13 October 2011

More Things That Make You Go "Hmmm"...
We're winding down this week nicely (so far), and here in the Heartland, it looks to be a great fall weekend with more seasonal temperatures.
Got some local school delays...for "fog".
Sorry, not seeing any where WE are (even the weather often avoids our ghettohood...lol)
I imagine it's the RURAL areas that have the fog....much like in New Jersey, where I daily drove the low-lying roads.
Now THAT was decent fog.
(and if you want some SERIOUS fog, try driving the mountains through parts of Ohio and definitely Pennsylvania...like driving through sheets hanging on a clothesline...no kidding!)
But, we've some "things" to take care of here today, so let's get busy with those, okay?
*** Item: Fort Wayne/ Allen County finally chalks up it's 16th homicide (whew, about time).
(( Published: October 13, 2011 3:00 a.m.
Heart wound killed felon in West Central - Archie Ingersoll The Journal Gazette
An autopsy performed Wednesday showed that a man stabbed last week in Fort Wayne’s West Central neighborhood died from a stab wound to the heart.
The death of Jamie T. Zimmerman, 34, of Fort Wayne was ruled a homicide, the county’s 16th in 2011, the Allen County Coroner’s Office said.
Zimmerman was stabbed the evening of Oct. 4, and he died from his injuries Sunday at Parkview Hospital, the coroner’s office said.
The man accused of stabbing Zimmerman, Keith Hargrove, was initially charged with aggravated battery, but county prosecutors have decided not to file formal charges against him, saying he acted in self-defense. Hargrove, 46, was released from the county jail Wednesday evening.
Authorities said Zimmerman and two other men went to Hargrove’s home in the 900 block of West Washington Boulevard to collect $40 they said was owed by his wife. They threatened to keep coming back and kick in their door until they received the money, according to court records.
Police were called to the home several times in the minutes before the stabbing. Neighbors called to report that the men were trying to break into Hargrove’s home, authorities said.
At one point, one of the men pushed Hargrove’s wife, and she slapped him in retaliation. Zimmerman then threatened to knock her out, according to court documents. After the stabbing, police found Zimmerman injured about a block from Hargrove’s home.
Zimmerman, who shot a man in the face with a shotgun in 1998, was convicted of aggravated battery and was released from prison last year.
Guess "Zimmy" learned HIS lesson the HARD way, unfortunately.
Now, compared to over 200 homicides in Philly (so far this year), this is NOTHING, but then again, we have about 1/10th the population (with apparently JUST as many morons)...it's all simple math, people.
Lesson to be learned here...never borrow money from a convicted felon, and if you're a felon that DOES lend money, bring a gun to a knife fight...just in case.
*** Item: Toucan Sam & Tony the Tiger get an 11th hour reprieve...for the time being.
Here;'s the FOX link to the story:
Now, I'm sorry, but stuff like this REALLY pisses me the hell off (more than usual)!
You mess with my FROOT LOOPS...you mess with ME.
(and you don't wanna see me BEFORE I had my bowl - not a pleasant proposition)
I can recall cartoon characters on my cereal boxes as far back as I can remember...the MAYPO kid in cowboy gear, Snap, Crackle & Pop on the Rice Krispies, box, hell, even that QUAKER guy with the funny hat on the OATMEAL box.
Then came Toucan Sam, Count Chocula, Frankenberry, Quisp and Quake, as well as a slew of others.
Now WHO could EVER forget the TRIX RABBIT???
(And, as CWM noted over at his blog a few days ago, DID finally get his box, thanks to a vote from kids...talk about the "election process" AT WORK, huh?)

And who hasn''t heard Tony the Tiger of Frosted Flakes fame loudly proclaiming:
"They're GRRrreeeaaaAAATTT...!", hmm?
C'mon...gimme a damn break, here...this is all part of being a child...or at least keeping that child-like part of all of us ALIVE.
Our government needs to butt the f$ck out over this...kids should be allowed TO BE KIDS...period.
And cereal box characters are an integral part of being a kid.
So Michelle (my belle) Obama, keep yer HANDS OFF, kapeesh?
That goes for all your cronies from the FDA, CDC, or whoever the hell else you're conjuring up, too.
CAP'N CRUNCH will NOT suffer losing his "command", or a demotion or even a forced resignation...got it?
*** Item: Holder Gets "Served"...
Attorney general Eric Holder was subpoenaed in the investigation into the whole "Fast & Furious" gun deal to Mexican cartels.
And about damn time, too.
This shrub needs to man-up, take responsibility, and then RESIGN his post.
To me, this is bigger than even Watergate, because a Border Patrol officer was KILLED because of this FUBAR operation.
Who the hell in their right mind lets ALL these guns "walk" across the border and NOT follow up and trace them, without arresting ANYONE, hmm?
If this was all a ploy to disallow AMERICANS the right to keep and bear arms, by claiming it was gun shop owners HERE that were "at fault"...guess what, people? It failed...miserably, too.
I believe it was such a deal...fostered to allow new legislation targeted at gun owners HERE (Hillary Clinton would love to pursue such a thing, too).
Thank God for those willing to let the TRUTH come out on this...emails will tell the story, even if people will not.
So, Mr. Holder, I hope that door doesn't hurt TOO much when it smacks your ass on the way OUT.
You need to leave your office, before you become a larger disgrace to this nation and it's government.
Oh, and don't try to DIVERT our attention by "suddenly" claiming your departments halted a terrorist threat...
You sat on this information for TWO DAMN WEEKS...and we see YOUR "transparency" for what it is.
(AH, yes...I feel MUCH better now...)
*** Item: Search of bloomers lead to arrest.
Seems a Fort Wayne woman tried to steal about $400 of clothes from Burlington Coat Factory, and failed.
Police discovered the stolen merchandise under her clothing after she left the changing room.
Millicent Ross, 44 of Canterbury drive has a warrant out for her arrest, but was not in custody as of Wednesday evening....wonder WHY?
You caught her with the "goods" (36 items total), so what's the story?
*** Woman receives meth in mail...gets more than she bargained for.
Beware of packages from Fresno, CA., especially the ones that contain 0.55 pounds of a crystalline substance.
Anna Deck, of the 900 block of Columbia Avenue found out that other people will stop by after you take receipt of such a package...like the POLICE.
A drug dog hit on the package at the USPS, and police obtained a search warrant for the residence, before the package was allowed to be delivered.
So, when Anna got her mail, she also got a "visit" from people with badges...and guns...
And because the meth was within reach of her 4-year old daughter, CPS was brought on board, due to neglect of a dependent.
Anna is being held in lieu of $54,000 bail...(welcome to Ft. Wayne).
*** Item: FWPD to not purchase any new cruisers
Because of budget restraints, the FWPD will NOT be buying 82 new police cars for 2012, as well as NOT hiring state or federal lobbyists.
Well, that should save some money...
Of course, with no lobbying, who is going to try and secure government GRANTS for equipment or upgrades?
(you could always send some nice, flowery postcards or greeting cards, I guess)
Officers with 2 years in "the bag" (uniform) get a take home car...or they used to. new officers that meet the requirement of time in won't next year...(oh, well). But, that could be a good thing.
It COULD lead to more TWO-OFFICER cruisers on our (my) streets), and when it comes to law-enforcement, there is ALWAYS safety in numbers.
In certain parts of cities, it makes good sense to have 2 officers per cruiser, especially with the way some citizens drive with abandon.
Another set of eyes is a good thing...always.
*** Lastly today...I think that it's NEVER too early to get a Christmas gift...or too late, for that matter.
So, imagine my glee when I saw that one problem house down the block with pickup trucks taking a sh*tload of stuff OUT and driving north.
I've bemoaned this house ever since the refuse of humanity moved the hell into it, and finally, fate steps the hell in and foes something.
(maybe the city should hire FATE...I hear he works for cheap most days, and no pension payout required)
Now, even though I saw it yesterday, I still have reservations...I believe in the city THAT little.
I don't know the reason they moved the stuff out, nor do I care.
What I do know is that there was drug use in the house with TODDLERS inside, and said toddlers often roamed into the streets.
Police and EMS visited the house monthly, there was loud music from the place, and trash from those living there scattered about the street every week.
Personally, I'll take whatever victory wherever I can get it...no matter how small.
And I will chalk this up to MY diligence, and MY persistence to make this area better for EVERYONE, as long as they are willing to do much the same as I do, in order to keep it that way.
Anything LESS, and they become part of the problem...NOT the solution, and will wind up on some list of mine.
Perhaps with more Hispanics in the area, this can change, as they tend to have a better sense of "familia", as it were.
They also have some of the deadliest street gangs in the nation...talk about a possible Catch-22.
We can hope that REASON and DECENCY will prevail...at least for the short term.
In the long run, it's going to take a lot more people that feel the way I do, ethnicity aside, to take back an area that has been allowed to be forgotten by MOST of the "establishment", especially the minority community and their so-called leadership.
We can do this...one person at a time...one house at a time, and one neighborhood at a time.
But slow and steady always seem to win the race...we're in a marathon here...not a 100 yd. sprint.
Yes, that's one house down...and about too many more to go.
My concern is for that NEXT neighborhood that has to deal with such "people"...I wish them luck (they're gonna need it).
Now, which house will I choose NEXT, hmm?
(got enough to pick from, that's for sure)
...And where the hell is my bowl of FROOT LOOPS???
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

Yeah we live in a river valley and the kids would be delayed 1/2 of the school year if they did that for fog around here.

And with the cereal--is anything not safe? I have been a regular kids cereal consumer for years and years. The worst thing they did to them previously was remake the Frosted Flakes formula with reduced sugar (yuck). Glad they went back.

Bob G. said...

In the 12 years I went to school (excepting my year of college), I NEVER has delayed for fog.
(city life has it's "perks",kinda)

I think the schools do it because the ability of the school bus drivers isn't what it USED to be (imho), for one thing...
I also think it's to protect the kids from the LOUSY drivers in general that don't think weather conditions of ANY kind mean a hill of beans.
(those are the drivers that put OTHERS in the hospital with regularity)

As for the cereals?
I hated the "reduced" sugar thing, too...found it recently with the instant oatmeal I bought.
It said "20% LESS sugar"...so I ADDED 20% MORE when I made some...lol.
(problem solved there)

Now, they're adding FIBER to my FROOT LOOPS, and I thought that's what BRAN FLAKES were for...sheesh.
'Ya can't seem to win.

Hey, thanks a lot for spending some time here today and commenting.

Stay safe (and dry) out there.

John D said...

I guess today's lesson is you should use Fedex to ship your drugs. Another blow to an almost-bankrupt US Postal Service.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
You might have really HIT on something here...

Granted that using the USPS (Which bleeds money like a stuck pig) is not a GOOD choice...BUT...what if they gets a "kickback" for every drug deal FOILED...kinda like "commission" work???

Maybe it's another one of Attorney General Holder's "excellent adventures"?
With these mooks in D.C., you never can tell, right?

Hey, thanks for rolling on by today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

For God's sake DO NOT SEND THEM NORTH!!!

Bob G. said...

If you're referring to the former "bneighbors"...too late.
The last I saw those pickups, they were headed....NORTH.
(but I don't think they'll wind up THAT far up there...lol.

And if they DO, at least you know which vehicles to look out for, right?

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

STay safe up there.

Momma Fargo said...

Captain Crunch rules! Love the homicide number. It seems low this year?

It appears from your surveillance that the neighbors are movers and shakers. :)

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I liked Cap'n Crunch since it forst came out (and that was before you were born...LOL)
Once you toughen the roof of your mouth up, it doesn't cut it as much.
MY favorite is FROOT LOOPPS, and since "you are what you eat"...that's kinda scary, doncha think, considering I OWN FIREARMS?

Yeah, the homicides are down this year , but I think that the perps are even getting TOO LAZY to aim straight. Maybe they're hoping the government does THAT for tham as well?

Oh, that bunch down the street was nothing short of 20 miles of "bad road"...good riddance to bad rubbish, I say.
Can't wait to nsee the NEXT group of "sh*t-for-brains" that move in.

Thanks so much for taking time out and rolling on up today.
Much appreciated.
(BTW, I'm past 13 chapters into that novel...damn good read)

You stay safe out there.