16 March 2012

Friday Follies...
Welcome to the (pre) St. Patrick's Day/weekend edition, because TOMORROW is the day for "the wearin' of the green, don'cha know?"
(Plus, I want to take it easy with a Guinness or two this weekend, if it's not too much to ask...lol)
And, it looks like we might have to fire up the AIR-CONDITIONERS sometime in the next 7 days, due to this impromptu warm-spell we're having (which belongs a lot closer to the 4th of july)
But, at least we're not as bad off as Spain and Portugal, who are going through a DROUGHT at this time.
Or Japan, which is STILL recovering from last year's earthquake, tsunami, and reactor meltdown (they recently had another small tsunami, but no deaths were reported and damage was minimal).
Now, while this "heatwave" in March is a godsend for the WHEAT growers, it's a bane to the GRAPE growers...you just can't seem to win.
Wonder if they (the government) are mucking about with that HAARP array again...?
Or maybe it's "global warming"...or sunspots, or maybe the economy?
Perhaps Obama will blame Bush for the warm weather?
Could this be a precursor to a worse winter late this year?
Or are we just becoming the "new" tropical paradise?
Too many questions, and too many folks scratching their heads on this one...your guess is as good as mine...(or theirs).
Meanwhile, back at the wheat field...
*** First up, a few personal "observations" about this whole NCAA "March Madness" gig...
It SUCKS...period. And here's why (imho):
--Employers belabor the point about lost productivity due to the playoffs. Suck it up - you knew it was coming.
--Some of my favorite programs (and even the news) are pre-empted for the duration.
--I see ENOUGH posers wearing ill-fitting satin shorts every day - don't need to see more (overpaid and under worked) ones on TV
--What's with the hanging from the hoops like some damn zoo primate anyway?
Cripes, it makes watching GOLF exciting (yawn).
What have I always said about our societal entertainment quotient?
We go from one event to the other...we NEED this constant bombardment of "something" to occupy our time.
Whatever happened to the days when stuff like this didn't have nearly the "meaning" it has been assigned today?
Seems we did OK then..before all the fol-de-rol.
*** Next, my wife relayed a story to me from work (school) regarding a student being stabbed in the leg while she was baby-sitting.
The toddler was "playing" with a knife (what? no TOYS around to play with?), and one thing led to another.
The first thing out of my mouth was the post earlier this week where I mentioned the overt aggression that children (even toddlers) display while "playing", and how this is contributing to a lot of our society's problems. A prime example of how some parents are failing poorly in that task.
Kind of takes away from all the GOOD parents we have out there that ARE doing the right thing (for the right reason)...doesn't it?
*** And then, there's this from WPTA news:
The 122nd Fighter Wing might NOT be losing their A-10s...and that's still a BIG maybe.
With the military cutbacks, the USAF is looking to keep more ANG units active and at full strength, while cutting ACTIVE-DUTY U.S.A.F. personnel.
(sounds like a plan so far)
We shall know the outcome of this proposal to the DoD in the next several months.
*** THIS is what can happen when you don't grow as much of "your own" as you should.
The CDC says that food borne disease outbreaks are on the increase in the USA, thanks to all the foods (and spices) being IMPORTED here.
(who knew?)
With a more global food supply, we can expect such things to occur, because not everyone all over the world has the SAME immunity levels to all the pathogens on the planet. That's asking a bit much for ANY country...or every country.
It would surprise you just HOW MUCH of the foods you buy at the grocery are from "elsewhere" other than the USA...seriously.
And it's no longer restricted to just fresh fruits and vegetables...canned, bottled and boxed items are now fair game for importation.
Geez, the last thing we (and I) need is a pandemic that causes some widespread ZOMBIE incursion...I don't have enough ammo stockpiled yet.
But I have seen my share of the "walking dead"...just in my neighborhood, so you know I won't be allowing any of THEM to get close enough to have them over for "a bite to eat", as it were.
The chance of ANY disease being able to spread with such rapidity is the result of our ability to span vast distances lots quicker than in times past.
Good for some things...bad for others.
*** And after 13 LONG years, it's finally coming BACK.
Yes, friends, the Fort Wayne Air Show is slated to take place on September 1st and 2nd this year.
Details are still being fleshed out, but there WILL be an F-22 RAPTOR on scene, so you KNOW where I'll be that weekend.
Admission to the public is supposed to be FREE, so at least the PRICE is right.
Hell, I'd GLADLY pay a cover-charge to attend an airshow...I have missed them for so damn long.
As more information becomes available, I will post it here.
*** Lastly today....tomorrow IS St. Patrick's Day, and that means a lot of GREEN (or ORANGE, if you're one of those traditionalist protestant pot-stirrers, like my Mom used to be...lol)
Now, this means that law-enforcement will be out IN FORCE to make sure no one is driving IMPAIRED...
Sure would be nice if they'd swing on down HERE, and see all the impaired drivers EVERY stinking day...but I digress (and I can dream, too).
And, as is the case on such a day, here's the WIKI on the holiday:
Here's the History Channel's site with lots of related topics:
OR, if you'd rather, you can always look back to my ARCHIVES for 17 March over the last several years...plenty of good stuff there, too.
Should be some Irish-related movies to watch...The Quiet Man w/ John Wayne is a perennial favorite...goes good with a cold GUINNESS!
Even though I'm not in any way "Irish" (I just play one every March 17th, and have a lot of Irish liquor and beer in me over the decades, so that kinda counts, hmm?), I do have an appreciation for the Celtic music that's usually played on the local classical station - Love the CHIEFTAINS and JAMES GALWAY.
Something about it all seems to exude the pride these people have enjoyed over the centuries, as well as how they struggled both in their homeland AND here when they arrived and sought to assimilate into our culture.
But they never rolled over and gave up, and I think that's as good an example of the human condition as you're ever going to find...anywhere.
Perhaps that should be a lesson we ALL can take away from this weekend.
Never give in.
Never give up.
So, in lieu of the impending celebratory fest, let me leave you with a apropos blessing, because tomorrow, we're ALL a wee bit Irish:
May God grant you many years to live,
For sure he must be knowing
The earth has angels all to few
And Heaven is overflowing.
DO have yourselves a fantastic weekend, and enjoy this gift called life.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John D. said...

LE was out in force for SP Day here. I got stopped twice at sobriety checkpoints on Saturday. I totally thwarted them by being sober. :)

Momma Fargo said...

What? Knives are not for tots? Dang it. I knew I had been parenting wrong. LOL. Crazy.

Hope your St. Patty's Day was grand. And Guiness? A little too dark for me. I prefer my microbrews...even if they aren't Irish on the holiday. Have a good one, Bob G. !

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I know the IN stateys were out and about...can't say as much about the city po-po...didn't see hide nor hair of them this weekend.

I never got stopped by anyone this weekend (not that it would matter. All MY imbibing was done at "Homestead Heights"...lol)

Not to be "nasty", but doesn't it make one feel GOOD to know when they DO check you...YOU pass with flying colors?

Makes MY day...for sure.

Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Nah...parenting in the ghettohood is WAY different than what I remember growing up...

Give the kids a stick...or a rock...or a kitchen knife...or even let them find a loaded FIREARM...and just let "kids be kids".
(and have the hospital or undertaker on speed-dial, too)

it's no wonder we have FEWER toy stores these days...only GOOD parents are buying those for THEIR children.

Guinness is good, if an acquired taste.
What we used to do a LONG time ago was make a "half and half" - half Guinness / half pale lager...nice mix.

And yes, I also like some of those microbrews out there...damn fine, if you search long enough to find a good one.

Thanks so much for spending some time here and commenting.

Roll safe out there.