09 November 2011

Humpday Happenings...
Yes, another soggy day in Ft. Wayne (aka the Summit city)...with a chance of snow flurries later in the week.
(( *ahem* ))
That should prove interesting.
"Where the weather changes by the minute" I think is the phrase...lol.
So let's kick off today with a bit of WHO SAID THAT?
And in keeping with post-election results (and the battles that preceded them) in our city (more about that straight away), I find this quote most appropriate:

"An important difference between a military operation and a surgical operation, is that the patient is not tied down, But it is a common fault of generalship to assume that he is."
So...WHO SAID THAT? (answer tomorrow)
*** Now, moving on to the mayoral election in out fair city...
Looks like four MORE years of the good old boy network, which means absolutely nothing will get done to improve MY part of Ft. Wayne, otherwise known as (...all together, gang...) THE SOUTH EAST SIDE.
Here's the *4-1-1* from the J-G:
*** Editor's note - I apologize if the post is a bit late...there IS a reason for it:
Wifey decided to leave the house this morning WITHOUT her "gear-bag" (as I call it)...all her school stuff AND her lunch...the same one she takes EVERY DAY!
(( *rolls eyes* ))
Geez...so guess WHO gets to "volunteer" to drive it up to her at school (when she calls)???

(right on all counts - time to roll out the "Batmobile")
Tell you one thing...I sure don't miss driving rush hour...not one damn bit.
If EVER there was a mislabelled phrase, RUSH HOUR is it.
More like the military - hurry up and wait.
Still, it was NOT an eventful drive up and back (thank the maker), even if it was raining and still a bit cloudy.
People of Fort Wayne DO however have to practice their roundabout procedures. They basically SUCK.
And some roads on the (...all together, gang...) SOUTH EAST SIDE of town need some major repairs...like driving on a damn washboard (and woe to those with loose fillings).
Meanwhile, back to the election...
*** I DID like the story header - VOTERS STICK WITH HENRY.
There should have been one "little" change, however...
Swap the *I* in the word STICK with the letter *U*... (please).
That would more correctly state what the next four years here will be about...
Hurray for everyone else (up north), and to hell with the (...all together, gang...) SOUTH EAST SIDE.
Yes, it's GOOD to be King (Henry)...
Cripes, the councilman down here (Glynn - I like MY people only - Hines) ran unopposed, so that surely sets the tone for those of us "survivors" that want to keep OUR properties and houses.
(they have any sales on guns and ammo?...just curious?...I mean with Christmas coming and all...)
*** Oil prices are near $100 a barrel...(again), and we might see some price SPIKES at the pumps in the upcoming weeks...
Damn shame...I was kind of LIKING not having to pay OVER $3.50 a gallon for something that SHOULD be costing around $2 a gallon (or less).
*** Talk about those school VOUCHER programs...
This article might make you scratch your head:
Ever play MUSICAL CHAIRS when you were young?
If you did, then you are ahead of the curve when it comes to fathoming this story.
We now call it "follow the money" (or voucher), and it's going to be interesting to watch this unfold.
We have enough transiency in our schools, making record-keeping a nightmare.
Kids bounce from school to school...living with "dad" part of the time, and with "mom" the rest of the time, usually in different school districts.
Yeah, it's all about being "entertained" to some degree...kids go to other schools because they CAN, and not remain at the schools they're supposed to go to. That's called freedom of choice.
Funny, it USED to be called "Attending the school in the area you live...period".
Well, since we all but did away with the neighborhood schools, let's just bus everyone all over the damn place, and confuse the sh*t out of those trying to find out WHERE these kids are going, okay?
(sounds like fun)
*** Now, since we have THAT out of the way, let's keep on rolling...
Rapper Heavy D is dead....(another one bites the dust...)
Here's the "skinny" on HEAVY (...yeah, that was funny):
Only 44...and DEAD (but not from a gunshot...I find that A - F$CKING - MAZING!)
They say he was a "positive" influence...yeah, right, and I just found out that I'M actually the new mayor of Fort Wayne! (by write-in votes)
Sure glad I'm NOT going to be a pall-bearer at HIS funeral...talk about hernia-city!
*** Light-fingered SGT. gets tossed from the ACSD.
Here's the story:
Former Sgt. Louis Lee, 58, of the Allen County Sheriff's Department "...pretty much threw away a 32-year CAREER", says Sheriff Ken Fries.
And that's a damn shame...
Sure didn't seem worth it to "blow the wad" on something like THEFT (from a vehicle).
Stealing tools...on a SGT salary, 'ya sure could bop out to the big-box and BUY whatever 'ya need, believe me.
He didn't say WHY he took the tools or what he was going to do with them...
The ONLY way one should take up FENCING, is either by:
a) sink some posts and buy a lotta chain-link, or...
b) Purchase and epee` and take some lessons.
Law-enforcement is always held to higher standards, and this is NEVER representative of LEOs as a whole...just so you know.
*** Lastly today, yesterday saw our FIRST leaf-pickup along the E-W streets down on the (...all together, gang...) SOUTH EAST SIDE...don't really know when the N-S run begins, but the city did a decent job with the rakes and the vacuum truck.
My guess is with the wet weather, they might have to pull out the "big guns", meaning the front-loaders.
Like last year, they moved all the leaves into the intersection, and then scooped them up and placed them into the truck to haul away.
That worked out great, too.
Like I say, there are SOME aspects down here that work well, but they are in the minority (as are good neighbors and decent human being).
It would be nice to not HAVE to bust on this part of town OR it's majority of inhabitants, but as long as we have this chronic "double-standarditis" in place, there's not much you can do otherwise.
You cannot LIE to yourself...or to others in that regard.
Things down here SUCK...period.
But we, like some others I'm sure, have a vested interest in REMAINING here (like a free-and-clear house), and that doesn't happen all that frequently these days, especially with the economy in the state it's in.
It would be nice to return to the way it was say...TEN years ago (down here)...it WAS better, seriously.
However, since the last several mayors have seen fit to IGNORE this part of Fort Wayne as far as IMPROVEMENTS go, things have not gone well over that decade.
Now, there are many fingers to point at a lot of people, as far as responsibility goes, and it filters right up to the TOP of the city government.
This city HAD the opportunity to halt the decline down here...as far back as the early 1990s...and it did NOTHING.
(yes, I do my research)
At least there is ONE consistency to City Hall...it has done the EXACT SAME THING over the past two decades...
It's also going to reap the expected results (as it has already started to do).
It would benefit this city to ponder the net result of this "cause and effect", for it will linger long after these people leave office.
And it will linger long after many of US have passed on...if it's not addressed...and soon.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

((PS - Today at 1400 hrs, there WILL be a THREE MINUTE "test" of the Emergency Alert System...wonder WHAT kind of "emergency" they are planning on, hmm??? Used to only last 30 seconds.))


CWMartin said...

All I can say about the election (tie it to the first part about King Henry and not the second about your write-in victory)is, "Don't blame us- we voted for Paula!"
I had a guess on the saying, but as usual turned out wrong. My knowledge of military sayings is sadly not terribly extensive.
And, next time, make sure she leaves the house with all her necessities- saves you time later. Or send it by pigeon, one of the two.

Bob G. said...

Ditto at our house with Paula...guess those in power can't seem (want) to give it up...yet.

All hail to the "king", baby...(yeah, right).

And I'm gonna need a freaking EAGLE to carry her bag....pigeons ain't gonna cut it...LOL.