19 March 2012

Monday Musings...
Welcome to another "fun-filled" (?) week here in the Heartland of America.
We continue with the summer like heat through most of the week, but remember, it could ALWAYS be worse...
Like those in Flagstaff, AZ, who are getting some of OUR weather out there, with more than a few inches of SNOW (it's like weather patterns kind of reversed themselves a little).
Up in the Sierra Mountains, they've had close to TWO FEET of snow, which is making for nice skiing conditions near Lake Tahoe.
And along the East coast, we've weather that has people flocking to the shore...THIS early in the year.
In some respects, it's kind creepy, but we'll talk more about CREEPY things a little later in the post.
Right now, we've plenty of "stuff" to peruse, so sit back, pour yourself a beverage and relax (if you dare).
*** A story about 5 teens shot down in Indianapolis couldn't help but catch my eye.
Here's the link with some good observations (from the AP reporter) in our local paper:
Now, since you're all regular readers (at least I HOPE you're getting enough fiber in your diets to keep you regular), you might take note that it as just LAST week that I mentioned the aggression displayed by CHILDREN, and how that will inevitably impact them when they reach high school age.
I also have said here that we (as a society in general) have become quite DESENSITIZED to things our parents would find appalling.
That's not to say that "we" ourselves have done likewise. I personally find it repugnant that KIDS would wind up this way, but you have to consider the manner in which they have been brought up...BIG contributing factor here.
Now, I would be amazed if this were an "all-white" incident...just doesn't feel like one to me.
The shots were fired from a car (over a prior argument), and something like that would "appear" to be something more akin to what one would find in the ghettohood. People like that will seek ANY opportunity to cause a ruckus...like in a Burger King...or a Denny's, or outside a courthouse.
Or even on MY LAWN in the middle of the day.
Doesn't much matter WHERE the fight breaks out and how much harm is caused...it's all about "street cred" and your "rep".
Hope they catch the SOB responsible and lock their sorry ass the hell up.
*** And while were talking about shootings, there's THIS:
Here's the link to the story:
Seems we had a rather confusing situation with a man driving his OWN car that had NO plates from a house where it was being "stored" (for months with no NCE intervention if the vehicle was out back OR on the street).
The shooting of the man by police began with an officer attempting to pull him over (obviously for the lack of a license tag), and wound up with the man being shot as he allegedly went for the officer's TASER (not the best way to make nice with the po-po).
The car the man was driving (which was said to be his own) was reported stolen, but the man's wife said it was not...(???)
This is one of those "WTH is going on?" kinda situations...plenty of obfuscation to go around here.
Curiouser...and curiouser, indeed.
*** But if that's not enough, there is this mention about TWO more house fires on the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST side of the city:
Fire #1 - 4025 Bowser Ave. - 0030 HR
The fire was believed to have started in the kitchen (who the hell COOKS at THIS hour anyway?), add to that the fact that NO ONE WAS HOME at the time (what, we just put something on the stove and then frigging LEAVE?).
Talk about weird-ass sh*t.
Fire #2 - 4402 S. Hanna St.- 0900 HR
This fire was believed to have been accidental in nature (unless you have a Molotov tossed through your window...then it's a hate crime, I guess).
Sure hope the people at BOTH houses that burned were NOT related - hate to think such people might want to procreate.
*** As far as the "increased presence" of local police goes this past weekend...not much to talk about with the St. Patty's Day drinking and driving brigade.
In fact, the radio was relatively void of DUIs...had a few signal "30s" here in town (traffic stops), but not much else.
Cripes, I heard more traffic stops BEFORE they put "additional officers" on the street to look for "impaired" drivers.
But, that did NOT stop OUR own particular bunch of stupid primates from taking to my streets and being louder than all get out.
We have a new record for boomcars this past Saturday (for this early in the year anyway) with a one day total of TWENTY-FOUR...!
That's one per hour, but these pricks ONLY drove by between 0900 - 2359 HRS, so the hourly average is actually higher.
(more on THIS bane tomorrow...you're gonna LOVE it, too)
And guess what? not ONE of them was stopped by police...in fact, I didn't see ANY FWPD cars canvass the ghettohood here, and it was not due to lack of citations to write. The potential for "easy" revenue is ALWAYS out and about down here...all that's NEEDED are officers to BE HERE (other than when I have to call them for some moron, that is).
There WAS one "hit and run" around 00:20 hours yesterday morning. It woke up Wifey and our one GOOD neighbor (one block over) heard it, and she saw a dark, long bed pickup racing westbound towards Lafayette on Maple Grove, followed by another vehicle.
I wound up picking pieces of GRILLE from the gutter when I got up, and I know that ONE of the vehicles was a NISSAN (the badge logo on the honeycomb plastic gave that one away...lol). Like I say, NEVER a dull moment down here, and too many times, the police miss all of it.
That would be called LACK OF PATROLS, people...plain and simple.
Have more...to DO more. Doesn't get ANY easier than that,.
*** Lastly today, I'm a fan of the AMC show THE WALKING DEAD...and last night's season 2 finale didn't disappoint.
Lots of head shots to go around, two members of the group got ate (not any major characters - lost two of them in the last 2 weeks), and one member was "captured" by a hooded figure wielding a samurai sword (that she uses damn well).
But the real kicker, if you're anywhere familiar with the comic series (I'm not, but I read the plot line anyway) was that the group is VERY close to a PRISON. Seems they DO have those down in Georgia...nice big honking penitentiaries.
The group doesn't even know about it, either...yet.
Yeah, Herschel lost the farm (was overrun by zombies, who as a herd, were following the sounds of a helicopter that flew overhead the previous day, so there are others alive and well), but became a real bad-ass toting that shotgun and blowing the walkers away.
So, Deputy Rick Grimes and his group are on the run again...little provisions, fuel, and ammo...but more hope than anything.
That prison could be a mixed blessing, too.
Hard to break INTO (or out of), that's for sure, but that means the prisons either got out when the electricity went down OFF, and could now be zombies becasue they got overrun...or they're holed up inside and nobody gets in. And the guards might also be zombies (or dead)...with Kevlar vests...just what you DON'T NEED...bullet-resistant zombies.
But that's fine, because you ARE aiming FOR THE HEADS...!
Looks to be an ever better Season Three.
(that reminds me, have to buy MORE ammo for HERE...LOL)
Yeah, we have OUR share of "The Walking Dead" along our streets every day...and with saggy-baggy, glitter-pocketed pants, or satin shorts that are 5 sizes too big (who knew?)
Their lives obviously have no REAL purpose (goes with the lack of desire to be anything but trouble), and they just meander through it anyway (often on the taxpayer's dime), so the comparison to urban annoyances like these and the zombies of fiction is all too closely related...and they...keep...on...coming....forcing good people away while THEY "take over".
Funny thing is...we pretty much LET them, too.
That needs to change. Everyone should be accountable and personally responsible for them and theirs.
Used to be a lot more like that in the past...and it worked better than whatever has taken it;s place today.
Just something to think about...
Have a great week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE (and zombie-free) out there, America.


John D. said...

Agreed on the TWD finale. Blew me away. In fact, the last 3 episodes of the season were stellar. It's going to be hard to wait until October for season 3.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I'll tell 'ya...it was the ONLY redeeming factor of the weekend for me...lol.
Season 3 (and that prison) has a LOT of things going for it, that's for sure.

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe (and zombie-free) out there.