24 August 2011

Humpday Happenings...
There's a whole lotta shakin' goin' on...and I'm not talking about the manner in which our government is working these days (or not, as the case may be)...OR even a Jerry Lee Lewis hit. So, let's get right into the mix...
*** Item: The largest earthquake to hit the EAST coast since 1944 occurred yesterday afternoon at around 1351 hours (local time).
Originating in the town of MINERAL, VA, the quake could be felt in D.C., where government building were evacuated.
Ditto for NYC.
Here's a link to the entire story to date:
Some here in Fort Wayne said they even felt it.
Can't say I did, and I'm pretty sensitive to such "rumblings" (lower frequency disturbances), given the amount of boomcars we have around here.
I did feel (and hear) that last one we had in Indiana within the past several years...reminded me of the one I felt in Philly (when I was a kid).
Now, I don't know if the Washington Monument is starting to "tilt" as a result of the quake, nor do I wonder if the dinosaur skeletons have to be REASSEMBLED at the Smithsonian, but they DO have a "cleanup in aisle three" in Mineral, Virginia.
But wait, we're barely started...
*** Item: Hurricane Irene is bound for the SE part of the USA, and looking to "run the coast".
Here's a link to THIS story (with video):
If you want (or need) to track the storm, here's a link:
This is the most comprehensive site and allows you to pick specific aspects of the coming storm, which is currently a CAT-THREE.
Katrina was a category FIVE storm, and Irene could well likely become a category FOUR.
What is disturbing about this hurricane is the current lack of a viable "eye" to the storm.
Now, I'm no meteorologist, but even Katrina had an eye, so perhaps Irene isn't a fully "developed" storm yet.
The best we can hope for is that people PAY ATTENTION to emergency protocols, evac when advised, and hunker down should Irene make landfall as scheduled. I have every confidence in the resiliency of the American people.
*** Item: More on that drug bust/pursuit story in Ft. Wayne:
The FWPD dive team searched he Maumee River for the gun that was tossed from a drug dealer's vehicle on Monday.
Here's the link to the story from WPTA:
I did hear this on the police radio, and the search was called off (yesterday), because the one diver could not safely navigate to check the bottom, due to the large amount of refuse that was tangling up his gear.
Although they didn't find the gun (yet), they DID come across a MOTORCYCLE.
When one officer asked another if he was interested in it, the 2nd officer declined.
Guess every person has their limits to mechanical repair and expertise...lol.
Not to mention...the SMELL.
If the city would DREDGE the rivers every 3-5 years, the problem wouldn't be as bad as it currently is.
Of course, in Philly, we'd call these CREEKS instead...!
The DELAWARE...now THAT is a REAL river...LOL.
*** Item: Frontier is feeling the "pinch", too...
Here's a link to the story in the business section of the J-G:
Now we have the Frontier "three-fer" gig...pay them about $180 a month for everything (phone, Internet and Fios TV), and yet, they are having trouble...imagine that.
Now, I personally don't want to go BACK to Comcast...they're a cash cow, and YOU are providing the damn "milk".
They're not like ANYTHING they were when they started out in Philly...then, they were the best people around.
Today...not so much. The equipment is crappy, and the service is well..."not all that".
That is why we switched to (then) Verizon.
When Verizon sold off the cable TV gig, I was REALLY wary about this...as I used to install systems for the now-defunct Circuit City (3 states on the east coast). But, they still had better channel selections for the price...UNTIL they jacked UP the price. Yet, this is better (imho) than Satellite TV any day.
It makes you wonder, like I stated here several times, that "someone" wants us ALL to rely SOLELY on the INTERNET for EVERYTHING...and that really doesn't sit well with me at all.
THAT sounds a little "too convenient"... (to turn off or otherwise control) ...and it's still YOUR money is paying for it.
Hell, you can "control" COMMS now, by just turning off a few CELL TOWERS (been done in San Fran already...and it works).
That's why I like my good old LAND LINE.
Control (of a populace) doesn't always have to be so damn OVERT.
It can come in many disguises, and be as subtle as a feather floating on the wind.
And it's those "feathers" we have to be on the lookout for.
We really don't want our lives made into something like Fahrenheit 451...
(but we do seem to be going in that direction)
I much prefer to CHOOSE what I what, what I need, and what I purchase.
It's MY choice of food, drink, entertainment, protection, and communications.
And it's YOUR choice as well.
So, make the best damn choice you can, because your future could very well depend on it.
Just something to think about.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


Diane said...

thinking about what the Gov't wants you to do - that recent "saving the consumer from the greedy banks" thing that went through - reducing card swipe fees from 44c to 22c for the store... has now ended up on the consumer's pocket. Wells Fargo will be trying out a $3 a month fee for debit cards. Looks like people will be bank-shopping, or returning to cash. Yep, the government is just here to help you.

Bob G. said...

I hear 'ya there...
With help like THAT, who needs anything more, eh?
If gov't saves "us" from those greedy banks, WHO is saving us from the GOV'T???

Makes the old head spin, for aure.

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe down there.

Slamdunk said...

The Mrs. felt the rumble while sitting at work in your old state, but I must have been outside--didn't notice anything.
Most of the urban water holes are full of so much garbage and some stolen/insurance fraud vehicles that finding that gun would be like looking for a needle in a haystack

Bob G. said...

It makes 'ya wonder if Mother Nature isn't just a little ticked off at humanity sometimes...

ANd I wondfer WHO is tossing ALL that trash into those urban areas?
I can tell you JUST from what I see on the street oputside out house.
And to think I was chastened by MY parents for dropping so much as a GUM WRAPPER in the STREET, let alone on someone's PROPERTY...

Lack of values...lack of pride...lack of civility...take yer pick.

Thanks much for dropping by and commenting.

Roll safe oput there.

indy said...

i believe there was a large earthquke in colorado (somewhere west) in the same time period as the washington dc quake. did you hear about that too. it was on the geological web site.

Bob G. said...

I heard about that one, too.
Something's up, that's for sure.

Be weird if all this was a precursor to the whole 2012 Mayan gig, hmm?

Planetary alignment, earth axis shift, coroanl mass ejections...

It's enough to make you build a bunker and pull the real estate over you.

ANd all of it is nothing "we" can ever hope to control...it's nature doing what IT wants to do.

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe.

indy said...

i dont know about 2012 thing. too many babies being born in the world. sometimes i think we are in a population explosion. at least down here. i have problems finding diapers in my granddaughters size in my area. not all the time. but, there have been times. as i joked to my daughter you can always tell the better buy. becouse they are mostly sold out. i think it might be a harp thing. but, thats just my untrust in the government.

Bob G. said...

Nah, it's not a harp thing at all...just seeing things as they ARE.

I'm getting a bit miffed at trying to get those "bargains" and finding EMPTY SHELVES where the product is SUPPOSED to be also...

Adventures in shopping, eh?

Hang in there.
All is NEVER lost.

And thanks for commenting.

Stay safe down there,.