29 December 2011

As the Year Winds Down...
There are many of us out there that believe that time speeds UP as we grow older, and I have to say I'm among them.
What seemed like a few years ago turns into DECADES before we seem to have time to catch our breath.
It's very hard to believe I've been out of high school for 41 years...that blows me away.
So many memories are still so damn vivid in nature.
And then there's all the years after THAT, with every assorted up and down life could toss at a person.
It's a wonder the human brain can store SO MUCH STUFF, and still function normally in an everyday environment.
I mean, what happens to your computer when the memory gets pretty full?
It slows down, has errors, hangs up, or even crashes altogether...but NOT our good old brain.
We take a licking and keep on ticking (as the old Timex ads used to say).
Now, I want you to hold that thought, because I'll come back to it soon enough.
I want to first do some followup stuff and some statistics that might open your eyes just a bit WIDER.
*** Here are two stories regarding the brutal murder of Aliahna Lemmon.
The first one describes the feelings around the trailer park:
Now, I will grant you that there are trailer parks and then there are TRAILER PARKS. Some are good, while others...not so much.
And not everyone that lives in one is the dregs of society (THEY all somehow manage to get housing vouchers and move to MY part of the ghettohood).
MY grandmother and uncle moved to a great trailer park up in Melody Lakes along rt 309 near Quakertown, PA in the 1970s.
It even had it's own GOLF COURSE, and was beautifully landscaped.
It was more a retirement community than anything else, and it's still going strong (and the trees are a LOT taller).
Other trailer parks become havens for criminals of all sorts, and as can be the case with a roller coaster economy, a place for those who don't always have two nickels to rub against one another to live.
It can become a place to the disenfranchised of society.
But a house is a "house" even if it has wheels, right?
Some of these people don't even want to be there, but they simply have no choice at this point in their lives.
Still, it should be up to the management to review the people living there or wanting to move there.
(when they're not taking government money to place people there, that is).
It's not always the BEST place to "settle down", but it is a roof over your head.
The NEXT story deals with the biological FATHER of little Aliahna, who lives in Iowa and his returning to Fort Wayne for his daughter's funeral.
Dawayne Maroney, of Centreville, Iowa was provided with funds from the sheriff's department to return here, The sheriff and reserve deputies ponied up the costs so Maroney could come to Indiana, while other donations came from the community for food and lodging while here.
(that's a pretty tight-knit community, imho)
Contributions for a Aliahna Lemmon benefit fund can be made at three locations mentioned in this article.
But wait, there still more crime elsewhere in the Summit city...
*** Here's a link to yet another pizza deliveryman robbery:
At least in this case, the driver was relatively unharmed and his car wasn't stolen.
Nice to know the FWPD tracked the two perps down fast enough.
There was a gun involved, so the charges just went up a notch (or two).
Deantione (you figure out HOW to say it) Harris, 21 of the 6200 block of Downingtown Drive was arrested and charged with robbery (that should be ARMED robbery). Micheal Eldridge, 26, of the 7600 block of Mill Run Drive (located in Willow Crack...I mean CREEK Crossing Apartments), was also arrested and charged with robbery and being held without bail due to an outstanding warrant (yep, that's outstanding!), while Harris is also being held without bail.
Good thing that crime on the (...all together, gang...) SOUTHEAST SIDE is going DOWN, right?
But wait, we've still more...
*** This story goes to show that you're NEVER too old to deal drugs down on the (...all together, gang...) SOUTHEAST SIDE of Fort Wayne:
Seems that possession (and possible distribution) of methodone, MDMA, cocaine, ecstasy, and heroin WILL STILL net you a nice holiday stay in the Allen County lockup (yay...bologna sandwiches again).
Norman Caldwell, Sr., 66, of the 4600 block of Spatz Ave and Sharon Hood, 49, of the 300 block of E. Creighton Ave are now BOTH "guests" of the city & county, with Caldwell (who has a rap sheet for drugs going back to 1993 - and he's STILL on our streets with kids in the house) looking at a $5000 bond, while Hood faces a $102,500 bond (nasty girl).
EST assisted in both "visits" to the appropriate addresses in question.
*** And another "baby-boomer" goes bye-bye...
Here's the link:
One Jerry L. Miars, age 61, of the 1200 block of Vance Ave. was arrested on fours counts of felony dealing a controlled substance, four counts of possession and one for paraphernalia.
Police found FIVE pounds of pilocybin "shrooms" in his house (uh, oh...that ain't good) with a street value of $6000, EIGHT lbs of pot worth $3000, and EIGHT lbs of salvia worth $4000, (what. no partridge is a pear tree?) along with other assorted pills, cash and a HANDGUN (oops - BIG uh-oh, there).
His bail WINS with a total of $223, 250 bucks! (wtg, Jerry...you finally won something)
*** Next up, some sobering statistics about our LEOs out there.
From the Washington Post:
(yeah, it IS a long link, but worth the read)
Police officers were killed at a rate THIRTEEN PERCENT HIGHER than last year.
Last year, 153 officers died in the line of duty - THIS year, it rose to 173.
What is really startling is that the FIREARMS-RELATED deaths rose FIFTEEN PERCENT.
Sixty-eight (68) federal, state, and local officers were killed in 2011, and that's up from last year when 59 were killed.
This is the first time in 14 years that deaths by firearms topped traffic-related deaths.
That should make us all appreciate the job these men and women perform on our streets a little bit more, and remember what they do daily.
*** And that brings us back to where this post started...our memories.
We recall good times, bad times, and everything in between.
I think of events as mile-markers in one's life...guideposts if you will, meant to show us not only how far we've COME, but how far we've YET TO GO.
Happy events evoke times in our lives that allow us to kick back, and enjoy the trip, while tragic events serve to steel our resolve to do something...to make things right again.
And each of us manages to store all this "stuff" in something the size of a small grapefruit...that's not too shabby.
I suppose we should all be happy such information is not kept on some desktop, and I most certainly am.
Tomorrow, a brief look back at some of the things that made 2011 stand out.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Looking forward to tomorrow's post... but I hope Aliahna's not on it. The poem I posted a day or so ago is the only way I could deal without crying.

I used to live a stone's throw from Northway, and it was a decent trailer park (except the manager was a bit of an ass). And I've spent time at 6008 Moeller and in that one whose name I forgot near River Haven, and neither was more than a notch or two away from Northway. (Ankenbrook, that's the name!)Only two types of people live in places like that- the desperately poor whose relatives should be ashamed for not helping them out, and the lazy and evil, hoping to blend in to avoid LEO detection. Oh, and the people too stupid to know the difference (like me). But the real problem here is that too many people looked at that sweet little thing and said, "throwaway child." God bless her, SHE'S in a better world.

Bob G. said...

Friday's post might be a bit delayed, as we're going food shopping early on.
Hopefully, I cna amanage to cover things in 2011 that give us pause.
Aliahna's death will not be among them.
I think you captured the essence of trailer park "clientele".
Hey, we ALL make blunders in living arrangements ONCE...
(sometimes, the place you choose changes under your feet.)
Doesn;t even have to be a trailer park. It can be an apartment comples OR even a house...it's the allowance (and even acceptence) of undesireables that will turn a nice place into one where everyone (and everything) becomes suspect.
Then again, people have changed considerably over the last few decades (that's what often occurs with "government-sponsorship").

I Agree...she IS in a much better place now. And she lives in a mansion.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and comment.

Stay safe up there.

John D. said...

There are many of us out there that believe that time speeds UP as we grow older...

It seems that way to me too. Except at work time slows down at work. Especially on the Friday before a holiday weekend.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I wasn't even thinking of going THERE..but I'm certainly glad (and proud) that YOU DID...LOL.

(ain't it weird that way?)

Have a fantastic New Year, and thanks SO much for being part of this blog the past year.

Stay safe.

Slamdunk said...

Hi Bob. When I saw the town where the murdered little girl was from, I knew I had to stop by and get your persepective on it.

It was great to read what law enforcement and others in the dad's small Iowa community did for him. Sad that stories like that get little coverage.

I hope you and the Mrs. have a Happy New Year.

Bob G. said...

Yeah,m unfortunately no happy ending here.
This guy was a monster, plain and simple, and there isn't a jail cell deep enough, or far enough away from humanity to place him in.
Would love to see the death penalty, but that could drag on for DECADES.
And I wouldoretty much expect if it goes to trial, it might NOT be held HERE in Fort Wayne, because of all the media coverage.
All the agencies involved did a great job, and yesterday they removed the trailer from the mobile home park and placed it in a secure location for evidence gathering.
The ACSD is to be commended for ALL it's work.

AS to New Years?
Last night was bad enough, trying to get sleep with all the yahoos either shouting or thumping by...and no police patrols to speak of (or see).

Guess I can expect more of the same TONIGHT...but as much as the party goers love to shoot off guns at midnight...I ALSO can shoot off a gun...if NEED BE.
(my gunfire can be called URBAN RENEWAL, however...lol)

We'll try and have the best New Year allowed (by the city).

Thanks so much for taking time to stop on by and comment.
DO have yourselves a fantastic New Year.
Stay safe out there,.