06 December 2011

Believe It - Or Else...
With another dusting of snow last evening, and temperatures hovering around the freezing mark this AM, it's little wonder we'll be choosing our footing very carefully, and I think THAT will be setting the "tone" of this post, as you'll see as you keep reading.
We're at this festive time of year...a time when perhaps we think more of others than ourselves, be they family, friends, or even complete strangers.
It's always been better to give than to receive (so I was told growing up), and yet some folks don't QUITE get the message, or turn it around to suit themselves.
And the reason for it is as plain as the nose on our faces.
*** Take this poor schmuck...and his obvious recidivism rate:
Here's the source story link:
Seems this boy can't keep his junk in his jeans, and again we see another victim having to pay the price for the judicial system's failure to make this person penitent enough to NOT want to pursue his previous life of sexual misconduct.
How's about castration for such repeat offenders? Too harsh?
Well, what's supposed to work now ain't getting the job done...is it?
And, I'd wager this buck was on some gov't "assistance", (like THESE folks in WA from this story from The Blaze:
http://www.theblaze.com/stories/feds-raid-million-dollar-home-of-welfare-recipient-in-washington-st/ ) because he was able to purchase a gun to use in a former assault.
Nice to see our tax dollars going to such worthwhile ventures, isn't it?
I'd MUCH rather see our money going to keep this predator LOCKED THE F$CK UP!
This perp has wheeled and dealed (plea-bargained) his way out of lengthy sentences for the last 20 years!
Lose the key this time...do us ALL a favor!
*** And then there's an update to THESE buttwipes and their "spree"...
Here's the link to the update:
What better way to celebrate the holidays than to go "shopping" for money (and cigarettes) at gunpoint.
Sure helps to make the season "bright". (unlike these a$$holes)
At least Mayson St. Clair and Joshua Jackson are guests of the Allen County jail for the time being, and I'll betcha they look simply OUTSTANDING in ORANGE!
(as are Charles St. Clair and Elissa May, noted accomplices)
And we STILL have one perp AT-LARGE, one Ronneil J. Norman, 31, (who would, by age, make him the probable ring-leader of this gang).
There appears to be a correlation with a recent credit union robbery from back in early November.
(I can't wait to hear how "such good boys" they are....always helping people and being the life of parties and all that whack sh*t!)
Betcha life wasn't "fair" to them...yeah, that's gotta be it.
FAIR to them would mean they didn't get enough FREE SH*T from everyone else to make their lazy life nicer than those who WORK for a living.
Sorry, none of our FOUNDING DOCUMENTS speak to THAT end...and deservedly so.
Being lazy and taking from others is not a right...it's a violation, first of God's gift of life, and second, for breaking one of the Ten Commandments (thou shall not steal).
Yeah, it's CHRISTMAS time, so I'm invoking our Creator and the Bible...what's the problem?
I'm not waging a war on Christmas...I'm waging a war AGAINST those waging a war on Christmas...and "I'm in it to win it!"
And then...there's THIS:
*** The head of the FAA...busted for DRUNK DRIVING...
(shouldn't we be notifying the Department of IRONY about this?)
Here's the source article:
Yep, nothing says "government employee making way too much money" than bad behavior and a DUI charge.
Now, if we could ONLY get someone investigating Pelosi for INSIDER TRADING on Wall St.
That would be a great Christmas gift...for this entire nation.
(and a nice stocking stuffer would be for Obama to lose NEXT year.)
How much you want to bet that the FAA administrator, Randy Babbitt is PAID during his "leave of absence"?
Wonder if any of US would be similarly compensated should we ever find ourselves on the receiving end of a traffic citation for DUI?
(short answer - NO frigging way)
((Editor's Note - as of 1800 hrs, it has been confirmed that Randy Babbitt has RESIGNED as head of the FAA - wonder what kind of "pension" he'll still wind up with that's paid by the taxpayers?))

*** Now THIS makes the holidays light up for me.
Here's the story link:
Nothing worse than coming home from shopping and finding SOMEONE ELSE in your house...
(especially around the holidays and uninvited)
So, what's a homeowner to do when confronted with an armed intruder?
Well, THIS man used a large salt shaker and whacked the gunman and wrestled with the shotgun the perp was carrying.
The thief ran from the house, leaving behind the shotgun, now in the possession of the homeowner, who followed him outside.
When the perp attempted to pull a handgun from his pants, the homeowner unloaded the shotgun into the fleeing perp's leg.
The man crawled to a waiting pickup, and the homeowner unloaded AGAIN, this time, taking out the right rear tire of the truck as it tried to speed away..The twosome was soon in custody by local authorities...not far away.
(nice shootin', Tex)
The Pierceton man, Michael Rhodes, 28, is recovering from wounds in the Kosciusko JAIL, as is his "moll", one Karen Gail Prater, 34 of Claypool
(bologna sandwiches for EVERYONE...!!!)
I'd be giving that homeowner a damn MEDAL.
Interestingly, this was the SECOND time the house was robbed (last was on 14 November for prescription drugs).
*** Lastly today, we see the evidence of society's woes all too well. Only time and space limits the amount of stories that can be told DAILY, in most every city around this nation.
We can't blame the economy, because in bad times, like the Great Depression, crimes like these actually WENT DOWN in number (although crimes like bootlegging and racketeering prospered) The regular people kept more to themselves, just trying to survive.
And charities were there to assist.
But the really great thing, is that regular folks helped one another...and NOT to each other's stuff.
In many ways, we've become a society that feels it's kinder and gentler to GIVE a person that fish, rather than teaching them HOW to fish.
And that works...(for a DAY) yet, the MEANS to learn how to fish are all around us...it's just that many people can't be "bothered" with the whole "learning" gig...
At least not when people are there to HAND OUT those fish, anyway.
If anything needs to be done regarding such people with hands constantly outstretched (and being filled to overflowing from other people's wallets and purses against their will), it's to get them to be a lot more SELF-ACTUALIZING...help them find themselves and have them realize that they CAN have VALUE in the world and CAN do for themselves.
Hell, there are crippled people, people missing limbs, deaf and blind people, people with all sorts of disabilities that are MORE useful AND productive than a lot of people with all their faculties and extremities INTACT.
And it's because THEY know WHO THEY ARE in life, and that life is to be taken by the horns and LIVED...rather than have it come to them for free.
I think the people with PHYSICAL handicaps should be the ones teaching those with MENTAL handicaps.
They certainly could learn a helluva lot about the human condition from such great people.
Maybe that's what the holidays can mean for us all...more of that charitable giving thing for the RIGHT reason.
And maybe it should be a time of reflection as well...
We'll never know until we try...right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

I am always happy to read about victim's putting a hurt on felons wanting to rob them. I think that does wonders for the recidivism rate.

Enjoy your day Bob.

Bob G. said...

Personally, I'd like to see even MORE (hurts on perps) at this time of year...all in the "spirit of giving", mind you....lol

Do it enough, and the thugs WILL get the message (or get a plot of ground about 4x6x6)

Thanks so much for taking time to drop by and comment.

Stay safe out there.

indysunshine said...

i'll tell ya something. they got lucky for messing with that homeowner. now, me. well if i had control of the weapon. and after all the poop i went threw in the psst before i moved...... i wont be so nice to shoot legs and tires. i would be aiming for chest, heads (of all types!!!!), and perhaps gas areas of the truck. i doubt if they would make it to the truck. that is why i dont have the truck well planed out.

at my old house that i left a few years ago. i had 2 bugerlies. one of those was a kicked down door. the other was my child (at the time) was silly and didnt set the alarm or lock the door when she went accross the street to talk to the neighbors. then i had a few attempted. the garage (detached) got hit a few times. and they also tried to take my dog!!!!! after i left that house i swear it was a target. becouse every year since i left its been robbed and the houses with simlar address numbers to it have been too. its number was 3719. so 3819 and 3619 have been robbed too. i find the whole thing funny. like i was the neighborhood target while i lived there.

take care and marry Christmas.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, you GOTTA be careful these days with all these thugs ROAMING about LOOKING for something they can take...for the hell of it.

We had our garage burglarized ONCE (over ten years ago) and I was HOME at the damn time...just left the door open about an HOUR...lost a tool box and a microwave oven (they missed my car and the old TV we had there....(f$cking bastards)

After that, I check and then DOUBLE-check doors and windows...and the fence gates.
(and we went out and bought a gun...the first of THREE so far).

The addresses always interest me, as I see similar patterns here in Ft. Wayne...they will target certain addresses (say that have the number 19 in the house address), and leaves others alone.

And around HERE, they tend to like CORNER properties - easier to get away from obviously, BUT, easier to be seen as well (if anyone ever gives a crap enough to call a burglary in)

I'm all for SHOOT FIRST with these perps...let GOD sort it all out after that.

I KNOW we're watched around here...we're WHITE, give a damn about the area and our property, AND own the house...THAT makes us prime targets for any shenanighans these mooks try and pull.

But the one thing they may NOT know...I'm WATCHING THEM right back...heh.

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe down there.