19 October 2011

Humpday Happenings...
It's a pretty soft day out here in the Heartland...plenty of rain to go around. Total rainfall is expected to be in the 1-2 inch range (maybe more), plus the temps are going to remain in the upper 40s-low 50s for the duration (and windy on top of it)...yepper, it's Autumn all right.
*** Now, before we get into the realm of the totally weird and relatively unbelievable (that would be daily life these days), let's make up for the missing quote LAST week by providing a bit of brain-bending with a "two-fer" this morning.
*** Any of you that watched Star Trek, the Next Generation (or saw the movie First Contact) heard the character Worf , or another Klingon exclaim (more than once):
"...Today IS a good day to die!"
But he is NOT the first person to say that, so WHO SAID THAT (first)?
(hint: yes, we was an American)
*** And in the movie STARSHIP TROOPERS, we hear the Sarge (Michael Ironside) shout:
"...C'mon you apes...you want to live forever?"
Now, this is slightly different from the original version, but there are TWO instances from much different eras to which THIS quote is attributed.
Either one will work here, and if you know BOTH, kudos-in-advance.
(hint: both quotes were said in Europe, but ONE was said by an American)
Have fun with these...
*** Next up, did you know that the "occupy-ers" in NYC (those ANTI-GREED people) have taken over $400,000 in "contributions" to their "cause"???
Anyone else seeing just a wee bit of HYPOCRISY here???
Here's a link to the source article from the AP:
And to make things more interesting, did you know that all the "supplies" are being stored at a facility owned by the state's TEACHER'S UNION?
I guess that union reflects the TEACHERS and THEIR position on this protest?
Somehow, it would appear to me as if someone is placing words in a lot of educators' mouths...
I'd like to hear from teachers that are against this protest, and feel their time could be put to better use, like teaching students to grow up and not be JUST LIKE these folks occupying Zucotti Park in NYC...or anywhere else in this nation. I find it odd that many of these "flea-baggers" protest the very thing that allows them to BE there in the first place.
If they do indeed find THIS nation too much against their liking, there ARE plenty of other countries around the world that would be a a"better fit" for these people. Wonder how they'd handle the REAL socialism? Bet they'd want back here SO damn fast, it wouldn't be funny.
Be nice if "someone" would make them the offer...just for "sh*ts and grins".
*** Didn't watch the GOP debate last night...don't really care to either, considering it's never a REAL debate, or even a round-table discussion.
It's more a Q&A with rebuttal, no matter what channel hosts them.
And every single time, the candidates tend to focus on ONE thing...and never let it go.
Last night, it was Herman Cain's turn to "be in the spotlight", with his 9-9-9 plan.
He bore the brunt of most everyone else on this ONE issue.
Last time, it was Gov. Rick Perry's turn to "squirm on the hook".
But, it seems to me that everyone ELSE gets the "hard-time" or the bombard EXCEPT for Mitt Romney.
It's as though, through careful orchestration, this candidate is being the one groomed for the White House run.
No one has taken him to task at length, and I think (in all FAIRNESS), that he should man-up and "take his turn", as it were.
Do I feel he's the "best" candidate to run against Obama?
Well, damn near anyone is better than what we currently have running this "dog & pony" show in D.C., but that's just my 2 cents.
When I hear any of these others talk about issues, I want to hear some SPECIFICS, and not another run of "generalities" spewing from the old piehole, right? I want to know WHY a person should vote for this man or woman, without a doubt, and I don't think that's asking too much...from ANY candidate.
*** Next up, a few items from the news:
-- If you receive Social Security (legally) in some fashion...sound the trumpets and let the pigeons loose...you're GETTING A RAISE!
(for your OWN money you paid into it all those years)
Whatta deal, huh?
Here's the link to the story:
The raise will be 3.5%, which translates to somewhere around $40 a month for most people...won't that be nice to see, especially since this administration as seen fit to cause not only our DOLLAR to be devalued, but prices for things to RISE...
So that $40 bucks might even buy about $20 bucks worth of whatever you NEED...
-- Fort Wayne city council hardly supports ANY budget cuts.
Here's the link to the article:
I watched part of it last evening, and I have to say it was "spirited" to say the least. And you can usually find a really GOOD summary of the meetings over at AWB's gig (blog-link at left) posted by Jim Sack (he's got a way with words, trust me).
-- Wow, ANOTHER rapper arrested for drugs...and gun violations.
Here's the link:
"Soulja Boy" (ROFLMAO...whatta frigging asshole name), busted in GA for weapons and drugs...imagine that. How many does that make THIS year...are we close to a HUNDRED rappers "served" yet (would seem so).
Helluva ROLE MODEL for black youth...or ANYONE for that matter (unless you're a misogynistic anarchist).
-- The Philly "horror house" case gets more involved.
Here's the link to the story:
(plenty of related articles at this site, too...but be warned, it's pretty graphic stuff.)
And here's some pictures from the scene (don't worry, I didn't include the ones with filth that would make you toss yer breakfast)

*** It saddens me to think that ANYTHING like this could happen in an area where I spent 25 years of my life...but then again, it USED to be a lot more "citizen-friendly" when I lived there. Blame that on working-class people with a sense of pride...and dignity, and a commitment to not only their family and job, but to the COMMUNITY itself.
So when people say "Bob, why do you harp about the 'good old days' so much?", it's because those days WERE better...didn't have ANY of this kind of crap going on in the area...people minded their "Ps & Qs" a lot more and a lot better in times past.
And we had a lot fewer people "on the take" from the taxpayers, courtesy of "entitlement" programs that allow the wrong folks to get the right stuff...and at OUR dime to boot. A lot more people made due with less...and they WORKED to better themselves and their families.
If there was any charity, it was through PRIVATE means, usually the church or Salvation Army, but there was some religious aspect to most all of them. It wasn't government-funded or taxpayer-sponsored....and people of EVERY race DID OK.
But it's this whole entitlement issue that continues to allow (and in many cases actually encourages) the sort of scenarios we see here in NE Philly, as well as spawn the human refuse who perpetrate such atrocities against their fellow humans.
We'd best pay attention to what's going on not only in our society, but in and around our own streets (and homes).
If this case can happen in an area that I remember as being a LOT better than it has been allowed to become today, who's to say it's not happening in a lot of other places that were JUST AS NICE...and have become JUST AS BAD, hmm?
Just a little something to think about, my friends.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


CWMartin said...

First, sorry to see about that house next to you last night. Nothing like making a bad situation worse, eh? Too bad no one gets the idea that if something looks like you TAKE PRIDE in it, it tends to breed pride around it. Fort Wayne desperately needs to learn that lesson.
Second, I know whatcha mean about Soulja boy. I only get the weekend Urinal-Gazzette, but every week there's a story on page two about the latest rich low-life being busted/incarcerated/ committing a crime.
Three, remind me to tell a funny story about Starship Troopers when it was at the dollar movies a while back.
Fourth, I don't think that its so much "grooming Romney" as it is that he and Perry are the most mediagenic candidates. If there's subtle manipulation going on, its in hosts trying to pick fights between the candidates, like Gingerich said last night. Of course if any of them had the least common sense, the only way they'd walk into a room with Anderson Cooper is with a baseball bat. It's the only way I would, for sure.

Bob G. said...

I am in agreement with you that much of Fort Wayne needs to put their feet off the ottoman, stand up and take some REAL PRIDE in their community.
This city has SO much "potential".

We used to have stickers (about a decade ago) that touted "SOUTH SIDE PRIDE"...guess that got the "bum's rush" outta town.

There is not a week that passes where I don't see SOME rapper get busted (again), with the obligatory slap-on-the-wrist as "justice".
Whatta joke (on us).

Can't remember the last time I read about Keith Urban being arrested, or Amy Grant getting a DUI, right?

Like to hear that ST movie story, too.

Mediagenic...EXCELLENT terminology!
(he's got the most "user-friendly" face, right?)
Funny...Lincoln wasn't all that handsome...nor was Eisenhower...or FDR...or Coolidge.
(the list goes on).

Today, it's (all) about "hype"...pure and simple.
(issues? What issues?)

Yeah, that's gotta be it.

Hey, thanks for slogging through the rain today & stopping by to comment.

Stay safe (and dry) up there.

Slamdunk said...

I had no idea about the link to the teacher's union--wow.

That sign "Welcome to Philadelphia" is hilarious Bob. Too bad the story attached is so sad.

Anyway, thanks for the laugh.

Bob G. said...

All too true about the teacher's unions (that would definitely include the NEA).
They've contributed a LOT of money to liberals (and Obama), with the hard-earned union DUES of it's rank and file membership.

A past copy of NEA TODAY (October 2010) had as it's cover story:
The Political ACTIVIST'S Cookbook.
Here's a link to the article:


The principles of the NEA (mission statement) seem harmless enough on the surface, as are they well-intended.
It's that "collective action" I have a little problem with.

That Philly sign was something I grabbed someplace online...love whoever photo-shopped it.

I would prefer to see one (across I-95) that reads:
"Abandon hope all ye who enter here".

(and I know some officers on the PPD that would agree 100%!)

Glad I could provide a smile for 'ya.
('cause all this rain & wind won't make it last for long...lol)

Thanks so much for taking time to stop on by and comment.

Stay safe (and dry) out there.

Diane said...

I watched as much as I could take of the debate - I screamed at the TV "tell him it's not Christian, and the guy is right - it's a cult!" but Perry just schnmoozed his way past. Didn't take a stand. Yet another politician holding up his finger to see which way the wind blows. I don't think I'd have very many voting for me, as I would have told him exactly what I thought. Remember Jim Jones and the People's Temple was kindly looked upon till they went down to Guyana and ended up offing 900+ people. They were seen often with the political bigwigs in San Fran.

As far as your neighborhood, I think I get some of those people's children on our church van - a couple years ago at Vacation Bible school - my husband was helping taking kids home on the van - he came out of there with a nice shiner - one kid had given him a punch in the eye. We've had two pee ON the church, and another one ready to pee in the corner of a sunday school room. If it's not nailed down, guess what.. it disappears. I'd like to smack the parent(s) upside the head.

MLK Jr penned a book in 1967, with the title "Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?"

I'd say that CHAOS has come out on top of community. And giving handouts has only hastened the chaos.

As for that 'soulja boy' and the rest of that ilk, to have someone like that as a role model is pitiful. Someone like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Clarence Thomas, etc are more in line with who should be role models. Thomas Sowell was raised in a Harlem orphanage. Now he's a Harvard? professor of economics. Now THAT takes doing, instead of just blurting out words about killing n*****s and b*****es

Bob G. said...

I have to admire your spending as much time as you did watching the debate...good review of the proceedings there.

And the kids...yeah, it's DAMN hard to UNDO 108 hours of "programming" by the world in just ONE HOUR of church, sunday school, or even a week of Bible school.

And that MLK Jr. book is something I might want to check into getting REAL soon...
It would appear that MLK was a lot more "prophetic" than we gave him credit for.

Thomas Sowell is a GREAT man, as is Walter Williams, and sadly THEY (along with too many more blacks that have succeeded the RIGHT way) are not held up in the SAME "esteem" as these hyped-up, so-called "artists"...what a shame (and waste).

Charles Payne on FOX Business is another who came from Harlem, is self-made, and is someone I would LOVE to spend time with talking with about things.
He waded into the "occupy" crowd in NYC and gave them a piece of his mind...it was marvelous.

Yeah, got too much chaos for my liking. I need a vacation, preferably "off-world"...LOL.

Hey, thanks a lot for spending some time here today to share your thoughts and comments.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe down there.

Diane said...

oh yeah - Charles Payne - I see him on Fox Business - I haven't seen the vid yet of him with the OW group.

By the way, that Philly paper had this nugget in there also:

A Philadelphia man is hospitalized after he apparently cut off his own arm and hid the limb in his house.

A police spokesman tells Fox 29 that the unidentified man is at Einstein Medical Center.

Police say the man in North Philadelphia used an electric saw to sever his arm from the elbow down, and then cut the hand off the severed arm.

He had stashed the two body parts in his house when officials arrived at the scene.


Some serious nutso goings on there.

Bob G. said...

Philly is DEFINITELY not the "cradle of liberty" (or SANITY) that I remember growing up in...that's for DAMN sure.

Guess that's what happens when you have ALL those years of DEMOCRATIC control.
(and they always cut off their NOSES to spite their faces...lol)
And yet the people keep ELECTING them...go figure.

Thanks for the link...I've got to check that weirdo out.

Stay safe down there.