20 October 2011

In case You're Wondering...
Yep, still raining here, but it's not some "gully-washer" from (clap, clap, clap, clap) deep in the heart of Texas...just a nice, steady rainfall.
Been like this for almost the past 24 hours.
And, we've got the better part of today to add to that.
Of course our paper came LATER than usual, so I'm reading it "on-the-fly" here and had some other things going on this AM, and hopefully, there will be enough "asshattery" to provide some fodder for today's post.
((...pause for effect to signify a time-lapse...))
Sure enough, found me some idiots and stories worth sharing,. so buckle up, and get ready...
*** But FIRST, the answers to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT?
-- The person to whom the phrase "...Today is a good day to die" is none other than the native American Lakota chief RED CLOUD, when summoning up his warriors to repel Custer's attack at the Little Big Horn river on 25 June, 1876.
-- The TWO people to whom the second quote "...You want to live forever?" is attributed are:
1) Frederick the Great - 18 June, 1757 when the Guards hesitated at the battle of Kolin. He called to his "rascals".
2) Sgt. Dan Daly - 4 June, 1918 leading U.S. Marines at Belleau Wood - he called to his fellow "bastards".
(...and thanks for playing)
Now, without any further ado...let us press forward.
*** Oh, yes, we've plenty of the "special kind of stupid" this morning, as can be found in THIS story:
We had a METH bust on the (all together gang)...SOUTH EAST SIDE of Ft. Wayne.
James R. Christopher, 31, of the 4000 blk. of Webster St had been cooking meth in his GARAGE for OVER TWO MONTHS, as he admitted to police.
And when being busted for illegal substances, you REALLY don't want to add to that by attempting to grab the officer's SIDEARM...that will get you a "wood shampoo" real fast, not to mention additional charges.
James DID...(ouch)!
He said he wanted the gun to KILL himself (what? The meth isn't doing it FAST enough?)...maybe he should have gone to play on the railroad tracks or interstate?
Proof positive of the lowlifes we have inhabiting THIS part of Ft. Wayne...
But wait, there's more...
*** This little gem comes to us from the J-G newspaper:
(( Published: October 20, 2011 3:00 a.m.
2 escape blaze at south-end home - The Journal Gazette
Two people escaped a house fire early Wednesday on Fort Wayne’s south side, the city fire department said.
About 6:30 a.m., fire crews were sent to 4129 Robinwood Drive, near East Rudisill and South Anthony boulevards.
They were met by flames and smoke coming from the front of the one-story home. A fire in the attic was brought under control after about 10 minutes.
Two adults had evacuated the home on their own after hearing a smoke detector’s alarm. No injuries were reported.
The blaze, which caused heavy damage, remains under investigation.
At least it didn't start in the KITCHEN...or occurred in a a VACANT house (like the two we have close by to OUR house).
But...in the ATTIC???
What the hell would cause a fire up THERE? (auxiliary lodging for transients?)
Could be a case of bad wiring (mice love to gnaw on that), or a case of dumbassery gone wild.
Well, we won't be adding that to the "razing" list...(damn)!
*** Had to call in a signal *101* (open door) this morning when a neighbor (who noticed it) called to tell me.
(nice to know I'm trusted, even down here...lol)
Curiously enough, THIS is the SAME house I mentioned LAST WEEK (13 October post) - the (problem) people that bugged out all of a sudden on the morning of the 12th (thank the Lord).
I would bet the farm (if I owned one) that "someone" who was formerly cribbing there did NOT hand in ALL the keys (typical), OR, the locks WERE changed and "someone" saw fit to just kick the door in...that's also TYPICAL down here, even when the house is OCCUPIED.
And I have my suspicions as to who it could be, given the nature of how I have surveilled the house since the last bunch of mooks moved into it.
Suffice it to say 2 FWPD officers were "cooping" down the block and were sent in to investigate.
(be nice if they found someone inside...I would LOVE to see that, but they soon left w/o anyone in custody...DAMN!)
Still, hope springs eternal in our "little house on the ghettohood", simply because...the price is right.
Moving on...
*** Even though this has turned into another media circus, I think it bears some scrutiny, simply because I'm a lover of animals.
here's the link to the story:
I will admit that I do prefer viewing some animals from the RIGHT side of the fence or cage, as it were.
But to see the lives of these lions, tigers, and bears (oh, my) among other creatures whose only crime was to be set free in a populated area, snuffed out by a keeper that committed suicide after letting them all loose, speaks to the private "ownership" and display of such creatures.
I'm not really into the ownership of what is called an "exotic" animal...even an ocelot is really pushing the envelope here.
These animals are meant to be IN THE WILD for, if no other reason, than the fact that they are indeed...WILD, and are not, nor can be properly DOMESTICATED. Hell, we see evidence of domesticated "pets" being turned into savages, or at least feral, and all in urban environments.
That's just wrong.
And while we DO have OUR share of exotic "animals" down here in the ghettohood, such as a fairly common species called:
"Saevus Hominum Ignarus Africanus Americanus"
(And it's only because I watched a LOT of Road Runner cartoons growing up that I can define species using LATIN so damn well...LOL)
Unfortunately, this species is currently under the "monetary protection" of our very own U.S. government (and you have yourselves to thank).
*** Seems like Moammar Gadhafi has been KILLED (and about damn time, too). Apparently, his convoy (he was running for his useless life) was struck, according to NATO sources.
Good...now we won't have to put up with HIS rants and ramblings at the U.N. any longer...(just that bearded, tie-less twerp from IRAN now).
I will say he was the LEAST worrisome in that whole area, but it's always easier to kill THOSE guys, right?
Yes, friends...the man who DRESSED WORSE than Liberace, and who LOOKED WORSE than Keith Richards (on a good day) is no more.
And people are celebrating in Libya by firing off guns all over the place...gee, and here I thought they were ringing in the NEW YEAR much as they always seem to on the...(all together, gang)...SOUTHEAST SIDE of Fort Wayne...silly me.
Be interesting to see which idiot winds up IN CHARGE in Libya NOW, and how that will affect things both there AND here.
*** Lastly today, as I watch the rain (and the police at the house down the street), it makes me think about stuff...
When I go someplace...any place, I have a good idea HOW to proceed...a direction...a course, be it on foot, on bike, by car, or whatever else.
But, when I see the state of affairs HERE, (as well as everywhere else in the world), I really have to stop and wonder: "OK, how the hell did 'we' get HERE, and why did we even bother to make the trek if we were going to wind up at this point, and in this situation?"
Can't really say I had much to do with it, at least not in the NATIONAL or GLOBAL ways.
Bet you can mirror that sentiment, too.
When did we feel it was fine to let things progress as they were, or better yet, evolve into what they are today?
Guess most of us were busy living our lies, taking care of family and things within out own sphere of influence.
And little by little, things HAVE changed, and not much for the better.
In many ways, so much has occurred behind our backs (by design and with purpose) that we're finding ourselves playing "catch-up" most every day to some degree. That tends to impact on OUR lives, and mostly draws our focus from "US".
We wake up one day and wonder WTF has happened to our city...or country, or the world itself.
We ask why the world has taken leave of it's senses.
We see signs of religious persecution and denial against Christians daily, wholesale violation of rights of individuals, while allowing others a free-pass to anarchy (fostered by years of apathetic people with nothing better to pursue).
This nation is suffering from a form of chronic "Double-standardism" (from Bob's lexicon - hard at work for you).
Those of us that have refused to be bought out, compromised, or subjugated find it more difficult to lead our lives.
And that shouldn't happen.
Those that would seek chaos through whatever means have no purpose, or reason...or goal, other than to promote a nihilistic outlook for this country.
And that must NEVER happen.
We need to stand strong, believe in what is right...and just...and proper.
We have to eschew the values that made those before us the generations we revere.
And it can be done by each of us...it must be done.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

On the Gadhafi thing, I think we have been helping the resistance fighters a lot covertly (I don't remember seeing a bunch of rag-tag fighters perform so well against an entrenched dictator with seasoned troops), so I hope our administrators got what they wanted out of it.

Not sure why we are sending troops to Uganda with such a vague mission though.

Yeah, the alley study is a head-scratcher.

I think the panty thieves will strike again--since as you said they met so little resistance.

Bob G. said...


I'll bet if we ALL knew HOW MUCH MONEY was going to WHICH countries and to WHAT END...we'd be beside ourselves!
The rebels DEFINITELY had help (and plenty enough to get the job done).

Uganda's been rife with civil war for damn close to a century...dunno WHY we'd only send 100 "troops" (read advisors).
Semms a repeat of the Nam.

OR...the U.S. could be wanting to see about COFFEE and OIL.
Here's a link to the STATE DEPT:


No mention of OIL (production yet), but Uganda HAS BEEN taking money to FUND petroleum operations there.

Panty thieves versus gov't nonsense (alley projects)...they appear kinda related to some degree.
They BOTH can be used to cover one's ass...LOL!

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Have a great weekend.