16 February 2012

Inquiring Minds Want To Know...
Yeah, the title sounds like an advert for the National Inquirer, but you'll not find tabloid tripe on THIS here blog...no.
Besides, we ALL know the tabloids are actually the "hot sheets" for the M.I.B., right?
We'll take a look as what you might want to be inquiring about in just a minute, but first up, it's time for the answer for yesterday's WHO SAID IT? quote:
"Don't ever, ever second-guess what you are doing. You are doing a wonderful job. Get your heads up, and it will turn out just fine."
That was spoken by General Tommy Franks (to his staff) during Operation Iraqi Freedom, quoted by Joseph L. Galloway 'General Franks tells how Iraq war plan came together', Knight-Ridder newspapers 19 June, 2003.
Interesting piece of trivia here...Joe Galloway is the SAME war correspondent who was in theater with the 1st Cav unit in the battle for the Ia Drang Valley (14-18 November 1965), and was played by actor Barry Pepper in the Mel Gibson movie: WE WERE SOLDIERS (based on the 1992 book)... It is a pretty good movie, too. Actor Edward Burns portrayed him in the film Vietnam in HD (this is also excellent).
Now, without any further ado, let's get humping with..."the REST of the story" (as the late Paul Harvey would say).
*** Mankind is a suspicious creature, in that he is curious, and often not as trusting as he would like to be.
That's been the game since the model was first built.
Today, it's even more so, because the number of REASONS to be suspicious are too numerous to mention.
So, it should come as no surprise that this story happened to catch my eye, and with damn good cause:
(this IS an eye-opener)
I originally saw this on THE BLAZE, and here's their link:
Now, I happen to know what constitutes SUSPICIOUS behavior...the REAL kind, as opposed to "the perceived", and THAT is the one aspect to all of this that's got me bothered...a LOT.
Websters defines SUSPICIOUS thus:
Something or someone that arouses or causes suspicion
(you have to rack back to the root word - SUSPICION)
a) the act or an instance of suspecting something wrong without proof or on slight evidence : mistrust
b) a state of mental uneasiness and uncertainty : doubt
Now, I can truthfully say that I do not fall under such auspices (with the way I act), and with good reason - I prefer to keep to myself most times, and stay "under the radar", so as NOT to arouse suspicion in people...simple, huh?
I might act in a covert manner, but since people don't notice THAT, it can't be called "suspicious", right?
On the other hand, I am VERY suspicious when it comes to a lot of people, and I sure YOU are as well, given a good enough reason, right?
I mean, if YOU see a person stop at an intersection, open the car door and take a piss, THAT would make you suspicious of that person (as well as disgusted), correct?
Or, you see someone skulking about a house, peering into windows...that sure as hell is SUSPICIOUS, right?
(and can be a tad perverted in intent)
So, many of YOU already know what to look for.
What about sounds?
If you hear gunshots (nearby), and you know there is NO range within 10 miles of your house, that would tend to raise your suspicion level, would it not? Some things become common sense in nature.
And I firmly believe that all you readers are full of it...COMMON SENSE that is...lol.
(What? You thought I meant something bad? Shame on you)
Finding people who act in a suspicious manner is WAY too easy around here in the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE of Ft. Wayne.
Damn near anyone you see WILL do something that normal people would consider suspicious in nature.
Even if it's something as "innocent" as standing out front of their crib, staring up and down the streets (drug-house lookout), or a person that parks a half block away from a house, then proceeds to the BACK DOOR of the residence, and then leaves in less than 5 minutes (drug purchase or drop off), or someone who drives a forklift down your street, when they don't work OR own a forklift (oh, yeah...that's got SUSPICIOUS written ALL over it...AND weird as well.).
But what about YOU...how suspicious a person are YOU, and not suspicious of others, but just plain suspicious (as others see you)?
Well, you just might surprise the hell out of yourself here.
The DoJ (through the FBI) has "fliers" (that apparently were printed WAY back in 2007) that give advice to those when it comes to "what to look for" in potentially suspicious people (in America)...
(who knew?)
-- Now, say you have an (unusual) interest in remote-control planes....you "might" wind up on a "watch-list".
Well, I like things that fly, remote or otherwise, so count me in.
The operative word here (that can be taken any way the Feds want to take it) is "UNUSUAL".
Who defines WHAT is unusual, and to what degree?
-- Gathers information about vulnerable infrastructure, or obtain photos, maps, or diagrams of transportation, sporting venues, or populated locations.
Well, that means that EVERY media source should be under the magnifying glass, right?
Hell, many of OUR blogs mention such things, to show what's happening in America.
Does that suddenly place us on some list?
-- Purchasing storage containers.
How many of you people can your own food?
You might be on a watch list now...
-- Purchasing firearms or ammo out of season.
Buy a gun recently, or take in that ammo sale at Gander mountain?
You're probably like me and on some list (or ten).
-- Purchases of pipe, end caps, or nipples (when vague about their use).
Nothing "vague" (or suspicious) about fixing the plumbing in one's basement when a pipe BURSTS, is there?
-- Using cash for large transactions.
Some folks don't trust credit cards, or wish to avoid the fees. Can't blame them if they have the cash available.
-- Makes bulk purchases of MREs, weatherproofed ammo, high-cap magazines or bipods.
Every survivalist must be on the lists now, as well as hunters and gun enthusiasts.
-- People in places they do not belong.
That would be everyone else in MY area.
-- Vehicles that appear to be overloaded.
That also applies to my area.
-- People acting SUSPICIOUSLY.
Now THAT one takes the cake...and does apply to everyone else living around us.
-- Interest in hidden weapons, offensive moves in a confined space, and kill & restraint techniques with no occupational need.
Hell, I'm into all of those, out of NECESSITY, and a want to be free from external intrusion into our "fortress".
-- Travels illogical distance to purchase items or asks where similar stores are located.
Given the LACK of retail DOWN HERE, that's automatic for damn near anything (except ghettowear and ribs)
-- Peak days and hours of operation at shopping malls.
We ALL need to know that when we GO shopping, don't we?
Now, ALL of these "items" might be construed as being suspicious regarding certain, specific people, but to much of the REST of us, it seems fairly routine, and we've all done at least one of them...or more.
Yet, according the the Bureau of Justice Assistance, these are "signs" of potential terrorist activity.
So, that makes all of us "sauce for the goose", as it were.
And we've done nothing to warrant suspicion or surveillance.
Big Brother? Yasureyoubetcha.
Personally, I didn't even KNOW about this agency (BJA), and I consider myself pretty boned up on such things, (being a former Fed myself)
These items I mentioned here can be found among those 25 FLIERS that were supposed to have gone to various businesses (the public).
Nice to know that so many LAW-ABIDING people can be placed on lists because they "fit the criteria" for terrorist activities, or at least the suspicion of being among such a cadre.
I would say that many people ARE suspicious, like I said above, and with good reason...they ARE doing something illegal, illicit or otherwise dubious in nature. And THEY want to not be known or found, or even bothered by any form of law-enforcement OR authority.
But why should people like US be lumped in with those others?
There has to be a larger plan at work here, and it can't bode well for the innocents.
Bet you never knew HOW suspicious you were...until TODAY.
But, I'd wager that since you NOW know, you can take the proper steps to not only become LESS "suspicious" in the eyes of those looking under every rock for something, anything they can use against you without cause or reason.
An informed public will never be as pliable a public as those with an agenda would want...and that's a good thing for us.
After all, it worked REAL well back about 240 years ago....when we fought for our freedom...and won.
Could we do the same today...and will we ever have to?
THAT is the important question for us all.
Information and wisdom...best two companions you can have between your ears.
And therein lies the lesson for today for all you suspicious folks.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

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