19 December 2011

Monday Musings...
Here we are...in the home stretch, rounding that final turn before Christmas, and I have to admit that the "minions of mayhem" have seen fit to not give us a weekend like we had LAST week (no triple shootings to speak of around here)...keep your fingers crossed on that one.
Weather wise, it's not a bad morning...breezy with temps above freezing...chance of rain later...not bad at all.
In the meantime, we've lots of things to get busy with today, so let's fire up this bad boy and get rolling into this last week before the holiday season.
*** And speaking of "fire"...
There's THIS story:
A structural fire down in the 6700 block of John St. at the Tamara Gardens Apts Sunday afternoon.
The fire was contained to a first floor unit, but heavy smoke damage occurred in a second floor unit. A wiring issue between floors is suspect.
What amazes me, is that the woman interviewed (one Precious Jones) was describing what went on, and she had this HUGE smile on her face during the whole interview...and others were seen in the background "mugging" for the camera.
Now, I don't know about you, but a FIRE is not anything to be smiling about, especially when people can be DISPLACED because of it...
Still, she did the right thing, making sure people were evacuated from the building.
Never really met that many smiling heroes in my lifetime...they just do what they do, and many don't even ask for (or want) any attention at all.
*** Kim Jong Il is (finally and completely) DEAD...
After having suffered a stroke in 2009, it is said he suffered a heart attack (or two) on a train Sunday and passed away.
He was 69.
Rush Limbaugh is calling him Kim Jong Dead...LOL.
(he ain't "ILL" no mo, folks)
South Korea has been put on "high-alert" following his death.
Now, if Iran's leader and Chavez bite the big one...it could be a good end to a lousy year, globally-speaking.
One LESS dictator always seems to put a SMILE on MY face.
*** There was a home invasion in the 4600 block of Monroe St yesterday around 1030 hrs, and that's about 2 blocks north of our "Fortress of Reason".
You won't hear this on the news, so be advised.
The suspect was described as a black male (big surprise there) 5'6", 150lbs, wearing all black (as do about 80% of them) who was brandishing a small silver handgun.
I did not hear what he made off with, but he escaped out the back door of the residence (4607), and that empties into an "alley".
What I find rather "disturbing", is that for the thirty minutes (afterwards) I watched out of our house, I DID NOT see ANY FWPD cruisers criss-cross the area looking for this guy.
I didn't hear about any apprehensions, either, so I can only conclude he was still at large.
Now, I may be worrying needlessly here, but I think whenever ANY person that had JUST committed a crime involving a handgun winds up LESS than 2 blocks from MY residence, I would LIKE to find it somewhat reassuring if I were to see SOME POLICE PRESENCE immediately following the incident...like someone's actually LOOKING for the perp. But I didn't see any cruisers in the area following the home invasion.
There were a few look-alikes in the area (and officers called them in on the radio), but apparently they were not the person "of interest", or they would have been detained by police.
Given the fact that there are WAY too many places to hide down here (that police probably don't even know about, unless they spent some time going over the area carefully), it does make one wonder about the effectiveness of the department on a SUNDAY MORNING...!
ANY thug who tries that at OUR place...well, I just might be waiting with an "early Christmas gift" for THEM...not that they'll enjoy it.
But *I* certainly WILL (ho, ho, ho).
Hey, it's just MY way of spreading the holiday cheer...call me "sentimental" in that regard.
*** Time's year-end cover?
This is SO damn ridiculous, and so stupid in concept...no wonder readership at that magazine is lower than even MY blog (well, maybe not that bad).
They chose the "person of the year" to be none other than the "occupiers"...
Truly, this IS a "WTF?" moment!
Over at the "support your local gunfighter" blog, Wyatt proposed a more appropriate recipient of this distinction...NAVY SEAL TEAM SIX.
And I have to agree with his call there.
THAT cover would look a helluva lot BETTER (don't you agree?)
Time magazine has fallen so far from grace with their left-wing rhetoric, it's not even funny any longer.
It's just pathetic.
Cripes, the AP listed it's top TEN stories of the year, and the occupy movement wasn't even ON that damn list...so what's that tell you, hmm?
So much for truth in journalism with TIME...(idiots).
*** Lastly today, we are in the FINAL WEEK of shopping for Christmas and for Hanukkah (which begins tomorrow evening), and I want to remind you of some things that could make your "excursions in shopping" a little less problematic.
So here are some tips...feel free to apply as many as needed, because you WILL need at least ONE..
1) Situational Awareness - I can never stress this enough.
When you're in the parking areas, take a few seconds to look around you...make sure no one is following or watching you as you load up your car with presents. And ALWAYS lock them in the TRUNK, and nowhere inside the passenger cabin (where they can be seen AND taken).
If someone is following you, keep the phone handy, and if need be, contact authorities.
Do NOT walk like a victim...keep that head on a swivel.
Criminals in situations like this are looking for OPPORTUNITY...your job is to DENY them that chance.
2) Patience IS a virtue - keep that head cool and take your time.
Parking and driving in general will be full of people with absolutely NO idea what they're doing...just that they know they have to do it.
They will be distracted by cell phone conversations, screaming kids in the back seat, other idiots, and the like.
What works for them is chaos...don't take the time to feed their inner beast...you're better than that.
Expect delays and a bit of frustration...and YOU will ahead of the curve here.
3) Keep what's yours...YOURS.
Ladies, make sure your purse is secured CLOSE to your body. If need be, put it OVER your shoulder and INSIDE of your coat or jacket, that way any thugs wanting to do a "snatch and grab" will NOT be able to get to the straps...at all.
Guys, keep your wallet as close as well. Some use a "biker-chain" to affix it to their pants, while others will move it from a pants pocket to a coat pocket over their chest (if the jacket has an inside pocket). Button flaps on some pants are great...you can always tell if someone's tyring to lift your goods.
4) When GOOD credit goes BAD.
Always make sure your credit cards are never out of YOUR SIGHT...and always get the receipt in YOUR HAND, making sure you put it AWAY properly and not lose it...you might need it more than an identity thief.
If possible, get a METAL case to carry your credit cards around, so those that can read the stripe with mobile devices CAN'T.
They're cheap enough these days, and manage to thwart those wanting a piece of YOUR action nicely.
5) Wear comfortable clothing.
I know this sounds weird, but you're not going for a night out on the town...you're CHRISTMAS SHOPPING.
Having footwear that doesn't fatigue your "puppies" will go a long way to not distract YOU when shopping.
Nothing worse than tired feet to wear out the REST of you...believe me.
And when you're tired, you make mistakes...it's just part of "the game".
But don't EVER let me catch you walking a mall in FLIP-FLOPS and flannel pajama pants...I will smack you in the back of your head...LOL!
There's COMFORTABLE...and then there's just plain SLOPPY.
You're out in PUBLIC (not in your living room), so act accordingly.
So there you have it...a few simple "rules " (think of them as guidelines) that WILL ensure you make it through this hectic week with as little angst as possible. Armed with this knowledge and good old common sense, you WILL come out on top no matter what sale you chase after.
(Think of it as YOUR very own "Victorious Secret"...hold the frills and lace...LOL)
Do have yourselves a fantastic week.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Anonymous said...

Re: (Outta) Time magazine: For accuracy's sake, the cover they should put on their Person of the Year issue should feature this picture. It captures the essence of the "movement" (pun intended) so well.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
You are SO damn right, there...!!!

And what a "movement" it was...worth a least an overnight stay in the local hoosegow, hmm?
I'm pretty sure I could garner support for the cover I photoshopped here...
(and in an alternate universe, I'd be WORKING for TIME magazine...lol)

Hey, thanks for taking time to drop on by today and comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

Time magazine abandoned "respected" for "who we're in bed with" years ago. The only surprise would be if they didn't have three articles in the issue by "embedded" "correspondants".
(yeah, 2 sets of ""; I figured that anyone who'd go through the pretense of being "embedded" isn't really much of a "correspondant " either.
Maybe they can get a "ghost post" from "Uncle Walter", eh?

Bob G. said...

To be quite honest, if I wanted REAL news and had to decide between TIME or The National Enquirer...I'd go with the LATTER..hands DOWN.

Things have become SO reversed these days...that's for sure.

Thanks a lot for spending some time here today and commenting.

Stay safe up at "Lake Scrappy"!
(or is it now Scrappy Pond?)