30 September 2011

Friday Follies...
Yes, it's another rainy day in Ft. Wayne (light rain, however) and some gusty winds with lower temperatures (damn global warming).
We're at the end of the week, AND the end of the month..nice when it wraps up that way.
And we've got some interesting things to think on today, such as THESE:
*** Seems we've got some fraudulent paycheck writers in our fair city (I guess it's better than more homicides, like the 240 they've had SO FAR this year in Philly), and thanks to the intervention of the police, they have been captured.
Here's the link to the story (from WANE):
Paragon Home Care was the target of the payroll check fraud that's been ongoing since 2007, and was perpetrated by six blacks (say it ain't so).
While NONE of those arrested are employees of the place, someone KNEW the account number for Paragon...perhaps a "friend of the friend of a friend"?
This type of thing is happening with more frequency across the USA, and it makes sense that it would, given the amount of electronic transactions that go on from day-to-day. Easier for the businesses - and easier for the thieves...or so they'd like to think.
Believe it or not, it was more difficult to pull off in days of PAPER (burn the trail) , and a bit harder to catch (tangible evidence).
Today, it's EASIER to pull off, but fortunately easier to catch, because of the detection capabilities of banks and businesses (seems nothing electronic goes away "forever").
And sometimes, all it takes is the sharp eye and inquiring mind of a concerned business owner, like Mr. Thomas Brownlee (of Brownlee's Market in Ft. Wayne) to spot something that just doesn't smell quite right.
Kudos to Mr. Brownlee!
Would that we have MORE people just like him around town.
*** Next up...I grew up around model planes. Dad flew them every chance he got. Everything from a small plastic .049 engined Dauntless dive-bomber to a Supermarine Spitfire with a 6 foot wingspan (like the one pictured - that was a real beauty). These were the old control-line versions...way before the advent of radio-control.
Even mom got into the mix, so it became more a family outing going to watch Dad fly the planes with his buddies on the weekends.
And Dad was a real enthusiast...didn't just go out and BUY a plane...no sir. He BUILT the damn things from the ground up from KITS.
Our back bedroom used to be designated "Dad's hangar", and the smell of balsa wood, glue and airplane dope would fill the air, and that's why Dad would open the window in the middle of WINTER...to let the fumes OUT! Besides, you can't fly in the SNOW...LOL.
I would show some photos of the planes (and a LOT younger *me*, few as those pictures are). Regretfully I don't have the means to transfer to digital photos yet...but some day.
Our uncle Leo (who passed just last year) in Portland was also a model plane buff, and he DID use radio-control. It was a damn shame to see all HIS stuff get sold off. He was a member of the local club down there, and had some really nice aircraft in his basement and garage.
So, I have a somewhat unique perspective when it come to flying models.
And that's why this story bothers me a bit, because it concerns using model aircraft as potential terrorist "weapons":
(this is from the huffington-puffington post - with video)
But fear not, because THIS story has a different (and logical) take:
I agree that mastering radio-control (flying) is the big ticket item here.
And these are pretty EXPENSIVE models (ranging from $6000 up to $20,000)!
Not to mention getting the C-4 or RDX needed (for the size explosion you desire) to load them up with, for these are not things you can just nip out to the local Tru-Value or Menards and pick up on a whim.
Most homemade explosives aren't AS STABLE as C-4 or RDX (trust me), and many tend to be liquid in nature, or need a liquid as the catalyst for the reaction.
I agree that the government doesn't need to be watching the hobbyists or enthusiasts.
I know these people, and they're great to be around..the kind of folks you think of when you think of America.
Yet, there are some who would make such a nice hobby into something that would cause undo alarm with the masses.
That's plain wrong (no pun intended).
Considering this would-be terrorist probably got the idea of the model drone from an episode of NCIS (from several years back) doesn't surprise me at all. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, I suppose, but not in this case.
In that episode, an R/C plane was used in much the same manner this jerk would have used it (but was thwarted by Agent Gibbs - score one for the good guys)...end of story.
The monitoring of the EXPLOSIVES is what is really needed. The rest will fall into place to avert disaster.
*** More about the "cursive" aspect to penmanship:
Here's the link to this "revelation":
Now who would EVER have known that cursive writing IS in fact, important to child development?
(raises hand)...I KNEW...and told you so!
Schools these days are trending to having their focus on "electronic" skills...like being able to use a keyboard with some degree of proficiency.
Gee, back in my school days, if you wanted to get "up close and personal" with a keyboard, you took up TYPING CLASS (which was primarily for girls, as they were the ones also taking shorthand and other office skills).
So, how's about we doing something WAY out of the box here, and BRING BACK TYPING CLASSES...for any and all students???
And we can still hang onto cursive writing, so these future workers can be able to SIGN their paychecks with something OTHER THAN A DAMN "X", hmm? Sounds like a win-win to me.
*** Lastly today...it's a far different world THESE days than it was when I was a teen...or younger.
Things that occur with increasing frequency and regularity would be something we'd never even think of...like getting arrested.
We chose to stay AWAY from jail...go figure.
And something called RESPECT...had PLENTY of that going around decades ago, so when exactly did that become less fashionable?
We respected our parents, teachers, relatives,.friends, policemen, store owners, bus drivers...pretty much anyone and everyone (and especially our "elders"...couldn't forget them).
And yes, because of such foibles, we tended towards a higher level of civility that we see nowadays.
Today, it seems there are people whose only purpose in life is to piss off as many OTHER people every day (all day) as possible.
Something definitely wrong there.
I want to think that all (or at least most) of us are BETTER than that, and the majority of us really are.
It's those who are never held accountable and are products of double-standard mania and of the entitlement mentality that need to be brought "up to speed", as it were.
Most of us just live by the Golden Rule, and that works damn well.
What is needed is some "tough love" for those that do not.
This nation still has so much untapped potential, it's not funny.
And to never avail ourselves of it, or allow this nation to achieve what's it's capable of, places us in a very precarious situation, as a people.
We need not tread down that path...for our future's sake.
Have yourselves a fantastic weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay safe out there,America.


Momma Fargo said...

Hi, Bob G. !

Love the model air planes...coughing at the price. Wowza!

Sounds like those poor check writers are just misunderstood...hard times you know. lol

Homicides in Philly. Scary thing, isn't it?

Keep up the good work in your neighborhood. Hopefully, your neighbors will give you some RESPECT. Oy. Biggest word lacking in the world these days.

Have a good weekend!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Missed 'ya...good to see 'ya.

Yeah, Dad never paid anything NEAR those prices...(more like $30!)
Talk about inflation!

Those perps ARE so "misunderstood"...and that would make you the Queen of England and me, the Pope...(cool)...LMAO!
(where's our PERKS?)

The homicide rate in Philly IS unreal!!!
(and spilling over more into good neighborhoods)
Kinda glad I'm not living THERE today, but I feel for the officers (and firefighters) on those streets.

Hey, I give anyone in my ghettoohood ALL the respect they "deserve".

And I don't require respect from them...just a little bit of fear & dread...that'll work for me just fine.

The rest will take care of itself in it's own good time.

Hey, thanks a heap for taking the time to roll on up today.
Much appreciated.

Have a great weekend.
You stay safe out there!