08 July 2011

Weekend Roundup...
Joe Friday has the week off, and deservedly so...he's been working his "you-know-whats" off, so we'll do a little recap and a little pungent social commentary, and maybe if we're lucky (and quick enough), we'll pull the muse out from under the table and see what happens.
*** Today's LAST shuttle launch is still scheduled for today around 1126 hrs (Eastern time), but there is only a 30% chance of the Atlantis's launch taking place, due to weather conditions.
There might be a "stay" of our viewing of this final event in our immediate manned space program.
So far this morning, the liftoff IS proceeding as planned.
*** Can't say as much about the person (Mexican national) EXECUTED late last evening (clap, clap, clap, clap)...deep in the heart of TEXAS, though.
NO "stay" for HIM.
Not even a White House plea could save this killer from his destiny.
Don'cha just LOVE it when JUSTICE prevails?
Here's the story about this killer (of a teenager) from 1994:
Now if his last words were "VIVA MEXICO", that would have made me want to "push" those injections into his arm a LITTLE bit QUICKER...but that's just me. At least the family of the slain teen can have the closure they've been seeking.
*** A BLACK man goes on a killing spree?
(nah, I must be dreaming...I thought all those guys were WHITE?)
Here's the *411* on this story out of Grand Rapids, MI:
Now I can just HEAR the "fallout" from this one...all the "We need MORE gun control" pundits...
((*rolls eyes*))
Yeah, like the GUN was responsible...and NOT the person wielding it.
It was the PERSON...period.
So, I don't want to hear word one about GUN control.
If the court system would have MONITORED this man after he was released back in 2005, they'd find out IF he had access to a firearm and perhaps could have AVOIDED all this...another MAJOR FAIL on the part of the judicial system.
He made a choice (and a really bad one), and then was too much of a coward to turn himself into police, but rather took the "easy" way out.
So damn typical.
Goes to show that RAMPAGE killers come in ALL shapes sizes, and color.
*** We seem to have a "serial-litterbug" that loves to dump bottles and cups at our curb in pretty much the same location most every damn day.
(who knew?)
This is also very typical of the type of people one encounters down in the ghettohood.
(cue the violins, please)
But, let me FIRST say that it's all because of POVERTY that this happens.
It's POVERTY that forces these people to go out and get those god-awful huge RIMS and TIRES for their gag-a-maggot colored POS-mobiles.
It's POVERTY that forces them to lie at the welfare office in order to dig a little DEEPER into YOUR pockets, so they can sit home all day eating crunch 'n munch, KFC, and swill down orange drink or Keystone light.
It's POVERTY that causes these people to sleep on a dirty mattress on the floor, because they'd MUCH rather have that 60 inch BIG SCREEN plasma TV with cable or satellite feeds.
And it's POVERTY that causes perfectly ABLE bodies to commit crime, instead of looking for SOME form of gainful employment, or even lift a paintbrush to make their rental crib look nice.
Yes, friends...it's POVERTY that forces these people to buy and sell illegal drugs just so they can live at 30,000 ft every damn day while they go purchase a brand new Cadillac.
Kinda makes you feel SORRY for people having to live that way...doesn't it?
I mean no one should HAVE to live in such poverty, right?
I'm so glad we have so many "safety nets" in place to keep this from happening... (btw, that IS sarcasm...in case you were wondering)
Lastly today...a final word about my departed ex-wife and some thought on life itself.
While we were at the store this morning, I said to Mrs. Bobby G that they were holding a mass of burial for my ex.
I can't help but be affected by this, and I know Wifey understands, because she's giving me some "breathing room", and I greatly appreciate it.
Whenever you spend enough time doing something or being with someone, there comes a familiarity...a "bond" as it were.
And it's damn hard to just brush it off like so much lint on your shoulder.
I told Wifey I'm not really in denial, but I am finding it so damn difficult to wrap my brain around the whole "she's suddenly gone" gig.
It's more disbelief, considering the bond that was there.
It's like leaving a job in some respects...that level of "comfortability" we had at work (because we knew the job inside and out) applies just as well.
We can no more readily dismiss the job OR the person, simply because of the time spent "together".
What I can know is that Valerie is in a better place...and with a whole lot of people I knew. (and still think about most every day)
And, not to sound selfish, but I'm a bit relieved I was not still married to her when this occurred, because I do not seriously know HOW I would be handling it under THOSE conditions.
Hell, something like THAT would probably take us BOTH...you never know.
But, as many people often say: "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger"....
(yeah...I suppose)
Funny, after all these losses (and other things), I'm not feeling that much stronger.
I am feeling very "repaired"...like something that's been mended again and again, hoping it all stays together as intended for as long as it needs to remain that way.
It becomes a bit "Dorian-Grayish" in scope sometimes. MY time may come tomorrow...or next year, or 30 years from now. I have no idea.
So, while I'm still alive and kickin', I will honor the memories of ALL those that have gone before me, and from time to time, speak with fondness of the impact THEY had upon this soul of mine.
I think the human condition can suffer such recollections.
And I believe that every one of us has a duty and an obligation to remember all those who meant anything in our lives.
DO have yourselves a fantastically blessed weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and as always...
Stay safe out there, America.


Coffeypot said...

Stopped over from Wrexie to say hello. So glad Texas had the balls to dope this dope to death yesterday, too. His only connection to Mexico is that he was here illegally from the time he was two. He had no allegiance to the country until his lawyers tried to use an unheard of law to save is sorry ass. The fact that the UN endorsed its use in this case is enough to back Texas in executing the punk. Hell, Mexico has tougher laws in imprisoning and executing foreigners to its country. The illegals here want to be treated like US citizens until one of their low life’s gets caught, then they want to us their Mexican nationality to say him. Fuck’em and all their Taco’s, too (a might good food America developed.)

Bob G. said...

Hey, I apprecaite the stop-by..

If ya wanna PLAY...ya have to PAY...that's ALWAYS been my motto!

This guy needed to be made an EXAMPLE of what happens when you go out and kill people here.

Wish MORE states grew a pair to thin out the prison herd...and the rest can be put to GOOD use repairing and maintaining our INFRASTRUCTURE...and for a GREAT price, too.
Hell they'll be learning a TRADE.

Prison help - the VAST untouched resource in this country.

Time to slip some PENITENCE back into that PENITENTIARY time, eh?

NO MORE "double standard".

Thanks a lot for taking time to drop by here.

Have yourself a great weekend.

Roll safe.

CWMartin said...

All I can say about Valerie is... I understand. Watching my pastor's mom lose her husband was a very graphic lesson in "not wanting to be the one left".

And BTW Scrappy says, " a SCRAPPY_CAM???!? Bite my fuzzy ass!"

Bob G. said...

Thanks for the sentiments...
Being left behind MUST have some purpose, though...

What that might be will be revealed, given time...and patience.

And I wasn't saying that the SCRAPPY CAM should be mounted ANYWHERE near the big, fuzzy ass...LOL.

Thanks for dropping on by to comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe up there.

Wrexie said...

I know what you mean about not feeling stronger... just repaired. ..guess we still have work to do here.
I've looked death in the eye a few times... so far I've won.
Sometimes I wonder if my heart really survived some of life's handwouts though...or if it's just stubborn enough to keep on beating anyway.

Bob G. said...

I kind of look at our unfinished work this way:
If we manage to "reach" just ONE person; someone who understands what we're trying to say, it becomes WORTH the trials, the losses, and whatever other pitfalls come our way.

A pastor once said that "when you get to heaven, you'll be surprised at HOW MANY souls you've touched and lives you've affected in a good way."

Guess that accounts for something.

And must prove WHY my Guardian Angel gets paid ALL THAT OVERIME!

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.
Much appreciated.

You stay safe out there.

Mrs. Crankipants said...

I'm sorry to hear about Valerie. Your feelings are understandable, you shared a life together and I'm sure there were good memories. You're in my prayers.

Bob G. said...

Mrs. C:
It came as quite a SHOCK to me, I must say, and your kind sentiments are truly appreciated.

I remember a line from (of all movies) THE PUNISHER...goes something like this:
"Good memories CAN save your life."

And with such losses DO come good memories indeed.

Your prayers are likewise appreciated.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe.