24 May 2011

I Always Liked Sesame Street....
But there does come a time when it hits a little too close to home.
Granted, this once fantastic children show is nothing like it USED to be when it was conceived WAY back in 1966.
Hell, I was 14 when it first aired, and we found ourselves humming the damn title song...LOL.
Actually learned to play it on the guitar, too...
Now, I use this show as a jumping-off point in today's post, and you'll soon see why.
Most of you know the difference between something that's CONGRUOUS as well as that which is INCONGRUOUS.
Pretty simple to figure out, actually.
And in today's headlines, it hearkens back to those old Sesame Street days...
Case in point:
Take a look at these pictures gleaned from recent news stories across our nation.
Now tell me if this isn't a clear case of:
"One of these things is NOT like the other".

(feel free to sing the song as you look at the pictures)

It seems to me that I recall from ancient history a similar "event".
Happened in Rome, circa 64 AD (set the "way-back" machine, Sherman)
There was this emperor, went by the name of NERO, who had this nasty habit of being called tyrannical and extravagant.
He thought it "nice" to burn Christians alive around his palace to "provide illumination at night". Yeah, pretty odd guy.
And he is also the emperor that was said to "have fiddled while Rome burned"... Yes, one of those pictures (above) is NOT like the other...indeed.
While THIS nation is suffering floods, tornadoes, and wildfires, where is OUR "commander-in-chief"?
Well, he and the missus are in IRELAND, quaffing down a pint of GUINNESS, and hob-nobbing with the locals there. (I suppose it DOES beat going there and APOLOGIZING for America)
But still, isn't this just a wee bit "out-of-touch" with all the homeland devastation?
(yeah, isn't that just LIKE an elitist?)
I think this "junket" to Europe COULD have been postponed until maybe Obama toured some of these sites around the nation, and at least assuaging the peoples' concerns about relief and aid.
And we're also not hearing all that much about FEMA showing up to help all these stricken people...are we?
Truth be told, most of these people are going one better...
They're HELPING ONE ANOTHER (as best they can).
Don't see those trailers to house the homeless...not while they have CHURCHES and other citizens that can.
Don't see looting and rioting like in NOLA...not while people are coming in from nearby towns and cities to help look for victims and aid those in dire need.
Sounds a bit like what occurred back in JAPAN....in many ways.
The AMERICAN SPIRIT is still alive...and doing very well, thank you.
The body count in and around Joplin, Missouri is at 116, and expected to rise in the wake of the tornadoes that blew through there recently.
But never fear, our President (and the first lady) are "rediscovering their roots" on the Emerald Isle.
Unfortunately, the trip will be cut short because an active volcano in ICELAND has erupted, spewing an ash cloud that's headed towards Scotland and Ireland.
Leave it to those in Iceland to spoil a good photo-op for our leader.
Now, I'm sure some "speech" (read lip-service) will be forthcoming from the (less than) White House regarding the destruction in MO, MS, LA, TX, and wherever else this odd weather's been happening.
And the lemmings in this nation will eat this pablum the hell up, as they await the next mention of OPRAH and how her "farewell show" is progressing.
That's pretty damn sad, too.
The good news is that many others who DO care will be helping as much as is possible in these areas.
Some will even be leaving the comfort of their own homes to travel TO these areas and assist in the cleanup and relief efforts.
(FEMA...you checking this all out? Take note)
Many others will be offering prayers and donating whatever they can to assist.
It's all about banding TOGETHER...strangers coming together for a common cause; that being AMERICANS all.
It's what we do, really. We help those in need.
It's the way Sesame Street used to be...more educational and HELPFUL.
It's the way America used to be as well.
And I do believe that long dark tunnel we've been in for a while isn't maybe so long as it used to be. There is a glimmer of light at the end...
It's still pretty far down the tracks, but it's there nonetheless.
Personally, I think MY stash of GUINNESS is safe from any "presidential intervention".
And our leader's "concern" over those parts of the USA that are being hammered by nature (and that includes levees that were purposely BLOWN UP by this administration, flooding thousands out of their homes) I"m sure is definitely on HIS "short-list" (of things to pass off to someone else).
Our President would be better served if he would pay more attention to THE PEOPLE of this great nation...those that have lost everything, as well as those who sacrifice much in order to help those that have lost everything.
THEY are the ones that will remember.
And THEY will be the ones that return this nation to it's rightful place in the world.
It's not about the shuck-and-jive to another country to drink some beer.
It IS about knowing WHO your leader is, and what HE is doing (or not doing) for this country, especially when something NEEDS to be done.
You wait and see....listen to all the "concern" that will be voiced (sooner or later) about recent events of nature HERE...and then ask yourselves:
"Isn't this all a bit after the fact?"
I do so like my bottle of Guinness when the mood strikes me, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna sit around drinking it IF my house is on fire...or being flooded out...or being blown apart by a tornado.
It's called KNOWING ONE'S PRIORITIES (in life).
Some people "get it" in that regard...some unfortunately never will.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Remember those in need around the nation, and take the time to be an American and help any way you can.
Even if it's a prayer, that's a lot more than some people care to do.
But it's what we really need to do.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


CWMartin said...

There couldn't be a better way to express the shame of a president we have that what you just did in pictures. Well done.

I'm not sure about the comparison to Nero, though. This man is such a total example of why "Equal opportunity" is a waste of resourses that he is his own category. Imagine the announcer from the six million dollar man, if you will: Barack Obama: a brain barely alive.

John D. said...

Well, at least our illustrious President wasn't golfing. This time.

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
Oh, I have to admit I've been snickering about the Irish thing. I mean, I do believe he is part Irish. And I am part Irish, and the article I read said most of us are . . .

I figure he's out for the Kennedy vote. Only an Episcopalian figured it out, oops! No visit to the Vatican to quaff anything, at least.

We do have trouble in this country. Maybe he needs to get his Irish up.

I have missed you,
Ann T.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, maybe I was a bit "much" with the Nero comparison, but, if left UNCHECKED...who knows?
(I don't think he's gonna use Christians to light the West WIng, no matter how "green" Al Gore might think it could be)

LOVE the six-million dollar man reference...BRILLIANT!

Thanks a lot for stopping on by and commenting.

Stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Don't give this guy any ideas...he could always play his way through Mississippi, noting "the unusual water hazards" that back nine has...

Okay, you can take that tongue out of your cheek now, Boss!

Hey, thanks for taking time to stop by and comment.

Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

Good to see you again.
Yeah, we're ALL Irish (on St. Patty's Day, anyway).

Bet it was on his MOM'S side...that lady who "was a typical white woman" (as quoted by Barry himself)

Good point about garnering the "Kennedy" vote...hadn't thought of that.
I think it's all BLARNEY, though.

Get his "Irish" up...now THAT is funny.
I really like that.

Thanks so much for coming on back to "the fence"...been a bit quiet of late w/o you.

Stay safe and tell Miss Ellen "hi".

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, people ARE looting in Joplin.

Bob G. said...

I'll still bet it's NOWHERE close to the scale that went on in NOLA, though...
And NPR was writing about it HERE:

Good article.
Shows that some people are taking a stand AGAINST crime there.
Good for them.

"If they come to lot...take aim and shoot!"

Works for me.

Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

Stay safe.

CWMartin said...

That should ALWAYS be the respose to looting.

Bob G. said...

Glad you saw past my typo...shoulda been LOOT and not "lot"...LOL.
(note to Wifey...no eating on the keyboard)