25 August 2011

Room For Rant...
Well, we had some thunderstorms roll through our area last evening, and it sure was nice to ONLY hear Mother Nature "at work" for a change, instead of the incessant thumping of the acoustically-challenged MORONS that (all to often) frequent my part of the ghettohood.
But, before we launch head-first into today's post, I want to mention a name to all of you:
Now, anyone who KNOWS Philly...knows who Joey Was.
He was the founder of Geno's Steaks in south Philly, and if it were not for HIM and his establishment (first opened WAY back in 1966) I wouldn't even know what a PROPER Philly cheesesteak is.
Well, Joey passed on the spatula to the next generation Tuesday when he died of a massive heart attack in his home in south Jersey.
He was 71 years old.
And, he brought a certain panache to "fast food" in Philly.
You can go to Geno's ANY time of day or night and see SOMEONE ordering something...yes, even at 3AM!
And whatever you got was GOOD...and QUICK.
As Geno's grew in notoriety, speed became more important, but NEVER at the cost of QUALITY.
Which means, you best know WHAT you want when it's YOUR turn at the ordering window.
(no "window-shopping"...that's for "other" food joints....NOT for a regular at Geno's)
And it was this stance that brought undue attention to Joey back in 2007 when some asshat folks at the ACLU TRIED to sue Joey for placing a sign in his window that basically stated:
"You're in AMERICA - order in ENGLISH"
Joey's folks were immigrants, so Joey knew the score - you assimilate and learn the culture AND the language of the country you LIVE in.,..simple as that. Suffice it to say, Joey won his case, and the right to display the sign.
He will be missed by SO many...that will be one PACKED funeral parlor, that's for sure.
Heaven has got themselves a real find with Joey...as long as they order in ENGLISH...lol.
Rest-in-Peace, Joey...Lord knows you earned it.
*** And now for...the REST of the "story"...
If there is one thing you can take away from this life, it's that SOME people never get it...and never will.
Yesterday, I received my SECOND "official summons" this year for....(you guessed it)...JURY DUTY!!!
(( *blink-blink* ))
Can these dimbulbs down at the judicial center NOT pay attention to what I wrote on the LAST two questionnaires?
(apparently not - they must use a "stencil" system - aka match the filled in boxes to a predetermined template to assess eligibility for jury duty)
Well, MY feelings have NOT changed one...damn...bit.
I STILL believe that jury duty (as currently employed AND "enforced") is UN-constitutional, according to our 13th Amendment.
This IS involuntary servitude...plain and simple.
It is CONSCRIPTION, and it's like being DRAFTED.
You have NO say in the matter.
Liberty? What liberty?
I can't believe that you CANNOT be forced or otherwise coerced into going to VOTE...BUT you CAN be forced into performing jury duty.
Something's just not right there.
Many would argue that you should be judged by "a jury of your peers"...
(( rolls eyes ))
Have you seen what passes for "peers" THESE days at any courthouse?
They're certainly not MY peers...must belong to someone else.
At least 80% of those summoned for jury duty DON'T want to be there in the first damn place.
Now ask yourselves...are THESE the people YOU want to decide YOUR case?
I'm all for a more voluntary venue...with more IMPARTIAL people (than myself, for example)
And by all means, PAY such people what they're worth, and not toss a token check (for $15) at hundreds of people basically PAID to sit on their asses most of a given day...doing NOTHING.
(I thought that's what WELFARE was doing already to way too many UNDESERVING lazy-asses???)
There are those who would want to perform jury duty on a more regular basis...so why not FIND them, and "hire" them.
It WOULD be a much better use of the money. Now, what my "plan" entails, is to have my juror number and name erased, deleted, expunged, removed, purged, and unfriended from any and all databases from which they select potential jurors.
Mark a large red *X* next to me, call me a "combative juror"...refer to me as conscientiously objecting to being coerced into something that we should WANT to do, rather than being "Gestapoed" into showing the hell up (to do).
I tried calling the downtown office yesterday...all I got was a busy signal or a "leave a message"...no WARM BODY to chat with, and explain the truth of the matter. (guess they're afraid of hearing it, hmm?)
I will try again today...and every day UNTIL we resolve this situation to MY satisfaction (because I sure ain't getting any right now).
If I cannot make them see the folly of selecting ME, then I'll just wash out during the VOIR DIRE (attorney questioning)...I love one-upping those that make obscene wages defending the guilty.
But that alone will not remove me from the database...and THAT is what I really need.
(and dying right now isn't at the top of that list...THAT "might" get me off the list...maybe.)
Yes, dead people and even family pets have been summoned for jury duty, so you KNOW the system IS highly flawed, right?
So, WHY, on God's green earth would you want to participate in something that cannot even select the RIGHT PEOPLE (like the living)..or SPECIES (like the mammals that tend to walk UPRIGHT and not on all fours)? And I won't even get started of the travesties of justice that roll off the judicial "assembly line" like so many Toyota trucks in plants around the country.
That's another post (perhaps several) for another day.
The way the judicial system operates these days is horrible.
And I say that if you put ME on any jury...I WILL hang it.
Not to mention, "I can spot a guilty person as soon as I see them" (according to the late George Carlin)...and it works for me, too.
So, here's hoping I can make MY case perfectly clear to the numbnuts downtown that see "me" as some sort of perfect juror that needs to be called time and again.
I am not that person you seek...and these aren't the droids you're looking for...right Obi Wan?
I figure if these folks aren't "getting it"...I might need a bigger 2x4...
And I have only begun to "fight".
I'm in this to WIN, and not be a pawn of some county hacks.
None of us should ever become subservient to those whose salaries WE, the people pay for, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and...
Stay safe out there, America.
* * * * *
((Editor's Update: 1040 HRS - Well, calling the jury office did absolutely NO good whatsoever.

In "Hoosierland", they glean your name from the following sources:
1- Tax records
2- Voting records
3- DMV records
< *ahem* >
Yeah, seems the ONLY way is to DIE (not MY first choice), so said the very patient woman I spoke with...and I added that even THAT is no guarantee, citing examples in other cities. So that means I HAVE to trek on down, HAVE to pay $5 for parking and HAVE to tell the attorneys and judge (yet AGAIN) WHY I believe the system is WRONG. I also could wait until I get subpoeaned and then (again) tell the judge. But there is NO way to have your name or juror number EXPUNGED...how f$cked up is THAT?
It ain't over...not by a long shot! ))


CWMartin said...

Sorry to here about Mr. Vento... but damnit, now I'm hungry!

Bob G. said...

Yeah, Joey was even on Glenn Beck's (old) show on that "other" network.

ANd I'll tell'ya one thing:
If you EVER had a cheesesteak at Geno's...nothing else could ever take it's place (even though that place up north does a decent job - Philadelphia Station)

But they're not GENO'S!!!

Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting (as well as stirring up your appetite).

Stay safe up there.

The Observer said...

Bob G

It's pretty crummy that you have to get called twice in such a short time for jury duty. I usually get called about every three years. (In fact, I am about due...shutter.)

The cheesesteak man's passing--sad and it made me want one. Philly is the only place you can get a real one. Yum!

The Observer

John D said...

Re: Jury duty - Reminds me of an episode of MATLOCK that featured Milton Berle as the special guest defendant. Before the trial, Berle says, "Oh great, my fate is in the hands of 12 people who weren't smart enough to get out of jury duty."

Bob G. said...

I figure the reason the court system LIKES me so damn much is that I'm probably one of the FEW (left) in this city that is not, nor has ever been a FELON...ROFL!

That's GOTTA be it...almost all the other decent people MOVED the hell away!

Philly cheesesteaks - the last true bastion of culinary freedom...!
Ain't nothing like the REAL thing, baby...LOL.

Thanks a lot for stopping on by and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Leave it Uncle Milty to NAIL IT!

He saw the crap heading for the fan.

Funny thing:
--If you don't want to vote...you just DON'T bother.
--Don't want to be drafted?
Leave the country, enter college or have a physical / mental excuse.
--Get off the JUROR LIST?
Not one hope in hell...!

You're on THAT list for life (and somethimes, long after that...lol)

When the government (paid BY the people) DICTATES what you HAVE to do in life...we need to reason together as to WHY the (civil) servants are RUNNING the manor (that is OURS to begin with), right?

Thanks for rolling on up today and commenting, Boss.

You stay safe out there, Boss.

Phil Marx said...

I see Johnny Law is back at it. Better bump him up to the active list.

And happy belated birthday!

Wrexie said...

I like Geno's American attitude...and his sandwiches. yum.
Sad he's gone... I'd vote for him. lol

Good luck with jury duty. My German co-worker had to go today. She came back smokin' mad. We've had 'fun' federal gov't issues all week. What a freakin' mess. Does someone just sit around all day and make up sh** to drain honest workers in our country or what?

Bob G. said...

He was never "off"the list...lol.

And thanks for the b'day wishes.

Glad you could stop by and comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

Geno's is like that little slice of heaven you come across way too infrequently in life...

As for jury duty?
I got my "Plan-B" all ready to rock n roll...and some other surprises for the counselors.

After all, they ASKED for it, and I never disappoint...LOL

There must be a plan to supress workers in this country (by jury duty for one)
All I ask is:
"Where is MY liberty, hmm?"

Hey, thanks for stopping on by and commenting.
Always a pleasure.

Stay safe out there.

indy said...

well now that i am not a homeowner and i havent been voting i havent been called every darn year. since i have no desire to really vote anymore. it kills me that they get names from the tax records and dmv. bunch of bs.

Bob G. said...

The ONLY way they nab me is through DMV.
Tax records are in Wifey's name, and I'm not on the offcial voting records (in Indiana, anyway)...

The judge and atorneys will be in for a time when I get there (again).
They call you every TWO years, according to the court office.
Wifey's ONLY been called ONCE (so far).
Maybe I should become a TEACHER?
(Nah, they're not ready for that)

Thanks to stopping by and commenting.

Stay safe out there.