08 February 2012

Humpday Happenings...
Half-way home to the weekend, folks...
*** But first, let's have another round (of bourbon?)...of our military quotes.
And this quote is directly related to how I feel this morning...and we'll tackle that one in just a bit.
"Good health and a robust constitution are invaluable to a general...In a sick body, the mind cannot remain permanently fresh & clear.
It is stunted by the selfish body from the great things to which it should be entirely devoted."
Okay, so..."WHO SAID THAT?"
Answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
*** So, I guess I tipped my hand about how I feel today.
You know, LOVE is a strange beast, as beasts often go.
It can make you feel things you wouldn't normally feel, and sometimes, that might include feeling "other than oneself".
Well, Wifey and I believe that to LOVE, one must SHARE...
So, she catches a cold (from one of her charges in class), and feels the need to SHARE it with me.
Granted, I still like to kiss with a bit of passion from time to time, and I suppose I have to warn my "troops" (the little guys inside all of us that protect us from germs, bacteria, and viruses) so I don't catch them "off-base", as it were.
Well, my germ-warriors must have been on a weekend leave, because I got to share in Mrs. Bobby G.'s cold...isn't that precious?
It's primarily a sinus cold (one side of my head feels stuffed with mashed potatoes - hold the gravy), with a slight, dry cough, and a low-grade fever...
(seems like standard fare)
So, it's aspirin, plenty of fluids, and a firm resolve to "defeat the enemy on the ground of MY choosing". (like I have a choice anyway?)
I would consider stopping by Walgreens and picking up some SUDAFED, but with MY luck, someone would think I'm there to ROB them for pain-killers (the ones the FWPD is looking for ARE white, too), and the way I feel, I don't want to spend time playing "ask me another" and splainin' stuff to people that need to leave me the hell alone so I can get better again.
(Why, YES...I am the world's worst patient...thanks for asking)
The overall malaise I'm feeling today, tends to put me in a particular mood...
In other words, I wouldn't even bother to WARN some burglar before I shot his sorry ass dead. I might later...lol
Told you I hate being sick.
I'm a LOT more "cordial" regarding such things when I'm well enough, but when I'm not firing on all cylinders, I'm one terse S.O.B.!
So here's to orange juice, rest and a shot or two of bourbon to chase this affliction out the front door.
(and no swapping spit with the Missus for a while, either...LOL)
Meantime, back at the Cracker Factory....
*** We have ourselves a "Modern Major General" (with respect to Gilbert & Sullivan) stopping by the 122nd ANG base at the FWIA today to address the troops there regarding this (BRAC) "change-over" from fighters to surveillance (read commuter) aircraft, and is supposed to talk about a plan HE has to KEEP the A-10s, and avoid any trouble right here in "River City", my friends...(with a capital *T* and that rhymes with *P* and that stands for PLANES)
Here's the link to the story:
With the amount of "fruit salad" on his chest, I'd wager he's got SOME pull, so I wouldn't count the Warthogs (or the Blacksnakes) out just yet...
It's easy to see that a lot of that 1200 personnel roster (currently) at the base would be curtailed, because the MC-12 requires a LOT FEWER people to manage it, and NONE of the armorers (for the A-10s) would be needed at all.
And here is a related story:
This will be interesting to follow...and follow it I will.
And then...there's THIS:
*** A stabbing in Ft. Wayne leaves one person hospitalized.
Here's the link:
The way this cold is bothering me, it might be advisable to have some FWPD officers down here...to clean up whatever mess I might make if some aborigine pisses me the hell off...LOL!
(and no, I won't unload on any JWs that come to the door...even I have limits)
*** More on that 40% water rate (hut-one...hut two...) HIKE:
Now, you have to remember the COUNTY always loves to pass things like this...doesn't really affect them as much as it does in the city, and that's why our very own CITY COUNCIL is looking into this severe rise in pricing.
Granted, it's "only" $7 a month...but guess what, all those damn months ADD UP...YEAR AFTER FRIGGING YEAR, and even IF all the damn sewer and supply mains are totally replaced, will this hike just then "go away"...???
HELL, NO...none of these rate hikes do...that's the "beauty" of having a "captive audience" when it comes to living in the city these days.
Did ANY tax or rate hike ever go away after it was implemented and satisfied the need for which it was first utilized?
Oh, the government "might" toss a slight tax cut, and then we're supposed to roll our eyes, and say how "wonderful" that is, when that damn CUT doesn't even bring us back to rates BEFORE the hike was tossed at us.
It's like when a department store RAISES their prices 40%...you don't bother shopping.
But then, they have a 25% OFF sale, and everyone flocks...like it's the Second Coming or something...DO THE MATH.
It ain't NO SALE, folks...it's a SHILL, and we all might fall for it from time to time.
So, you need to practice the old CAVEAT EMPTOR...let the buyer beware (it could save you a few buckolas).
*** A followup to a murder trial.
Here's the link:
Now, this piece of human crap (who can't even have the decency to LOOK the camera in the eye for the mugshot) was taken into custody back on 3 Sep , 2011 (he was 19 at the time), saying to police that he didn't hurt anyone.
Nah...Patrick R. Fluker just KILLED someone...didn't "hurt" them one damn bit...(animal).
The person he is alleged to kill was one Tiffany Mendez (29).
Police found Fluker pissing against a building (as people like this are prone to do whenever the mood strikes them), and had paperwork from a vehicle with someone else's name on it. (like Tiffany's?)
Tiffany was found in that area, her body still warm, having been shot once, with 9mm casings around her.
The building that Fluker was pissing against was where the 9mm pistol and a box of Winchester ammo was found (on the roof).
And, wouldn't you just know it...police found a RECEIPT from WALMART for a box of 9mm Winchester ammo ($13.47) that was purchased on 2 Sep in Fluker's pocket. Can you say "OOPS"?
Naturally, after Fluker got the "cuff 'n stuff", he tried to manufacture a story about how HE came into possession of the car he was driving (lying out the ass to save it, as they ALL do).
I'd say the prosecutor's got a damn tight case here...let's see how Fluker will slip off the hook when his attorney offers up a plea deal.
(Just off the damn perp and be done with it...taxpayers don't want to pay for his incarceration)
*** Lastly today...having a cold SUCKS...it really does.
Some say a Summer cold is worse...I don't know.
I've been from one end of the "cold" spectrum to the other in my life, including a stint with double pneumonia (not all that fun, trust me).
As you get older, the tendency to bounce back as fast as when you were 25 is a tad slower, and if there's one thing I hate, it's not being able to get my game back on soon enough.
Colds are inconvenient, if nothing else, and when stuff needs getting done, you don't want to have to deal with any "diversions".
But, you DO have to let any cold run it's course...like some damn track star.
Thing is, every time you get a cold, you have to wonder:
Is this a SPRINT event...or a MARATHON???
Gimme a sprint...ANY day...LOL.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

Hmm, I'll have to think about your quote.

Sorry you are sick, and I don't think those $7s will help you feel any better. They hit us with those regularly--the argument about how small the charge looses it's effectiveness about the 100th time it is used.

Bob G. said...


Regarding the quote...it's AIN'T PATTON...lol.
(but this gentleman thinks the way he did)

Loses effectiveness?
Nah....I look at them like savings bonds and parking tickets in the glovebox, of which I have NEITHER...the longer you hang onto it, the more it "matures".

All of this crap adds up (just try flushing a crapper that's had a week's worth of stuff placed in it...on 2nd thought...don't...LOL)

It's the same thing with this continuous bombardment of "nickel and diming" when it comes to taxes, fees, rate hikes...you name it.

Cripes, we're ALL being five & dimed to financial insolvency these days...just to pay for those who DON'T pay any taxes.

That needs to change, and soon.
Plenty of odd jobs (not Koreans with knife-edged bowlers, mind you) for those on the dole that CAN (and should) be doing something CON-structive.

But, I'm so damn DRACONIAN with such ideas...must be the cold.

Hey, thanks for swinging on by today and commenting.
(sorry about the coughing)

You stay safe (and germ-free) out there.

CWMartin said...

Well since you took Patton out of the equation I'll take McArthur (though I don't expect to be right). Fell better buddy, and the missus too.

Momma Fargo said...

LOL> sorry I thought your sharing of the cold thingy was hilariously amusing. I totally agree. Why do our loved ones share so much? Oy. LOL.

Hopefully, I don't catch anything by visiting your site. Just kidding!

Great views. I am also going to think about the quote. Have a great day, Bob G.

Bob G. said...

We're working on getting well again...

And since I think doctors are like HAIR-DRESSERS...(once they get you in there ONCE, you're a customer for LIFE), I'll lick this nasty cold in short dispatch.

Germs don't even like me on some days...LOL.

Thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Yeah, there are folks that say that being able to "share" is a prerequisite for TRUE love...LOL.

Some things are just NOT worth sharing, though...
(sniff, cough, gack, sniff again)

And this blog IS rated AAA+ by both the WHO AND the CDC...

(and as soon as I can photoshop a certificate, I can PROVE it to 'ya.)

Every day I'm alive becomes a exercise in greatness, dear.
(and it beats the hell out of pilates...LOL)

Thanks so much for rolling on up today and commenting.

You stay safe out there.