12 June 2011

Special Edition Sunday...
Today marks two rather "important" occasions here at the Erudition.
*** First, today marks the THIRTIETH ANNIVERSARY of the first appearance of none other than INDIANA JONES!
Yes friends, it was today when Indy first went on his quest for the Ark.
And how many of us have seen those movies over and over?
I know I have.
I even bought the first three movies at McDonald's when they had a promotion after the third movie came out...not bad for a fast food joint. Didn't have to buy any food, either (but I did anyway...I was hungry...LOL).
Of course, they were in VHS (quickly becoming another video dinosaur), so I imagine I will just HAVE to purchase the DVDs soon enough (look out eBay...I'm a'coming...lol)
Out of the FOUR movies made, there wasn't really a stinker in the bunch.
The last movie made (Crystal Skull) tied up some loose ends very nicely, and had a great ending.
I'll say one thing, if you ever enjoyed sitting in a movie theater as a kid on a Saturday afternoon, spending your hard-earned allowance on the matinee feature, THESE movies brought a lot of that back.
Spielberg did an outstanding job in that regard...and it all began 30 years ago...today.
*** Next, the PA-IN Erudition has made it to ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PAGE VIEWS...!!!
And we're fast closing in on FIFTY THOUSAND VISITS.
(sound the trumpets and let the pigeons loose)
I can never say this often enough, but THANK YOU ALL for spending a part of your lives here reading my blog.
I know many of you who frequent here probably enjoy the truth, the angst, the problems, and the solutions that can be found here, otherwise you wouldn't give it the time of day.
And I honestly do appreciate that.
Perhaps it's the fact that you see parts of YOUR lives here (as I often do in your blogs)...hey, life can be different for everyone, but we DO share experiences...only the names and places might differ.
Maybe, you want to see how another person deals with problems...fine by me.
I might not have the answers at hand, but I never stop looking for them.
And I never stop asking questions..."That's how you learn" said my teachers AND my parents.
Now, many of the blogs I read have been around less time than I have, and have WAY more followers and a ton more page views and visits, but that only reinforces my desire to keep you informed and (hopefully) enlightened.
So, with all that said, here's to the NEXT 100,000 page views...
May you never weary of seeking the truth, nor allow chaos to overshadow your reason.
Thank you all so very much...YOU make this possible.
Have yourselves a fantastic Sunday.
Be well, make the difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.

((And Happy 1st Birthday, Morgan Adele))


ms nk rey said...

Awwww.. Morgan thanks you as do I. That was sweet of you. And I want to congratulate you on reaching 100,000 hits. That is awesome. I am a daily reader but not much of a commenter.. Know you are appreciated.

Bob G. said...

I hope Morgan enjoyed her "e-card" as well...and that you don't have to want to hear her have to play it OVER AND OVER...LOL.
(shades of Barney...yikes!)

I hadn't thought about the repetitive factor...sorry.

And thanks for the kind words...
It's just what we do.
More garden pics coming soon...to a blog near you.

Have a fantastic Sunday...ALL of you.
Be well & God bless.