08 November 2011

Tuesday Tidbits...
It's another slightly rainy (early) morning followed with a rather nice sunrise in the Summit city (the summit to WHAT, I have no idea), so let's get slogging and see what's happening around the town, and around the nation, fair enough?
Before I begin, I want to toss this out there...does ANYONE these days know what's meant by OVERSHOES...or GALOSHES?
Those rubber shoe coverings designed to:
a) Keep you feet dry, and
b) Keep your footwear from looking like crap
Since everyone is LIVING in "athletic shoes", I suppose they (falsely) believe that THAT is adequate enough for rainy weather...not so.
It's no wonder kids get colds all the time...and adults aren't much better.
Hey, I'm not that proud where I don't want to take care of both my feet AND my choice of footwear...and maybe that's why I've got shoes that are close to TWENTY YEARS OLD...that look like they just came out of the display window.
Besides, isn't it your FEET that are primarily responsible for making sure you're able to GET THE HELL AROUND most everywhere?
Ask any policeman, fireman, or soldier about taking care of your FEET.
Whenever possible, "keep 'em DRY"!
You'll be happy YOU did (especially when you get older...trust me).
And now that we're done with that "public service announcement" from the Podiatry Association of America, let's get to moving on...
*** I wouldn't be a true "Philly boy" if I didn't mention the passing of "Smokin' Joe" Frazier.
Now, here's the WIKI on Joe:
Joe was recently diagnosed with cancer of the liver in September of this year, and died yesterday in his adopted home of Philadelphia.
Frazier was a great fighter, and I say that because what we term a "boxer" wasn't Joe's style.
Think more like Rocky Marciano...a SLUGGER....make that a RELENTLESS slugger, never giving an opponent time to think, but always wading into them. And that's what proved to be the winning factor in Muhammad Ali's FIRST loss (15 round decision), back in 1971, titled the "Fight of the Century" up in Madison Square Garden.
Joe captured the heavyweight title from Buster Ellis in 1972 and kept it until his loss to George Foreman (yes, the grill guy...one in the same) in 1976.
Joe retired once in 1976 and finally in 1981, seeking to train boxers in Philly. He made a cameo appearance in the movie Rocky.
Frazier actually had a BETTER knockout record than Ali (73% versus 60% for Ali).
Frazier penned an autobiography in 1996 called "Smokin' Joe: The Autobiography".
Much about the man can be found HERE:
Here's a link to a terrific personal history of Joe:
I'm sure there's many a person attending Joe's Restaurant along City Avenue today.
Rest in peace, Joe...the fight's finally over, and you made the final bell.
*** Fort Wayne is the BEST PLACE to find a job???
Yeah, this one took me for a ride, too...can hardly believe that.
But, here's the "proof":
The Fiscal Times rates Ft. Wayne #1 as somewhere to find a job...notice they did NOT say CAREER...just a job.
What I find laughable is that with SUCH job opportunities here in "The Fort", and with SO MANY ethnics in MY part of the ghettohood with NOTHING TO DO ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, you'd "think" there would be some sort of "melding" here...
Such is NOT the case.
That's what entitlements provide...scores of lazy-asses too busy screwing, drinking, doing drugs, along with shooting one another as well as innocent people to even BOTHER to look for work, let alone accept a job. I guess making one a productive citizen isn't in their genes?
(time to clean that pool out, 'cause it ain't safe to swim THERE)
I guess it all comes down to making GOOD choices, such as WANTING to make something of yourself OTHER than a few lines on the felony report, or a brief obit. Never too late to change that around for those folks.
*** This story is just plain DISTURBING, and I think you'll know why.
Here's the link:
It's pretty damn SAD when a child can't even go to school, without being accosted.
At least THIS paper "got it right" when they say ABDUCTION.
Another news source said KIDNAPPING, and to me, using THAT word implies some sort of ransom.
An ABDUCTION is what sexual predators or psychopaths perform, because their intent is to harm in some manner (satisfy THEIR needs as well), without regard for returning the victim. Usually, the end result is tragic.
What I find even more troubling, is that PARENTS don't even bother to walk their kids to the damn BUS STOP...!
That was UNHEARD of in my day, and we had none of the stuff we see today with these sicko perps.
Parents just DID IT...and they liked chit-chatting at the corner while we waited for the bus.
Today, you have some parents that are SO detached with their kids...and then wonder WHY they turn out the way they do.
That's WHY we have attempted abductions...and also WHY we have "free breakfast" programs (a total waste of money, imho).
Parents can't figure out that whole "cereal, bowl, milk, spoon" thing...or don't know HOW to make TOAST...that's pretty damn sad, especially for the kids, because they're missing a vital part of growing up...parents that GIVE A DAMN! Now, I know my share of single parents and they don't seem to be thwarted by such things...they own up to BEING that parent and do whatever they NEED to do for that child. Such people are to be COMMENDED, for they're often doing the work of TWO people...and that can't be easy..
*** Here's a story that didn't seem to make the MAJOR sources in Ft. Wayne for some "strange" reason...
(From WOWO) - 7 November
(( Shots Fired at Downtown Office Building
There have been reports of vandalism in the area....
Some rattled nerves this morning at the Merrill Lynch building downtown.
When workers showed up they found about a half dozen windows had been shot out.
They called Fort Wayne's finest and they came out and took a report--
They say it appears that someone shot the windows with a high powered pellet gun. No one was hurt because the building was closed for the weekend.
There have been reports of car windows being smashed out in the neighborhood, its unknown if that is related to this situation.
Yeah, I'd say that a relationship between the two is HIGHLY likely...
And has anyone checked all the "occupiers" for pellet guns???
(they probably ran that bugger home right afterwards, anyway)
It seems most "odd" that a BANK would be the target,, especially on 5 November, when this "move your money day" was taking place at banks around the country (and it was Guy Fawkes day in the U.K.).
If it was indeed a pellet gun, they should be able to find the pellets (or BBs) nearby or even inside the building.
Could have even been a rifle from a moving car...hard to say.
BB and pellet guns are much quieter than even a .22, and if done at night, who's to say when it occurred.
Good luck finding the person or persons responsible.
*** Lastly today, I watched a show called CURIOSITY last evening...and it was about our capacity for evil.
Now, we surely have PLENTY of that in the world today...enough to go around several times, in fact.
But, do YOU have "what it takes" to be a psychopath?
Are YOU teetering between normal behavior and becoming a serial killer?
Oddly enough, MOST of us do have such tendencies...incredible to believe.
What separates those of us from the few "hard-core" weirdies happens to be our ability to CONTROL OURSELVES.
That part of the brain that runs the whole decision-making aspect of ourselves is what keeps our "mindless primitive" (the ID) at bay.
Here's an article that describes the whole process and why it occurs:
Yeah, you gotta have a healthy AMYGDALA to not be a serial killer.
But, that's not to say we ALL don't have the capacity to become one under precise and certain conditions....we do.
Can we ALL be evil...certainly.
WILL we?
I don't believe so, for we have a greater sense of empathy and sympathy to our fellow man.
We believe in justice whenever evil is perpetrated, and we believe in doing the right thing.
We always attempt to make the best decisions as often as possible, for everyone concerned...
And that is something to think about...no matter what your age.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.
(( PS - Don't forget to get out and vote today in Fort Wayne...the next FOUR years depends on it...and you. ))

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