she and a few others will begin to see the light.

I can't believe the high-speed chase. Thank goodness nothing happened to you and yours. Have a great day!

Ann T.

Bob G. said...

Yeah...once in a GREAT while, you CAN make your intentions "known"...

As to how the reaction will be?
That will remain to be seen.

Luckily, the "high-speed" was ONLY on the part of the car that wound up in that house the next block north of us (and that's why we have a "hill" out front).

Like I said, it "might" wake the city up regarding what I've said about here for YEARS.
Again...we shall see.

Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting.
(and,yes - spackling IS great therapy...in many ways...lol)

Have yourself a very good day.
Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

Glad the excitement dodged you. I would think that your talk w/neighbor is one of those "see how all things work for the good" moments- if nothing else, the hood might know enough to leave you alone now.
Great summary on Netanyahu. I'd sure like to trade Israel for the yahu we're stuck with.

Bob G. said...

I'm in complete agreement w/ your view on talking with the neighbor...

I also tend to leave sleeping dogs lie.
And I rarely run through the house with scissors...LOL.
I like to allow others to demonstrate to me how correct my "initial" call about them was...and that works out pretty well.

Thanks for my "Bibi" take.
In some says he and I are beset with similar situations...mine is just a lot more "microcosmic" in nature (thankfully)...
I can't be an "army of one" all the time these days.

I'd trade up for Israel in a heartbeat!
ROFL..."our "yahu"...nice one!

Thanks for spending some time here today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe (and DRY) up there.
(that includes Scrappy)