09 February 2012

Momma Said...
...There'd be days like this, but she NEVER said that I'd have so many of them IN A ROW...LOL.
Yes, friends, day two of "the gift that keeps on giving" aka Wifey's cold.
And if there is one thing that's the worst, it's WAKING UP...
You're congested, aching, coughing, got a runny nose...and those are the GOOD points!
After about an hour, most of THOSE symptoms go away (until tonight), and you meander through another day with relative ease.
Plus, after "my" coffee kicks in, it becomes a moot point.
So, without any further delay, let's get busy seeing what the hell is going on in other places than here at the (germ-central) "Fortress".
*** First up, the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Good health and a robust constitution are invaluable to a general...In a sick body, the mind cannot remain permanently fresh & clear.
It is stunted by the selfish body from the great things to which it should be entirely devoted."
This was said by Field Marshal Colmar Baron von der Goltz - (musta needed a BIG desk for a nameplate THAT long it...lol) - The nation in Arms - 1887
And he's even got a WIKI:
An interesting figure who is pretty much a footnote in history, and yet was a rather unique individual, especially in the Ottoman Empire. (of all places)
So, let it not be said that we fail to provide insight into mankind's past.
Moving along...
*** Today's paper read a lot like my blog post yesterday...seriously.
The 122nd story and he Fluker trial were both front page copy...I knew I shoulda stayed in college and got into journalism.
Here's the followup on the 122nd Indiana ANG story:
And here's the Fluker trial followup story:
Both stories mirror what I already said here...just not as succinctly as I tend to make it...LOL
And then...there's THIS:
I don't call this apartment complex "Willow CRACK (Creek) Crossing" for no reason...
Here's the story link:
Nah, we only got broken into while we both were at work on a sunny June day, had young girls urinating between parked cars, had a FWPD officer (since been dismissed years ago) using the parking lot to have a tete`a tete with his "squeeze of the week", and other assorted "fun" things.
But, this was WAY back in 1996 (when I first moved here)...got a REAL good "first impression" of this city, that's for sure.
Fortunately, that complex is MUCH better (as far as crime goes), meaning they have MORE of it there now.
And that's why people like the one in the story will drive their vehicle into a damn BUILDING, causing $20K in damages (and probably displacing at least ONE set of tenants).
Considering the slipshod manner the management vetted people moving into the units, it's little wonder there hasn't been more violent crimes there.
Lord knows they have plenty of FWPD runs TO that place every single week.
Nice to know some things DON'T change, isn't it?
But wait, we've got more...
*** Speaking of Apartment complexes, there's this little gem:
Now WHO would have guessed that SCRAPPERS would target apartment buildings?
(Bobby G. raises his hand)...I would.
Considering they busted into so many vacant houses down here, and depleted the "supply", it makes good sense to hit a place that has LOTS more copper for the taking.
An FWPD officer with a DAMN good eye, saw a man pulling a luggage bag and noticed copper pipes sticking from it (could use that officer down here).
The man and his "co-worker" initially told the officer they FOUND the copper in an alley...ROFLMAO!
Yeah, people just indiscriminately toss such things into the alleys...for NO good reason...EVERY day.
The duo later admitted they entered the Centilivre Village Apartments at 2827 Westbrook Drive, through a SECOND FLOOR sliding door (patio, obviously), taking piping, doorknobs and door latches.
(got some news for these thieves, most of those doorknobs are BRASS-PLATED white metal - zinc alloy...not worth a rip!).
Both Adam Hair, 29, of the 1300 block of Stophlet st, and Ashley Rhodus, 31, of the 700 block of Union St are now "guests" of the Allen County hoosegow, in lieu of $12.5K bail each, for their robberies.
Rhodus is a white (trash) male with priors for speed ordinance violation and domestic battery, while Hair has an alias of MARTINEZ, so we can conclude he is Hispanic (trash), and had priors for Minor possession of tobacco and alcohol, as well as neglect of a dependent.
(Can't become a decent working citizen, BUT can screw the day away and make babies.)
Good thing crime is going DOWN, hmm?
*** This story is downright disturbing:
Okay, so you're in your 20s, are mentally ill (they call it developmentally-challenged...whatever), and simply HAVE to "spank the monkey" someplace...what to do...what to do?
Why, you go near a middle school, take off your clothes, lie down naked in the woods alongside and take care of "bid'ness", right?
Well, that's what happened at Northwood Middle School yesterday.
Now clearly, this man needs help, and he's not going to get it being allowed to roam freely doing whatever HE thinks is OK, right?
They do have privacy areas in facilities with doors and window shades for such activities...(and then, there's always the quarries...)
*** More proof that POLICE still like a NICE BUST...
Yep, we had us some METH-makers on Elyetta St yesterday..until city police and U.S. Marshals broke up the "fun".
Inside the crib (near Taylor & Freeman Sts) the LEOs found EIGHT one-pots and one had black electrical tape around the bottle, consistent with a "shake n bake" one pot found along Towpath Trail on 31 Jan.
James "Tweak" (LMAO...I don't make this sh*t up) D. Lipscomb and Joy D. Hughes are also guests of the Allen County lockup in lieu of NO BAIL AT ALL.
Police also discovered items for making meth (I can tell you most of us have at least TWO of the items in ALL our homes already, and don't even know it), as well as 1.6 grams of MJ, paraphernalia, and 18.5 grams of stuff that tested POSITIVE for pseudoephedrine.
*** Lastly today, as a firm believer in an Almighty power like GOD, I am always disgusted at how some people feel the need to take any mention of GOD out of our lives, or compromise OUR beliefs when it comes to our creator.
Now, you've all heard about how "the obama" pissed off the Catholic Church with his government mandated birth control edict, as well as the yearly war against Christmas, but how about something else to add to the mix?
Like the USAF removing the LATIN word for GOD from a motto.
Yes, this is another "WTF???" moment.
That's right, you heard me correctly.
And here's the story:
Now, you find this article in a number of sources, but this one seems to have the best take on it (no spin, as it were).
Personally, I'm getting damn sick and tired of all these uber-thin-skinned people that take some sort of "offense" to the most innocuous of things.
A division, or battalion, group, wing or squadron (even down to unit level) have ALWAYS prided themselves in creating mottoes or logos (patches) that DEFINE the mission-statement OF that particular assemblance of personnel.
Always been that way...and always SHOULD remain so.
The logo mentioned (and shown above - the RCO patch) in this instance is referring to "doing God's miracles with other's money" (sounds like a logistical group...lol)
But other mentions of God in unit logos abound in EVERY branch of the military.
Cripes, even the damn NAZIS had it on their uniform belt buckles (Gott Mit Uns)...
Latin has been the language of choice (ancient Latin, that is) for the service patches, and guess what? Latin comes from CATHOLICISM.
High masses are STILL spoken totally IN LATIN.
(and pretty amazing to watch)
I just get pissed off at the NERVE of some folks who think the world (or America) should bow solely TO THEM and whatever agenda they're pursuing at the moment. They all seem to want to have any mention of GOD removed from anything and everything.
Rather than remove it from our CURRENCY, I say we REMOVE THE CURRENCY from their atheistic little simian paws...how's THAT fly for you people?
You can have ALL the money that DOES NOT have the word GOD on it...to use as YOU see fit...
You will not be permitted to USE currency WITH the word GOD on it, so as not to "bother" you in any way, shape, or form...
Not smiling so much NOW, are they?
Maybe some humble pie would go nice with that godless attitude you keep displaying.
I say to them - STFUS and STHD...!!!
We've got a nation to set back to rights and run, and her people need not be bothered by such trivialities.
You want godlessness?
Find another country, but don't denigrate OURS in the process.
And that's all I'm gonna say about that...(for now).
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

The "good Baron" seems a real gem. I wonder how comfortable he would have been being a favorite of Adolf's...the old Junker arrogance probably would have appreciated it.

Glad to see our "one-potters" got nailed. Hopefully they'll use their "time away" to realize just what a waste that crap made of their lives.

Bob G. said...

The Baron was part of the "old guard", nuch like Kaiser Wilhelm.
As waging war "progresses", those tasked with both waging it and commanding those who fight it adapt in the most extraordinary ways.

The "shake 'n bake" couple needs to get a more productive (and less volatile) occupation and lifestyle...

And "Tweak" needs to get a new nickname...lol.

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today to comment.

You stay safe up there.

John D. said...

If there's anybody out there reading this that is offended by a mention of God on the currency, I'll be happy to take said cash off your hands at no charge. It's just one of those things I do out of pure compassion for my fellow man, 'cause that's how I roll. ;)

Bob G. said...

John D.:

And if I might borrow from the OLD days of naval lore and sailing history, allow me to say that:

"I admire the cut of your jib, sir".
It does you proud!

Thanks for swinging on by today and commenting.

Roll safe out there.