18 January 2012

Humpday Happenings...
Wednesday...already? (he said with trepidation)
Yepper...middle of the week, and depending on YOUR POV, it's either all DOWNHILL or UPHILL from here on out.
And if you didn't get out to Winchester Rd. at Jerry's Burger-Dairy for a FREE Powerball ticket...shame on you.
(...don't worry, I didn't either, so shame on me...lol)
Ah, well...the ODDS of nailing whatever amount is at stake were about 175,000,000 to ONE, anyway.
(I shoulda gone regardless...Jerry's always did have GREAT donuts...!)
Got a couple things I want to toss out there today, so get yourself comfortable.
*** Last night's season premiere episode of JUSTIFIED on FX was fantastic.
(and plenty of gunplay to satisfy the shooter in me)
I have to hand it to Raylan's boss (Art) in the Lexington, Kentucky U.S. Marshal's office.
He truly has the patience of a saint, and is well-schooled in human nature.
Kinda reminds me of a boss I once had.
Now, if these names are a might confusing, you need to watch the show, and get caught up.
The addition of Neal McDonough's character (from Detroit...of ALL places) is a great addition to the ensemble.
You might remember him from Star Trek: First Contact (Lt. Hawk), Band of Brothers (Lt. Buck Compton), or Tin Man (Sci-Fi channel).
He plays one smooth operator...kill you with his smile (literally, too).
*** Next up, a followup story on that house fire on Gaywood Drive.
(Get ready for me to be correct in my hunch, as I mentioned in my post yesterday)
Here's the link to the story from the Journal-Gazette:
I called that one...even if the story doesn't come out and MENTION scrappers...
Gas lines do NOT have a tendency to CUT THEMSELVES...never have...never will.
And this is becoming the status quo in the (...all together, gang...) SOUTHEAST SIDE of Fort Wayne.
This is ALSO the result of what occurs when you have a bunch of DUMBASSES that simply cannot tell the DIFFERENCE between COPPER pipes (used for water) and CAST pipes (used for gas as well as waste lines)...!
Guess this is what happens when kids don't pay attention in school...they grow up STUPID.
(nice to know SOME things never change)
And anyone who IS a scrapper and worth his weight in recycled metals would (or SHOULD) know that every house has a CUTOFF valve inside the dwelling.
(who knew?)
I can shut off EVERY utility in OUR house, because I KNOW where the shutoffs are located...ain't no big-ass secret, folks.
And every single one of YOU homeowners out there should ALSO know WHERE to shut off the water, gas and electricity, if you ever have to.
The landlord (after he was showing the place to prospective "renters") should have turned off the utilities when he left, but that would be the SMART thing to do, especially in an area that is RIPE for scrappers to hit.
I tell you this area is PRIME when it comes to the LACK of "critical thinking"...or thinking in GENERAL, for that matter.
Most people (down here) follow more instinctual behavior patterns...to hell with conventional reason or wisdom...and screw being knowledgeable.
That's not in THEIR genes...trust me.
The WORST part about all this which wonderfully displays the PREDATORY nature of the BEASTS that roam around down here, is the fact that after the firefighters left, one of the neighboring houses that ALSO had it's utilities shut off was BURGLARIZED.
You heard me right.
Goes to show the blatant disrespect and utter arrogance of the person or persons that broke into the house immediately south of the demolished house at 4005 Gaywood Drive. And it shows that SOME "people" are ALWAYS watching YOUR house, as I have said here many times.
The idea is to "watch back"..let THEM know you see them, by whatever means it takes.
After all, it's YOUR money going to fund such "people" (read flawed welfare programs), because all THEY have to do all damn day is sit around and wait for an opportunity to arise, so they can get MORE sh*t for nothing...just like all the other sh*t they've BEEN getting...for free.
The entitlement mentality is what fosters a LOT of the types of crime we see down here...that's a given.
And the frequent inability of the FWPD command staff to properly address such issues bears that out.
Got too many officers "chasing the radio" when they SHOULD be patrolling to deter all that crime that's been occurring.
But it's not like I KNOW anything about all this kind of stuff.
(Nah, I just "live the adventure" every single day)
Lesson to be learned here?
NEVER take anything (or anyone) for granted...ever. Not in times like this.
*** Now, if you thought the word LAZY couldn't possibly have another definition...think AGAIN.
This story will test your resolve when it comes to having someone else do something FOR you:
Yes, friends, no more having to get in the family car and DRIVE a few blocks to BK for that whopper...no, sir!
Now, they will bring it TO YOU (you couch-potato) for a nominal fee ($2).
This is ONLY a "test-run" to check the potential to make it nationwide.
And the FUNNY thing, is that BK is running this test in of ALL places...WASHINGTON, D.C.!!!
That's right...where most ALL of the LAZIEST people live (politicians included), aside from other major cities with large inner-urban populations.
Cripes, if BK decides to do that near US, you won't be able to get down ANY freaking street...there'll be BK DELIVERY vehicles blocking them ALL, because my "locals" will want all that sh*t brought TO THEM (so they can watch your house while they chow down).
And naturally, there will be some ALLOWANCE to have this program FOODSTAMP-ELIGIBLE...you just wait and see.
Please, someone STOP the madness!
On the "up" side, we won't have AS MANY bikini-clad minorities jumping onto the counters, acting like animals and causing a ruckus when they don't think they got it "their way"...
And, it might actually make dining AT the local BK a more positive experience...without drugged-up morons tossing chairs at the staff (like I witnessed many years ago at the Southgate BK).
Now, tell me how this can be called PROGRESS again, 'cause I'm just NOT seeing it?
*** Been following this SOPA gig, and it's got me scratching my head.
And believe it or not, WIKI hasn't blacked THIS entry out...as seen here:
Online piracy...hey, I've been accused of something like that once...JUST once.
(and that was from copyrighted material I got from a site that did NOT have a copyright in place...go figure)
It's been settled, but it raises an interesting premise.
Does the estate of say...ALBERT EINSTEIN hold SOLE copyright to the whole "E=MC2" gig?
Do the descendants of Issac Newton hold copyright to EVERY apple tree or to GRAVITY itself?
I mean, all THAT is, in fact "intellectual property" of some sort, right?
It's ALSO universal law (in Physics).
While I do believe that if a person writes for a living (and we're talking CREATIVE writing, and not reporting the news), as well as COMPOSERS who WRITE MUSIC for a living, all of them DO have a right to OWN what is theirs.
As to art and photography...that can be a bit dicey.
The ORIGINALS should be copyrighted, but if a person wants to 'borrow" a digital picture (for no monetary gain) to make a point elsewhere, I say fine.
(free advertising for the "artist")
Now, you know that with the advent of such technological pursuits, something like THIS (SOPA) was inevitable.
We've had the Internet for HOW LONG?
And some folks are just getting around to addressing this issue NOW?
Guess this is what happens when you dump all this tech on people and then have nothing to back it up legally..until someone gets their undies in a bunch. Maybe the phrase needed here is THINK THINGS OUT...FIRST.
('ya think?)
*** Lastly today, we can plainly see how people can skirt the law (whether or not there is ever a law in place to begin with), and with such practices come certain responsibilities....or consequences.
Now I'm a firm believer that LAWS are ...for the LAW-LESS.
But there does come a time when a "law" is created that ONLY protects a very small minority of people (like a few), and basically negates the rights of everyone else.
Think of it like a graduation ceremony where a prayer is offered up for ALL the students (several hundred) and ONE atheist comes along and manages to BAN that prayer for the other several hundred kids that had NO damn issue with that prayer.
THAT'S the problem I see in America...the (very) few telling everyone ELSE how to live, behave, what we can or cannot do.
Didn't use to be that way...everyone was a LOT more tolerant...AND civil along those lines.
I attended my share of CATHOLIC church services, and being a Methodist, never included myself in certain aspects OF those services (communion, etc), BUT, I never protested to the Bishop that I felt like I was being discriminated against, because I was a CHRISTIAN and felt the CATHOLIC church needs to bend to MY beliefs, tossing THEIRS aside...that's just plain ridiculous to do that.
And I also think that it's in ALL our best interests if we ALL manage to "grow a larger pair", and allow our "skin" to become a might THICKER, and stop all this bickering and nonsensical rhetoric when it comes to crying wolf.
Because sooner or later, when the wolf actually DOES come along, no one will be paying attention...no matter WHO cries...and for how long.
Just something to think about.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...


"...middle of the week, and depending on YOUR POV, it's either all DOWNHILL or UPHILL from here on out." We got another week of no Thursday, no Monday, and call about Tuesday. So our week is not up or down, it shot off the cliff and careened into the abyss for the second straight week.

I had already seen the news rpt about Gaywood before seeing your post yesterday and admired your prescience. Too much to ask for the perp(s) to have gotten splattered with the building, huh?

Very good analogy with the different churches. Lost on dipstick atheists who'll just say, "what does it matter? It's only make believe." But very good none the less.

Bob G. said...

Hey, you know me....I was TRYING to be optimistic...LOL.

I make it a point to "jump (tuck and roll) from ANY vehicle" WHENEVER I see it approaching ANY cliff.

Whenever I report on something a lot of you might have already seen or read, I like to toss in my "unique" perspective regarding the people (and I use that word LOOSELY) down here.

Seen it all before...in OTHER cities.
Some things (and folks) NEVER seem to (want) to change one damn bit.

Thanks for your words about my church analogy.
In many cases like those fostered by atheists, I would think that common sense (and MAJORITY RULE) would want to prevail.

Thanks a lot for taking time to drop on by and comment.

Stay safe up there.

John D. said...

The JUSTIFIED season premiere was awesome. Neal McDonough is going to be a great foil for Raylan this season. And the guy who played the hitman was excellent. He had a very high creepiness factor going on there. Kind of reminded me of Javier Bardem in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. And Raylan's solution to the standoff with the hitman was inspired.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Somehow, I had this "feeling" you'd find it a really great episode...(and a helluva way to kick off the new season).

And YES, we DO have tablecloths in OUR house...just in case...LOL.

Hey, thanks a lot for rolling on up today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.