14 October 2011

Friday Follies...
Well, here we are again, at the doorstep of another glorious weekend, chock full of things to rant about, rave about, or just plain take notice of.
So, without any further ado, let's get this candle lit, and put it into orbit, shall we?
*** First up, according to my "counter", I've apparently made it to FOURTEEN HUNDRED POSTS.
(sound the trumpets and let the pigeons loose)
And I'm damn proud to have the friends I have right here, near and far.
Like I always say, YOU folks are the driving force behind this little old blog.
It always makes my day to see that I might not be the only person that feels a certain way about something out there in the world.

You people have an uncanny knack for making me smile on Mondays, bringing a tear to my eye with your wonderful photos, and "getting my Dutch up" when you discuss something that's been bothering me, and I didn't have to words to express it.
And I was brought up to feel that it's important to recognize what OTHERS do in our lives, because much of our OWN life in molded and fine tuned from such people and their ideas, thoughts, and beliefs.
So, thank you for believing in me and this blog by showing up and commenting...and for believing in YOURSELVES through your blogs, which have helped me in no small way over the years, and I truly mean that.
Now, that's about as "mushy" as I plan to get today, so let's get rolling onto ..."the rest of the story"...
*** If there's one thing I've always liked to see, it's nature's wildlife in action. Never got to see much of that in Philly, unless I went to Pennypack Park, where I used to bike ride (10+ miles at a pop some days). One thing I will always remember was a herd of deer (close to 20) that dashed from one side of the creek, crossed it, and bounded up the other bank into the woods...and I didn't have my camera with me...(damn).
Saw a few deer in Gettysburg National Park, as well.
But out here in the Heartland, I'm not too keen on seeing deer, and there's a good reason for that:
They like to run into VEHICLES...!
This story says it all:
And here are a few "fun" stats.:
Chances of hitting deer-
States and their rankings for the likelihood of hitting a deer with a vehicle:
1. West Virginia…1 in 53
2. Iowa…1 in 77
3. South Dakota…1 in 81
4. Pennsylvania…1 in 86
5. Michigan…1 in 90
12. Ohio…1 in 132
25. Indiana…1 in 178
(Source: State Farm Insurance)
Perhaps it's a case of "suicide by motorist" ? I don't really know, but the frequency of hitting a deer is rising.
Guess we can blame that on overdeveloping, and decreasing the area that deer can safely reside.
That's usually the case.
Just as long as "they" stay where they belong, and that's NOT plastered across the front on our cars.
*** Next up, a followup on the Ian Crace (pizza deliveryman) murder:
Here's the story relating to DeAngelo Bennett's trial:
Now while robbery was ADMITTED by Bennett, no one is "fessing up" as to WHO pulled the damn trigger...amazing.
Apparently "someone" shot Crace, killing him, but Bennett and Andre Washington were the ONLY TWO people around...anyone seeing something WRONG here? Don'cha just LOVE those "invisible" gunmen?
Washington admitted to HOLDING the gun during the robbery, but no one admits to firing it...?!?
Bennett plead guilty and will receive a 38 year sentence, with 8 years suspended and 5 years on probation if a judge accepts the plea agreement.
The more serious charge of MURDER will be dropped.
Yepper, that's the JUSTICE system working just as we've come to know it...poorly.
Washington is being sentenced Monday, and Bennett will be sentenced next month...but neither of those days will bring any comfort to the family of Ian Crace...will they?
*** Here's more proof that our society is becoming more screwed up...and at an earlier age:
(( Published: October 14, 2011 3:00 a.m.
Marijuana found; student arrested - The Journal Gazette
A student at Jefferson Middle School in Fort Wayne has been arrested on a charge of possessing marijuana, according to a city police report.
After receiving a tip, school officials searched a student’s locker Tuesday and found a green leafy substance inside a purple pencil sharpener in a compartment where shavings are usually held, the report stated.
The school principal contacted a police officer who came to the school at 5303 Wheelock Road. The officer confirmed that the substance was marijuana and weighed 2 grams, the report said.
Two students were questioned about the marijuana, and one was taken to the Allen County Juvenile Center on a marijuana possession charge.
* AHEM *
Guess this is better than knocking a fellow student unconscious on the bus, right?
(not hardly)
Wonder where the parents are in all this, or if they even give a rat's ass?
Let's fine THEM a nice amount, too...just to "be fair".
Someone once said that "If you want to get someone's attention, all you have to do is hit 'em where it hurts...namely in the HIP-NATIONAL BANK."
Sounds like a plan to me.
*** Next up, we have this little gem about a recent house fire on the SE side of town, that was NOT the result of "creative cooking" (read nodding off and leaving grease unattended all damn night):
Yes, friends, seems we have an ARSONIST around town...(who knew?)
At least he chose a VACANT house, slated for demolition (that only leaves around 400+ houses to go).
Maybe the city could "recruit" this person to HELP with those houses on the demolition list?
Betcha he comes CHEAP, too...talk about a "cost-saving" idea...right?
Just a thought...
*** Mayor Bloomberg (NYC) was supposed to rid Zucotti Park of the OWSers (the occupy crowd) so the city could CLEAN UP the park...well, that's what was SUPPOSED to happen today.
"The hard part about playing chicken is knowing when to flinch" - Captain Bart Mancuso - The Hunt for Red October (1990)
Well, folks, the mayor "flinched".
The sanitation crew will NOT be rolling through and cleaning up the mess left by the Occupy Wall St moonbats.
(score one for the bad guys, hmm?)
The "skinny" is that the "flea-baggers" will in fact clean the park THEMSELVES, reaching into a $150,000 fund they have (thank you, George Soros).

As to how long this standoff will last is anyone's guess, but if they are breaking the law, they will (or SHOULD) be held accountable...simple as that.
That reminds me, the season premiere of AMC's THE WALKING DEAD happens this weekend...zombies and guns...what's not to like.
Sounds to me like a park in NYC...LOL.
*** Lastly today, if you own a Blackberry, you probably went through some "rough waters" this week, with the "outage"...
It has since been remedied.
But be honest with yourself...did you think ANYTHING lasts forever?
Did you really believe that services such as this work "magically", and that NOTHING ever goes wrong with the technology?
Blackberry owners became downright PISSED over all this, and threatened to cause more damage to the market, which is struggling with competitors.
Some have already jumped on the iPhone bandwagon.
(I have yet to even get a cell phone or any other similar technology - I see the forest AND the trees here)
It's like when our computer server goes down...or when our hard drive gives up the ghost...we get really PO'ed.
We have become SO damn dependent upon the TECHNOLOGY, that we forget that it was HUMANS that brought it to light in the first place.
And since people are (relatively) human, they will make MISTAKES...somewhere...at some time...for some reason.
But, because we're a society that values IMMEDIACY above anything else (or so it appears), we get cheesed off VERY quickly.
Talk about A.D.D.
It's like I said the other day...we need to SLOW DOWN...take it easy, and not become SO damn dependent upon all these little "devices" that we forget WHO WE ARE.
Maybe, that's why we still have a land line...and why I ONLY do the blogs, and not all the twitter, facebook, myspace, and whatever other "social-media greeblies" are out there. I prefer the face-to-face gig (unless I'm reaching out and touching someone at a half-mile...in that case, I like a good 10X scope...lol).
Interpersonal involvement is what humanity is all about...we ARE all social creatures.
And by that, I mean we DO (or should) prefer personal contact.
But with all this tech out there, we have even MORE access to SO much more, and so MANY more people...and that's not necessarily a good thing.
Our attention becomes fragmented - pulled in too many directions, and we lose focus on more important things.
Trouble is, we're teaching our children how to become the way we're becoming...and at such a younger age (when they need to be kids, sucking down some Frosted Flakes and playing on the sliding board and swings at the local park).
They'll catch up...in their own time. Kids are more resilient than we give them credit for.
And WE need to be less demanding of "instant gratification".
Instant only works well for COFFEE...(and nuclear devastation)
Everything else will take a bit longer, but is usually ALWAYS worth the wait (except if it's for a bus...in the rain...and you have no umbrella)
But you get the idea here. Slow and steady wins the race.
The whole stopping to smell the roses thing makes good sense, especially in today's hectic world.
So if the Blackberry craps out, or the computer crashes...hell, go read a book, or take a walk. Spend some time with the kids or grandkids.
You'll be better off for doing so, as will those you spend that time with.
Again, I thank you ALL for being a special part of this blog, and of my life.
Do have yourselves a fantastic weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay safe out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

You are right Bob on the over-dependence on technology. The Blackberry thing was wild.

There is a series of commercials by one of the car companies that feature 20 something sons and daughters talking to the camera about how their parents don't have real lives because they don't facebook and stuff (it then shows clips of the parents having a great time doing things). I think many get confused with punching letters on a device as "living." Too bad.

Yeah, when we first moved to the rural part of your home state , I had a long work commute and after several years never even came close to hitting a deer.

I guess the percentages caught up with me and I hit 3 in one year. Thankfully, two were small and did little damage to our car, but the last one, a buck, did a number on it.

Enjoy your weekend.

Bob G. said...

Wow...(and ouch)...sorry to hear about those deer hits.
I mean, I try to brake for squirrels and birds most times (whwen no one else is around).
Sometimes, it can't be avoided, as one unfortunate pigeon found out a while back in Philly...feathers flying from the grille of the car...

And yes, as adults, we "grow" into this technological dependency, but now, it's the adults that are forcing in onto the kids (along with the educational system, sales and marketing firms).

Capitalism Is good, but I think we ALL can find our way nicely without being coerced every single moment.

We can use technology properly...OR we can allow it to use US instead.

I much prefer the former.

Thanks a lot for swinging on by today and commenting.

Have a great weekend.
Stay safe (and deer-free) out there.

ms nk rey said...

Hey Bobby G, Just wanted to tell you that I do take a break from the computer and cell phone and read books.. on my Kindle. How bad is that? Our local library, and probably yours too, now lends ebooks. It works so well for me and my lifestyle. Also I maybe wrong here, but isn't that park that the OWS folks are occupying a Privately Owned Park?

Bob G. said...

You know what?
I think that items like KINDLE can be actually GOOD for people that might suffer from respiratory issues...none of the "dust" or lint from book pages to inhale...so that's fine by me.

Technically, the park is PRIVATELY owned (by Brookfield Properties) and it IS privately MAINTAINED as well.
Used to be called Liberty Plaza Park (irony here?)and it rests near 4 World Trade Center in lower Manhattan.

And "technically, it COULD be considered "trespassing", in case Bloomberg wants to pursue that (which he probably won't)

Don't wanna hear him bitch about the NYC BUDGET when it's time to count the money...
They're already OVER $500K for O/T with the NYPD.

Don't these people have somewhere ELSE to be at night?
(asshats, all)

Hey, thanks a lot for spending some time here today and commenting.

Have a great weekend & stay safe down there

CWMartin said...

Congrats on 1400! I just passed 500 (on a sad note, though, it's the "Cassie" post)this week myself.

On the deer thing, we got ours a few years back. So not fun. Rather see them on walks, as Scrappy and I did about an hour ago. I think the worst of it was the blow from the air bag which I think concussed me and left me thinking for about ten minutes that my ears were ringing- actually the horn going off.

Bob G. said...

I read the Cassie post...sorry to hear about that.
Wifey and I went through this back in 1997 with our hamsters - we still have their "busy ball" and the habitrail, along with a bag of bedding...can't seem to get rid of it.
Lost my share of pets...dogs, cats, turtles, ducks (a city boy that had 2 ducklings..gonna blog about that someday), and it's never "easy".

Guess that's what comes with unconditional love.

Certainly hope that WE never hit a deer...I'm not a big fan of venison...or repair shops.

Now I DO like BISON...BUT, I don't plan to drive west to run into one, trash a perfectly good car JUST for a burger or steaks...lol.

Thanks for taking time to stop on by today and comment...
And here's to your NEXT 500 posts...they DO add up after a spell.

Have a better weekend, my friend.
Stay safe up there.