12 January 2012

We're Getting There...
One day away from the weekend...finally.
Today's heartland weather will be snow later today, followed by some more snow, tapering off to less snow by sunrise tomorrow, and since it will be cloudy and probably still snowing a bit,

God knows when we'll actually see the sun or a cure to the now once-again RISING gas prices in Fort Wayne, so your guess will be as good as mine.
Just be thankful we're not staring at ALL that snow they've been hit with in Cordova, Alaska, right?
So, without any further delay, let's get cracking at what's been going on...
*** A followup story for yesterday's Fort Wayne water rate hike.
Here's the link:
Now, you have to remember some important things about THIS rate hike.
1) The LAST rate hike was back in 2006 (as mentioned yesterday by me), and THAT one was about 25%.
2) The rate hike THIS time around (the 40% add-on) makes a total of 65%! (when it goes into effect around 2013-2014, should it pass state and local "bosses" )
3) The media mentions that a small family that uses 5000 gals. per month will see their charge go from say $17 (and change) to close to $24 (and change).
4) One reason stated for the increase is that people are using LESS water (thanks to those more efficient fixtures we're stuck with).
5) The rate hike will (should?) affect ONLY the USAGE portion of your bill - ALL the other charges will also remain on the bill (and in likelihood also rise accordingly, knowing HOW these people operate).
Now, we here at the fortress are rather frugal with our water...we use around (little less than) 3000 gallons per month (that covers everything, too), and we realize that in many ways, it's MORE precious than gasoline.
(PLUS, I've seen the movie DUNE enough times over the years to know as much...lol)
The single LARGEST charge on OUR bill (yours also) therefore, is NOT the usage rate...it's the SEWER CONSUMPTION USAGE.
THAT rate is almost four times HIGHER than mere water usage.
Hell, even the SERVICE FEE is greater than our usage, with the SEWER BILLING FEE slightly lower.
Yeah, it DOES all ADD UP.
Also, the storm charges and garbage & recycling fees are added into this bill, but we're pretty much STATIC with those amounts.
So, we pay somewhere around $45+ a month...right now.
If the USAGE fee (only) almost DOUBLES, that will only raise the bill another $6 a month...BUT (and listen for that "other shoe" that might drop)...IF the city does a wholesale hike ACROSS THE BOARD, then our bill will jump close to $90 a month!!!
(Your mileage and cost may vary)
It hasn't been clear by any statements made BY the city as to WHICH part of our bill WILL take the hike. At least I haven't seen it so far.
Be real nice of someone (with a little pull) would ASK such questions of the city utilities...just so we, the PAYING customers know...that's all.
*** More on that stolen police car in Kouts, Indiana...
Here's the story link:
Well, at last the perp didn't get to the WEAPONS in the cruiser, right?
Doesn't say whether he even got the handcuffs off, either.
But Billy Blankenship IS, however still "in the wind" as we used to say.
Investigators are pondering HOW the cruiser wound up in a drainage ditch...
(...long silent pause for effect...)
You're kidding me, right?
Two possibilities:
1) It was driven in there on purpose.
2) It went off the road by accident and wound up there.
There, I solved THAT much of the "investigation" for you guys,...now get to work tracking this car thief down, OK?
Kinda makes Andy of Mayberry seem like the FBI with such nonsense.
*** Did anyone catch that story about HOSTESS having to file for BANKRUPTCY (protection)?
Here's a link:
Now, I admit that I'm not a big fan of Twinkies...BUT I love damn near everything else they make.
(coffee cakes and ho ho's are pretty decent, considering that NO ONE in Indiana has anything CLOSE to either TASTYKAKES or DRAKE'S CAKES...arrggh!!!) Talk about forced withdrawal.
I will say that Twinkies seem to last FOREVER (note to all you impending apocalypse followers), and when they DO get stale, you can probably use them as bullet-resistant insulation for your house.
I much prefer Entenmann's chocolate donuts (and lots of 'em).
I don't really think Twinkies will go away ANY time soon, in spite of what Michelle (ma belle) Obama would WANT (read demand) of her followers.
Sorry dear...I'm keeping my guns, my bible, my freedom...AND my ding dongs!
*** Lastly today, I thought you'd be interested to see an article that mirrors a lot of what I ended yesterday's post with...namely "turning it all off" once in a while. The story had me smiling for a time, because being right a lot never gets old (unlike damn near everything else, including ME)
Here's the link:
Yeah, it's the whole "stopping to smell the roses gig", just in a different package. I didn't know they had a NATIONAL UNPLUG DAY, either...did you?
It's March 23 and 24...well then, that would make it TWO days and not ONE, right?
Now, if they begin at NOON, and run 24 hours, that would make sense to me.
(and at least I could still get in my blog post...lol)
They call it DIGITAL DETOX...(wonder if they have a 12-step plan to go with that?)
And one author says pretty much the SAME things I have...I just didn't find enough time to write a book about it, make a crapload of money, and move the hell away from the ghettohood.
But, aside from that, Kim John Payne (not to be confused with Kim Jong Il) and I are on the same page here.
I must admit I never check email while "on the throne"...or do anything online while occupied in like manners.
I much prefer reading a book, and NOT one on the working of my alimentary tract or Gray's Anatomy.
Truth be told, we all DO need time away from all this tech...you heard me say it often enough.
We have too much to process, and never enough time to do so.
Every week, something "new" comes out, and some flock to snatch it up.
Carmakers shove ALL this technocrap into our cars and then we all sit and wonder why the mileage never seems to rise appreciably.
(lose the tech, get back to basics and cars will get 40+ MPG..it's that damn simple)
I don't need an "assist" to PARK the damn car (like Ford has on some models).
Hell, parking (like driving) should be the sole responsibility OF THE DRIVER!
But, you understand the mess that all this stuff can get us into...if we permit it to do so.
I believe that as long as we never fully become THAT DEPENDENT upon all this stuff...we'll never miss it when we take a break from it...or even if it all goes away (which any EMP worth it's salt would do in a heartbeat).
Learn to rely on YOURSELF...FIRST and FOREMOST.
Let the tech roll on by, and if you HAVE to "buy into it", then do so with caution and never allow it to become an addiction.
We don't want to hear at the digital detox facility:
"Hello, my name is Bob...and I'm a technoholic."
( "Hi, Bob"... )
You make the right call...and YOU will do just fine.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


ms nk rey said...

Oh Emm Gee! today I wrote about me being an appaholic, it maybe too late for me.

CWMartin said...

Okay, hands up from those that think this perp was actually smart enough to dope out that there WERE weapons in the trunk.

I'd like to hear the radio convo they had. Just to see if "Nyah nyah nyah" was in it.

We had water paid in rent until our last re-up. Just got our first bill a couple weeks ago- also has i think 4 bucks for trash, which also was in rent before. Wouldn't be so bad except RENT went up, too! Oh, well, still beats the alternative.

That unplugged day is another one of those "I'll wqorry about it when it becomes an issue" deals to me.

And I'd have more sympathy for (and more purchases from) Hostess if they weren't about 40% higher than little debbie on all their stuff. A ho ho does beat a swiss roll, but not enough to ask a buck-n-a-quarter more a box.

Bob G. said...

Hey, don't shoot me...I'm only the messenger...lol.
Besides, you NOW have that "official" day to chill out...March 23-24 (or is that still TWO days?)
Maybe their technical DATA is off...LOL!

I always treat any tech stuff like this:
"I run IT...IT does NOT run ME."
(and the sooner it realizes that, the better off we'll both be...ROFL)

Not to mention, I DO use my foot when I REALLY need to "boot" the computer.
(like across the damn room)

Hey if doing online books is easier on the eyes than reading...s'ok!
(you CAN change the font size)
I still like to "play trombone"...lol.

Thanks so much for stopping by today...I wasn't picking on you AT ALL....know that, dear.

You stay safe (and snowfall-free?) down there.

Bob G. said...

The dimbulb should be easy enough to catch, especially since he's UNARMED.

I bugs me that the city tells us "some" of the rate hike information, but NEGLECTS to spell it ALL OUT for us...until we start getting those HIGHER bills in about a year of so...by then, it's too late to piss a fit.
(and they get us yet AGAIN)

Yeah, we can see RIGHT through 'em all!

I wonder if they're gonna have any decent ELECTRONIC SALES on that day???
(now THAT would be irony)

I DID cop a sale on Hostess Ding Dongs last week at Scotts...they had a 2-FER, and that saved almost FOUR bucks by purchasing TWO boxes!

I look at them like the "treats" they are...in other words, we don't LIVE on them.
(plus, I make some GOOD brownies and CAN bake a cake)

Thanks much for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe (with Scrappy waiting for the snow) up there.

Diane said...

Why am I not surprised it ended up in the water, and still with guns in it?

And when you mentioned about technology... I was immediately reminded of a post that I saw over at Dr Grumpys, about a toy for a baby...found here at Amazon >> http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004UU9W78/

I think you should get your grandkids some immediately! so they, too, can be totally noribund all day staring at a screen lol.

Diane said...

AH! I should have remembered to give you this link - Tanker from Louisiana's blog - he has "the name game" on it - He's by Shreveport, and he gets 2 Sunday papers with birth announcements in it- there is some head-scratching names that come up in his paper - Anyway, it's the new year, which means that it's time to vote on "name of the year" for 2011. Here is the link to that post


I'm leaning towards the twins, because it's double bad!

Its my Sunday addiction, going over there to see what names pop up, after a day of church.

Bob G. said...

LOL...gotta have KIDS first before I have GRAND-kids...at least I THINK that's the way it's supposed to work, right?

Good Lord...an "apptivity" case???
(can't imagine what could be next)

As to the name game thingy?
Gotta look into that.

Bet'cha ROBERT (Bob) isn't even in the running...AGAIN!!

Unique...like it that way.

Hey thanks for the links AND for spending some time here today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

You stay safe down there.