23 August 2011

Tales From the South Side...
Yes, it was a nice (sedate) birthday yesterday, and every thing I mentioned that I would do in yesterday's post...I DID...rather neatly in the order I intended to do them all to boot.

And yes, I DID begin with my breakfast "sandwich"...lol!

What was nice was that on BBC America, the NEW season of my favorite show (next to Doctor Who) TOP GEAR was aired.
And there I sat, Guinness firmly in hand, enjoying the day, the brew, and the show.
(and pretty much in that order...lol)
Got some cool stuff, too.
My very dear friend in Delaware (we graduated together) got me a book about OPERATION MINCEMEAT. This was a little known OP, but had some really HUGE ramifications during WW2...
If you like dead people, and how they CAN be useful even after they expire, you will like this.
Without giving away too much, let's just say it was a brilliant ruse perpetrated against the Nazis...who fell for it hook, line, and sinker.
And, as a result, subsequent major operations were able to come off better than if this were never done.
Also received a CD of the music (by the late Earle Hagan) from the 60s TV show I SPY...fantastic. If you like jazz from that era, it's a good listen
He also got me a DVD of a little-known movie called KATHERINE, starring Sissy Spacek and Henry Winkler.
It's about an activist who becomes a radical extremist (oh, some "light" fare, Bob?), and is based on true events.
Considering this was a movie from the '70s, it's pretty powerful for the era, and yet becomes a portent for things to come in our society.
Wifey got me a book of MILITARY QUOTES, and it should arrive any day now...good find!
And I indulged myself with a 2 DVD set of the first 12 episodes of the 80s TV cartoon THUNDERCATS.
Yeah, one of my guiltier pleasures...watching cartoons and good anime.
Well, it keeps me out of the No-Tell Motels and off the city streets, where I could definitely find me enough trouble for a few lifetimes.
The cake was delicious, and I had a large enough slice to include all of you out there...LOL.
We weren't going to do the FIFTY-NINE candles, though (I could get a box of .45 ACP ammo for the same price as the damn candles...plus, the FWFD has plenty ELSE to keep them busy), so Wifey kept it simple.
Yeah, that's me..."simple".
Chinese food was delicious...plenty of sesame chicken, and Lo Mein, plus Crab Rangoon and egg rolls plus sweet & sour soup (and that was JUST for ME...glad the metabolism hasn't slowed down THAT much yet).
It was a good day...a damn good day (for me anyway).
For others...not so much...
The FWPD were fairly busy with some CRIME around the city (mostly on the EAST and SOUTH parts of the city, naturally - a nice b;day gift for me as well)
*** This first story is rather interesting:
(( Published: August 23, 2011 3:00 a.m.
Foiled robbery suspect fires gun - Dominic Adams The Journal Gazette
Police are looking for a man who fired several shots at a gas station clerk during an attempted robbery downtown Monday.
Fort Wayne police said a man entered the Jefferson Express BP, 509 E. Jefferson Blvd., at 12:33 p.m. and approached the store clerk with a handgun and demanded cash, according to a statement.
Police said the gunman is described as black, about 5-foot-8, with a medium to heavy build. He was last seen wearing a dark-colored, long-sleeved shirt, a yellow reflective traffic vest with a triangular design on the back, and jeans.
The man fired shots at the clerk as the clerk fled to the back of the store. The clerk was not injured, and the gunman left the store on foot, possibly northbound along Clay Street, police said.
Well, I could assume that he was NOT on any "road crew"...but if I were running the city, he SOON WOULD BE, and NOT on the city or county "payroll", either...if you get my drift.
*** Then, there's this story:
Here's the link:
http://www.journalgazette.net/article/20110823/LOCAL07/308239929/1002/LOCAL I heard this go down LIVE on the radio, and the pursuing officer was really giving me a "tour" on the near east side. The perps were trying to go every which way to evade the po-po...
Sorry, at the end of the game it was:
Perps: 0
Love a happy ending, don't you?
Now, if we could only start nabbing the coke-heads down HERE, or cite some loudasses, or get some places boarded up and the foliage trimmed, we would be doing a lot better.
*** And then, there's this story:
Here's the link:

FWPD Captain Santiago "Jim" Zamora faced DWI charges when he hit a railroad car (off duty) coming from a niece's party.
Now, he's got a very good record with the department, but this is something that can;t be ignored.
I don't believe he SHOULD be fired, but perhaps some counseling is in order, with a suspension and loss of pay.
The police are supposed to hold themselves to the same standards as the citizens they serve, said Chief York to one news source, and then added, "Officers are sand should be held to higher standards". to the JG article.
I want to believe the LATTER one, Rus.
Jim Zamora is pretty good people, and knows what my part of town is all about.
That's why he and his wife moved even farther south away from the immediate crap going on around here.
I hope this can be resolved to the best for all concerned.
I know what "the job" can do to people and their lives...it's not for everyone.
Some of the highest rates of divorce (and suicide) can be attributed to law-enforcement, and that should not happen.
They've got enough on the streets these days, being spat upon, shot at, kicked, punched, and otherwise disrespected all over the damn place.
When the people all but dictate how police work will operate, something is wrong with parts of our society.
That also needs to change.
The law-abiding citizens have nothing to fear from the police, and will many times work WITH law-enforcement to assist in many capacities.
But the police cannot often nor readily distinguish the good buys from the bad...no "white-hats" to see, as it were.
To be prepared on the street, you take nothing at "face-value" and suspect anyone and everyone, until you can prove otherwise.
It's the best way to police the streets...just the ONLY way these days.
I'd like to really see that change back to a time when LEOs were respected.
Then, maybe we'd see a lot fewer officers seeking solace in those inappropriate areas of life.
Just a thought...
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

Happy belated birthday Bob, and I am glad that you got to do it your way.

I did laugh when you referred to the chase as taking a tour of the near east side. At my agency, they hired a lot of out-of-staters (like I was) and though we had 22 weeks of academy time to learn the jurisdiction, trying to read street signs at night at high speeds on the east side I was assigned to makes for good radio comedy.

Bob G. said...

That reminds me, I FORGOT to play some SINATRA...("My Way")...thanks!

I've lived here for more than 14 years, and I STILL refer to maps (or online databases) when finding out how I need to get from some place to other places.

Luckily, the "usual haunts" present NO problem.

And alternate routes are ALWAYS "fun".

Glad I could make 'ya smile.

And thanks for taking some time to swing on by today.

Roll safe out there.