10 June 2011

Friday Follies...
Well, we're waking up to some really GOOD thunderstorms this morning (bet those in AZ could use these).
Plenty of lightning, thunder and rain to go around...and what better way to signal the END of the school year here in Fort Wayne. (and the parents are already purchasing sedatives...LOL)
Supposed to get more storms this late afternoon and evening ( boomcar boyz will be SO bummed out...BWAHAHAHA)
So far, a good start to "my" weekend.
But enough about that...let's see what else is happening out and about.
*** Looks like "bath salts" will soon be banned in Indiana.
This is another one of those synth drugs akin to meth or crack - highly addictive and deadly.
A FEDERAL ban on this substance is staggering it's way through congress as well.
Here's the link to the story:
Bath salts will be lumped in with other items like K2 (or "spice" as it's also called).
Beginning 1 July, it will be ILLEGAL to sell OR possess the bath salts across Indiana.
And about time, too.
*** Some good news - one girl has seen her dream realized with the opening of the Boundless Playground in Fort Wayne.
Taylor Reuille wanted to play with ALL her friends, even the ones with disabilities, and this playground fufills that need.
Here's the link to the story:
The new playground is located in Kreuger Park.
I'm hoping the rain stops for the opening ceremony...nothing better than a few rays of sunlight shining on such a wonderful project.
*** This story has got me scratching my head...see if you can figure out why...
(( Published: June 10, 2011 3:00 a.m.
Floridian, 41, identified as walker killed on Coliseum - Archie Ingersoll The Journal Gazette
A man who died Tuesday night after being hit by a car near a Fort Wayne intersection has been identified, the Allen County Coroner’s Office said Thursday.
Juan Bravo-Cisneros, 41, of Tampa, Fla., was crossing West Coliseum Boulevard about 10:45 p.m. when he was struck by an eastbound Chevrolet Cavalier driven by 20-year-old Rebecca Leeuw of Fort Wayne, authorities said.
The collision occurred just east of the intersection of West Coliseum Boulevard and Harris Road, not far from Goshen Road.
Bravo-Cisneros was taken by ambulance to Parkview Hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly after he arrived.
Authorities had trouble identifying him because he was carrying four identification cards that each gave a different variation of his name.
Leeuw was not injured, and a blood test showed she was not intoxicated at the time of the collision, police said
No charges have been filed in the crash.
Tampa Bay...a city not thought of when you mention CRIME...but it IS well-entrenched there.
And, the man had FOUR IDs...they were "variations" of the SAME name, but still...WHY the need for them?
Was this man even a LEGAL citizen?
I'll wager at least TWO police departments are running him through databases as we speak.
*** I came across this little gem stashed away in the "Why Are We Even Discussing This NOW?" file:
Amtrak called more viable than high-speed rail now
Paddock says it could be decades until a sleek new system comes here.
The story runs long, so here's the link:
What I find AMAZING, is that a money-sucking black hole like AMTRAK is considered "more viable"...like that's the BEST we can do....sure glad we don't know what the WORST could be...right?
(or will we?)
Face it, America used to have a LOVE of trains, and some of us still do (for the classic ones, that is).
And this nation literally RAN on rails, but that was before the advent of the turnpike system and the growth in automobile usage and ownership.
Then, small railroads merged with other ones, forming LARGE railroads, and then THOSE railroads merged with other LARGE railroads, until the government came along and bought them all up, forming AMTRAK.
We are talking primarily PASSENGER lines, after all.
And ever since, AMTRAK has NOT been a money-maker for the USA...at all.
But what happened to ALL those rail lines that were no longer in service?
Well, they got tore up and paved over.
Yes friends, we paved paradise, and put up a LOT of parking lots.
Now, some people want to "bring back" the passenger lines with this "high-speed" notion as the dangling carrot.
That is going to cost some VERY SERIOUS money, friends...money this government cannot afford to lay out (and better not take to printing).
Unfortunately, America caused the problem, but that doesn't mean America should get itself out of it right now.
This nation might have to allow the PRIVATE SECTOR to take the lead in this...and let those type of people that once built the railroads here start anew, as long as the government keeps it's fingers out of the pies along the way.
*** Someone's got a good idea, but I've got mixed feelings about it.
(( Michigan bill aims to eventually ban pit bulls
Updated: Thursday, 09 Jun 2011, 4:55 PM EDT
Published : Thursday, 09 Jun 2011, 4:55 PM EDT
LANSING, Mich. (AP) - A bill introduced in the Michigan House would regulate and eventually ban ownership of pit bulls in the state.
The measure was introduced this week by Democratic Rep. Timothy Bledsoe of Grosse Pointe.
If the bill passed it would ban the breeding of pit bulls a year after the law took effect. People owning pit bulls would have to have them sterilized within four years of the law's effective date. The dogs would be banned 10 years after the law's effective date.
The bill would apply to American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire bull terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers or dogs with characteristics of those breeds. Violators would face misdemeanors punishable by up to 93 days in jail.
The bill is House Bill 4714
You really HATE to have to do this, but considering the manner in which many of these animals are treated and wind up, it makes sense. The problem comes with these same deadbeat people taking to OTHER breeds for their entertainment or sport...so where DO you draw the line?
This isn't to say that we'll have Chihuahua-fighting rings, but with some folks, you never can tell.
*** This one looks like a case for CAPTAIN OBVIOUS...
(( Using car to flee can be considered 'violent'
Updated: Thursday, 09 Jun 2011, 11:27 AM EDT
Published : Thursday, 09 Jun 2011, 11:27 AM EDT
WASHINGTON (AP) - The Supreme Court says fleeing police custody in a vehicle can be considered a violent felony.
The high court made its ruling on Thursday in the case of Marcus Sykes.
Sykes was convicted of being a felon in possession of a handgun in 2008. Officials said he was subject to a sentencing enhancement because of two previous felony convictions, one of which was fleeing the police in a car in Indiana.
Sykes argued his fleeing conviction shouldn't be considered violent and two federal appeals courts, the 7th
Circuit in Chicago and the 11th Circuit in Atlanta, have ruled in opposite ways.
The high court said in a 6-3 judgment that Sykes' flight from police can be considered a violent felony.
The case is Sykes v. United States, 09-11311.
Amazing how people can all-of-a-sudden think that a VEHICLE can be as dangerous as say...a FIREARM...or a pair of scissors (stop running in the house), or even a baseball bat!
It's damn near two tons of metal, plastic and rubber, and it moves at decent velocity. Add to that someone behind the wheel with some sort of "intent" (and not the good kind) and yes, you DO have a deadly WEAPON. I've said that for YEARS (as did my Dad before me).
And neither of US were ever Supreme Court judges (or nominees...lol)
How overdue was THIS decision?
*** Lastly today, I picked up a nice (used) camera on eBay (actually it's a clone to the one that recently gave up the ghost - Aiptek digital camera.camcorder/MP3 player), and for under $30. Works great and came with a CRAPLOAD of accessories like a real case, new stereo earbuds, and a 1Gb memory card (good for over 2600 pictures storage - that's a lot of pictures!).
Goes to show you can find good stuff for cheap...if you look long and hard enough.
Today's economic climate pretty much dictates that we keep a sharp eye out for bargains.
Store brands instead of "name" brands, 2-fer specials, 10 for $10s, you name it...it's there for the purchasing.
And we all need to do, is to make whatever money we DO have stretch like freshly-made salt water taffy on Atlantic City's boardwalk.
(that's pretty far, btw...lol)
Food prices aren't going DOWN any time soon, and that applies to damn near everything else.
If there ever was a time for "knowledge & wisdom in a household economy"...this IS it, friends.
But if we paid attention to OUR parents as they told us about how THEY grew up, and how THEY got by in tough times, I think we're already on solid ground.
That "greatest" generation has imparted to us many things, and believe it or not, FRUGALITY was one fo them.
We all have to do our part in our respective families to make ends meet, and I think we will do okay.
After all, we had some great teachers along the way, didn't we?
Have yourselves a fantastic weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and as always...
Stay safe out there, America.

((Have to apologioze for BLOGGER - they must be screwing around with something AGAIN, because all you FOLLOWERS have gone MIA...and I didn't do anything. Hopefully, you will all be returned to my sidebar...))

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