30 December 2011

Friday Follies - End of Year Edition...
Well, this is the last "official" post of 2011 (and in some respects, I'm glad to see it go). We had way too much crap that went down this past year to last SEVERAL years (imho).
And that was only in THIS burned-out burg called Fort Wayne.
Next year proves to be even more "interesting", if we are to believe the MAYAN calendar...the whole "end of days" gig.
Guess I won't sweat any LONG-TERM plans I've been formulating...at least until this time NEXT year...lol.
Besides, whenever you DO attempt to plan that far ahead, something ALWAYS comes along to change up those plans.
*** At least the Missus and I managed to get up to Glenbrook Mall yesterday to "embellish" our Christmas gifts...did pretty well, too.
Stopped by the ASIAN STYLES store and got birth year statues, 2 sets of fancy chopsticks (for me), and then got a really cool book at Barnes & Noble that is a pictorial history of firearms (2011 pub date).
Damn book is over 400 pages and ONLY cost $8 bucks. Now THAT was a real bargain.
And I did get my 2012 Garfield calendar...for 1/2 price...gotta love that.
But the weirdest thing occurred...that part that was missing from Wifey's car REAPPEARED...in the damn MAP POUCH on the same door!!!
I was like "WTF???" It wasn't there the other day (checked twice)...I'd swear on my parent's grave. It's hard to miss something that size.
What I think happened was that it temporarily fell through one of those "alternative universe" rifts...the place when your "misplaced" stuff goes for several days and then mysteriously comes BACK in the weirdest place.
But the original part is damaged and doesn't fit as tightly as the replacement, so there you go. We have TWO of them now (the old one will be a backup if we eve need it).
Was the money wasted? Nah...the new part doesn't seem likely to come off, so it's a win-win for me. Money well-spent.
And that was the extent of my wonderful Thursday, that the trashmen did NOT come out to pick up our refuse on...a slip-up on the part of the media to NOTIFY us that trash would in fact, be A DAY LATE (Monday holiday).
Thanks for the "heads-up" on that one , people.
*** So, with this year almost behind us, let's toss out some words and phrases that (to me) seemed to set the pace for what transpired over the last twelve months, fair enough?
Now, let me preface my observations and comments by saying I could not (in good conscience) come up with a "top ten" list of events. To me, there were so many, globally, nationally, and locally to effective pick from...just so you know.
And these are in no particular order, nor reflect either all good or all bad...they just happened.
SO many people displaced by an earthquake tsunami and nuclear plant disaster, that it boggles the mind. And yet, the people there pulled TOGETHER and helped get things turned around.

The nuclear plant was damaged a lot worse than we knew, but the area continues to rebuild.

That is a true testament to humankind.


Our space shuttle program came to an end, and now, we only have the Russkies to help get OUR asses into space...talk about IRONY. The ones we beat in the space-race are now our celestial "benefactors" when it comes to space travel (near-earth orbit, anyway).
My, how times have changed.
Mother nature dealt a bad hand to MO this year with tornadoes causing devastation statewide, and again, we saw time and again that the PEOPLE in that area worked together to get things under control by helping ONE ANOTHER, and not sticking their hands out to the government while sitting on their asses.
While MO dealt with WATER and WINDS, these states dealt with FIRE...like a baptism of sorts...thousands of acres burned, houses lost, and yet, again, we see PEOPLE making the difference by assisting those in need. Truly a noble venture by the residents of these states.
Over 12.8 MILLION people wee displaced by this, and to date, there was about $45 BILLION DOLLARS of damage.
Over 790 were listed as dead, and 58 of the country's 77 provinces affected. Many places are STILL under over 6 feet of water.
Prince William and Catherine Middleton were wed in a ceremony that caused over TWO BILLION people around the globe to watch.
It was nice to see something HAPPY occur for a change, and I'm sure many around the world were in need of such a diversion.
Navy Seal Team Six took out OBL in a covert mission that went with only one small hitch - the loss of a spec ops stealth Blackhawk chopper.
The mission lasted less than an hour from entry to evac, and OBL's body (which was removed from the site) was listed as being "buried at sea".
But perhaps maybe ALL of him didn't take the long salty nap (some things you know but can't talk about)
The world reached SEVEN BILLION people....that's a lot of mouths to feed (and a lot of pensions to pay for)
Makes me wonder HOW MANY of that number are the troublemakers of the world, and why aren't we trying to cull THAT herd?
I guess McDonald's will have to change their signs out front AGAIN?
U.S. troops officially left Iraq and are coming home (to a very quiet arrival...shades of 'Nam?). Officials "say" it's because to CELEBRATE would entice Islamic terrorists into action, especially against the U.S....(WTF doesn't with those towel-headed camel-jockeys?)
We're still in Afghanistan, and I don't see that going away in the very near future.
And although we lost about a THIRD LESS soldiers in the ENTIRE 9 years in Iraq, as compared to JUST the BATTLE of BASTOGNE, life to US here in America is still precious, especially when it's honorable and patriotic in scope.
We can't all take credit for this one...he was killed by locals, but one LESS dictator is ALWAYS a welcome thing in the world.
Next stop...Iran?
Scores of people with NO sense of purpose, taking over streets, parks, and buildings...because THEY CAN...
Some say they want to "stick it to the man"...the RICH man.
The RICH man that creates JOBS...is an entrepreneur, and actually CONTRIBUTES to the nation's ECONOMY...
(and funds these loons to some degree, if only by the tents purchased to house these idiots)
LEGAL gatherings and protests are a given, but when the LAW says you have to leave...YOU LEAVE...period.
And stop your crying about being pepper-sprayed...you WERE warned.
Get a life and get busy BEING SOMEBODY!
*** To ME, these were the major events that we should recall in some fashion, for they best represent the spectrum of the human condition.
Now, if you have some others, please feel free to comment on them.
Variety IS the spice of life (but NOT the spice in the book DUNE).
*** Here's hoping that the NEXT year will bring about reform in the USA back to times when people were more honorable, had more integrity, anf you knew they were NOT speaking out of both sides of their mouths.
I'm not really into the whole "resolution" gig, except to say that I always RESOLVE to NOT make any New Years resolutions...LOL
What I would "like" to see for the new year is as varied as it is warranted.
-- Justice for ALL.
-- Turning IRAN into a lake of glass.
-- Killing ALL the Mexican drug cartel lords (and I mean ALL of them)
-- A LOT more civility among Americans (and they know who they are).
-- A MUCH quieter neighborhood (yeah, I can dream - the price is right)
-- LESS intrusion from the government into OUR lives (except those that need such "guidance")
That's my SHORT list, anyway...got lots more that I'm saving for NEXT year's posts.

*** So until NEXT year, at this same time, and same place, remember:
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Nice job! Glad to see I'm not the only one that gets attacked by "gremlins from the kremlin".

Bob G. said...

I think we've ALL had that sort of thing happen to us...you put something down...and suddenly it's GONE...can't find it for love nor money...and then JUST as suddenly it APPEARS...somewhere else.

MUST be those travelers from that other "dimension" (and it ain't the FIFTH one...LOL)

Wish we could "return the favor" from time to time...see how THEY like it.

Anyway, thanks for being a part of our lives this year both in person AND here at the Erudition.

We will trust in HIM for better things next year, eh?

DO have yourselves a HAPPY New Year (and if you want to hear GUNFIRE...well, you know where to come...ROFL!)

Stay safe up there.

Disgusted said...

Bob, It seems that you missed the planned "March for Justice" for Antron “Fetti” Pearson.


Since the shooting, business at Scumhole Joes has dropped significantly. Think I'll go by and see if Mark Giaquinta is in the crowd. Do you think he could use another $100,000.00 or so, like he got for the Oxford shooting? Maybe he could interveiw Ashley Hunkins, who said, while being interveiwed by WANE TV, that she witnessed the shooting. Do you think that she is a creditable witness? She does have 3 prostitution convictions. She was one of Fetti's best friends.


Bob G. said...

Believe me, I could have done SEVERAL POSTS about all the crap that went down JUST in Ft. Wayne...
I declined to do so, because I just KNOW there will still be PUH-LENTY of notewworthy problems that won't be addressed that I can cover NEXT year...LOL.

Any "March for Justice" regarding Fetti is a lame excuse to derive notoriety for someone extremely UNdeserving of any further press ink or video time.

A REAL march of justice" would be BY the black community AGAINST the black community for allowing such atrocities to occur with nagging regularity WITHIN their community. (Hey, Glynn, sound like a plan to YOU? Probably not, you council hack)

Hey, thanks for being a part of this year here at the blog.

You have yourself a Happy New Year (we'll be in the bunker, listening to expending ordnance from the local asshat idiots AND drinking Asti)

Stay safe out there.

Mrs. Crankipants said...

Happy New Year Bob!
All the best in 2012!!!
- Mrs. C

Bob G. said...

Mrs. C:
We've got the ASTI chilling, the cheese and meat tray prepped and some shrimp just for the hell of it.
(and we're keeping our heads DOWN as well...)

You have yourselves a very Happy New Year, too!
(s'gotta get better 'cause it can't get much worse, eh?)

And thanks for being a part of this blog. I look forward to having you drop on by next year.

Stay safe out there.