28 December 2011

Humpday Happenings...
That snow (?) we got yesterday in Fort Wayne didn't do much but create some slush on the roads (which were fine to drive along), and coat the lawns, and I know because I went driving in it...to order that missing part for the Wifeymobile.
*** The guys at Kelley Chevrolet were top-notch and the part should be in within the next 2 days.
I queried them about PONTIAC parts, being as how Pontiac (the name brand) died quietly last year, and they said it depends on availability...so it's gonna be another crapshoot, but they DO work on them still...good to know. I told them I'd have to bring my car up some day and show them the latest in "classic" automobiles...LOL.
The drive BACK was less than uneventful, however.
I saw this car rolling up behind me with only ONE headlight/running light on (I was using headlights for poor weather conditions, as I was taught), and whenever I see a vehicle without the PROPER illumination, it bothers me...something's not right and you need to be AWARE of that vehicle (especially if they hardly bother to remove the SNOW from their side and rear windows), because the owner doesn't give a rat's ass about it (until and IF he/she even gets pulled over, which I would gladly do to THIS person, if I was a LEO).
Anyway, I'm needing to get into the LEFT-hand lane to turn, and as I always do, signal a couple hundred feet from the intersection, and begin a GRADUAL lane change...it was then I heard a horn...a LOT of horn.
Seems "Mr. ONE-LIGHT" aka CYCLOPS decided to hang in my BLIND spot, and was already IN the left lane where I needed to be. I had JUST checked ALL my mirrors and I didn't see where the hell we went (a "rapturing" WAS my first thought, but God knows better - besides, He wouldn't want that car).
I pulled back over, waved, apologized for being on "his" road and let him by (idiot).
Then, when he went to make another left farther along, I blew MY horn at HIM and gave the "middle-finger salute"...
I always acknowledge the driving "skills" of others on the roads of America.
So much for my "excellent" adventure...there's ALWAYS ONE moron to ruin an otherwise nice drive...always remember that.
(they breed such people JUST for those times)
Meanwhile, back at the garage...
*** Here's more on the death of Aliahna Lemmon ( caution - the story DOES have graphic details about the murder, so I wouldn't be downing breakfast while you read this, if you have a bad gag reflex)
There's a PDF file you can view that is a copy of the court affidavit.
Here's a link to the background of the accused murderer (piece of excrement):
Now this story is interesting because Plumadore lived on and off with a man who had BEEN an active sexual offender (Aliahna's GRANDFATHER). This man died back in early December, but Plumadore continued to live at the trailer.
Plumadore has had addresses in North Carolina and Florida also, and had been convicted of auto theft in 2007, but a plea deal erased the auto theft charge for a lesser forgery charge. He was sentenced to 3 years jail time with 1 year probation, and was released in 2010.
He has rap sheets from other states.
What is very curious is that the grandfather had babysat for children and was convicted of sexual misconduct with a minor (from 1996 to 2003).
And yet he watched Aliahna?
That mobile home park up on the 9400 block of N. Clinton st. is currently "home" to FOURTEEN sexual offenders.
This story made national headlines, with Nancy Grace even chiming in, interviewing media sources and law-enforcement.
I have to hand to to Sheriff Ken Fries, for doing am exemplary job handling the media "circus" while maintaining a very professional demeanor under extremely gruesome circumstances. Love to have HIM as FWPD's boss, that's for sure.
*** Heard this call going out on the radio last night:
This was a shooting up on the 800 block of Tennessee Ave at the apartment buildings there.
Several black men were seen leaving the building right afterwards, and the vehicle description was a red Jeep Cherokee (we have one or two of those down HERE in the ghettohood, all you have to do is LOOK for them).
The one man (in serious condition) could not be transported right away until the EMS team stabilized him, and they had to insert a chest tube to assist in breathing for the victim.
You know, if you NEVER get involved with the WRONG PEOPLE, or get busy doing the WRONG THINGS in life, you can almost be assured that something like this never happens to you.
All you have to fret about THEN, is the "random" act of violence by some street thug looking for that "opportunity" to present itself.
And that stacks the odds of not having to push up daisies from here on out HIGHLY in YOUR favor.
(can't get odds like THOSE at any casino, can you?)
*** I'll be you can't guess which item became a really HOT TICKET on Black Friday, can you?
(hint, it wasn't anything electronic)
And no, it wasn't clothing, although you CAN wear it.
(starting to sound like a riddle, right?)
It was...FIREARMS!
That's right.
According to ABC news (way back on 2 Dec), it was a one-day HIGH for background checks...to date!
Here's the link to the story:
Seems people are finally realizing that when SECONDS count, the police are only MINUTES away, and to that end, citizens are practicing their 2nd Amendment RIGHTS.
And naturally, ABC had to "spin" the story by crying the "panic people feel because they think Obama's taking the guns away".
I wouldn't call it "panic"...but a good healthy CONCERN might be a better description when it comes to a socialist agenda.
Also, that concern is based on inherent flaws in the judicial system, layoffs and cutbacks in law-enforcement departments nationwide, as well as growing VIOLENT crime in America (much of it stemming from gangs from Mexico, as well as "home-grown" gangs, all connected to the drug trade).
So, YES, I would agree that CONCERN is warranted, and maybe if more law-abiding people "arm up", we can have more of stories such as THIS:
At an Indianapolis Kroger, a would-be robber (Jeremy Atkinson, recently deceased) got a LOT more than he bargained for while attempting to rob the store with customers shopping all around. He got a one-way ticket to the local MORGUE, courtesy of a Kroger employee who shot the robber (at the cash room) in the FACE, killing him.
Now THAT person deserves a damn EMPLOYEE of the MONTH award (for the whole year)...!
We're noticing MORE people not putting up with all this crime crap any longer, refusing to become victims, and I say GOOD FOR THEM!
And when THESE citizens speak...it's with FINALITY...I like to call it "Natural Justice".
Some would label this a form of vigilante retribution...
I say if THAT'S what it takes to send a message to these thugs...hey, it works for me. I call it a damn good beginning.
If normal people have to take up arms to PROTECT their loved ones and their possessions (that they worked their asses off to acquire), I have NO problem with it at all. After all, THESE citizens are not the ones going out and committing CRIME, are they?
No, they are not.
They are the ones that understand that the police cannot be everywhere all the time, and that the first best defense for such crime when it comes to you is to eradicate it by any means possible, and as quickly as possible.
That way, you can get to living your life, and the criminal can get busy with "gardening" as in pushing up those daisies I mentioned earlier.
If civility can only be had at the business end of a firearm in order to ENSURE one's safety, then by God, let's get CIVIL once again.
I say reduce the cost of obtaining a CCP in EVERY state...one flat rate, and not anything like the $125 they charge here in Fort Wayne (lifetime).
We had a lot less crime when more people were packing, because you didn't want to take the chance of pissing someone off who might be a better shot than YOU...so you "behaved yourself", and treated everyone with a lot more civility.
We are a gun culture in America...hell, we fought a WAR to prove it to those ruling us, in order that we could better govern OURSELVES.
And I think we "done good" by such things...history proves as much.
I say the time has come to reclaim OUR America...wrest in back from the criminals and if we do it one shot at a time against one thug at a time...the job will get done, but if we do nothing, then THAT is what will get done in it's stead.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


Disgusted said...

Actually Plumadore was released Feb. 28, 2009.


Can't forget the good behavior crap.

If you check his two cases on Odyssey Courts-Case Search you can see he was living in the same trailer on 4/27/2007. Looks like he was well rooted in the area.

Didn't AWB say that he had a open felony warrent from Florida? I wonder if K. Richards is going to go for the death penalty. I wonder when it is going to come out if Ali was sexually molested.

Bob G. said...

I figured the good behavior (or time already served if that was the case) figured into his release.

I didn't know it as early as 2009 though.

(good link, thanks)

If there was one thing I noticed, it was that he LOVED to bounce around...as far as addresses go.

And I'd bet he kept ALL the addresses current (lots of criminals often have MULTPLE addresses to better elude authorities).

The open warrant in FL wouldn't surprise me one bit, but I feel THIS case takes precedence, so I don't know what (if any) extradition proceedings will show up.

I also wonder if the car he stole was ever found and returned?
This (Fort Wayne) prosecutor LOVES to go for the "nothing but net" cases, and will plea-deal the day away in most all other cases.

Got a feeling THIS case isn't going to that route.

I prefer my prosecutors to WORK for their money, right?

Thanks for taking time to stop by and comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe out there.