13 January 2012

Friday (the thirteenth) Follies...
Yes, friends, today is the FIRST of THREE (count 'em, 3) of this particular type of Friday this year...if you're keeping track (and that rabbit's foot nearby) .
And here in the Heartland...we have SNOW...the nice dry, small-flaked BLOWING kind.
Most roads ARE passable (if you practice something I like to call CAUTION), and FWCS kids have the day "off".
That's because it's a teacher workday, which means ONLY the educators HAVE to go in (it's frowned on if you miss, no matter WHAT kind of weather we have). Every other school system in the surrounding areas are either CLOSED...OR on a TWO HOUR DELAY.
Mrs. Bobby G. said it best when she remarked: "We're considered expendable."
Excuse me?
If ANYTHING, the TEACHERS should be revered a helluva lot more than they are, because of all the "stuff" they have to put up with from both the unruly minions of mayhem darkening their classroom doors AS WELL AS the administration with much of the "politicking" they like to pull.
In any event, driving should be less problematic...(I've been through a LOT worse, and a lot more frequently).
The snow is expected to die out today, but temps will continue in the mid 20s, so whatever snow we have ain't goin' anywhere soon.
With that said, let's take a gander at all the dumbstuff that's been occurring while the snow's been falling, because this post is packed tighter than ten pounds of crap in a five pound bag.
So, strap yourselves in (especially if you're into fetishes - handcuffs are optional).
*** Fort Wayne has it's very own case of TB.
A FWCS student at Anthis Career center has been diagnosed with an MDR form of tuberculosis.
Here's the story:
Now THIS strain of bacteria will most likely result in a LONG recuperative time (up to over TWO years - I do know a few things about medical stuff), and might even require surgery to remove the infected part of the lung. Guess this is what can happen whenever kids are NOT PROPERLY INOCULATED.
You wouldn't see this in my day..everyone got their shots and tests...no discussion, and NO exceptions.
*** A "happy" ending to the Stolen Police Cruiser "saga":
Yep, Billy turned himself into authorities after two days (moron).
Guess being COLD and ON THE LAM wasn't as appealing as having "3 hots and a cot" at the local hoosegow, hmm?
Nice job you did on that CRUISER, too...
We call that RESTITUTION, in case you were wondering...so get ready to PAY UP.
Now, how's about that nice HOT cup of JUSTICE, you dumbass? Taste good?
Enjoy your stay in jail, Billy Boy...you have certainly EARNED it!
*** A followup on that Burmese man facing murder charges:
Looks like NYUNT SHWE might have to take up FENG SHUI...he's gonna have PLENTY of time in jail!
THIS is what happens when you "import" people who have NO idea what it's like to live in a society with RULES.
They can't behave themselves, BUT, they sure can find ways to buy liquor and then stab and beat one another, can't they?
See 'ya...wouldn't wanna BE 'ya, Bub!
*** Did you know that in Fort Wayne, you can actually make an APPOINTMENT to get arrested?
Well, here's the proof:
So, a man sets up a time to be at a KARATE school, and then has the utter stupidity to smack the INSTRUCTOR in the face, probably NOT expecting to be DETAINED until the po-po arrives...!?!
That's what went down (along with the attacker).
Lesson here?
NEVER cross the sensei of the local dojo when you don't know sh*t about martial arts, and then hope to just walk the hell away.
That dog just ain't gonna hunt, people. (idiot)
*** Another business robbery on the (...all together, gang...) SOUTH side of Fort Wayne:
At least it was on the southWEST side...guess the societal cancer called CRIME is deciding to SPREAD OUT just a bit...wonder WHY?
('cause there's hardly any businesses LEFT on the southEAST side worth robbing, Bob)
Yeah, that's gotta be it.
At least the CSIs got a nice palm print AND two CITILINK bus tickets the perps dropped.
And who said that the city's public transit system wasn't good for anything?
Betcha it made the "getaway" a bit lengthy, though ("that muthaf$ckin' bus be TWO minutes late, dammit...we gots ta go NOW!").
*** If the roads aren't already BAD enough...there's THIS little gem:
Charles J. Whalen, Jr. 46, of 1835 Glenlivet Court was charged yesterday with three MISDEMEANORS.
1) Operating a vehicle while intoxicated
2) Operating a vehicle with a controlled substance or it's metabolite in his body
3) Resisting law enforcement.
Well, that's what happens when you drive erratically, sideswipe a concrete median, and lose two tires from the stop-sticks that were thrown down when you refuse to stop.
The jerk posted $4000 bail and is probably back BEHIND THE WHEEL of another vehicle...that's the way the "system" works here.
I've seen it first-hand...no REAL punishment doled out for placing every citizen in this city AT-RISK due to HIS behavior.
He IS also looking at a pending FELONY for resisting and using a vehicle to commit an offense.
Time to find a way to SHAME this person...how about a SIGN.
And he can walk in front of the COURT HOUSE...for a week!
*** Auto Parts Shop and Yard up in smoke (and flames)
I was listening to this on the scanner yesterday, and it was initially tackled as an OFFENSIVE fight against the fire, but after concerns about building integrity surfaced, it turned into a DEFENSIVE posture by the local smoke-eaters.
Good thing too, as the ceiling was completely encased by fire and was raining down inside. Propane tanks and chemicals didn't make the job ANY easier.
The 2020 Import Auto parts place on S. Anthony (near the train tracks) is a complete write off, as were four vehicle inside.
The fire started when a cutting torch set off the fuel from a ruptured line on a vehicle that was on a lift
Now, call me silly here, but ANY time you have to use a torch (cutting OR welding) on ANY vehicle, you ALWAYS make sure to have any and all FLUIDS drained...because they like to burn, or otherwise go BOOM when ignited.
Even gasoline FUMES trapped in an EMPTY tank can explode with concussive results...know someone that got their bell rung in such a manner, and THEY took precautions.
What I found kinda weird, was that I didn't see MANY import cars around...?!?
Be funny as hell if the business turned out to be a cover for a chop-shop, or purchased parts FROM chop shops around town...poetic justice I believe is the term one might use.
*** Think Detroit can't get ANY worse? Think again...
The cost-cutting measure is designed to have more officers on the street, rather than in precinct houses between "business hours".
I think we need ROBOCOP to sort this one out, because it sure looks like that city is following the example set in the movie.
*** A Pool sign? Discriminatory? How So?
Here's the story:
Good thing we have ALL these so-called "watchdogs", making sure people don't put up signs prohibiting folks with a gallon of jeri-curl in their hair to jump into a pool, mucking up the water and turning it all cloudy...right?
Um, lemme say this much - a PUBLIC pool (even at an apartment complex) is NOT a place to CLEAN ONE'S HAIR...nor is it a URINAL.
it's there to be ENJOYED...NOT abused, got it?
Perhaps the person who placed the sign used poor judgment with the wording, but how many WHITES have enough crap on and in their hair that when they dive INTO a pool...an OIL SLICK surfaces, and the EPA comes out with a BOOM to keep it from spreading?
I'm just sayin'...and what about the OTTERS...!!!
*** 911 is asking for a few good BUCKS (of the monetary kind)
Seems Indiana is hurting for cash to run the 911 centers, because of the TYPE of phones being used these days.
County leaders are looking at the manner 911 is funded, because traditional LANDLINES have a $3 charge attached to them for 911, but CELL PHONES only have a $.50 charge, ergo the lack of moolah!
Okay, I'll handle this problem REAL easy...START CHARGING $3 across the BOARD...period!
Doesn't matter WHAT TYPE OF PHONE you have...pay up...$3.00, kapeesh?
(problem solved)
They should have come to ME first....LOL.
*** Lastly today, it's FRIDAY THE 13th...big whoop, right?
I don't really IGNORE such superstitions, I just place them all in their proper context, and offer them a smattering of respect.
There is very little in life that you CAN ignore (like stupid-ass people...always have time to ignore THEM...I MAKE the time...lol), and sometimes, when we do gloss over things, THAT is when we get "bit in the butt" by it, whatever it might be.
American Indians believe in striking a harmony with creation, and that's not a bad idea...they respect the land, and nature in general.
They know their place in the scheme of things.
Would it be that WE can say as much.
Now, I'm NOT saying you walk under a ladder and test the theory of bad luck...not at all.
You just have to know that luck is dependent upon coincidence...and rarely due to fact.
"Luck" can be based in experience...the MORE you know, the less likely that something BAD will result from such knowledge.
So, you got the GOOD side covered.
Bad things will always happen to GOOD people...that's one of life's ironies.
And the sooner we KNOW that, and not only learn from such experiences, but move ON afterward, the better we become.
We're not lucky because of such things...just a little more FORTUNATE.
Remember that.
Have yourselves a great weekend...drive carefully and take your time.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

Hey glad to see that Wild Bill turned himself in and will be in jail for what a week or so before he is let back into society?

Glad that they got the Sgt.'s guns back, but he knows he will be the subject of an endless supply practical jokes and comments from his coworkers.

It always took me longer than it should to search a vehicle with the driver in the patrol car's backseat--I had always had nightmares of someone driving my unit away and flipping me the bird as he squealed tires...

Bob G. said...

The resisting felony might keep him locked up a bit longer, but as long as the law remains stagnant when it comes to DUIs, you might as well put a revolving door at the courthouse.

And I agree that there's nothing worse than the possibility of seeing YOUR car pass you or just drive off...especially when YOU'RE not behind the wheel...!

Hey, thanks a lot for taking the time to drop by and comment.
much appreciated.

Roll safe out there.