21 October 2011

Friday Follies...
Well, well, well.....where to begin today?
-Let's see...Moammar Gadhafi is STILL dead.
-The economy still bites.
-Job outlooks are crappy.
-Reported crimes are down (unreported crimes are UP).
-We still have the "occupiers" all over the damn place.
-Most reality TV truly sucks.
-Our "ghettohood" is still just that.
-Many of today's kids have their head farther up their ass than we ever did at that age.
-The housing market is in the crapper.
-Almost ALL criminals are still as stupid as the day is long.
-And, the IRS is still one of THE most powerful departments in government.
Yeah, that about covers it...I'm outta here....!
Hold on...just kidding...lots of fun stuff to cover today.
*** Another shooting at Piere's Nightclub
(( Updated Oct 21, 2011 at 6:11 AM EDT
FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Indiana's NewsCenter) - Police are investigating a shooting which put at least two people in the hospital.
The incident happened outside the Piere's nightclub at the Marketplace of Canterbury around 3 this morning.
Details surrounding the shooting have not yet been released.
Officials say two people were hospitalized in serious condition.
There were reports a third person had been shot, but police say they have not yet verified that.
All three victims are at a local hospital in serious condition.
One victim was found near the Riverview Residential Nursing Home, behind Piere's.
Neighbors saw the man and alerted police.
No arrests have yet been reported.
I have to ask WHY a nightclub is SO near (of all things) a NURSING HOME?
They think old people are ALL deaf? Or BLIND?
(Okay to play loud music and have shootings...those old people won't notice...yeah, right.)
And then, there's THIS...
*** Pair rob gas station of cash, cigarettes
Here's the link to the story:
And, BTW, this happened on the (...all together, gang...) SOUTH EAST SIDE of Ft. Wayne.
I know exactly where this place is...used to drive past it every day, and yes, they have their very OWN ghettohood all around it.
Too bad the officers suffered a bit of hindsight on this, but at least they DID turn back around and return to the station.
If something LOOKS suspicious, by all means...INVESTIGATE IT...(you have the authority, the shield AND the gun) because you might foil a robbery BEFORE it occurs. Don't wait until afterwards to "rethink" the nature of what you saw...go with your GUT FEELINGS (and training).
Better to be a bit "nosy" (as an officer) than to be non-chalant about things.
This story is even quirkier.
(( Published: October 21, 2011 3:00 a.m.
Gang of 4 pilfers $2,800 in lingerie - The Journal Gazette
Four women toting "huge purses" stole more than $2,800 in bras and panties from Victoria’s Secret in Glenbrook Square Mall, a Fort Wayne police report said.
Officers were sent to the store at 8 p.m. Tuesday after emergency dispatchers were told the women were leaving the mall with lots of stolen goods.
By the time police arrived, the women were gone, according to the report.
Victoria’s Secret employees told officers the women entered the store together.
They all had "huge purses" and were friendly with the staff, the report said.
According to the report, one woman would talk with an employee as a diversion, while the other women would collect bras and underwear.
When an employee called co-workers for help, the four women quickly left the store, the report said.
The women took about 50 bras valued at $45 each and about 50 pairs of panties valued at $12.50 each, for a total loss of about $2,875, according to the report.
Employees told police these women have stolen from the store several times before.
Okay, as someone who used to work "Loss-Prevention" (in 3 states for a big box store), let me say that there is too much wrong with this, and that this particular theft should have NEVER happened.
Whenever a "group" of people with a "similar" style of dress (over sized clothing, large purses, a lot of bags from other stores, etc) that should send up the FIRST red flag. And the store cameras SHOULD be rolling the whole time, so let me say that up front.
Store personnel need to be aware of the "diversion" tactic, too. Whenever one of the people engages a clerk in some trivial manner, the others in her group need to be watched a little more closely.
And the clerk needs to see if the person they're talking with is in fact, "screening" the others (blocking the view) as they pilfer away.
Lastly, if the store has it's own security staff, if they're not alerted via CCTV, they need to be on the floor shadowing the suspicious people, and even follow them from the store, if they know (and can prove) that stock has been removed from the store.
Doesn't get any easier than that...all that needs done then is to bust them...happy ending all around.
Maybe Victoria's "Secret" will include some surveillance tapes in the future?
Lesson to learn here? If something doesn't look right, it probably ain't!
*** Fort Wayne's Alley maintenance become focus of study.
When I read this, I about fell the hell outta my damn chair...are you kidding me?
The Board of Public Works (maybe that should read BORED and not BOARD?) has APPROVED $45,000 for this study from VS Engineering as they collect "data" on the 150 miles of alleys in Fort Wayne...!?!
Yeah, this IS, without a doubt, a REAL "WTF?" moment!
Now, I'm gonna play "dumb" , AND climb WAY out on a limb here, and guess that it's much TOO difficult to get TWO employees, hand 'em both cameras and laptops, stick 'em in a city vehicle and have them DRIVE THE ALLEYS to collect data...right?
I mean THAT venture shouldn't take more than a MONTH...tops!
This study that's been paid for won't produce results until NEXT APRIL...you're sh*tting me, right?
Am I wrong, or is this a stupendous waste of money?
Hell, lemme borrow a city vehicle, gimme a second set of eyes and WE can get it done in that month and for a helluva lot less than that $45K...!
(and THAT includes lunch AND gas allowance per diem...lol)
This type of crap is ridiculous...period.
Cripes, $45K to collect DATA?
I could collect TRASH for less than that and make the alleys look better in the process!
This city LOVES to spend everyone else's money...and they LOVE to hire consultants, and LOVE to create studies, task forces, committees, and anything else that "looks" important...we seen as much downtown with the Harrison fiasco.
Why not STUDY why the f&ck my neighborhood has devalued OUR property about 80% over the last 5 years, and why there's no accountability for landlords or tenants...and why NCE doesn't do a thorough job when they cut the grass for a property violation?
Why not study the demographics and see WHY there is more crime when there are more ethnics in the area?
Why not study WHY "poor" people are driving ESCALADES...and DON'T WORK?
Why not investigate WELFARE FRAUD...or VOTER FRAUD (someone from Yale is already checking into THAT - the 2008 Democratic primary election in NE Indiana...and for a lot less than you'd believe...call it a hobby of sorts).
It makes you wonder sometimes...
You take the time to read between the lines, educate yourself on the basics, and carry some common sense around with you all the time...and you FIND OUT stuff...and then the pieces begin to fall in place.
Each of us has an obligation...to ourselves, to our families and to this nation to ensure that our freedoms and liberties are not subjugated for some lame proposal of "care" from an over sized government.
And the best way to start is doing what I just mentioned.
Hell, many of you are already doing it...and finding out on your own...good for you.
Being able to think is one of the greatest attributes of our humanity, and serves us well, when properly applied.
Be nice if Washington D.C. would find that much out, wouldn't it?
Do have yourselves a fantastic weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay safe out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Not surprising, the Pierre's thing. My son tells me that the scene at Pierres at closing usually invovles blacks fighting and whites barfing. For all the legendary manhood of these characters, it baffles me why a good time has to be punctuated with a fight or has to include a gun. You know youre a loser when the guy barfing on the car across the parking lot is showing more manhood than you.

Bob G. said...

Your son is spot on, as are you with your assessments.

I learned REAL early on what it means to "be a man"...and it didn't include chucking all the booze I paid for across the parking lot OR starting a fight.

We actually DID have a good time all those years ago...and we ALSO survived to manhood...amazing!

What astounds me is that on the ONE hand, people claim that STEREOTYPING is wrong, while on the OTHER hand, the same people KEEP exhibiting the SAME behavior.

Got as much HYPOCRACY there as on Wall St. these days, eh?

Hey, thanks for taking a little time to visit here today and comment.
I'll be bopping by to step into your "time machine", too, as well as the 60s countdown.

Have yourselves a great weekend.
Stay safe up there.