31 August 2011

Humpday Happenings...
Well friends, at about this time NEXT week, I'll be wending my way uptown to the Allen County courthouse, where I will proceed (yet again) to "inform" the overpaid judicial minions as to what it means to speak the TRUTH concerning why I will NOT serve on a jury here, and why I believe it's unconstitutional as it stands.
And I plan to take that pittance of a check they provide and send it along to the local SPCA. At least THAT way, the county's money (read OUR money) WILL be put to a lot BETTER use. I'd much rather fund 4-footed animals behind bars than the 2-legged variety (behind bars)...ANY day.
*** With that said, let's move on to something new for Humpday called:
I'm going to toss out one of those military quotes from the book I recently received...(hey, the dang thing's over 300 pages long...gotta make use of all that good stuff SOMEhow, right?), and see if YOU can figure out WHO made that comment.
The answer will appear at the start of tomorrow's post.
Here goes:
-When dealing with reconnaissance...
"Single men in the night will be more likely to ascertain facts than the best glasses in the day."
So...who said that?
(hint: It wasn't Sun Tzu...lol)
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
*** Some updating on that Superior St. shooting:
(( Published: August 31, 2011 3:00 a.m.
Strip-club owner, friend shot in downtown attack - Dominic Adams The Journal Gazette
The owner of a pair of Fort Wayne strip clubs was shot in the stomach during a robbery near downtown Fort Wayne late Monday.
Police found Dino J. Zurzolo, 42, with "a hole the size of a BIC pen in his stomach," holding a bloody T-shirt to the wound, after officers responded to a call about a possible shooting in the 600 block of West Superior Street, according to a Fort Wayne Police Department report.
Zurzolo owns Shangri-La, which has clubs on Jefferson and North Coliseum boulevards.
Police also found Mohamad A. Rahim, 52, of Fort Wayne, at the scene about 11:46 p.m., police said in a statement. Rahim suffered several wounds to his right lower abdomen and hip area, police said. He was treated and released from a local hospital.
Zurzolo remains hospitalized.
Two gunmen are still at large. Police described both as having thin builds, between 5 feet 11 inches and 6 feet 2 inches tall, and between 20 and 30 years old. Both were wearing dark-colored clothing, police said.
According to a police report, Zurzolo and a woman arrived at the home in the 600 block of West Superior Street together and were walking up to it when the gunmen forced them inside, asking, "Where is the weed and the money?"
The woman told the men they didn’t have any of that and offered them TVs and other items in the home, the report said. One of the suspects then pistol-whipped the woman. Shortly afterward, she heard several shots.
Rahim told police he was at his residence sleeping when he heard loud noises coming from outside.
He looked out and saw his friend Zurzolo being held at gunpoint and ran outside to help him, according to a police report.
Rahim was shot as he was being ordered to the ground by the gunmen, the report said. Zurzolo told police he fought with one of the attackers before they robbed him.
A gun was found near the wounded men, and Zurzolo told police it was his.
The incident remains under investigation, and anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 436-7867.
They still haven't described this "home"... (FYI - It is called the Hugh McCulloch House) and is it in fact some half-way house (now)?
Here's a link to the history of the house...in case the MEDIA wants to know...
Here's a link to a January 2011 story by Kevin Leininger:
And HERE we have it listed (2007) as an OFFICE building:
Also, this source is NOT saying the shooters were BLACK. Was that an oversight, or are they truly not as first described? Other sources maintain the race description of the shooters.
And a gun WAS found on scene. That differs from what was first released.
No mention of the blue bandannas, either...very curious.
Both victims are "clean" as per Allen County court records.
The age is another interesting aspect...a bit older than usual.
Someone obviously knew Zurzolo would be at that location at that time, and the "weed" thing may or may not be a factor.
It could be a shakedown..."protection" as they used to call it in bigger cities...or plain old extortion.
You grease my palm, and I'll "protect" you and your business. Seen that before.
Gonna try and keep following this one...see where it leads.
*** How about GOVERNOR RUPERT?
Here's the link to a really neat story: http://www.journalgazette.net/article/20110831/NEWS07/308319959
Now, I don't know if he can do a better job that Daniels or even Pence...but what the hell, it might be worth a shot.
He's planning to run on the Libertarian ticket.
(Probably scared the crap out of both the GOP and the Dems...and rightly so. They SHOULD fear him...he's not a "sheeple"...lol)
And reading the story, you have to recall that Rupert DOES have a head on his shoulders, and he DOES have a BRAIN inside that head.
Right now, he's just testing the waters to see if such a run (for nomination first) would be viable.
*** This story is worthy of the "Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot?" of the damn week.
Here's the link:
It deals with the murder or Ian Crace, a pizza deliveryman back in November 2009 (as posted here - archives) and it has taken the trial lawyers until NOW to "discover" that the time stamps on certain video tapes (DVDs) are NOT what they were supposed to be...!?!
The trial for one Andre Washington, 20, of the 2600 block of Pittsburgh St. had to be halted, with the jury sent home.
The FWHA is involved (provided the videos), and did not recognize the DATE STAMP on the tapes when police asked for SPECIFIC DATES AND TIMES...(DUH!)...why wasn't that checked at LEAST once?
The system did not switch back from daylight saving time (so we're an HOUR off, right?).
How much do you want to bet that this will result in a plea-deal for LESS time or a suspension of the murder charges.
Hell, something like, this could result in a damn MISTRIAL...wouldn't THAT be nice?
And the system wants ME on a jury...ROFLMAO!
(Oh, there's not a snowball's chance in hell, people)
*** Lastly today...let's not forget that even though we're still in the aftermath and cleanup associated with hurricane Irene, there are STILL people in Joplin, Missouri, who are struggling...and folks along the Mississippi, who had their farmlands and homes flooded out BY THE GOVERNMENT earlier this year.
We've others recovering from the recent earthquakes in Virginia, also.
Yeah, we've enough problems to go around.
But after all is said and done, we are still standing.
And more often than not, our hands are not stretched OUT for something from the government or anyone, but rather stretched UP in thanks for the fact that we made it through rough times.
We're not haughty in any "victory" we achieve, but more grateful in our survival and our resolve to begin again.
That's what REAL Americans do...never give up, never give in.
We do help one another...that's called charity.
And we do that with an open heart and a humble spirit.
So, if you can spare your time, part with a few dollars, or even free up a few minutes to pray for those in need, and still be thankful for what you have today, the rewards will far outweigh whatever you do.
And that is something far beyond the realm of currency...and far better.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

After reading your link on Boneham, I think he is well qualified for the highest levels of government service since his previous work experience includes running a non-profit and spending lots more than the organization had.

Also, good luck with the jury duty plan. My father got called several times (too old now) and somehow was even chosen for one civil case. He knew they were desparate for people when even his "kill em all" perspective and old Corps stories of working in a naval prison and launching combative prisoners down flights of stairs did not get him thrown off.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, I think Rupert has a good shot at a nomination...I've always appreciated his work with the kids in Indy.
He's got a good heart AND a good VALUE SYSTEM.
That alone would make him qualified (imho).

Ack, that damn jury duty.
Well, I've got the "police family & friends" thing...and then there's the "my version of urban-renewal" gig, and there's always the "I think they should all be GUILTY until proven innocent" tag.

I've got more answers than they can come up with questions for...
(trouble is, probably have to do it ALL again in another two years...whatta crock)

Maybe they'll get tired of hearing me...'ya think?

Thank you for taking a few minutes to drop on by today and comment.

Stay safe out there.

Phil Marx said...

I served as a juror on a murder trial a few years back. We were given the cell phone records from the victim and the accused and told this proved they had been in contact with each other all day long. The only problem was the records did not match! When we inquired about this, they took a moment then explained that one of the phones was on Chicago time, so we had to adjust everything by an hour. There were other mistakes made as well, enough for me to realize that the guys in our Prosecutor’s office are not the smartest kids on the block. So this latest gaffe does not surprise me. Sure hope it doesn’t result in this guy getting away with murder.

Bob G. said...

When I start believing that (ANDY OF) MAYBERRY has more on the ball when it comes to presecutorial expertise than our fair city, that's where I have to draw the line.

I mean who wants a juror breaking out into hysterical LAUGHTER every few seconds, every time the prosecutor opens his/her mouth right?

(It tends to be a bit disruptive)

Another reason to "sit this one out" (like to make it permanent, but this town can't figure out HOW to do even THAT.

Hey, thanks for dropping by and commenting today.

Stay safe uop there, Buddy.