19 January 2012

...Than A Bag Of Rocks...
We ALL know the BEGINNING of that saying, don't we?
(and it has nothing to do with the nice snowfall I'm watching come down in the Heartland today)
All you have to do is add whatever person or persons that are apropos to the specific situation.
Like: Her ex-husband was dumber than a bag of rocks.
Or: He's as lazy as a bag of rocks.
It's almost got an application for ANY situation.
It's one of those wonderful "universal" sayings.
It can fit any person at any time for any reason.
I often use it to describe certain TRUTHS about people.
(and Lord knows I've enough occasion to do so down here)
The NICE thing about a saying like this, is that it doesn't HAVE to apply to the blatantly stupid, or even the chronically stupid.
It can apply to that ONE shining moment where a person's stupidity has built up over time, and culminates into ONE, massive act OF...(you guessed it)...STUPIDITY.
And we have for your pleasure today, a few incidents of those "bags of rocks" that don't want to seem to go away or otherwise change their patterns of behavior.
*** First up on the "hit list", is this charming mother with an unusual way of housekeeping and parenting.
And I'm sure this will certainly appeal to all the REAL moms out there.
Here's the link to the story:
Now here we have yet ANOTHER case where the children are being abused.
Not sexually perhaps (that we know of), but DENIED the basics that are essential to normal living...
Like food...and cleanliness...and needed amenities like HEAT, or even a proper BED to sleep in.
BUT, she HAS a house...how the f$ck did THAT ever happen?
Bet she's got a set of wheels, too.
(and probably is a current member of the "Boyfriend of The Month" club in Fort Wayne)
Now, IF she is, in fact getting public assistance, WHERE the f$ck is it all GOING, because it sure as hell isn't going into the children's bellies OR into providing them a decent place to call home.
Cripes, the kids (and Mom) would be better off in some SHELTER, than on a residential street.
What I find REALLY amazing, is that, after ALL the "allegations" (read proof) to child "neglect" (read abuse) stemming from LAST MARCH, she is JUST NOW (yesterday) being charged...
It takes TEN MONTHS to bring CHARGES to someone like this?
Talk about bureaucracy...Jeezus!
And as of yesterday, Greene was NOT in custody...!
(You're f$cking KIDDING me, right?)
Not ONE person connected to this case with the FWPD, or CPS did ANY monitoring of this individual to make sure she wasn't going anywhere and COULD be found when (ten months later) someone decided to arrest her sorry ass?
Hell yeah...the system works...just not for anyone seeking JUSTICE.
It's no wonder the children had school attendance issues, and I'd wager the "tip" was most likely from a TEACHER of those kids.
(I say good for HER...at least SHE gave a damn)
And here is Greene's rap sheet:
Allen Superior Court 4 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
Decided 35-43-4-3(a)/MA: Conversion
02D04-1108-CM-005185 NA
Allen Superior Court 4 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
Decided 35-44-2-2(d)(1)/MB: False Informing
7.1-5-1-3/MB: Public Intoxication
(dismissed, but arrest warrant issued for failure to appear and contempt)

GREENE, CHANDRA S 01/18/2012
Allen Superior Court 5 FD - Class D Felony
Pending 35-46-1-4(a)(1)/FD: Neglect Of Dependent-Depndnt Put In Situation Endangering Depndnts Life/Health
35-46-1-4(a)(1)/FD: Neglect Of Dependent-Depndnt Put In Situation Endangering Depndnts Life/Health
35-46-1-4(a)(1)/FD: Neglect Of Dependent-Depndnt Put In Situation Endangering Depndnts Life/Health
(warrant ordered with a $2500.00 bond - warrant for the body of a person issued)
Curiously enough, she listed TWO addresses within the same time period (must be nice to have TWO houses)
Fort Wayne, IN 46806
Fort Wayne, IN 46803
Another stellar citizen still on the streets, awaiting arrest...AGAIN.
Yep...dumber than a bag of rocks...'fo sho!
*** Obama nixes pipeline from Canada to Texas.
Now, when I heard THIS, I was actually yelling at the radio (and later the TV).
Are you freaking SERIOUS, Mr. President?
Are you FOR REAL?
You "want" energy independence in America, and yet, you pull THIS bonehead deal and then go and blame the (republican-controlled) House because they "didn't give YOU enough time to decide"?
I dunno...doesn't take you a helluva lotta time to DECIDE to go GOLFING, does it (for like the 77th time)?
Doesn't take you much time to RAM "Obamacare" down the throat of a nation that doesn't want it, right?
And it sure doesn't take YOU much time at all to get back to CAMPAIGNING instead of running this country (somewhere other than into the ground), does it?
You need to get this nation's REAL priorities straight, son...and PRONTO!
We are not going to create jobs by denying a pipeline project with a guarantee of tens of THOUSANDS of jobs that such a project will employ.
This ain't no new deal...it's more like a RAW DEAL, and Barry, you're leading this parade...straight off the damn cliff!
Anyone that thinks for a moment that AMERICA doesn't NEED more oil (that IS readily available a lot closer to home), or that we ALL need electric cars that catch fire (and use FOSSIL FUELS from power plants to create the electricity to CHARGE them DAILY) isn't playing with a full deck.
Maybe you might want to read up on WHAT (exactly) a President is SUPPOSED to do FOR his nation...and not TO it...just a thought.
*** Insider trading nets positive result.
But not in the way you think.
Here's the story:
While greed IS good...sometimes (it can lead to taking the money and GROWING businesses and even the economy), it does have it's DOWN side.
Around $78 MILLION bucks was tapped by inside trading on Wall St. when seven financial industry "professionals" (among others) triggered a SINGLE trade that made $53 million in profits.
(I guess Obama needs to get his re-election funding SOMEWHERE)
Shades of George Soros...(spooky dude)...LOL
So far, 63 have been arrested in connection with this case, and 56 have been convicted.
(yep...dumber than a bag of rocks...in the end)
Now, how many EXACTLY have been arrested or even CHARGED in that OPERATION FAST AND FURIOUS scandal...so far?
(...sound of crickets...)
Just as I thought...typical (let's divert the public's attention, and maybe they'll forget all about it)
*** Lastly today, we plainly see that imitating a bag of rocks isn't relegated to JUST the so-called poverty-stricken...or the mentally-unstable among us.
It's got this neat "trickle-up" effect...
You can be THE most powerful person in the country, and STILL have problems with something we call COMMON SENSE.
When you have people that DEPEND on you, whether you're a mother with children, or the leader of a nation, you ALWAYS have to realize that you have OTHERS that are depending on YOU making the right call, so that they will be secure, and able to live their lives like normal people should.
And we also see that this is not always the case.
Sure, people have priorities in life, but when you CHOOSE to accept a responsibility (like becoming a parent, or wanting to run a country), those priorities of YOURS are not as important as being accountable to everyone else who is in your charge.
THEY come first, and you're a little farther down that list.
When you have children that live in a household like the one mentioned above, it's no wonder they will grow up thinking that the way you get people to "comply" is to beat them up, or deny them life's necessitates, because it's all about YOU and what YOU want..
When you run a nation that is dependent upon fossil fuels, and you have the MEANS available now to take advantage OF those resources, you don't DENY them to the masses, because YOUR agenda comes first.
You suck it all up, get tough and get going to make things right for those that look up to you...that's what NORMAL people do.
Then, after it's all past, the kids grown, and the nation set to rights again...THEN, you can take care of you...but never before.
We need fewer bags of rocks in this world...that's for damn sure.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America!


Momma Fargo said...

Oh, boy. I feel like a bag of rocks after all that lack of justice nonsense. It just deteriorates right before our eyes. Oy.

Have a great evening, Bob G.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
You couldn't be a bag of rocks if you set your mind to it and TRIED, dear...!
If anything, I'd say a clutch full of PRECIOUS GEMS...

(and hey, I can see that - stop that blushing!!!)

Thanks much for taking the time to roll on up today and comment.

You stay safe out there.

John D. said...

We don't need no stinkin' pipeline! This country has too many jobs already. What we need is higher taxes on the rich (i.e., employed), so we have more money to put more people on food stamps. Now THAT'S change you can believe in. :)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Nah, we really DON'T need a pipeline...or upgrades to current refineries...or MORE refineries (we closed THREE just south of Philly near the airport)...
We NEED all electric cars...that ONLY go 40 miles a DAY before you have to RECHARGE then for 8 hours from electricity that comes from FOSSIL FUEL utility plants...
(oh, yeah that's just makes SO much sense)

And by all means, let's TAX the employed into an early grave

What we HONESTLY need is some type of WORK TO GET PAID deal with welfare qualification (if not disabled in some physical/mental capacity).

Plenty of street trash to pick u (that they put there), and roads to be fixed, and windows to be washed...LOTS of things to "busy oneself" while waiting for that EBT card to "get charged back up", isn't there?

NO excuse NOT to get off their ass and get busy doing something OTHER than sucking on the government teat and reaching into the taxpayers' pockets...

But hey, it's not like you and I can SEE the failures of this (gamed) system...right?
(oh, yeah...we SEE it)

Thanks for spending some time here today (before the rest of the snow) and commenting.

Always appreciated.

Roll safe out there this weekend.

Slamdunk said...

I am sure using the hammer on them will actually mean that she'll be without her kids for 2 months instead of a week. Good grief...

Bob G. said...

I kinda thinking it wasn't one of those CLOWN-type squeaky foam rubber hammers...

And the cycle begins anew...
(damn shame for the kids)

Thanks fro stpping by today and commenting.

Stay safe in Coal-Country.