30 August 2011

It Just Goes To Show...
Getting older is HIGHLY overrated...period.
And I can speak from fact here.
While it might be considered an "entrance" into the autumn of one's life, replete with all the "colorful foliage" that is supposed to accompany such a time, it also means other things...
For example, it means you might forget something ...somewhere...sometime.
Last THURSDAY (25 August) was SUPPOSED to mark the FIFTH anniversary of this here blog.
And yet, there I was, all wound up being PO'ed at jury duty, and the myriad other societal gnats that were buzzing about my mind. So, belated as it IS...welcome to YEAR SIX of the PA-IN Erudition.
--And a personal thank you to the (now) TWENTY-SIX followers I have, as well as the plethora of readers across the continent and the world.
--Also, a thank you to all the CRIMINALS in the city of Fort Wayne (and elsewhere)...without YOU low-lifes, I'd have little if ANY crime to mention here, which means I'd probably be doing more politics...OK, maybe not...I'll bite my tongue and typing fingers on THAT one...LOL.
So, if you want bit of a giggle, check the archives back on 25 August 2006, and see the very FIRST post (nowhere near as lengthy as they are today).
Yeah, the things we overlook when seeing other things in life....sheesh.
Still, I maintain that growing older is not exactly what I envisioned.
Sure didn't expect the assorted aches and pains that come with (apparently) a life of lots of rough miles done on one's body (without even knowing it).
And the changes in one's skin...yeah, those damn wrinkles...like a shirt that wasn't ironed properly.
The changing prescription of the glasses you wear. At least the hearing isn't affected yet (except for that damn tinnitus).
The thinning of one's hair on the head, while white hairs replace the dark brown ones in the old eyebrows (among other places...LOL).
I hate that...honestly.
Not to mention trimming those eyebrows , so that I don't wind up looking like some English man of the manor, or even Mark Twain with those wildly long and bushy, fly-away caterpillars over one's eyes...lol.
But, you do what you have to, in order to hang on to whatever youthful exuberance you can muster...and for as long as possible.
And yes, you do it because when you were YOUNGER...life seemed BETTER.
So there we have it...five years of blogging now behind me...(whew)
Hopefully, we've got at least five more ahead of us.
Only God knows, hmm?

YEAR SIX officially begins NOW...
"So let it be written...so let it be done."
(Yul Brynner as Ramses II - The Ten Commandments)
I love movie quotes...how 'bout you?
Moving on...
*** I have got to start staying up LATER at night...I'm missing all the good sh*t.
Case in point, this little gem from less than twelve hours ago:
(( 2 shot in armed robbery attempt - Suspects still at-large
Updated: Tuesday, 30 Aug 2011, 6:37 AM EDT
Published : Tuesday, 30 Aug 2011, 1:21 AM EDT
FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - At 11:46 p.m. Monday night, police were dispatched to a double shooting at 616 West Superior Street at Fulton Street near downtown Fort Wayne.
Police have limited information, but they tell NewsChannel 15 two males attempted an armed robbery at an apartment building. One male had a pistol, the second a shotgun.
Multiple shell casings were found inside and outside of the building. Two residents were struck and taken to a local hospital in serious condition.
Police do not know if anything was taken from the residence.
The suspects remain at-large, and police have very little information on descriptions. They are described as black males, between five-foot-ten and six-foot-one. Police said the were wearing blue bandanas across their faces.
Police and K-9 units were canvassing the immediate area looking for the suspects.
Two sets of shootings in TWO days (blue bandanas? Sounds like THE CRIPS are in town)...at least THIS one wasn't in the SE quadrant...
But what is interesting is that at the address mentioned (according to Google maps) is a SAFY location.
SAFY is Specialized Alternatives for Families and Youth, and that pillared building is supposed to be the location (616 W. Superior St), but the ADDRESS given for SAFY of Fort Wayne, is in fact 3730 Allen St.
To make this even MORE confusing, the google maps "says" that at the Superior St. location is a J.K. Harris & Co. tax help place, but THEIR address is listed as being 825 Barr St.
To add fuel to the fire here, J.K. Harris & Co. was ordered CLOSED back in February 2010, according to THIS article:
You don't mess with the I.R.S. - they have way too much power...trust me on this one!
So what is REALLY at 616 W. Superior St (at Fulton St) anyway, hmm?
And WHY would that be a locale one can attempt an armed robbery late at night?
The building looks like it might have been a former CHURCH, given the pillars and large front door.
Is this the SAFY apartment complex for residents?
Inquiring minds would like to know the TRUTH here...there's too many inconsistencies.
*** Some updates on that OTHER (SE side) shooting spree:
As mentioned yesterday (here) three black males were in custody after a 3-mile chase. They are believed to be the shooters that expended close to SIXTY rounds on the 2500 block of Drexel Ave early Sunday morning ( 0400 hours), and had FWPD officers rushing for cover.
Here's more:
(( The suspects are scheduled to be in court Monday. Jackson will have to wait another 72 hours before facing felony charges.
Police said they do not know what started the shooting and no weapons have been confiscated so far. No one was hurt or injured by the shooting. Detectives are continuing the investigation.
Leroy and Doris Jackson live on the 2500 block of Drexel Avenue. Doris said she woke up at 3:47 this morning to "an array of gunshots." She said in the time she was awake she counted 16 gun shots.
"I ran because it scared me to death! It sounded like it was real close to the house," Doris said.
Leroy said he did not know anything had happened until he woke up later Sunday morning. He went outside to cut the grass and noticed a bullet hole in his van. He discovered another bullet hole in the gutter along the roof.
"I wasn’t going to call the police because I didn’t have any facts. All I knew is there were gun shots and I didn’t know where they came from."
Later the Jacksons called Fort Wayne Police and when they arrived, they told them what happened. Police told the Jacksons several people in the area have been calling with complaints of bullet damages.
"So I guess they had a little gathering in the community, and we ended up being invited whether we wanted to [be] or not," Leroy said with some laughs.
Yeah, must be hilarious to be in a damn WAR ZONE, eh?
Let's ask some veterans of WW2, Korea, 'Nam, or Iraq & Afghanistan if THEY think it's funnier then hell when bullets are slapping building and vehicles around them, hmm?
It's bothersome to me than with ALL those rounds being shot off, NO weapon has been found yet.
With all those bullets flying, be nice to find out what TYPE of weapon was being used.
Anyone check the bullet damage in the area and retrieve a round to see what caliber it is?
I DO hope the FWPD is tracking back over the pursuit route to see if (and where) the weapon was tossed.
(because it probably was - hope you checked the 3 perps for GSR while you're at it)
Then again, knowing THIS area and it's "residents", someone might have just scooped it up and "I be holdin' it fo a friend"...the way they do when several grams of crack is found in their saggy-baggy pockets (I borrowed deez pants from mah "cuzzin"...yeah, right)
Details...details...helps make that sh*t stick when you toss it at the damn wall, people.
*** The aftermath of Hurricane Irene is still adding up. Dollar amounts list the damage at around $10 BILLION bucks, and I hear FEMA is running low on cash.

Let's hope Bernanke doesn't up and print MORE...that wouldn't be a good thing.
The human loss is at 40 victims (so far), and looting WAS kept to a minimum (wonder why THAT was).
This is being listed as the FIFTH worse hurricane in recorded history, so it WAS a pretty big deal, regardless of whatever "hype" was attributed to it.
And one weather expert (on The O'Reilly Factor last night) said it was NOT due to "global warming", but NATURE...imagine that.
Something humanity CANNOT control (or ever hope to, if we're smart). Sorry uncle Al...better luck NEXT time (loser).
Several hundred thousand residents along the eastern seaboard are still without power, and I think that says a lot about our aging power grid.
*** If there is ONE major infrastructure upgrade we DO need in America, it's a more modern power grid.
That could be a decent place to create JOBS in this nation, considering the enormity of the situation.
Siemens company, who makes those huge sub-station transformers (and not the ones found in a Michael Bay movie) are hard pressed to build AND ship replacement units, should the need ever arise...and it might be on the not-so-far horizon.
We're entering a phase of increased Solar activity (at least through 2013) with some spectacular aurora due to be seen here on earth. The downside to that is what causes such a light show...called a CME, or CORONAL MASS EJECTION.
Think of it as a disturbance in the magnetosphere of the earth, which could possibly place a strain on the nation's (already strained) power grid, and creating outages across the country. In the worst case, it could take months to get the grid back to 100% operational status.
And all we can do is sit back and "enjoy the ride"...not a damn thing we can do to stop it.
Now, I'm not taking an alarmist stance here...just a precautionary one.
It always PAYS to BE PREPARED...ask anyone that had to be.
I know I'm pricing generators, both gas and solar models...doesn't hurt or cost anything to "look", right?
So, there you have it...crime, natural disaster and potential other "stuff" to ponder today.
If the spirit moves you, by all means, donate to the Red Cross for the victims of Irene.
Also, stop and think about the future now and again...after all, you're going to be spending a LOT more time THERE, than anywhere else...right?
In the meantime...
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Diane said...

Getting old sucks, doesn't it? You mean you really DON'T want huge furry caterpillars across your face? :P

Reading the part about "these are my cuzzin's pants" reminds me of the show on TruTV "bait car". They come up with some really stupid excuses. I remember one show, an older guy got in, sat in the vehicle, ate his lunch, talked to his squeeze on the cell phone, and then left his trash behind in the car. Kind of a switch from the usual.

Solar activity - that means that cell phones, satellite TV, etc will be messed up at times. I remember last time, our DirectTV would go out at certain times because of it.

A generator would be a handy thing to have anyway. That, and an old-fashioned pump for your water, in case power goes out. That way, you can at least wash up & get water to drink, and flush your toilet (if you're not connected to city water). We are looking at getting one installed here.

I'm looking at 50 next year :O Funny.. do you actually feel your age in your mind? I certainly don't.

Bob G. said...

I like my "caterpillars" either on the WORK SITE, at a NASCAR track or in the GARDEN, thank you very much...LOL.

That TruTV show MUST have been filmed in our ghettohood...!
(sounds just LIKE the vermin here)

Yeah this solar activity peaks every 11-13 years, and we're on the upswing of this cycle...no global warming involved.
COMMS will be affected, and satellite TV could wind up "pixelating" more than ususal. (picture goes all "blocky"..like LEGO bricks)

That generator idea is looking better and better, but we''re on CITY water.
Still, our pantry IS full to capacity...and gonna STAY that way.
Enough food for several weeks right now...and counting.

You CAN store tap/well water also..involves a few drops of bleach per gallon, or you can get potable tabs at any decent survivial/surplus store (online, too).

As to age?
My MIND is permanently stuck somewhere between 25-30 yrs...wish my BODY would follow suit.

No harm at being "young-at-heart", or even childlike at times.
Only 50?
Yer just a kid (to me)...!

Thanks so much for taking time to stop on by today and comment.

Always a pleasure.

Stay safe down there.
(that rain's still comin')

CWMartin said...

Solar flares? are the Sentinels trying to sterilize us all again to get rid of mutants?

Avengers v1 #'s 102-4, the end of Roy Thomas's run. Like everything else anymore- the old stuff is the GOOD stuff.

BTW, if you didn't catch it on my comments before, just let me know a good Fri-Sat_Sun for a walk.

WTF? The security word today is "immmw".

ms nk rey said...

Every time I hear of a shooting I hold my breath till I hear it is not you and the Mrs. I would be scared to death to live up there. Congrats on your 6th anniversary.

Bob G. said...

Ahh, the Roy Thomas era...where does the time go?'

The solar flare gig is not Marvel's doing...lol.

I'll keep one of those days in mind for a Scrappy-Stroll.

Thanks for coming on by and commenting today.

Stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

I KNOW you're holding your breath in a FIGURATIVE manner...(you better be, anyway).

Besides, if I was downing anyone, it wouldn't be so much OF a shooting(s)...more like an URBAN RENEWAL POLICY.
Consider THAT more of a "community service" and my CIVIC DUTY, as opposed to serving on a dumb jury.

We're all okay (except for the getting older thingy...lol)

Thanks for your concern, congrats and for spending some time here today to comment.

Stay safe down there.