23 May 2011

Monday Musings...
Well, it's nice to see this past weekend start off on a "happy" note.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu verbally "bitch-slapped" our fearless leader...and it couldn't happen to a "nicer" guy (imho).
Maybe "da prez" might take to heart the truth that was directed at him when the two leaders met late last week.
I know Obama gets like a puppy that's just been smacked on the ass...
Case in point, THIS week, he's off to EUROPE on a SIX-DAY "visit" (on our dime, as usual) throughout the area.
Wonder if there's any of our allies left THERE to piss the hell off, hmm?
Guess we'll all find out soon enough...unless this is another one of those "Great American Apology Tours".
In the meantime...
*** The weather here took to behaving itself long enough to get a thing or two done.
Even got up to the 80s on Sunday (and again today, I hear).
And YES, Virginia, I DID manage to get the lawn cut Sunday morning (again), but I didn't do all of it. I cheated a bit.
I didn't do our slight "hill" alongside the property (it can go another week), and I also sharpened the blade on the mower after I was finished, because I didn't seem to be CUTTING the grass as much as I was TEARING it...so, that's done for the time being.
Yeah, definitely getting too old for this crap on SUCH a "regular" basis (thanks to ALL this rain we've had over the past month).
*** Got a call Friday from my nephew in VA (the firefighter).
They're all doing OK there, and they recently went out and BOUGHT A PISTOL.
Takes after his uncle, no doubt...lol.
Good to have considering the great carry laws they have there.
(That's m'boy...wtg!)
They purchased a Smith & Wesson M&P in .40 cal, and are both awaiting their CCW permits.
So, we chatted about types of ammo, costs, and where to find a good place to shoot (unfortunately, I had to say that my neighborhood was legally out-of-bounds..damn shame, too).
Then we talked about the wonderful toilet that our nation is being flushed down, and he's a real good thinker about such things.
Even though he's close to thirty years my junior, he's a LOT smarter than I was at HIS age...and that's what this country needs.
And to think this was the same "youngster" that I used to play with out back in his yard all those years ago.
How the time does fly...
*** We got us some "new neighbors" across the side street.
Now, allow me to "size them up" for you all.
They drive a late 90s Taurus (kinda beat), BUT have a huge gas grill for BBQs.
They had Rent-A-Center deliver the washer and dryer, and aside from a few mattresses and bed frames, not much else came over in all those trips with that buddy's PICKUP TRUCK.
They have one child (looks to be pre-school), and apparently a dog (but not a pit bull...nice to see for a change).
The female is blond and has several tattoos (don't think she was in the military...lol)
The male is Hispanic and wears his baseball hat cocked to the side with a flat brim.
((*rolls eyes*))
I fully expect to be hearing loud music from there within a few weeks, and lots of "visitors", as THIS neighborhood is seemingly the ONLY one where people visit other people (who happen to live around us)...that's astounding.
You see, the way it goes is simple.
The first couple weeks, the "new" people test the waters of the area...feel it out, and see if the police tend to travel through the area on a regular basis.
And it never takes long to find out the OBVIOUS, which is what I've been saying for years...
It's FINE to all come down HERE, because the police are everywhere BUT here (except to chase a radio call - at least on the "A" and "B" shifts anyway).
I am also willing to bet that NEITHER of the "parents" work, which is typical for anyone that has moved here in the last 5-10 years.
Hell, we were the LAST couple that moved here that HAD jobs, and that's a fact.
That was ALSO close to THIRTEEN years ago.
What surprises me is that the rental "overlords" can't seem to get any BLACKS back in that house...has it become THAT bad that even they won't move in?
Well, since the owner (retired Marine) passed away and his wife sold it and moved to Columbia City (she worked but didn't make enough to keep the place - that was a damn shame, too. They were great neighbors.), the place has gone through FIVE sets of renters (the newbies being the fifth), and EVERY SINGLE TIME, the four renters that preceded THIS group were all LOUD as hell.
(must be a "cultural thang")
One renter (named Ebony, of all things) was even dating a WANTED AND KNOWN DRUG DEALER...got that shut down soon enough, too.
Oh, did he have his posse over frequently, tossing their bottles and cans on our place.
She wasn't a prize, either...had FOUR kids and wasn't even thirty years old.
Glad they got the boot, and glad he was busted big time (freaking loser).
All this gets old real fast...it's as though the system is gamed to ACCEPT such human refuse, for the sole purpose to oust YOU from YOUR abode.
It's like the crew down the street...LOTS of kids in the house, and they roam all over the damn place - no supervision (or minimal at best). Three "adult" females and one male (loves to sit on the curb shirtless with his undies showing like some badge of honor...whatta tool).
And then there's another male that walks the block, watching that house, because he's been tossed from it several times by the FWPD (never arrested, either), even though there were multiple "domestic battery" calls at that crib ("46, 96s").
Naturally, the police aren't patrolling to watch this guy walk about suspiciously, shouting at the house whenever he comes close by.
I guess someone won't be happy until this buck goes and does something REALLY stupid, but of course, this COULD all be avoided.
I'd just as soon put one in his thick skull and call it done.
Unfortunately, euthanasia for TWO-legged animals with severe anti-social issues isn't allowed by law.
But yet, we STILL "put down" those FOUR-LEGGED ones whenever they so much as BITE another person, or are shown to have behavior "issues".
The police just go and issue an "R-O" (restraining order), and what THAT does, is tell the perp to stay away until he can sneak back and severely beat, maim or kill the person who took it out on him initially. At least, that's the way it SEEMS to work around this city.
Somehow, that doesn't seem all that "effective" when it comes to protecting the victim, does it?
Welcome to our FLAWED judicial system, in all it's (vain) glory.
*** Fox Business Channel is slated to run a series called ENTITLEMENT NATION: Makers vs. Takers.
It's supposed to run all this week, and here's the link to the initial premise:
You'll have to check YOUR local times and channels, but I plan to watch this series. It should confirm a LOT of what I've said for many years (long before this blog hit the Internet) about the problems inherent with all these government "give-aways" (and especially to those not deserving them).
*** Lastly today, I'm sure GLAD I don't live in Philly if for no other reason, than due to the price of CAR INSURANCE.
Philly ranks THIRD in the HIGHEST PRICES for the average driver (around $3500 PER YEAR).
The top TWO cities are (you're gonna love this):
#2 - NEW ORLEANS - $3600 per year
#1 - DETROIT - $5800 per year! (couldn't have guessed this one, hmm?)
Here's the link with a video from Stacy Johnson (Money talks)
$3500 BUCKS!!! For Philly!!!
I know when I went back there from Columbus, I thought about getting my PA tags and insurance back, but they wanted close to $1100.00 (I was paying same full coverage, $500 deductible on OH for UNDER $600.00). I said screw it, I'm keeping the OH tags and insurance until it lapses...
I moved out to Indiana before that happened, so, I was always covered.
Here in Fort Wayne, in SPITE of living in the Ghettohood, I pay LESS than $500 a year for full coverage on a 26 year-old Firebird (garage kept) driven less than 300 miles a year, plus a safe driving record.
And every year, it drops a little more...ditto for Wifey and her Caprice.
If either of us were to get a NEW or newer used car, the prices would damn near DOUBLE, because this state bills you based on how NEW the car is, and NOT your ZIPCODE (like in Philly).
I had a buddy back there that kept his car on the street (mine was in the garage), but because HE lived a mere TWO MILES farther NORTH, HIS insurance was close to HALF of mine. I was paying close to $700 a year back in the 80s and early 90s on the Firebird, and it wasn't even a daily driver - I had a company van.
It was due to the zipcode and the "stats" regarding theft and vandalism.
Best thing for you to do, is YOUR HOMEWORK when it comes to ANY form of insurance.
And with vehicles, it's the LAW that you HAVE to have it, otherwise your registration will not get renewed (in Indiana , at least). Works the same in PA.
Personally, I don't like any government TELLING me I HAVE to "buy something", but when you think about it, the insurance is there to protect YOU (or it should be). Many times, insurance is to protect the other guy, and to me, that should be HIS/HER responsibility.
But, we don't live in the type of world where we have as many RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE as we USED to have.
And that's why you pull the old CYA maneuver...for YOUR safety.
Shop around, check out competitive prices, and never fall for any "gimmicks" that might never pan out.
Go with a reputable company, and one which looks out for YOU (and not just your checks that you send them).
That way, you will be protected, be it in your car, or in your home (or even your apartment).
YOUR life..YOUR stuff...YOUR choice, and YOUR money.
That is what a lot of this is all about. (and NOT the hokey-pokey...LOL)
Have yourselves a great week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

Kudos to your nephew and his Mrs. for getting permits and a 40. Assuming they are in the DC area, they may need them sooner rather than later.

Bob G. said...

They actually live in a nice area across the river from D.C., but they do frequent areas around there that are dubious in nature.
I'm kinda envious, both for the model pistol they bought, but especially for those great carry laws in VA.

Somehow, when I see several people with a pistol in their waistband at a restaurant, I feel that MY meal's gonna go down a little bit better.
(beats having some moolie tossing chairs at the local BK while trying to have lunch with my wife)

Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Stay safe out there.