20 February 2012

Monday Musings...
Looks to be a rather nice day in the Heartland, if the coming sunrise is any indication, but with anything "nice" in the ghettohood, there comes the other side of the coin, meaning the boomcar "boyz" will be out once again, thumping their way into our hearts and homes.
*** And tonight our very own "king" of Ft. Wayne (read mayor) will hold a "night out" (more like a night IN), which is taken to mean he will hold an audience with his "subjects", should one wish to call in advance for one of the 10-minute segments.
I'm going to refrain from calling in for one reason - because a mere TEN MINUTES wouldn't even chip the tip of the iceberg I'd be floating HIS way, when it comes to what's wrong with the city and why nothing's being done (down here)...for the last 14 years.
Besides, I wouldn't want to get arrested for speaking the TRUTH, and decrying the ignorance the city shows regarding the ...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST side of town.
So, with that out of the way for the time being, let's see what else is shaking...
*** Item - Count draws bird-watchers to Fox Island.
Here's the story link:
Hey, at least THESE people weren't trying to bother the hell out of other people.
They didn't really bother the birds they were watching, either...imagine that.
I've become a bit of a bird watcher, given the fact that I pretty much HAVE to watch the "PEOPLE" (and that's doing them a kindness calling them people) living around us damn near all the time, to make sure our property doesn't become part of "their province", or vandalized, like the old city (utility?) building at the corner of Avondale and Maple Grove, which was recently TAGGED in black spray paint with some racial epithet (that the city or MEDIA hasn't caught wind of yet...because they don't seem to bother much with down here, but I guess you have to have the POLICE PATROL IN ORDER FOR THEM TO REALLY SEE IT, RIGHT?).
A few years back, someone sprayed some similar "verbiage" on the street itself in orange (4800 block of Avondale), and after someone called it in, was featured on the news and quickly cleaned up. Maybe a few words to some news source might do likewise for the building...time to drop that dime, I guess.
*** Item - An article about self-awareness and spiritual renewal caught my eye.
Here's the story link:
Now, I think it's great we have places that people can walk, hike, stroll, or otherwise commune with nature (and God), and to "get away from it all".
We ALL need that from time to time.
One part of the article that made me smile was "Most of us are really AFRAID of peace and quiet".
Not THIS person, sweetheart...I'd KILL for some...seriously.
(and I have the firepower to back that statement the hell up)
Now THIS quote expresses the "locals" that infest our ghettohood marvelously:
"When one is QUIET, one likes oneself better..."
You're preaching to the choir here, dear...I already "get it"...and AM STILL TRYING to get it (the peace and quiet thing, that is).
It's only by the grace of God and my OWN self-control that has prevented me from "securing" some peace and quiet by going postal on these aborigine bastards living all around us, because THEY have absolutely NO SENSE of what peace and quiet is...or ever will.
And thanks to the lack of enforcement of the NOISE ORDINANCE by certain agencies, the cacophony is assured of unabated continuance.
So, I have to drive a distance to GET some peace and quiet...when I can't get any in my OWN neighborhood?
That hardly seems fair...or just...or right.
How's about we get someone down here to TEACH these morons how they can IMPROVE their pitiful lives by embracing some of that "P&Q" thing, hmm?
It would have the novelty of never having been TRIED before.
*** Item - Today IS...Presidents Day, and Wifey's got the day off.
Presidents Day is one of "those holidays", that's a curious mashing together of the Lincoln (16th) and Washington (22nd) birthdays that we USED to celebrate when I was a kid.
(and both men could be considered recently deceased...lol)

Here's the "skinny" on today:
Actually, this became THE "official" holiday back in 1968 with the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.
And while the FEDS agreed on this, there was nothing between our STATES to clarify this, and the day became more of a MARKETING phenomenon, hence, all those "SALES" we see across the printed and video media.
So you can see that it's not REALLY about celebrating the men who were at the helm of our ship-of-state, but rather it's about STUFF...!
*** Item - Verizon/Frontier FiOS dropping channels?
Recently, there was a "crawl" along the bottom of the screen on the FUNIMATION channel about the channel being dropped (anime - FiOS channel 262), and I for one find this channel a breath of fresh air, considering all the TRIPE that abounds across the rest of the stations available (that we never watch).
Too many sports and "music" channels to suit me. The ACTUAL music channels further up on the listings (in the 1800 area) are actually GOOD (they have hits from the 60s, 70s, and good CLASSICAL music) are a decent diversion, but they are SOLELY music...no "video" to speak of, just slides and trivia about the music...and that's fine with me.
But I certainly do NOT need ten "urban contemporary" channels...I hear PLENTY from the passing boomcars to last me several lifetimes.
After all, one can only take SO MUCH NOISE from idiots with nothing better to do than bother everyone else.
I sent an email to the provider in the hope that they can KEEP this anime channel...lose the RAP, instead...AND the "bassabawl".
I'm more CIVILIZED than that, and warrant something more akin to NORMAL tastes in video fare.
*** Lastly today, aside from the fact that TODAY is the 50th anniversary of John Glenn's historic spaceflight (3 orbits in Friendship 7) we've more problems down here in the crotch of Ft.Wayne alone, than most of the rest of the folks in this town realize...it's just that there are not enough people that give a furry rat's ass to do something about it.
One person can only do so much, and that never seems to be enough.
Now, let me give you a for instance:
We had a new group move into one of our "for rent" homes down the block, and they did have the decency to use a U-HAUL and not several pickups to move their stuff into the little 800 sq. ft. hovel.
And I will make my "prediction" about them, based on past experiences and what my SENSES tell me.
I DID see a pair of saggy-baggys, and that tells me "more of the same", plus there were more females than males...another indicator of potential problems. That's not to say the females are problematic (only when dating as an adolescent...lol), it just means that "boyfriends" will be coming and going to no end, until the females feel sorta good about one, and become co-dependent with the male (and his posse of friends).
I also expect to see boomcars, booze and drugs, and typical behavior from such people.
This will occur over the next 2-3 months, because it always follows a "pattern"...ditto with the way people mysteriously "multiply" in such environments.
I haven't been wrong yet sizing them up, and it would surprise the hell out of me to be proven wrong.
Let's just say MY track record in spotting problem people is WAY better than ANY department in our fair city.
Maybe it's because I'm from Philly, and have seen all the problems THIS city is exhibiting.
In any event, we'll be taking another "ride" on this societal Merry-Go-Round...again.
And I'll be keeping my gun just a wee bit closer...in a purely precautionary manner.
Yeah, we have it within OUR four walls...
But outside the "fortress"?
Not a chance in hell.
There is a very old Middle Eastern proverb that goes:
"Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel."
Seems to be the best way to go down here...especially THESE days.
Have yourselves a good week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John D. said...

"Most of us are really AFRAID of peace and quiet".

I guess for some folks, being alone with their thoughts is a lonelier feeling than it is for others. :)

Like you, Bob, I love me some peace and quiet now and then. That's why I moved to the 'burbs. I don't miss the sound of the boom cars and the sirens one bit.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
That is a GREAT way of puttin it..the whole "lonelier" gig...very well said.

And, compared to the places I used to live at in Philly, this "neighborhood" SEEMS a lot more suburban...except when the wrong people move into the area...then, it's just another slum in the making (sadly), and that forces a lot of good folks even FURTHER away.

Peace and quiet works much better for me when I'm trying to READ (which I ised to do a lot more than in recent history)...
Nice drink at the side, good book, some decent music, and plenty of PEACE with which to enjoy those things.
(and maybe a cigar, too...lol)

The number ONE complaint made by people in urban areas...NOISE!
(who knew?)
But what is done to stop it differs greatly from the initial problem and how to address it.
(which is often NOT addressed at all)

Thanks a lot for spending some time here today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

Roll safe (and quietly) out there.