05 December 2011

Monday Musings...
We've another rainy Monday on our hands this morning, and I've been noticing that we're enjoying a LOT of them of late.
Could it be that Mother Nature is a COLTS fans?
Considering they are currently 0-12 (still working on that "perfect" season, I see), it makes perfect sense.
But that's NOT going to dissuade us from taking a look at some of the wonderful things that have occurred over the past 72 hours, right?
So, let's have at it...shall we?
*** Looks like Iran "owns" one of our drone aircraft now, and that can't be all that good.
Here's the link:
I guess we'll soon see some "drone on drone" action over the skies of the Middle East?
In August 2010, Iran announced it had it's own "ambassador of death" - an unmanned bomber with a range of 600 miles...far enough to reach Israel.
Does anyone really care if we turn that parcel of sand called IRAN into a lake of glass?
I know I don't.
*** Have two stories closer to home about people messing with firearms, and getting hurt in the process.
-- An Auburn man was shot in the hand while inspecting a muzzle-loader found along a roadside.
Here's the link:
I own a .44 caliber black powder Army Colt 1861, and I can say that clearing THAT weapon is pretty simple. You take it APART.
If it's a rifle, it might not as easy, but you still would have to partially disassemble the piece.
Anything less, and you DO run a risk of serious injury.
-- A Fort Wayne man was shot in the neck by his brother.
Here's this link:
What strikes me as "odd" was that this was a REVOLVER.
And I could have sworn that I heard on the police radio that there was a level of intoxication present (which would explain a LOT).
The FWPD spokesperson, Raquel Foster said "the person was handling an unfamiliar weapon and did not realize it was loaded."
A revolver is one of the EASIEST weapons to figure out. Hell, a MECHANICAL PENCIL is more difficult...lol.
All one has to do is OPEN the CYLINDER, and look at the rounds (or better yet...EJECT THEM).
If it's a S&W, you slide the cylinder release FORWARD...if it's a Colt, you pull it towards the rear.
Other revolvers operate in similar manners - only TWO ways for standard cylinder release...it's not calculus, people!
If it's a smaller caliber, it might be a "break-top" revolver (release on top).
But, whatever the case, you DON'T screw with the trigger UNTIL the weapon is CLEARED...period.
(that way, no one gets shot...simple, huh?)
And yes, we even had some CRIME over the weekend...
*** A standoff results in four arrests in connection with an early Saturday morning robbery of a BP station on E. Coliseum Blvd.
Here's the link to the story:
Now, I've always been one of those people that feels IF you have to call out the SWAT team, it's better to do it on the WEEKEND.
And these perps did not disappoint local authorities.
Three of them (Mayson St. Clair, Charles St. Clair, and Elissa May) were caught within hours in the getaway vehicle (with a gun as well), and are enjoying their stay in the local hoosegow, but a fourth suspect ran into a house on Franklin Avenue near 4th St. It was there that FWPD tried to communicate with Joshua C. Jackson, and when flash bangs were deployed after several hours, he surrendered to police. What this woman was doing with thugs like this is beyond me, but if she was wishing to get a record, she has one now.
Imagine if this were your daughter...she did have a citation for disregarding a stop sign and another one for under 18 tobacco possession, so she was working her way up the "corporate ladder", as it were. The St.Clair boys (Mayson and Charles) do not have anything local as far as rap sheets, and neither does Jackson. They must be from out-of-state.
*** Sunday's Journal-Gazette had a great story about our own "Parking Wars".
Here's the link to the article:
I'll say one thing about parking tickets in Fort Wayne's downtown...you people get off REAL lucky with ONLY a $5 fine (meter parking)!!!
Try pulling the same stunt in say...PHILLY!
That will cost you at least $30 and up (mostly UP).
And yet, with such a small fine, the amount of scofflaws refusing to pay (according to the story) is rather HIGH.
Sandy Kennedy (yes, the city clerk) says that over 14K tickets are outstanding since November 2009.
That's a pretty BAD track record (imho).
The city wants to create a "mini-court" that handles ONLY traffic tickets (that's what we need...MORE government).
Don't worry...the idea was canned.
I'm all for towing the vehicles with outstanding violations, impounding them, and even auctioning them off if need be.
And naturally, the city and county are ping-ponging this issue of court handling back and forth.
One problem that occurred was due to the issuance of ALL the various PLATES from the Indiana BMV (we do have over FIFTY different plates now).
The same numbers were used on different plates (like the God plate), and some people across the state that never were in Fort Wayne were receiving mailings about UNPAID TICKETS.
Talk about a clusterf$ck!
That is being straightened out now.
Hell, I've mentioned to the FWPD about CHRONIC parking violations along our residential streets...and the department brass can't seem to address this, or even get with Parking Control to look into the problem.

Many of our residential streets are seeing too much traffic for their size, and ANY violation can have consequences, like parking facing the opposite way (the most common). People just pull in and then pull out, never looking to see what coming.
Speeding is another problem that never gets addressed.
Residential streets tend to be narrower for a REASON...to limit traffic to a speed where people are not placed at risk.
Such is NOT the case down here...anything (apparently) goes.
I've said numerous times to the department that the people could RETIRE from Parking Control (in a few years) if they issued tickets on a COMMISSION basis...lol.
But hey, it's not like I know what's going on down here..because I LIVE HERE, right?
*** Lastly today, we're starting to see the holiday movies cropping up, and I admit to watching It's A Wonderful Life the other night.
Been a while since I watched it all the way through, and I have to admit that Capra did an exemplary job with this story.
The acting was (and still is) top notch, and if you take things in context, the entire movie takes place within about an HOUR (all the other time is flashbacks).
To handle such a "tight" script in a manner like this says much for the actors, writer, and director.
Hard to believe it was made way back in '46, considering all the topical issues we still have with us TODAY.
It's kinda odd that we cherish this movie, because it deals with a potential suicide, and during this time of year, that happens all too often, sad to say.
There is not the "redemptive" factor that we see in Scrooge (with the main character), but rather the "realization" factor...the fact that we ALL have value, no matter our circumstance, and that because of that value, others see us as the people we are...flawed but caring, the people that don't have that much, but would still give you their last dime, because of the integrity they possess.
This movie is a fantastic study of the human condition...what we are capable of, when we UNDERSTAND who we are, and what our place is in this crazy old world.
Yeah, it's worth a watch every year...if nor no other reason to to realize in ourselves that which George Bailey came to realize.
Charity works miracles, whether it be at home or anywhere else in our lives, and will come from sources we never knew existed.
And it can often help to get an angel his wings... Have yourselves a great week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

I appreciate you keeping all that rain over that way. We have had sun for the past couple of days.

Yeah, the Colts have pretty much wrapped up the #1 pick.

And, I think you explain well why It's a Wonderful Life has transcended generations. Overall, I like the movie and message, but George's whining is a bit much at times.

Bob G. said...

Got no control over the weather, unfortunately (I'm good, but I'm nowhere NEAR THAT GOOD...lol).

--At this rate, the COLTS might wind up getting the first TEN picks...LOL

--I think it's good that we "revisit" some of those classic movies...you come away with something "new" most every time.

And as to George's "whining"...
Well, anyone who reads my blog could say similar things about ME...ROFLMAO!
(and they probably DO)

I just like to drive the points home (and often), because much of America suffers from societal ADHD.

I think we NEED to be reminded about things, especially those daily items that could affect us directly, in whatever form they manifest themselves.

BTW, I do a decent Jimmy Stewart impression...just so 'ya know if you bump into me at some mall...LOL!
And I wouldn't even name my CAT "Zuzu", (sounds like some Babylonian god from Ghostbusters bent on world domination)
but I can relate to that loose knewl post.
(and most of them ain't cheap)

Hey, thanks for stopping by our rainy fortress today and commenting.

Stay safe and dry out there.

ms nk rey said...

A Haiku for you Bobby G.

ghetto kids at play
sweeping dust with snotty nose
tax dollars at work

Bob G. said...

Now THERE'S something I thought we could NEVER APPLY to my part of Fort Wayne...(who knew?)

Well done.
(and so true)

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

You stay safe (and dry) down there.

CWMartin said...

Something about that "St. Clair four" just depresses me.

Y'know, like, "Damn it why not TRY to do something positive in your lives?"

Instead of, "One of us will be doing ten-to-twenty, one of us will be dead, one will father/give birth to a child they'll never want and probably abuse, and one will end up playing with his/her toes in an alley" in 5-10 years.

Of course this is what you get in a world that replaces It's A Wonderful Life with A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas.

Bob G. said...

I never saw Harold and Kumar's Christmas, but I have seen BAD SANTA. (does that count?)

But I get your drift about society's "changes" (through cinema).

Helluva way to have the meaning of the holiday season brought home (as if this foursome even cared).

I think you correctly predicted this group's future well...
Guess it's the whole "lack of effort" towards positive productivity in life.

How sad, indeed.

Thanks for coming on by today and taking time to comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe up there.