20 December 2011

Tuesday Tidbits...
It's a slight change from yesterday morning, that's for sure.
Got us some sleet and rain, with temps hovering around the freezing mark, which combine to not make the "best" driving conditions, especially on those overpasses, and rest assured we'll have our share of problems with drivers thinking it's STILL clear on the roads.
It amazes me how some people even manage to get a driver's license these days...my Dad used to say they "bought one at Pep Boys"...lol.
Nevertheless, we WILL press on today, weather notwithstanding.
*** First up, a curious new study (what, another one?) about our young people.
Here's the link to the source article (original appears in pediatrics journal):
Now, WHO would imagine that OVER 30% of all Americans would be arrested BEFORE the age of 23?
(sorry, can't include myself in that number - ditto for Mrs. Bobby G.)
Come to think of it, most all of my friends from years past were NEVER arrested...musta been something in the WATER back in those days?
(that's it...blame it on fluoridation, Bob)
Today, we've got a good solid TEN PERCENT MORE of the population being busted than back in my day. (when we used to be THAT young)
Someone's gonna have to "splain" something to me...we're going to feel COMFORTABLE with such people running OUR nation in the foreseeable future...WHY (again)?
Well, it's easy enough to see HOW this is happening...
It's the LACK of such things as:
Personal Responsibility
And then there's the whole "deterioration of the traditional family unit" aspect.
Couple that up with trying to make everyone MORE equal than they used to be, pandering to their self-esteem, and it's little wonder we see an INCREASE in arrest rates.
It's all about CAUSE and EFFECT - strange bedfellows they are.
More people seem to care less about the EFFECT when they're busy trying to champion some "CAUSE".
Letting "the chips fall where they may" might be good if you're a gambling addict with a few bucks burning a hole in some pocket, but it doesn't work all that well for the human condition...not in THIS instance.
Like I've said here many times, young people today see being arrested as more of a "rite-of-passage" (much the way OUR generation used to view GRADUATION...or that FIRST JOB), rather than the stigma is used to be (and should remain).
Arrests (unless overturned or expunged) are one of those amazing things in life...they tend to follow you around for a LONG time, and they USED to be like some albatross around one's neck, instead of something to "brag about" to your posse of clique.
There are many that DO learn from such an experience, and never again allow themselves to do something stupid enough that would warrant their arrest, and that's good.
Sadly, many see the initial arrest like a gateway to a life filled with mistake after mistake, never learning one damn thing.
To them, it becomes a "challenge" to see IF they can get caught doing something they're not supposed to do.
One need only refer back to the small list above to see WHY this occurs.
If you're busy working ON that list to get yourself busy being a productive individual in the brief life you've been given, you just don't have the time to get busy doing crap that will land you in the local hoosegow...it's that simple.
Meanwhile, back at the Fortress...
*** This story exemplifies the stupidity of the season:
Here we have a street race in Auburn between a Trans Am and a pickup...
(yeah, right)
It ended with three injured, and two marvelously WRECKED vehicles.
And this occurred around NOON on rt 8.
Street-racing is BEST left to roads that tend to be a lot more UNOCCUPIED...and preferably AT NIGHT (when the po-po might not be able to see you doing it). That's the way they did it back in Philly, and when the police did show up, everyone scattered (oh yes, they were viewed by many down around Pattison Ave).
Have to say that the survivability rate in a Firebird IS pretty good, even with a head-on crash with a putz behind the wheel (which will NEVER apply whenever I'm driving MINE...just so you know).
Most dangerous part of ANY vehicle is the NUT that HOLDS THE WHEEL...remember that.
Moving along...
*** Tonight begins the Jewish celebration of lights, otherwise known as Hanukkah, and to those who will be spinning the dreidel and lighting the Menorah, I wish the best this holiday season for them and for their native land of Israel.
For the rest of us who WILL celebrate Christmas, we're at the time where, if you still send along Christmas cards (and we send a few) you're almost out of time for arrival BEFORE the big day.
I know I've got some presents for Mrs. Bobby G. that will arrive AFTER Christmas day, so we're kinda spreading out the festivities a tad longer.
(suppose I shoulda shopped earlier...I get it now)
Still, it's always preferred to be OWED something, than to be CHEATED out of it completely, hmm?
And it's also better LATE, than NEVER, too.
But, it's not always about the gifts, right?
Gifts you can acquire ANY time of the rolling year, and not just for Christmas (for Christmas sake).
When I was young (a LONG time ago), gifts had a greater priority than they do these days (and I already have PLENTY of sweat socks as a testament to that...lol). As you get older...see the years pass...watch people grow up, it doesn't become about the gifts. it becomes about all the "trappings" that MADE the Christmas holiday (or Hanukkah for that matter) more inspirational.
I believe the greatest gift has already been given to us...ALL those years ago, and if I was a bit nostalgic with a touch of religious fervor, it's because something (and someone) better was provided for every one of us.
And maybe that's WHY so many of those Christmas shows and movies tend to have those themes of redemption (like A Christmas Carol).
We are all capable of being redeemed, especially at this time of year.
I think we should keep THAT part of Christmas with us always.
Besides, acknowledging the birth of Christ never seemed to do no one no harm...no how.
Just something to think upon as the holiday approaches, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.

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