17 February 2012

Friday Follies...
End of another week, Joe is back up here well-rested, and we're not lacking in things that make us question the level of insanity this world is providing us these days, so let's launch straight away into today's "observations"...
*** Item: Will SNICKERS need VIAGRA?
Well, according to spokespeople from the MARS candy company...looks that way, because they won't be allowed to "get it up" (back to a decent size).
Here's the link to the story:
It would appear that the "king-size" Snickers bar will suffer major SHRINKAGE in the near future.
The bars will be reduced in size to CONFORM (a Socialist word in this context) to a new 250 calorie limit, mandated by none other than Michelle (mabelle) Obama.
To quote a source:
"This move is part of an agreement Mars signed with Michelle Obama’s Partnership for a Healthier America. Mars is part of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, a group of 16 manufacturers who have pledged to reduce 1.5 trillion calories by the end of 2015 through lower-calorie options and reducing portion sizes."
(...ahem...and if CALORIES were TAX DOLLARS...eh?)
Okay, go ahead and say it with me...
Back in the day, we had Three Musketeer Bars that only cost a damn DIME (that's about $.03333 cents PER Musketeer, and a far cry from today where each Musketeer costs over TEN TIMES that for a similar-sized bar), and we usually would NEVER eat that huge thing by ourselves. Either mom would divvy it up, or we did something called SHARE it with our friends.
That was also called "responsible snacking."
And it's not just Snickers...ditto for MILKY WAY (dark chocolate - yummy), M&Ms, TWIX, and so on. Expect other candy companies to lock-step right in with these candy-fascists...unless someone GROWS A PAIR and stands the hell up to these people.
In any event, the GOVERNMENT should keep their freaking simian paws the hell OUT of our lives in that regard...
Can't say as much NOW...can we?
What I WOULD say is: "Get your stinking paws off of my SNICKERS...period!!!"
You honestly THINK for one damn minute that THIS will curb obesity in kids?
They'll just eat MORE of the smaller bars, people...kids ain't STUPID (much).
Maybe YOU (Moochelle) like eating leaves and twigs, but I don't, and I also DON'T have a weight issue, so STFU and STHD (and go eat some leaves).
*** Item: New Indiana License stickers proving to be an "issue" with law-enforcement.
Every year, we get "renewal" stickers for our tags here in Indiana (little 1.5 inch square colored with the year on it), but this year, someone (who was probably color-blind, and not in the good way) made that sticker a color VERY similar to the overall color of the dark blue standard plate (decal).
And that has LEOs pulling over people they "think" might have a 2011 sticker (which was more turquoise or teal).
A simple check through the officer's onboard computer (tied in with BMW databases) would rectify any concern and show they might indeed have a 2012 sticker.
Still, this should never have occurred.
Here's the skinny on this:
The Indiana BMW uses FOUR colors (red, white, blue, and green) for their yearly stickers.
Here's a novel idea....since you already HAVE a DARK BLUE PLATE, how's about LOSING the GREEN and BLUE colors and try using YELLOW and ORANGE instead?
OR...use WHITE NUMBERS on years that have DARK COLORS (like I did when photoshopping the tag above)...simple, hmm?
(Now, if the Indiana BMV wishes to HIRE ME NOW, because I obviously have MUCH BETTER SOLUTIONS to problems that don't have to happen, I would ask for at least $20K a year with NO O/T and weekends off, as long as I can work from my house...I don't think that's asking for MUCH, considering the "alternatives" we're currently stuck with....LOL)
Problem solved...which is more than I can say for recent crimes at SOUTHGATE PLAZA...
*** The other day, I mentioned (here) about the ROBBERY of the painkiller Opana from the Walgreens pharmacy located in Southgate Plaza (around 1730 hrs, 11 Feb).
Well, we have ANOTHER robbery at the KROGER located there.
Here's the *4-1-1* on this marvelous heist:
The man used a STUN GUN on an employee that tried to stop the shoplifter.
The female suspect is described as a black woman, about 20-25 years old, 5’, last seen wearing a black coat, carrying a purple backpack and a light-colored purse.
The male suspect is described a black man, about 25-30 years old, 5’5" – 5’ 6", stocky build, last seen wearing a black coat, possibly a red-hooded sweatshirt and a grey stocking hat.
Well, given the NUMBER of blacks in the area, and the propensity for CRIME in "their" community, should this come as a "revelation" to ANYONE down here? Of COURSE they're BLACK....they didn't hit Walgreens for Opana, so they gotta be BLACK.
Both suspects fled the store and are still at-large (probably right in MY ghettohood, too.)
Wonder if the purchase OF that stun gun is covered by their EBT card?
Technically, that IS considered a "weapon", and I know that FWCS teachers are NOT allowed to carry one...ditto for pepper spray.
And the stun guns are readily available ONLINE, especially at eBay (nice to know these mooks have all day to buy a stungun, but can't look for a frigging JOB - thanks big government...you have done well)
Having worked in L/P (loss-prevention) in another life, I would have to say that if you confront a "duo", you don't do it ALONE...!
Hell, I've seen THREE LP staffers confront just ONE shoplifter, because they knew he would book...which he tried to do (unsuccessfully, I might add).
Same can be said for K-Mart...seen 4 staffers chase down a shoplifter in a parking lot (after we called a "code Caroline" - theft), and after they caught him, he resisted (big mistake) and they "tuned his ass the hell up"...the way it SHOULD be done.
And, in a somewhat "related" story...there's THIS:
*** Item: A meeting was held to better protect those working in stores on "3rd out" (graveyard shift).
Here's the link to this story:
Now, this is on the STATE level, but it should trickle down to local municipalities.
Personally, with VERY few exceptions, all businesses SHOULD be closed after dark...period.
We didn't need all these places open after midnight years ago...so why now?
Let's take some of the "convenience" out of the equation, and force people to DO FOR THEMSELVES...for a change.
*** Item: More "fun" on the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE of town.
An obviously IMPAIRED driver took out THREE utility poles near the K-Mart along Rt. 27 S around 2200 hrs last night, causing 3000 residents (most of them on the government teat, if you KNOW the area near there) to lose POWER until around 0130 hrs this morning.
Here's the story:
Oh, and this duffus took out a fire hydrant, as well.
And did I mention that HE is ALSO still at-large?
Seems the resources of the FWPD aren't being utilized in the best manner...are they?
I mean, if they WERE, such things like THESE above simply wouldn't occur, or at least wouldn't occur with the FREQUENCY they do occur.
Now, what could be DONE to alleviate such happenings?
Oh wait...the FWPD USED to have one there...but they CLOSED IT DOWN...
(must have felt safe "enough" to not need it...right? WRONG!)
Yeah, go ahead and say it...'cause you know I will...
Wow... a "two-fer" day, huh?
This city is like the Klingon High Council...and lemme "splain" this to you.
((Warning - Geek alert - move over, Sheldon - you might learn something here!))
--There was an episode of ST- TNG (The Next Generation) where Lt. WORF was suffering the "Sins of the Father", who was accused of being a traitor to the empire years back. Turns out it was a member of ANOTHER family (the Duras family) who was ACTUALLY responsible, BUT, in the interest of preserving the empire (The Duras family was "connected with politicians" and had some "pull"), the High Council would not allow such things to be KNOWN (like the TRUTH), so they swept it under whatever carpet they could find...even though WORF wanted justice for his wrongly-accused father and since it was HE who uncovered the "cover-up".
WORF was given the option of choosing a form of "exile" as a result, and the members of the High Council circled him, crossed their hands over their chests and all TURNED THEIR BACKS on him , as a form of "discommendation"...or being IGNORED.--
Anyone see the similarities with THIS CITY and they way they have TURNED THEIR BACKS on the SE side of town?
They choose to ignore the obvious, while "King" Henry goes and builds a new VOLLEYBALL facility up north...
I'm not taking anything away from the volleyball gig here in Ft. Wayne. I know some people (and bloggers) connected with it, and they're GOOD people who deserve a proper place to play. I'm just saying that anything and everything that exudes REAL PROGRESS goes anywhere ELSE but down here.
Then people wonder WHY this part of town gets the bad rep and no concern...
Why not ask those working at WALGREENS or KROGER (or any other store that gets robbed) how THEY feel about all this.
I'm sure THEY will echo a lot of MY sentiments.
And that echo should be bouncing off the walls of City Hall...every single day.
Have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

The only thing I can add to a very good post is, I love the spelling on Michelle Obama, hippocrite. Can there have possibly been a more distasteful first lady in the history of this nation?

Bob G. said...

As first Ladies go, I would definitely agree with you.

She reminds me of a meddling aunt or grandmother who is never quite finished redoing your life, in spite of the teachings of your MOM (who also thinks she's a ROYAL Pain-in-the ass, too)

Maybe we could give here a new title:
Meddler-in Chief (?)

It could work.

Hey, thanks for being the first person in THREE days to comment. I thought everyone got raptured or something...lol.
(Or they were all sitting around nodding their heads in agreement with what I wrote...)

Have a great weekend.
Stay safe up there

CWMartin said...

Sorry, Bob, I've been silent reading because I follow TOO MANY people who post too regular and sometimes there's just not enough words to put out something coherent. I take pride in my snark and won't just throw underwear at the wall to see if it sticks. Besides, people complain about wall stains when I do...

Bob G. said...

Hey, I'm not ragging...I'm just DAMN GLAD I "didn't get left behind"...LOL.
I know what you mean about TOO MANY blogs to follow...I'm guilty as charged there myself!

Underwear sticking to WALLS...LMAO - now THERE is a marvelous visual if ever my mind's eye saw one.

Thanks again for stopping on by.
I think it's a good "Scrappy-Travelogue" kinda day outside, too.

You guys stay safe up there.

Momma Fargo said...

Bob...the snickers had to be BIG...and frozen. No one can shrink our candy. What are they thinking? LOL

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I dunno WHAT they're thinking, but messin' with our "go-bars" is like messing with their heartbeats...!

I recall being on the streets, and having one of those in my lunchbox...down that bugger and I was rarin' to go for another several hours!

And maybe that's the trouble with these people...they "think" when they should be kicking back with a Baby Ruth or Butterfinger...

Hey, thanks a lot for rolling on up here today and commenting.

You stay safe (and Snickers-filled) out there.