16 December 2011

Friday Follies...
We're winding down the days until Christmas, and it's beginning to feel a bit more "Christmasey" outside THIS morning (temperature-wise)...brisk is the word, unlike yesterday with all that rain. Better to have a WHITE Christmas then a WET one, right?
(Irving Berlin, Bing Crosby, and Danny Kaye would agree on THAT one)
And even Joe Friday is getting into the holiday spirit...
We've got a few thing here to take care of (commentary-wise) before we head off into the weekend, so without any further ado...let's have at it.
*** First up, the *411* on the officer down in Waterloo, Indiana.
Deputy Marshal Steve Brady is still listed in serious but stable condition after undergoing surgery for a bullet wound to the head.
He has responded to questions by nodding, but has been sedated following the surgery.
The bullet entered under his left eye and exited behind his left ear.
Head wounds of ANY type (or caliber) are never to be trifled with, especially given all the bones and blood vessels in that part of the body.
But the fact that Brady was able to respond provides a lot more hope for recovery.
Here's the latest story link:
And here's some background on the recently-deceased shooter (aka the piece of human crap, who has been remanded to the GATES OF HELL by the responding SWAT team):
Other officers react to the shooting, and this story mention Steve Brady's wife, Jan, who is a Sgt. for the Waterloo Police Department Reserve .
Here's THIS story:
There is also an article about how witnesses responded to this early morning altercation in their small town:
I have to really thank our station WANE for doing such comprehensive coverage of this.
Brady is 47, and a 13-year veteran of the department, so he knows the ropes, but even a seasoned veteran can never predict what will occur whenever you come across a couple "tweakers" bent on doing harm at 3AM.
The last time I checked, police cruisers do NOT have crystal balls as standard equipment, nor are there courses for clairvoyance, tarot or palm-reading at the academy. You trust your training and your gut all the time.
Yet, even they can fall short when dealing with criminals with Lord-knows-what coursing through their veins.
There are been cases where a tweaker had up to FOUR officers on him, trying to get him cuffed and stuffed, and he was giving ALL the officers a hard time, even AFTER being tazed...this is NOT "better living through chemistry", people.
--My continued hope for a complete AND speedy recovery goes out for deputy marshal Brady and my prayers go out to his wife, and the department.
No one ever FORCES these men and women do don the uniform...they CHOOSE to do it...always remember that.
Our LEOs are our BEST defense when it comes to crime (aside from personal-packing), and this is certainly NOT the time of year to have to remind ourselves of this because these men and women put it ALL on the line EVERY time, and EVERY day they strap on that body-armor, and hitch up that duty belt for the next shift.
St. Michael is definitely putting in for some O/T this season.
Moving on...
*** I hear the War in Iraq is NOW..."officially" OVER...('ya think?)
This has got to be a God-send to those families waiting for loved ones to return home, but how do we answer those families that have LOST loved ones in this war?
Granted, this is nowhere near the scope of 'Nam...or Korea, and certainly not either one of the TWO World wars, but still...human life IS sacred to many Americans, and when duty calls, many answer, not because it's "expected", but rather because it's the right thing to do.
Was it worth over NINE years of fighting?
I can't really say, because I honestly have mixed feelings about this.
We helped the Iraqis and supplied THEM with arms to fight off the Russians (who were in theater there for ten years, and pulled out, never winning their victory), and then WE go in and do the exact same thing, fighting the Iraqis, while the Russkies (and the Chi-Coms) funnel THEIR weapons to the same people WE helped before...doesn't make sense to me for some reason.
Well, I CAN say that, just like 'Nam, we DID win every military engagement...so THAT record is still intact.
But what TYPE of victory have we achieved, and how lasting will it be?
Time will tell.
At least NOW, we can begin the healing process for all those affected by the war, as well as get our wounded the help they need...AND deserve.
God bless EVERY one of them.
A bit closer to "home"...
*** We have had a different paper carrier for the better part of this year, and I have my doubts as to competency when it comes to delivering a stinking morning paper. Never had such problems with the carrier we USED to have. He was there every day before I was even up (and I get up around 0500 some days to shovel the sidewalk in winter).
Usually, at Christmas, we get a postcard/calendar from the carrier (includes name and address), and that's all this old bloodhound needs to track the scent and find out what's REALLY going on.
So I do a lookup of his name and guess what?
Now before you answer, remember this IS the (...all together, gang...) SOUTHEAST SIDE of Ft. Wayne, and the rules of the ghettohood DO apply.
Yes...he DOES have a rap sheet, and a rather extensive one going ALL the way back to 1987...(imagine that).
LOTS of traffic infractions, along with numerous DUIs and even TWO sexual misconduct cases (both were dismissed - one was with a minor and one was a rape)...very curious indeed.
So, does that mean that even a convicted felon doesn't deserve a "second chance"?
Well, considering that the LAST infraction was April of THIS year for OPERATING A VEHICLE WITHOUT FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY...(no insurance)...You just GOTTA wonder.
And he's delivering papers????
Okay, now WTF is wrong with this picture?
Before that in 2010, he had a FELONY OWI...(well that explains the paper being tossed in the flower beds INSTEAD of on the damn step - he's sh*t-faced at 0600 hrs).
By the look of his rap sheet, it would seem he's had a GOOD number of second chances...and pretty much blew them all off, otherwise, he wouldn't keep coming BACK to court, right?
I might consider emailing the paper, letting them know all about this...and perhaps we might get a carrier that not only gets the paper here regularly ON TIME, but also takes a bit more PRIDE in his job, and gets the paper placed where it's supposed to be (and that's NOT among the posies).
Yeah, I can spread that Christmas spirit ALL over...when I try.
*** Lastly today, it seems like Christmas rushes at us faster and faster each year...we can blame those in retail that put out Christmas stuff around Halloween! Slow down, people...Christmas will get here soon enough.
I LIKE the anticipation....something to wait for.
And when we don't have that, the holiday just slips on by, and we're left wondering where it all went.
(kinda like my "get up and go" some mornings...lol)
I like to EASE into the holidays...nice and slow...take my time.
But, when I feel rushed and hurried about, it's like that old saying:
"Haste makes waste"
Nothing much ever came from doing something fast and half-assed, did it?
( there are a LOT of EOD boys that would agree on THAT one)
The holiday season is meant to be ENJOYED...AT LENGTH, and not pushed through like some rush-delivery package, hell bent for leather.
We shouldn't rush this holiday only to start working on the next one...and then the next one, and so forth.
Cripes, I'm half-expecting to start seeing VALENTINE'S DAY crap in stores this week...how "rushed" is that?
Slow down....embrace the season.
Too many things in life wind up flying past, and whenever we become distracted, we blink and miss them.
Christmas should always be a time to reflect...to relax, and to enjoy...not a time when we heave a collective "whew", and tire ourselves out beyond reason. Time waits for no man (or woman), and our present becomes our past all too soon.
Let's fill that future "past" with memories that WILL endure..and we do that by taking things a might slower.
Do have yourselves a fantastic weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

My prayers are with the officer after this senseless shooting.

It saddens me how little control that police have concerning not being shot. Folks walk up to your patrol car all the time--and if someone wants to pull the trigger for no reason, as in the guy did in the VA Tech officer shooting, they can.

Bob G. said...

Police (imho) are more vulnerable in MANY instances then they used to be.
--They are supposed to be diplomats as well as LEOs.
--They are seen more as an annoyance in really BAD neighborhoods.
--They are rarely applauded for exemplary actions and behavior, BUT are taken to task over the slightest lapse in protocol.
--They are often portrayed as THUGS.
--They are told to be "approachable", and yet citizens will avoid providing information and are not willing to come forward when need be.

Through ALL of this (as well as politics, which serves to cause decline in morale), they are STILL expected to perform the duties and responsibilities of one who is charged with protecting the citizens and making sure the laws are upheld.
And it's all done BY CHOICE.

A true LEO is someone to be admired, and not someone to be used as "target practice"...PERIOD!
(Let being a target become the realm of the CRIMINALLY INTENT.)

Hey, thanks so much for taking the time and dropping by here today to comment.

Have yourselves a good weekend.

Stay safe out there.